How COVID-19 is impacting hospitals' IT purchasing decisions

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The coronavirus pandemic is throwing a new factor into hospitals' calculations about how to proceed with current and future healthcare IT implementations. " Some key IT staff in provider organizations are feeling the brunt of the COVID-19 surge, said Cash of KLAS.

Hospital IT leaders talk lessons learned from a tough pandemic year

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

It's required new ways of working, new methods of communication, new solutions to old problems and innovative solutions to new problems. Eric Jimenez, CIO at Artesia General Hospital in Artesia, New Mexico. " Eric Jimenez, Artesia General Hospital.


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Oklahoma Heart Hospital IT lead: Follow the "digital golden rule" to improve outcomes, engagement

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The hospital, along with appointment reminder vendor Relatient, will present at HIMSS20 about lessons learned from a successful implementation

Automation In Rural Health: It Should No Longer Be An Afterthought

Healthcare IT Today

Deploying advanced technologies is often an afterthought, especially for rural hospitals struggling to retain talent and navigate the increasingly complex regulatory environment. Consider that some providers still use manual processes, such as pen and paper, thinking it saves time and money.

Latest from the Tech Tonics Podcast: Griffin Weber: Bringing Clinical Sense & Sensibility to Healthcare Data

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David Shaywitz Digital Health Healthcare Healthcare Information Technology Tech Tonics Podcast david shaywitz EHR data EMR data Griffin Weber health IT hospital IT Lisa Suennen Tech Tonics

New York hospital IT worker accused of stealing co-workers' passwords, information


The former health IT employee at a New York hospital was charged with compromising dozens of coworkers email accounts and stealing their confidential information, the Department of Justice announced on Friday.

Featured Health IT Job: Director of Information Services

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We like to regularly feature a healthcare IT job that might be of interest to readers. Today, we’re featuring the Director of Information Services position that was recently posted on Healthcare IT Central.

Pitches for Non-clinical Hollywood TV Shows – Fun Friday

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General Hospital, ER, St. Healthcare IT Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Fun Friday healthcare TV shows hospital IT department New Amsterdam St. Hollywood loves healthcare dramas. Elsewhere, and New Amsterdam are just a few examples.

Epic chops down App Orchard fees

Morning eHealth

ONC spotlights acute care hospital ITDoes HHS get a cut of opioid bill’s PDMP grants? —

In a nutshell: technology and progress in health IT


We have a new electronic medical health record system at our hospital. It was introduced with what I believe is a short and ineffective training program for physicians followed by a far too short on-location use of experts to help the doctors and nurses learn the new system. It is frankly a pain in the neck to access the computer from outside the hospital due to the multiple layers of. Tech Health IT

The Role of Transitional Care in Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic


The intentional incorporation of transitional care during the pandemic has helped to ease some of the extraordinary pressure on acute care hospitals. It also has helped patients return to safe and comfortable environments after leaving the hospital

Five Things Hospitals Should Look For In IT Consulting Firm Partners

Electronic Health Reporter

IT outsourcing by hospitals has been booming the last couple of months, due in part to the pandemic. Effective outsourcing enables hospital IT staff to […]. Editorial Kevin Torf T2 Tech Group Things Hospitals Look For In IT Consulting Firm Partners

Health 2.0 and HIMSS: Why coming together strengthens the healthcare community

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and executive vice president at HIMSS, discusses the value in bridging the gap between the start-up community and European hospital IT leaders Indu Subaiya, co-founder of Health 2.0

HIMSS Analytics looks at top health IT priorities in Europe

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Hospital IT executives in Europe share many of the same priorities and face many similar challenges as CIOs in other regions of the globe, including the United States, according to the HIMSS Analytics Annual European eHealth Survey 2018 released on Wednesday.

DOJ takes over whistleblower case against West Virginia hospital, CEO for improper payments to doctors


The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against West Virginia-based Wheeling Hospital, its CEO Ronald Violi and R&V Associates, the managing consultant contracted to operate the hospital

How New Technology Is Helping Hospitals To Reduce and Manage Waste

Electronic Health Reporter

When it comes to waste management in hospitals, it’s easy to imagine old needles, bags of toxic organic waste, and a broad range of other disturbing materials. However, many hospitals also have other issues when it comes to effective waste management.

More Hospitals Achieving Interoperability Goals

Healthcare IT Today

New research from the ONC has found that a meaningful percentage of hospitals are engaged in data sharing, with a growing number making patient health information available from outside sources. It will also […].

Hospitals Switching IT Plans Rapidly As COVID-19 Impact Grows

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As the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies, hospitals are struggling valiantly to keep up with the influx of infected patients. Hospital IT departments, meanwhile, are undergoing stresses of their own as they work to support the rapidly escalating needs of clinicians.

Will Oracle save the day with its EHR database?

David Chou

In a move that promises to shake up the healthcare industry, Oracle this month announced a bold vision after acquiring health IT giant Cerner for more than $28 billion. It's difficult for physicians to know about their patients when treated at other hospitals.

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Hacker group Orangeworm attacks long-standing vulnerabilities in healthcare imaging devices


For hospitals, it highlights a difficult vulnerability within the imaging suite and broader concerns about medical device cybersecurity A hacker group known as Orangeworm is launching targeted attacks against the healthcare industry focusing on well-known vulnerabilities within legacy devices to gain access to systems.

Community Health Systems reports $2B loss for Q4 and plans to continue to sell hospitals


Community Health Systems reported a $2 billion loss for the fourth quarter of 2017, and while it continues to sell hospitals, it has provided few details for its future beyond more such sales. CEO Wayne Smith said that the company was “strategically expanding outpatient services,” but did not provide any specifics in its earnings release or its filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission

How Empathy, Education, Communication and the PAST Model transformed Sickle Cell Patient Care

Society for Participatory Medicine

Care Advisor,” a hospital readmission reductions program, had two nurses for their congestive heart failure program and were looking for a nurse to coordinate a program for Sickle Cell patients. It is known as the PAST Model, or Proactive and Aggressive Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Model.

Overcoming digital barriers in the nursing profession

Digital Leaders HealthTech

We used whiteboards and clipboards to document our patient’s status and manage patient flow around the hospital. It was incredibly time-consuming, walking around the wards making notes and compiling bed occupancy. It’s definitely about the hearts and minds, not just the technology.

Health systems, care delivery groups, Amazon launch hospital-at-home initiative

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

WHY IT MATTERS. They noted that the upsurge in virtual adoption over the past year has shown not only that Americans have an appetite for at-home care, but that the data has borne out its feasibility, safety and efficacy. It all gets moved into the home."

“It Still Sucks.”

Insulin Nation

While they are an inspiration, it’s important to remember that they are human, too, and they have had their shares of troubles with blood sugar management. It’s been a few years since I have had to be in hospital. It still sucks.”. Yes, we imagine it does. The Type 1 community often looks to those who have had Type 1 diabetes for decades to find pearls of wisdom for how to stay healthy long-term with the condition.

Nurses: The Force for Change

Mobile Health Matters

Additionally, hospital floors are a collaborative environment and mentors often not only train and inspire new colleagues, but also serve as advocates for their peers and participate in focus groups to initiate evidence-based nursing practice in their patient units. Nurses also play a big role in solving problems plaguing hospitals, as their firsthand experience offers a good sense of patient safety needs and areas for efficiency improvements.

NYU Langone Health used its FCC grant to expand Epic-linked telehealth

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Telemedicine is not only cost-effective for both the patient and the hospital, it also can reduce the risk of exposure to disease for all parties, especially during a pandemic. There are many vendors of telemedicine technology and services on the health IT market today.

Keith Algozzine, Founder and CEO of UCM Health

Digital Health Today

It’s my faith. ” It makes me feel vulnerable enough to say “it’s not about me, there is a bigger cause,” and I can take on the world again. Healthcare is so fragmented that saving lives is the only thing that makes it all worth it.

Perficient Colleagues Spread Holiday Cheer at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital


Louis colleagues captured the giving spirit by bringing song, light, and joy to the brave and inspiring patients at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. It’s such a heart-warming event, and we come almost every year. Luke’s Hospital. Luke's Hospital

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center boosts telehealth with $600K from the FCC

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

"First, while we had in place technology to enable telemedicine – in particular virtual visits – it had not been optimized for use nor integrated within our clinical workflows or our EHR," said CIO Thomas Furlani. Healthcare IT News is a HIMSS Media publication.

Here’s why everyone is mum after ransomware attacks

Meaningful HIT News

Emory Healthcare said it learned of the hack on Jan. It’s the same reason why MedStar Health in the Washington-Baltimore areas has not spoken to the press about its ransomware attack last March and April. Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles did confirm that it paid about $17,000 ransom a year ago, but as I wrote at the time , the hospital doesn’t seem to have much of a clue about a lot of things, including patient safety and public ratings.

Ambulatory surgery center's virtual care platform helps boost productivity and patient satisfaction

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Columbia Orthopaedic Group in Missouri, like so many ambulatory surgery centers across the country, do procedures today that are far more complex than those it did five years ago. There are many vendors of telemedicine technology and services on the health IT market today.



It’s also an easy way to say something – or imply something – that you didn’t quite mean, or didn’t get to explain deeply enough. I experimented (beginning in 1999) with the medium and found that it was a good way for me to communicate with people, provoke thought, and offer insight into the work I was doing. I wrote something provocative and it worked out for the better. ” I asked if flu shots deliberately harmed hospitals too.

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Patient experience is evolving as providers embrace telehealth

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

WHY IT MATTERS. But as the new realities of staffing challenges and value-based care become apparent – and regulatory and reimbursement policies evolve to accommodate it – more and more healthcare organizations are embracing telehealth. hospital or health system where they work, 64% said they offer inpatient specialist consultation, and 61% said they offer remote patient monitoring. It's going to be the emergency department for heart attacks or strokes.

Zesty for Hospitals : Digital Transformation for Outpatients

Lloyd Price

Zesty for Hospitals It seems incredible, but today, the vast majority of NHS trusts still post paper letters to their patients. In fact, the average UK hospital sends over 1M paper letters to patients each year. Patients are informed of their appointments in a letter and have to call the hospital to make appointment changes. It's an expensive and frustratingly inefficient system. Patients love to use it, with adoption rates by specialty of more than 50%.

Which Refurbished Medical Equipment is the Best for your Imaging Facility?

KB Dental Consulting

Hospitals usually prefer to buy second-hand goods in categories that have a long life, high cost, or low expected usage (if they are not used often, why buy a new one). In some cases, if the orthopaedic case load is expected to be low, the hospital will purchase a used C-arm.

How Employer Health Plans Can Utilize Telehealth as a Value-Added Service

care innovations

It’s of little surprise, then, to learn that the benefits offered by remote care also extend to employee health plans. Most employers who can embrace these benefits are already doing so: Healthcare IT News ’ Bill Siwicki points to a survey finding that “virtually all employers (96 percent)” are offering some form of telehealth in 2018 if allowed to do so by state law. Keeping hospital admissions to a minimum.

Are you ready to become the hospital of the future?

American Well

Not surprisingly, the hospital of the future will require technology solutions like telehealth to meet growing patient demands for remote access to health information and providers. While technology will ultimately help provide better care, it will undoubtedly change the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of IT teams, executives, and clinicians. Hospital IT: Driving change. They will not only drive innovation, but help put it into practice. .

Are you ready to become the hospital of the future?

American Well

Not surprisingly, the hospital of the future will require technology solutions like telehealth to meet growing patient demands for remote access to health information and providers. While technology will ultimately help provide better care, it will undoubtedly change the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of IT teams, executives, and clinicians. Hospital IT: Driving change. They will not only drive innovation, but help put it into practice.

HIStalk Interviews Erine Gray, CEO, Aunt Bertha

HIStalk Interviews

It was confusing to navigate. The concept of social determinants of health is suddenly popular, but for hospitals, it often just means having a place to record the patient’s self-reported information. It used to be called poverty and poverty alleviation. The hospital system can do some things in many cases, but in a lot of them, they don’t have much control. We have 175 customers, of which a good chunk are hospital systems. It is a challenge.

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