Download Our Guide to Vetting & Selecting the Best Hospital IT Outsourcing Solutions

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More hospitals are considering outsourcing to reduce costs, which is a proven benefit. The 2017 Black Book survey reported that 91 percent of outsourcing hospitals have seen ROI after about six months. 73 percent of health systems with more than 300 beds and 81 percent of providers with fewer beds are relying on outsourcing for various IT management and infrastructure services. It’s yours to download. How to determine if you really need IT outsourcing.

Cybercrime 2018: Most Hospitals’ IT Security Is Still Not Enough

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This may seem like good news, but before we get too comfy with our seemingly safer data security today, here’s the story behind the story — and it isn’t pretty. Social engineering succeeds if our staff doesn’t recognize and catch it. Have you noticed?

9 top hospital IT threats in 2019

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share ShareECRI Institute has recently released its annual list of top healthcare technology threats that hospitals could face in 2019. Is dealing with these risks high on your list of priorities?Hackers

Black Book: Phoenix Rated #1 in Hospital IT Outsourcing for the Second Year Running

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For the second year in a row, Phoenix Health Systems has been recognized by healthcare market research firm Black Book Research as first among the nation’s hospital IT outsourcing companies for customer satisfaction and experience. Expanding upon its September 2017 Survey, Black Book increased the total number of responding hospital executives and managers to 4,595 for its May 2018 report. Apparently, the vast majority of hospital leaders agree.

Second-Rate Desktop Support is Common, Needless and Very Fixable

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So, handing over a suddenly uncooperative or erratic laptop to your hospital’s IT staff for repairs — whether physically or through remote intervention — can be unnerving and for some of us, close to panic producing. We know something insidious is going on inside that laptop, but we don’t want an outsider to muck it up even more — or put us through frustrating days of confusion and non-productivity. And it easily can. Sad but true.

Amp Up Your Service Desk Agents with Our Customer-Focused Poster

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Are your IT Service Desk users literally your “best customers?” Every time they must contact the hospital Service Desk they are paying with their precious time, likely stress, and their patients’ time and access to proper care. Put it up on your bulletin board!

Why Most Hospitals Are Outsourcing IT — And How to Do It Right.

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Three-quarters of health systems with more than 300 beds and 81 percent with fewer beds are outsourcing various IT services, according to Black Book Research. Hospitals are looking externally for a wide range of complex technology services including full IT department management and outsourcing of discrete functions such as network infrastructure, service desk, application support and legacy support as old systems are replaced with new. IT Outsourcing hospital IT outsourcin

Essentials in Managing the HIPAA Risks of Outsourcing

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Almost all hospitals outsource a myriad of services for better and more cost-effective operational results. While outsourcing can be a huge boon to efficiencies and quality, it also may bring serious HIPAA-related risks if the vendor qualifies as a business associate (BA) under the law.


Managing the HIPAA Risks of Outsourcing to External Business Associates

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Today, most hospitals count on external outsourcing services for a myriad of essential functions like revenue cycle management, health information management, IT support, data storage and security, housekeeping, and many other clinical and non-clinical functions. Relationships with diligent, qualified business associates have proven to be a boon to hospitals’ service quality and cost efficiencies. It can even include your housekeeping and waste disposal outsourcers.


Epic chops down App Orchard fees

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ONC spotlights acute care hospital ITDoes HHS get a cut of opioid bill’s PDMP grants? —

In a nutshell: technology and progress in health IT


We have a new electronic medical health record system at our hospital. It was introduced with what I believe is a short and ineffective training program for physicians followed by a far too short on-location use of experts to help the doctors and nurses learn the new system.

HIMSS Analytics looks at top health IT priorities in Europe

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Hospital IT executives in Europe share many of the same priorities and face many similar challenges as CIOs in other regions of the globe, including the United States, according to the HIMSS Analytics Annual European eHealth Survey 2018 released on Wednesday.

Mergers and acquisitions not leading to promised EHR integration

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A new report in Health Affairs looks at the success rate of hospital IT system integration, post-consolidation.

Health 2.0 and HIMSS: Why coming together strengthens the healthcare community

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and executive vice president at HIMSS, discusses the value in bridging the gap between the start-up community and European hospital IT leaders Indu Subaiya, co-founder of Health 2.0

Meet us at HIMSS19! Ranked #1, Phoenix staff will fix your broken IT support.

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The annual HIMSS conference is highly anticipated to offer intriguing glimpses of transformative technologies and IT approaches that will shape the future of healthcare. But without innovative corrections of IT-related adversities currently troubling your hospital, advances can be difficult. . The last thing they think is needed is more IT. Future of Health IT HIT News

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Hospitals’ Tech Support Is Getting Worse. Why, and What’s the Prognosis?

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Many hospitals are undertaking major transformations of their technical support functions, according to a brand new study by Black Book Research. Sixty percent of hospital IT leaders say that EHR vendors and third party outsourcers are falling short of tech support expectations. And, what steps are hospitals taking to receive the results they need? These analysts also will be qualified to resolve most desktop, network and other IT issues.

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Hacker group Orangeworm attacks long-standing vulnerabilities in healthcare imaging devices


For hospitals, it highlights a difficult vulnerability within the imaging suite and broader concerns about medical device cybersecurity A hacker group known as Orangeworm is launching targeted attacks against the healthcare industry focusing on well-known vulnerabilities within legacy devices to gain access to systems.

The #1 Reason Hospital Service Desks Fall Short With Users — and Potential Solutions

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Many hospital service desks have all the equipment, software tools, standards, and certifications needed to do a bang-up job in supporting their users. Yet hospital providers from the largest health systems to 25-bed critical access facilities are dogged by poor help desk performance and frustrated, unhappy physician users. There is a big difference between installing service desk software tools, configuring them, and customizing them to your hospital environment.

Great Hospital CIOs Must Offer “Wow” Service Desks That Are Well Above Industry Standards

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Given the information technology revolution within hospitals today, how your Service Desk analysts handle physicians and other users is more critical than ever. Your Service Desk is the face of IT for your users. ITIL’s strengths: it details “what” to do.

“It Still Sucks.”

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While they are an inspiration, it’s important to remember that they are human, too, and they have had their shares of troubles with blood sugar management. It’s been a few years since I have had to be in hospital. It still sucks.”. Yes, we imagine it does.

Community Health Systems reports $2B loss for Q4 and plans to continue to sell hospitals


Community Health Systems reported a $2 billion loss for the fourth quarter of 2017, and while it continues to sell hospitals, it has provided few details for its future beyond more such sales. CEO Wayne Smith said that the company was “strategically expanding outpatient services,” but did not provide any specifics in its earnings release or its filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission

Nurses: The Force for Change

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Additionally, hospital floors are a collaborative environment and mentors often not only train and inspire new colleagues, but also serve as advocates for their peers and participate in focus groups to initiate evidence-based nursing practice in their patient units.

How Hospitals Are Beating the Healthcare IT Labor Shortage

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By any measure, superior IT departments with highly specialized staff have become an essential factor in the success of today’s healthcare industry. As this group continues to age it will need ever more care—and that means healthcare will need more workers.

The Top Ten Symptoms of a Very Sick Service Desk

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If your hospital is suffering from at least two of the following pain points — because of IT service desk (help desk) issues — it’s time to review your IT support practices, procedures, service levels, and overall user satisfaction. Physicians and other clinical staff cannot afford the operational risks of poor IT service desk support. Consider these common symptoms of a service support system that may be harming as much as it is helping.

From the Best in the Industry: a Free Service Desk Assessment

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Many hospitals have problematic service desk operations, whether internal or outsourced, but fixing them never gets to the top of the project list. If your hospital hasn’t conducted a service desk assessment in the last year or two, it should — or let us do one for you. With continuous changes in internal technology and staff, it is easy to underestimate current systems support needs and lose touch with performance and user satisfaction levels.

Weekender 2/1/19

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The VA ends its pilot of Epic scheduling and will instead implement Cerner at all facilities. The VA’s Office of Electronic Health Record Modernization opens positions for deputy chief medical officers to help oversee its Cerner implementation. It has completed one experiment in mice.

A Perfect Storm in Healthcare IT: The Problem of Unmet Staffing Needs

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The healthcare IT job outlook is currently a maze of contradictions. Many of these are healthcare IT jobs. Bad news: It is increasingly difficult to find high quality IT talent with expert levels of healthcare knowledge. In addition, financial pressures are complicating the problem as 44% of hospital leaders try to lower labor expenses to reduce operating losses. Also, hospitals continue to be wary of adding to their payrolls in our uncertain political climate.

Confused between CT scanner Slice? Which One Is Perfect For Your Clinical Practice?

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Many managers of medical centers and hospitals are always confused when they want to replace their CT scanner in order to stay in touch with the advances in medical fields. But, for many medical centers and hospitals, a lower slice count is completely sufficient.

Here’s why everyone is mum after ransomware attacks

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Emory Healthcare said it learned of the hack on Jan. It’s the same reason why MedStar Health in the Washington-Baltimore areas has not spoken to the press about its ransomware attack last March and April. Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles did confirm that it paid about $17,000 ransom a year ago, but as I wrote at the time , the hospital doesn’t seem to have much of a clue about a lot of things, including patient safety and public ratings.

Zesty for Hospitals : Digital Transformation for Outpatients

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Zesty for Hospitals It seems incredible, but today, the vast majority of NHS trusts still post paper letters to their patients. In fact, the average UK hospital sends over 1M paper letters to patients each year. It's an expensive and frustratingly inefficient system.

“It’s 2018, and We Still Have No Idea If Mobile Healthcare Apps Work”

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It’s 2018, and We Still Have No Idea If Mobile Healthcare Apps Work by Milos Mudric (1 6 Oct 2018). It’s just a shocking headline to sell you on expensive research reports. This makes the situation where the user base won’t grow as fast as it could and should.

Oncology Patients experience a personalized journey with interventions and education for better care

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Although some steps entail engaging with care staff at a hospital or clinic, most of the time patients are challenged with managing their disease on a daily basis away from the health system. This patient information can guide the care team to intervene, reducing hospitalizations and costs. We felt it would be valuable to extend TapCloud to our general oncology patients because we had seen such a positive response using it for those with high symptom burden and advance disease.

HIStalk Interviews Ron Remy, CEO, Mobile Heartbeat

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It’s my second project working together with the technology team that started the company. It’s designed for acute care and affiliated ambulatory facilities of hospitals. It runs on IOS and Android smartphones and is available both on-premise, with servers inside the hospital’s data room, or a cloud offering via our cloud partner, Parallon Technology Solutions. It’s much more valuable. It was, I want to do everything on it.

Many Children in DKA Experience Acute Kidney Injury

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For the study, researchers with the University of British Columbia and British Columbia Children’s Hospital reviewed the medical records of 165 children with Type 1 diabetes who had been hospitalized for DKA. An audit found the risk of DKA during hospitalization was too high.

DKA Rate During Hospitalization is Too High

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The hospital should be where you go to feel better, but too many people with diabetes are put at risk of diabetic ketoacidosis during their hospital stay because their blood sugar levels are poorly controlled by hospital staff.

DKA Rate During Hospitalization is Too High

Insulin Nation

The hospital should be where you go to feel better, but too many people with diabetes are put at risk of diabetic ketoacidosis during their hospital stay because their blood sugar levels are poorly controlled by hospital staff.

Ping An Good Doctor launches One Minute Clinics offering preliminary diagnosis by cloud computing Doctors

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China's leading one-stop healthcare ecosystem platform Ping An Good Doctor (01833.HK) announced that the first commercially operational unmanned clinic in China, which it researched and developed, "One-minute Clinics" has been formally revealed in a scenic area in Wuzhen.

Seraxis Islet Technology Aims for Practical T1D Cure

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Consistent with the direction of work done at DRI ( link — see the video in article), Seraxis places its islets on the omentum, a highly vascularized curtain of fatty tissue that seems to interact in complex and significant ways with the abdominal organs that make up our digestive system. ??.

How A Former iPod Chief Built The World’s Most Advanced First-Aid Kit


Its creator, Ram Fish, who once led the iPod group at Apple, was on vacation with his wife and three young daughters in a small town in Baja called Los Barriles. How do we diagnose it?” So we called Kaiser, and luckily there was somebody running it who spoke English,” Fish says.

Are you ready to become the hospital of the future?

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Not surprisingly, the hospital of the future will require technology solutions like telehealth to meet growing patient demands for remote access to health information and providers. While technology will ultimately help provide better care, it will undoubtedly change the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of IT teams, executives, and clinicians. Hospital IT: Driving change. They will not only drive innovation, but help put it into practice.