5 steps to fix our EMR disaster


The EMR has become a focal point in the physician burnout discussion. Although I believe EMRs are a necessary evil, current iterations of them are just not good.

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How have EMRs changed the doctor-patient relationship?


I have penned several posts on the pitfalls of the electronic medical record (EMR) system that we physicians must use. Indeed, I challenge you to find a doctor who extols the EMR platform without qualification.

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How EMR alert fatigue overwhelms physicians


As a hospitalist, like most in health care, I am afflicted by the slow march of thousands of mouse clicks on the electronic health record (EHR) every day I work. But after starting a new job and learning a new EHR, I have become painfully aware of the volume of alerts that pop up when […].

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EMR Optimization Is the Hottest Thing Since … EMRs

Electronic Health Reporter

Due in large part to the HITECH Act and the meaningful use incentive program, electronic medical record (EMR) initiatives have dominated the IT efforts of healthcare providers for the better part of the past decade. This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter.

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How EMRs can actually help physicians


Collaboration is the key. When I think about how hard it is to take care of our patients, and how many different people are involved in their care, it's a wonder that anything ever gets done.

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A smarter EMR will make visits more patient-focused


What do our patients really want from us? When a patient calls up to schedule an appointment, or sends us a message through the patient portal, or calls our front desk staff to leave a message, what is it that they're looking for?

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EMR lessons from Stage 7 EMRAM hospital

Mobi Health News

Jane Miller, COO of Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, says her organization, which reached the elite stage 7 EMRAM, treated EMR implementation as a clinical transformation project, not an IT project

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EMRs, APIs, App stores and all that: More data

Mobi Health News

s EMR API survey. Health 2.0's s Matt Holt talks results of Health 2.0's

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How today’s EMRs are like self-driving cars


EMRs with decision support will improve the quality of healthcare. Drivers are distracted klutzes and computers could obviously do better. Self-driving cars will make all of us safer on he road. Doctors have spotty knowledge and keep illegible records.

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When EMRs crash: It’s time to push back


Now, when our electronic medical records (EMR) freezes, malfunctions, or simply goes on strike, our office is paralyzed. The computerized era has introduced all of us to a genre of errors that never existed during the archaic pen and paper era.

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New Epic EMR Parody Announcement – Fun Friday

Healthcare IT Today

EMR-EHR Healthcare IT Epic Epic EMR Epic EMR Parody Gomer BlogIf you don’t follow the Gomer Blog, then you’re missing out. For those not familiar with it, it’s basically the “Onion” of healthcare.

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The intensity of EMR warnings: Who do they really help?


Eons ago, there was a television show where a non-human character would yell out, "Warning, warning," when he sensed imminent danger. The series was called Lost in Space where we were entertained by a set of quirky characters on a cheesy set. We loved that stuff.

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@HIMSS, physicians don’t want hype. They just want sensible EMR solutions.


A few years ago, I wrote a KevinMD blog post about how cumbersome it was to complete notes in the electronic medical record (EMR). I proposed a solution in our residency clinic but encountered resistance in the adoption process that eventually led to its abandonment.

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Just because EMRs can document everything doesn’t mean they should


It's always kind of a surprise when you read a patient's chart, and you see an examination of a body part they just don't have. Just the other day, I was reading a consult note on a patient of mine who had been seen by a subspecialist for evaluation of a serious issue, and I […]. Find jobs at Careers by KevinMD.com. Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more. Tech Health IT

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Clinical plagiarism: the problem of copy and pasting in EMRs


It is all too common for a section in a progress note to look something like this: # Aspiration pneumonia: Continue vancomycin 1 g bid. Continue Zosyn 3.325 g q6h. Follow-up blood cultures. Follow-up sputum cultures. MRSA nares screen negative. Blood cultures negative. Discontinue vancomycin.

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Epic EMR Parody Twitter Account is Back – Fun Friday

Healthcare IT Today

EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT Amazon AWS Azure EHR Parody Epic Epic Parody Google Cloud Google HealthGood news for all of us who like some good EHR and Health IT Humor (and you know we do).

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Betamax or VHS: EMRs are 100 times worse


I can’t help myself from telling patients how things really work in health care. But I feel they have a right to know.

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Is the EMR Implementation Market Dead?

Healthcare IT Today

I’ve been thinking a lot about the EMR implementation market lately. Ambulatory EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System LTPAC Cerner David Chou EHR Implementation EHR Replacement Epic Health IT Consulting KLAS Meditech MEDITECH Expanse

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How To Improve Staff Confidence During A Transition To A New Urgent Care EMR System

Electronic Health Reporter

Switching to a new EMR is never easy and can be a real challenge for urgent care providers. The article How To Improve Staff Confidence During A Transition To A New Urgent Care EMR System appeared first on electronichealthreporter.com.

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Love smart functions in your EMR? This doctor doesn’t.


How smart do we want our electronic health record to be? Somewhere between as dumb as a piece of paper and a pen, and too smart for our own good. Many, many years ago, before we spent the majority of our office visit staring at a flatscreen LED and typing away, our charts were simple manila folders with those bendy metal bars that allowed you to insert new pages, separated into multiple. Read more. Your patients are rating you online: How to respond.

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Blame the EMR ??

David Chou

The theme of the story is an organization makes a decision to have an EMR implementation. Post go live, the organization has a drop in revenue and the reason for the revenue decline is the EMR system change.

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Royal Flying Doctors Service rising to EMR challenges

Mobi Health News

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4 Reasons Why Your EMR Is Not Enough To Deliver Virtual Care


As part of finding the best virtual care solution, some healthcare organizations evaluate the telemedicine feature of their existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software.

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EMRs, APIs, App stores & all that: More data

Mobi Health News

s Matt Holt talks results of the EMR API survey. Health 2.0's

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Facebook enters EMR business

Healthcare Guys

Big news out of Mountain View, California today as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg announced that the social networking giant was going to formally enter the EMR business.

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Augusta HiTech’s Blockchain EMR Solution Allows Sharing Between Patients and EMS

Electronic Health Reporter

Augusta HiTech announces the launch of One Med Chart, the first blockchain-powered patient-controlled electronic medical records (EMR) platform bringing real-time EMR sharing between patients and emergency medical services (EMS).

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Are EMRs alleviating preventable medical errors yet?

Healthcare Guys

Health systems have made significant investments in digitizing their operations primarily through the deployment of the electronic medical record (EMR).

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A Look Inside EMR and Telehealth Integration

American Well

How can your telehealth service integrate with your EMR? DOTmed summarized the key learnings from our recent webinar on EMR integration and telehealth. With more and more hospitals and health care facilities implementing electronic medical records (EMRs) into their IT infrastructure, telehealth is gaining traction as a way for physicians to keep in touch with their patients. The post A Look Inside EMR and Telehealth Integration appeared first on American Well.

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Optimizing EMRs To Lessen Administrative Burdens

Healthcare Guys

Between managing diverse information coming into the organization, ensuring it ends up in the right place within the electronic medical record (EMR), correctly capturing every element of a patient encounter, and accurately coding it to support proactive and comprehensive care, providers have a lot of non-clinical tasks on their plates.

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For Facilities Struggling with EMR & HIPAA, Telehealth May Offer Solution

care innovations

Discussing the accessibility (or lack thereof) patients have to their electronic medical records (EMR), the report also reveals some important underlying factors that have left many facilities unable to deal with both the transition to EMR and compliance with HIPAA. Also known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA is the 1996 federal law defining data privacy and security protocols for the handling of EMR and personal health information (PHI).

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Volume of EHR Related Medical Malpractice Claims Keeps Rising

Healthcare IT Today

Ambulatory EMR-EHR Healthcare IT IT Alert Fatigue Copy and Paste Drop-Down Meanus EHR Med Malpractice EHR Medical Malpractice EHR Templates EMR Med Malpractice EMR Medical Malpractice The Doctors Company

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MIPS Audits: Lessons Learned from Meaningful Use

Healthcare IT Today

The following is a guest blog post by Jim Tate, Founder of EMR Advocate & MIPS Consulting. Just as the Meaningful Use (MU) EHR Incentive program brought potential audits to providers, so it will be with the MIPS program.

Physicians May Be Documenting Care That They Don’t Provide

Healthcare IT Today

AI/Machine Learning Ambulatory Clinical EMR-EHR Healthcare IT HIM Digital Scribes EHR Documentation EHR Documentation Failures Emergency Department EMR Documentatation EMR Documentation Failures Google Brain Medical Residents Overcoding

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Malaysia to implement EMR at 145 hospitals nationwide in the next three years

Healthcare Guys

In order to improve the country’s health service to a better level, the Ministry of Health is committed to ensuring that the electronic medical record system (EMR) can be realised within three years at 145 hospitals nationwide, said Malaysian Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.He

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If You Had a Billion Dollars to Throw at Any US Health Related Problem – Fun Friday

Healthcare IT Today

EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT EHR Humor EMR Humor Epic Epic EMR Fun FridayIt’s Friday and that means it’s time to have a little fun. Although, ironically, this week’s Fun Friday came from what I think was probably a really serious question by J.

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EHR Analogies and Comparisons – Fun Friday

Healthcare IT Today

If you’re not familiar with the Epic EMR Parody account, it’s an account that highlights many of the funny, ironic, challenging, frustrating, etc things about […]. EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT Epic Epic EHR Epic EMR Parody Fun Friday

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Core Principles for Application Decommissioning and Data Archiving

Healthcare IT Today

While we’ve been writing about EMR data archiving since back in 2009 and then again in 2013 and 2014 to name a few, the topic has never been more important than it is today.

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Redox and FDB Partner to Improve Medication Adherence with EHR Writeback Functionality

Healthcare IT Today

Communication and Patient Experience EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT EHR API EMR Interoperability FDB First Databank Medication Adherence Patient Discharge Patient Education patient safety Redox

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Announcing EXPO.health 2020 – Leveling Up Your Innovation Efforts

Healthcare IT Today

Ambulatory Analytics/Big Data Communication and Patient Experience EMR-EHR Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT Dev Ops LTPAC Security and Privacy EHR Conferences EMR Conferences EXPO.health Health IT Conferences Health IT Innovation Healthcare Conferences

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Maybe We Should Give Big Tech A Legit Shot At The Healthcare Business

Healthcare IT Today

Among other things, the facility will feature a streamlined EMR designed to make it easier for clinical providers to find and share information. Not long ago, CNBC published an article describing an unusual partnership between Microsoft and the Providence St. Joseph Health System.

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