EMRs, APIs, App stores and all that: More data

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s EMR API survey. Health 2.0's s Matt Holt talks results of Health 2.0's

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How today’s EMRs are like self-driving cars


EMRs with decision support will improve the quality of healthcare. Drivers are distracted klutzes and computers could obviously do better. Self-driving cars will make all of us safer on he road. Doctors have spotty knowledge and keep illegible records.

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A smarter EMR will make visits more patient-focused


What do our patients really want from us? When a patient calls up to schedule an appointment, or sends us a message through the patient portal, or calls our front desk staff to leave a message, what is it that they're looking for?

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EMR lessons from Stage 7 EMRAM hospital

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Jane Miller, COO of Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, says her organization, which reached the elite stage 7 EMRAM, treated EMR implementation as a clinical transformation project, not an IT project

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When EMRs crash: It’s time to push back


Now, when our electronic medical records (EMR) freezes, malfunctions, or simply goes on strike, our office is paralyzed. The computerized era has introduced all of us to a genre of errors that never existed during the archaic pen and paper era.

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The intensity of EMR warnings: Who do they really help?


Eons ago, there was a television show where a non-human character would yell out, "Warning, warning," when he sensed imminent danger. The series was called Lost in Space where we were entertained by a set of quirky characters on a cheesy set. We loved that stuff.

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Betamax or VHS: EMRs are 100 times worse


I can’t help myself from telling patients how things really work in health care. But I feel they have a right to know.

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EMRs, APIs, App stores & all that: More data

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s Matt Holt talks results of the EMR API survey. Health 2.0's

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Love smart functions in your EMR? This doctor doesn’t.


How smart do we want our electronic health record to be? Somewhere between as dumb as a piece of paper and a pen, and too smart for our own good. Many, many years ago, before we spent the majority of our office visit staring at a flatscreen LED and typing away, our charts were simple manila folders with those bendy metal bars that allowed you to insert new pages, separated into multiple. Read more. Your patients are rating you online: How to respond.

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Royal Flying Doctors Service rising to EMR challenges

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Are EMRs alleviating preventable medical errors yet?

Healthcare Guys

Health systems have made significant investments in digitizing their operations primarily through the deployment of the electronic medical record (EMR).

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A Look Inside EMR and Telehealth Integration

American Well Blog

How can your telehealth service integrate with your EMR? DOTmed summarized the key learnings from our recent webinar on EMR integration and telehealth. With more and more hospitals and health care facilities implementing electronic medical records (EMRs) into their IT infrastructure, telehealth is gaining traction as a way for physicians to keep in touch with their patients. The post A Look Inside EMR and Telehealth Integration appeared first on American Well.

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Malaysia to implement EMR at 145 hospitals nationwide in the next three years

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In order to improve the country’s health service to a better level, the Ministry of Health is committed to ensuring that the electronic medical record system (EMR) can be realised within three years at 145 hospitals nationwide, said Malaysian Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.He

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Data Integration: Taming the Beast of Healthcare – Part 3


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… it is impressively difficult to integrate data from one or more EMR systems into a cohesive analytical warehouse database.

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Extending Care Series: An Integrated Solution


Healthcare Cisco Extended Care Cisco Healthcare demo ehr EHR integration emr EMR integration Health IT healthcare healthcare technology telehealth telemedicineWelcome to the third and final blog of the Extending Care series. In past posts, we’ve shared key determinants in telehealth adoption, as well as the world of opportunity with EHR-integrated video. Now, we’re excited to release our new remote care solution – Cisco Extended Care.

Prevent the Negativity Associated with Epic (EHR) Upgrades


Data & Analytics Healthcare Integration & IT Modernization Management Consulting Organizational Change Management change management EHR EHR Integration EHR solution Electronic Health Record EMR Epic healthcareI just got back from the doctor whose office is in one of the leading hospitals in the United States. I was his first appointment of the day.

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Why physicians should embrace fitness trackers


We the physicians have resigned to the redundant clicks on the electronic medical records (EMR). I mused while staring blankly towards the electronic tracking board, where I foresee reading the triage call "My tracker said, I have AFib."

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Beyond EMRAM: Models for achieving digital maturity

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John Daniels, VP of HIMSS Analytics, says there is more to digitizing an organization than installing EMR functions, and discusses other adoption and maturity models including AI, continuity of care and infrastructure

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Europe/UK edition news round-up

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Researchers look at the European EMR market share and UK efforts to make sense of the proliferation of apps in healthcare, while the European Commission starts its annual campaign to draw awareness to growing cybersecurity threats.

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How telehealth has enhanced Cleveland Clinic’s value-based care strategy

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EMR integration. When Cleveland Clinic first launched its telehealth program, physicians scheduled e-visits without EMR integration. Today, Cleveland Clinic’s EMR supports scheduling on the telehealth platform, and automatically inputs data into patients’ medical records based on information they provide online. The EMR has also integrated revenue cycle management capabilities, to help streamline patient payments.

Five Ways a Good Digital Health Registry Addresses Healthcare System Needs

The Digital Health Corner

digitalhealth analytics clinical trials digital health digital health technology EHR FDA healthcare economics Healthcare IT healthcare reform healthcare vendors informatics mHealth mobile health statistics technology telehealth #hcldr EMR healthcare healthcare IT Medicare pharmaRegistries have traditionally been viewed as static repositories of data to be reviewed in a summary fashion after a predetermined time period.

The Top Telehealth Terms to Know

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Our scheduling APIs allow EMR scheduling systems to synchronize scheduled visits with American Well, with the option to trigger emails to patient and physicians. American Well allows physicians to seamlessly and safely access EMRs for better patient care.

New Publication: Chronic Kidney Disease in an Electronic Health Record Problem List


It has implications for CKD but other chronic conditions as well regarding the appropriate use of problem lists in the EMR. Uncategorized CKD EHR EMR Medical InformaticsFull title is, “Chronic Kidney Disease in an Electronic Health Record Problem List: Quality of Care, ESRD, and Mortality” published in the American Journal of Nephrolog y.

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Cerner CEO Neal Patterson dies at 67

Meaningful HIT News

EMR/EHR obituaries Cerner Neal PattersonNeal Patterson in 2009 (Cerner photo). Neal Patterson, co-founder, CEO and chairman of health IT heavyweight Cerner, died today at the age of 67. According to the company, Patterson had “unexpected complications” from a recurrence of the soft-tissue cancer that caused him to take a yearlong leave starting in January 2016.

Precision Health AI launches new platform to synthesize oncology data

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Now Precision Health AI, a company that specializes in applications of AI to oncology, has just launched a new platform, called Eureka Health Oncology, that uses EMR data to provide practical AI applications for real oncology use cases.

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The IoMT Value Hierarchy Webinar

Medical Connectivity

If data from your medical device ends up in the EMR, then automating that clinical documentation process is now part of the minimal viable product. I think it's time that we have this conversation.

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Unifying the Healthcare Assembly Line

Mobile Health Matters

The Aftermath of the EMR Gold Rush. The launch of Meaningful Use under the Affordable Care Act drove the electronic medical record (EMR) “Gold Rush,” the mass implementation of EMRs in a shift away from paper charts.

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Leveraging IT for better health outcomes recent developments in Singapore

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The IT journey in clinical systems in Singapore dates back to the 1980s and by the early 2000s, two distinct electronic medical record (EMR) systems emerged from the two integrated clusters. The IT journey in clinical systems in Singapore dates back to the 1980s and by the early 2000s, two distinct electronic medical record (EMR) systems emerged from the two integrated clusters.

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Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Explained


Use Case 1 : Personal Health Records: EMR (Electronic Medical Record) System provides a RESTful API that allows patients to access their own medical records via a common web portal of mobile app. However only a portion of the PHR (Personal Health Record) is even in the 1 EMR System. There are multiple specialists, out-of-network EMR’s. EMR’s fail to cover this kind of use case – they’re not intended too. What is FHIR?

How disparate EHR systems, lack of interoperability contribute to physician stress, burnout

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Many handle rounds at multiple hospitals andor practices, and if each has its own EMR system that doesn’t necessarily communicate with the others, it can be a growing headache

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50 Million Patients To Access New Personal Health Record In 2019 : UnitedHealth Group

Lloyd Price

They say it’s different from traditional electronic medical records, or “EMRs” that are available today. “A

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Ford Produces an Electronic Health Record for Cars


EMR telehealth TelemedicineCar owners can now get a text message of their car’s health. Why can’t we get something similar for ourselves? The Ford Motor Company offers an option for car owners to develop and track a VHR – Vehicle Health Report for several of its models. The data links to a website, [link] using the customer’s Bluetooth-paired and connected mobile phone.

Field Guide to Care Redesign: Systems

Design for Health

About a year ago I was at a talk given by Jonathan Byrnes, PhD , who discussed looking at efficiency using EMRs and the collection of clinical information. As we build templates, notes, and tools into those EMRs, it’s important to know what outputs are required.

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Healthcare Messaging Conference – Special Limited Time Pricing

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BPA Alerting from EPIC EMR to Connexall: Current and Future State. Early-bird pricing lasts until October 31. Receive an extra $100 off your registration fee with the discount code '79'. Offer lasts until October 31. Click here to get this special pricing! 20+ Speakers.

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Improving Stroke Patient Outcomes with Telestroke Programs

American Well Blog

Integrated EMR History: Because stroke care must be administered quickly, it’s essential that physicians have patients’ records at their fingertips. Strokes are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States, responsible for roughly 130,000 deaths each year.

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3 Reasons Why an Enterprise Data Warehouse Works


Organizations are continuously integrating data from electronic medical records (EMR), pharmacy reports and numerous other systems. These data-driven treatments were developed and implemented thanks to the wealth of EMR and other data collected in the EDW. Is your job composed of data analysis? Are you in charge of mapping or testing a healthcare enterprise data warehouse (EDW) implementation? Are you working with programs on Oracle, DB2, Google BigQuery or Db2 Warehouse on Cloud?

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BlackBerry to help improve Digital infrastructure for Healthcare

Lloyd Price

While EMRAM focused on the effective adoption and implementation of EMR technology, hospitals can now look to INFRAM as the model to help solidify their digital infrastructure,” said Blain Newton, Executive Vice President, HIMSS Analytics.

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HealthBI’s Scott McFarland says Step Away From the Fax Machine — Harlow on Healthcare

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Across all of the provider sites that work with HealthBI (over 60,000 and counting) the company interacts with multiple EMRs (there are now over 100 EMR tie-ins) in order to extract data needed to report quality measures and qualify for incentive payments. Scott McFarland is President of HealthBI , where he leads the organization’s health information technology platform team.

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Health Care Messaging and Orchestration — Systems of Action

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A system of action is in contrast to systems of record , like EMRs, that offer a retrospective and abstracted or condensed view of a patient encounter, and systems of display that provide retrospective analytics and dashboard displays.

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Part Two: Our 2018 Health IT Wish List

Mobile Health Matters

The best forward progress would be heralded by the large EMR vendors getting on board with interoperable, open systems and allowing their clients to choose products that are tailored to their own workflows.