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EMR shutdown highlights vulnerability in health care IT


Imagine that he had developed his own EMR and informed every Epic user that they should watch their email for their assigned migration dates to the system he had developed, to be completed in the next 60 days. Read more… EMR shutdown highlights vulnerability in health care IT originally appeared in

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An EMR frustration that is still torturing us


I have written, or more accurately ranted, about electronic medical records (EMR) systems throughout this blog. Of course, EMR has brought tremendous advantages to the medical profession, and we are all […].

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EMR Test Management at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Optimum Healthcare IT

Optimum developed an EMR Test Management application on the ServiceNow platform to help Methodist Le Bonheur overcome their challenges. The post EMR Test Management at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare appeared first on Optimum Healthcare IT.

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Exclusive Q&A: Hims & Hers on its proprietary EMR and new AI-enabled MedMatch

Mobi Health News

Patrick Carroll, chief medical officer at Hims & Hers, describes the company's EMR and how its datasets power MedMatch, its new AI offering for mental health providers.

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How have EMRs changed the doctor-patient relationship?


I have penned several posts on the pitfalls of the electronic medical record (EMR) system that we physicians must use. Indeed, I challenge you to find a doctor who extols the EMR platform without qualification. Sure, there are tremendous advantages, and the ease of use has improved substantially since it first came onto the scene.

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5 steps to fix our EMR disaster


The EMR has become a focal point in the physician burnout discussion. Although I believe EMRs are a necessary evil, current iterations of them are just not good. Each click on a mouse is a prick on the many good souls that figuratively bleed until they are physically and mentally burned out. Scribes are not […].

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OntarioMD Looks to Help with AI Adoption and EMR Improvements

Healthcare IT Today

One is aimed at helping Electronic Medical Record (EMR) users in Ontario drive down costs and have a bigger voice with vendors. In the past, OntarioMD has been responsible for Certifying EMRs. Collaborating with EMR Vendors In a groundbreaking move, OntarioMD is considering reimagining the way EMR systems paid for.

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