The EHR is autistic


Ironically, the same electronic health records (EHRs) initially designed as a tool to help physicians diagnose diseases have largely evaded diagnostic scrutiny. Talk to physicians who utilize them on a daily basis, however, and it becomes abundantly clear that today’s EHRs are ailing.

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When an EHR is hacked by Russians


In 2012 our practice invested $300,000 into building computer infrastructure and the purchase of a brand-spanking-new electronic health record, commonly referred to as an EHR. Hippocrates didn't have a server.

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EHRs are killing medical innovation


To paraphrase Bill Gates: "The purpose of humanity is not just to sit behind a counter and do things. More free time is not a terrible thing." I have innovated. I developed a mutation assay. I discovered that vacuum ultraviolet light from excimer lasers is safe to use on human tissue.

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Is your Replacement EHR Smart Enough for Value Based Care?

Healthcare IT Today

In the evolving landscape of value-based care (VBC), providers are finding that they need more from their EHRs than ever before. The following is a guest article by Charles Hutchinson, CPA, is the Chief Financial Officer of InSync Healthcare Solutions.

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EHR Training Improves Physician Satisfaction & Physicians Don’t Want to Make Time for EHR Training

Healthcare IT Today

The session discussed a wide variety of topics including EHR optimization, EHR training, and other related topics. While at the CHIME 2019 Fall Forum conference in Phoenix, AZ, I had a great chance to sit in on one of the CIO focus groups at the event hosted by Optimum Healthcare IT.

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Your EHR password could help fight burnout


You sign in, and there it is, your third request for your password just to open your electronic health record (EHR). It seems physicians are becoming increasingly frustrated with EHRs, and in most surveys, EHRs are noted as a main contributing factor to physician burnout.

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EHR Optimization Process “Sprints” Improve Teamwork and Satisfaction

Healthcare IT Today

When Colorado-based integrated health system UCHealth set out to reduce the burden their Epic EHR imposed on clinicians, it started by prioritizing improvements that affected the largest number of clinicians possible, along with distributing EHR tip sheets and holding training sessions.

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Apple Health Records comes to certain Allscripts EHR suites

Mobi Health News

The integration has already been tested among a number of the EHR vendor's clients

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MEDITECH eh – Investment in Canadian EHR Market Pays Off

Healthcare IT Today

Ambulatory EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT Canadian EHR Christine Parent EHR Canada Interior Health Authority Meditech MEDITECH Expanse Ontario Shores for Mental Health

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EHR Data – Fun Friday

Healthcare IT Today

For this week’s #FunFriday edition, we have some hilarious commentary on data in the EHR. Healthcare IT EHR Data Fun Friday Password SecurityHappy Friday everyone! We hope you’ve had a great week.

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Volume of EHR Related Medical Malpractice Claims Keeps Rising

Healthcare IT Today

A new study has concluded that as EHR use has become ubiquitous, the number of medical malpractice claims in which EHRs contributed to injuries is continuing to rise.

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Voice to text solutions could turn EHR-burdened medical professionals into doctors again


Just imagine the following: your assistant invites in Ms. Nichols, who has a migraine, a bad cough, and feels nauseated. You sit down, start talking about the symptoms, see her throat, measure her temperature, pulse rate, inquire more about the headache.

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MTBC Acquires CareCloud EHR Vendor

Healthcare IT Today

EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT A. CareCloud EHR Acquisitions EHR Consolidation Health IT Acquisitions MTBC Stephen SnyderMTBC, Inc.

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A millennial doctor’s love-hate relationship with EHRs


At the start of the transition to electronic health records (EHRs), I was totally on board as one would expect of a millennial doctor. I, along with my fellow millennials, grew up alongside the internet.

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Why Doctors Would Hate The Best EHR in the World

33 Charts

If you got together the best user experience professionals in Silicon Valley and invested billions into the creation of The Best EHR in the World, doctors would still hate it. They would complain that The Best EHR in the World is destroying medicine and hurting patients.

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Training Levels, Not User Interface, Drive EHR User Satisfaction

Healthcare IT Today

In theory, EHR users will respond well to some EHR platforms and less so to others, depending on how well its interface works.

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The Modern EHR Is Mobile

Electronic Health Reporter

Subsequently, the success of modern EHR software lies in the moment accessibility on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The addition of mobile functionality for EHR systems is […]. The article The Modern EHR Is Mobile appeared first on

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Variances In Clinician EHR Use Can Hold Back Interoperability Efforts

Healthcare IT Today

Ambulatory Analytics/Big Data Clinical EMR-EHR Healthcare IT IT Clinician EHR Documentation Variation Corepoint Health EHR Documentation EHR Interoperability Health Data Interoperability Healthcare Interoperability Interoperability Goals

Allscripts Partners With Northwell Health To Build New Voice-Enabled, AI-Based EHR

Healthcare IT Today

Allscripts has struck a deal to collaboratively design, test and release an AI-based, voice-enabled EHR with New York state’s largest health system.

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Blockchain Not a Cure for EHR Interoperability

Electronic Health Reporter

Much has been written about the prospect of using blockchain technology as a key component of achieving EHR interoperability. The article Blockchain Not a Cure for EHR Interoperability appeared first on

Planning for Successful EHR Training

Optimum Healthcare IT

A successful EHR training program is the result of many months of planning and communicating organizational expectations. The post Planning for Successful EHR Training appeared first on Optimum Healthcare IT. Training and Activation EHR Implementation EHR Training EHR Training Program

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EHR Analogies and Comparisons – Fun Friday

Healthcare IT Today

EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT Epic Epic EHR Epic EMR Parody Fun FridayIt’s Friday and so we like to have a little more fun here at Healthcare IT Today. This week’s Fun Friday comes from the entertaining (and sometimes brutal) @EpicEMRParody account.

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Changes To EHR Presets Can Lower Number Of Opioid Pills Prescribed

Healthcare IT Today

Part of a growing body of evidence putting EHRs at the center of opioid use reduction efforts, a new study has concluded that small changes to EHR presets can lower the number of opioid pills physicians prescribe.

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Testing: An Undervalued Aspect of a Successful EHR Implementation

Healthcare IT Today

A large regional health system implemented a “Top 5” EHR solution for their Gynecologic Oncology department. However, three years after implementation, staff were still using paper charts while the EHR sat virtually untouched.

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Featured Health IT Job: EHR Specialist

Healthcare IT Today

Today, we’re featuring the EHR Specialist position that was recently posted on Healthcare IT Central. Here’s a description of the position: POSITION SUMMARY The EHR Clinical Support […].

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7 Challenges Faced By Medical Practices in EHR Implementation

Electronic Health Reporter

The implementation of electronic health record (EHR) is not a new thing in the industry. With increased demand for efficiency and faster solutions, more and more medical practices are embracing EHR to simplify and organize their data storage process.

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ResMed acquires EHR company MatrixCare

Mobi Health News

The acquisition is expected to help ResMed expand its SaaS offerings in the long-term care setting.

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Google demos its EHR-like clinical documentation tool

Mobi Health News

News of the tool, currently in clinical pilots, comes a week after reports circulated that Google was working with healthcare system Ascension on a controversial project involving patient data

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How did EHR designers get control of health care?


Wouldn't it be cool if. ? Wouldn't it be better if. ? Wouldn't it be much easier when we see patients if. ? How come we can't. ?

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Google Is Building An EHR Tool: What To Know

Electronic Health Reporter

One of the latest projects associated with the brand relates to health care, or, more specifically, electronic health records (EHR). The article Google Is Building An EHR Tool: What To Know appeared first on

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University of Alabama Birmingham Embeds Workflow Apps In Cerner EHR

Healthcare IT Today

In theory, there’s nothing exciting about an academic medical center deciding to embed apps within its EHR. In this case, however, it seems to me that there’s a little bit more going on than usual. Let’s see what you think.

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5 EHR Trends To Watch In 2020

Electronic Health Reporter

Although electronic health records (EHR) are firmly established in the medical landscape, ongoing progress necessitates that providers keep up with emerging trends. Combining Artificial Intelligence and Voice Recognition with EHR Artificial intelligence (AI) has already shown promise for assisting doctors with making diagnoses or […]. The article 5 EHR Trends To Watch In 2020 appeared first on

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Poor communication between EHRs is unacceptable. Let’s fix it.


The third year of medical school is when a student experiences the frustrations of medicine firsthand. Once, my team admitted a transfer patient from another hospital to treat a condition that was ravaging the patient’s lungs.

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Redox and FDB Partner to Improve Medication Adherence with EHR Writeback Functionality

Healthcare IT Today

Communication and Patient Experience EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT EHR API EMR Interoperability FDB First Databank Medication Adherence Patient Discharge Patient Education patient safety Redox

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EHRs and Collaboration: Leveraging Technology to Help Patients with Substance-Use Disorders

Healthcare IT Today

Ambulatory Communication and Patient Experience EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT Behavioral Health EHR Charlie Hutchinson InSync InSync Healthcare Solutions Psychiatric Collaborative Care Model Substance Abuse Disorders

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EHR and Social Media – Fun Friday

Healthcare IT Today

EMR-EHR Healthcare IT Fun Friday Health Data Sharing Healthcare Social Media

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Best Practices for Your Epic EHR Go-Live

Healthcare IT Today

In 2019, they represent about 33% of the EHR inpatient hospital market share. Administration C-Suite Leadership Clinical EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT IT Dev Ops Atos Atos Digital Health Solutions Health IT Healthcare Scene Featured Hospital Healthcare I

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What Do Doctors Like About EHRs?

Electronic Health Reporter

EHR general dissatisfaction is well-known. Why do physicians prefer using EHRs and how this technology […]. The article What Do Doctors Like About EHRs? Halamka Sutter Health Network What Do Doctors Like About EHRs This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. Despite how hard electroni? patient records can be to use, a number of doctors are saying the technology has made them better caregivers.

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Featured Health IT Job: Electronic Health Record (EHR) Coordinator

Healthcare IT Today

Today, we’re featuring the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Coordinator (California and Tennessee) positions that were recently posted on Healthcare IT Central. Career and Jobs Healthcare IT Aledade Jobs EHR Coordinator EHR Jobs Healthcare IT Jobs Job Seekers

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CMS drops new EHR incentive requirements

Morning eHealth

Stable week for EHR earnings — FCC advances $100M telehealth pilot concept