Investors pour $7.1B into digital health investments during Q1 2021

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MobiHealthNews reported on 99 digital health fundings in Q1. . Investing, Digital Health, Business, Technology

The Pandemic Accelerated Consumers’ Digital Health Tech Ownership As Big Tech Morphs To Big Health

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The pandemic ushered in millions of peoples’ first digital health experiences, many of which will persist according to the 23rd Annual U.S. 20% of people used online health services, and 20% intent to keep using them.


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Digital Health: An Evolution From B.C. (Before Coronavirus) to A.D. (After the Disease)

Digital Health

That Dickensian construct is a perfect one for thinking about digital health before and after the advent of the coronavirus. As late as March, the runaway train that has been investment in digital health had been running along at Bullet Train speed.

Digital Health: Show Me the Money? Evidence? Door?

Digital Health

This week I had the good fortune to return to Dublin, Ireland and see many of my international colleagues and friends who are associated in one way or another with HealthXL, the digital health intelligence platform and expert community, and Health Beacon, a very cool medication adherence company focused on specialty pharma. Health Beacon hosted […].

Forrester Names Leader in Virtual Health Care Solutions

Forrester Research identified and evaluated the top players in digital health. Read the report to see who stood out—and who needs to catch up.

Managing the Risks of Fast-Growing Digital Health

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Investments in the digital health sector have fast-grown in the past decade, reaching $14bn in 2020 based on Rock Health’s latest read on the market. The post Managing the Risks of Fast-Growing Digital Health appeared first on

The Coronavirus Pandemic Turbocharged Digital Health Investment in 2020

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2020 will be remembered for disruption and dislocation on many fronts; among the major blips in the year will be it remembered as the largest funding year for digital health recorded, according to Rock Health’s report on the 3Q2020 digital health funding.

Evaluating musculoskeletal digital health apps

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Liz Kwo reviews the opportunity for digital health apps for musculoskeletal health conditions and looks at challenges facing their wider adoption among providers

Black Swan or Ugly Duckling?

Digital Health

Digital Health Healthcare Information Technology Uncategorized black swan event digital health digital health bubble digital health evidence pandemic black swan pandemic digital health ugly duckling

Digital Health: Caveat Emptor, Caveat Venditor, To Infinity and Beyond!

Digital Health

The digital health rocket seems to have gotten supercharged lately, at least when it comes to fundraising. billion (Rock Health’s count) or $2.5 billion (Startup Health’s count) was plowed into digital health companies […]. Caveat Emptor, Caveat Venditor. That is my official blog post foreshadowing. Depending on who you ask, either $1.62 billion (Mercom) or $2.8

Building Your Digital Health Ecosystem

With the fragmentation of the pharmacy industry, digitized provider networks can offer a much-needed solution to connectivity, data sharing, collaboration and interoperability between physicians, patients and pharmacies.

COVID-19 Accelerated Digital Health Investments…But It Helps to Be Bigger, Mature and Scaling

Health Populi

“Compare digital health to airlines, cruise lines, and other industries” and the sector looks quite privileged, opined Matthew Holt in a discussion on a study diving deeply into the State of Digital Health , conducted by Catalyst @ Health 2.0

Looking across international borders for digital health tools

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Panelists at the Connected Health Conference in Boston spoke about the importance of digital health alliances and learning from countries sometimes ignored in the space.

SPAC deals attract younger, less-funded digital health startups

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The prospect of companies hitting the public markets before they’re fully prepared creates the possibility for failure, according to Rock Health. . Investing, Digital Health, Business, Technology

FDA establishes Digital Health Center of Excellence

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Although still a work in progress, the new center will reportedly help coordinate digital health projects within the agency while providing expertise to external stakeholders

Digital health startups report COVID-19-related bottom line gains

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reveals that more than half of digital health companies reported higher than expected revenue last year A new survey by Catalyst@Health 2.0

Faster Pace for Corporate Investments and Behavioral Health in COVID-Driven Digital Health Era

Health Populi

The pace of digital health investments quickened in the first half of 2020, based on Rock Health’s look at health-tech financing in mid-year. Digital health companies garnered $5.4 Consumer health information.

Managing Digital Health Regulatory Uncertainty

Medical Connectivity

Uncertainty abounds when managing digital health regulatory uncertainty regarding the FDA and other international regulatory bodies. If it quacks like a duck — is intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease (or other health related conditions like injury), it is a duck. When managing digital health regulatory uncertainty, the bottom line is whether your product is a medical device or not.

For Health Consumers, Trust, Privacy, & Good Experience Must Be Baked Into Digital Health Care

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Digital transformation” was the mantra for all industries before we heard about the COVID-19 virus. Since the emergence of the pandemic, the coronavirus has accelerated the adoption of digital platforms, AI, and ecommerce.

Consumers’ Embrace of Digital Health Tech Stalls, and Privacy Concerns Prevail – Accenture’s 2020 Research

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Millions of dollars and developers’ time have been invested in conceiving and making digital health tools. Use of mobile apps to track personal health activity fell from nearly 1 in 2 consumers to 1 in 3. a senior managing director in Accenture’s global Health practice.

“Digital Health Is An Ecosystem of Ecosystems” – CTA’s 2020 Trends to Watch Into the Data Age

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In CTA’s 2020 Consumer Tech Forecast launched yesterday at Media Day 1 at CES, Steve Koenig VP of Research, said that, “digital health is an ecosystem of ecosystems.”. In the best case scenario, per Dr. Eric Topol’s Deep Medicine , AI can help bring more humanity to health care.

Digital health innovators share 2021 predictions

Mobi Health News

As populations will need to increasingly rely on self-care models during the pandemic, experts reflect on the key ways this will transform the landscape of healthcare delivery and innovation in 2021 and beyond

Consumers’ and Physicians’ Growing Embrace of Digital Health via PwC

Health Populi

We’ve reached an inflection point on the demand side among consumers for digital health options, PwC suggests in their report on the New Health Economy coming of age. The report outlines health/care industry issues for 2019, with a strong focus on digital health. Whether a menu of care options including virtual health to access specialists across the U.S., I discussed this digital health supply/demand gap here in Health Populi.

Machine learning analyses of lung imaging for COVID-19 falls short, Minded launches to streamline psychiatric med refills and more digital health news briefs

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Also: PainChek's app picks up European and Australian regulatory clearances; Digital health access as a social determinant of health. Digital Health, Population and Public Health, Social determinants of health, COVID-19, Emerging Technologies, Machine learning, Technology, Care

Apple displays airport travel guidance, Facebook adds vaccine themed frame and other digital health briefs

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Digital Health, TechnologyAlso: Biocomposites launches new companion app. Glytec introduces latest version of its eGlycemic Management System.

What it takes to make it in digital health, based on companies that already have

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A McKinsey report breaks down the six strategic steps taken by established players in digital health.

Latest from Tech Tonics: Takeda’s Ariel Dowling: An Engineer With A Passion For Digital Health

Digital Health

After several experiences at tech-focused startups, Ariel has more recently found a home — and a calling — as a digital […].

Peloton's M&A flurry, fertility wearables for COVID-19 detection and more digital health news briefs

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Digital Health, Finance, Mergers and acquisitions, Health and Wellness, Technology, Business, CareAlso: Boston Medical Center releases free app for clinicians treating OUD; ClearUP's OTC sinus relief device wins expanded indication.

Rock Health's COO talks digital health funding, M&As and 'Teladongo'

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2020 is shaping up to be a record-breaking year for digital health startups.

Medicare 101 for Digital Health Part 2: How digital health companies can gain traction in Medicare

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Flare Capital Partners' Gwendolyn Lee & Dr. Dan Gebremedhin highlight digital health startups taking advantage of Medicare and key opportunities within Parts A-D for others to make their mark

Investors close out 2020 strong, totaling $13.8B into digital health startups across 372 raises

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Investors smashed the quarterly and annual digital health funding records of years past

Contributed: Blank check-up uncovers a digital health SPAC attack

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Al-Razouki gives a breakdown of recently filed or finalized digital health SPACs, as well as a list of unicorns ripe for a potential merger. Investment firm Kuwait Life Sciences Company's Dr. Mussaad M.

CIO Podcast – Episode 9: Natalie Pageler, MD – Telehealth and Digital Health

Healthcare IT Today

For the 9th episode of the CIO podcast hosted by Healthcare IT Today, we’re sitting down with Natalie Pageler, MD – CMIO at Stanford Children’s Health.


Shifts in pharma’s 2020 digital health landscape

Mobi Health News

Former health innovation executive Naomi Fried highlights trends to watch among pharmas interested in digital health technologies

The Promise of Digital Health and the Privacy Perils – HealthConsuming Explains, Part 4

Health Populi

The supply side of digital health tools and tech is growing at a hockey-stick pace. There are mobile apps and remote health monitors, digital therapeutics and wearable tech from head-to-toe. Today in America, electronic health records (EHRs) are implemented in most physician offices and virtually all hospitals. Chapter 5 of my book, HealthConsuming: From Health Consumer to Health Citizen , details the promise of digital health: wearable, shareable and virtual.

FDA's enforcement discretion for digital health is more ambiguous than ever in 2021

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Industry regulatory leaders outline the best approaches for digital health companies looking to make sense of FDA's long-in-the-tooth enforcement discretion guidelines.

Contributed: Digital health and opioid use disorder

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Flare Capital's Alexandra Mullin and Ian Chiang outline COVID-19's impact on the worsening opioid crisis and how the digital opioid use disorder space is likely to develop over the coming years

Digital Health Gaps in the Pandemic Through the Eyes of Younger Physicians

Health Populi

One universal experience health systems around the globe have witnessed in the first months of the coronavirus pandemic has been the dramatic pivot to telehealth and virtual care platforms.

Physicians Lean In to Digital Health, Especially Telehealth and Remote Monitoring

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doctors are using digital health tools in patient care, with quickening adoption of telehealth and remote monitoring technology, according to a study from the American Medical Association (AMA). More U.S.

New Accenture study reveals emerging trends in digital health

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Healthcare organizations must become more collaborative with patients, employees, partners and the public when creating digital innovations to have success in the future, according to research from Accenture.