FCC's Ajit Pai talks proposed $100M connected care pilot, rural telehealth funding, opioid epidemic initiatives

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Addressing the Connected Health Conference in Boston, the chairman described many ways the agency is working to improve access to connected care

Connected care: How hospitals and other healthcare organizations are steering investments

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Although healthcare organizations are embracing digital transformation initiatives, clinical and business leaders have different ideas about the importance and effectiveness of a single view of patient care.

Penn Medicine creates Center for Connected Care to streamline telemedicine services

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The University of Pennsylvania's Penn Medicine has been an active player in the telehealth game for sometime with multiple telehealth units, but last week it went a step further to announce that it will be centralizing its telemedicine activities into the Penn Medicine Center for Connected Care.

Solving the Disconnections in Connected Care


But it doesn’t work with the system used by the patient’s primary care provider, even though the provider is in-network. Standardizing for Smarter Care. Telehealth benefits are most profound when one integrated system is leveraged across multiple care teams and clinical disciplines.

AMA's Michael Hodgkins on how to tackle the connected care problem

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FCC approves $100M connected care pilot to benefit low income patients, veterans


The Federal Communications Commission is moving forward with developing a three-year, $100 million connected care pilot program to support telehealth and remote patient monitoring services to improve healthcare access to underserved populations

Connected Care is Better Care

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Connected care” is gaining more momentum in the health care industry. Health care providers are adopting electronic health records with federal support and standard setting. Patients have more options for accessing care and information, and communicating with care teams.

VA Connected Care Chief: Telehealth Is 'Going to Become Health Care'

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For advocates of remote patient monitoring , virtual visit technology , and other technology-based care methods, telehealth isn’t just a current trend to be navigated, but something much more integral and long-term, reflecting the very future of healthcare delivery in the United States.

FCC unanimously approves proposal for $100M Connected Care Pilot Program


The FCC voted on Thursday to approve a Notice of Inquiry to establish a telehealth pilot program. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr tells FierceHealthcare the $100 million program would focus on getting low-income patients additional funding to get telehealth "across the finish line

The Connected Health Initiative Applauds the FCC’s New "Connected Care Pilot Program"


Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced plans to establish a “Connected Care Pilot Program” to support the use of telehealth solutions for low-income and rural Americans. ACT | The App Association's Connected Health Initiative (CHI) has long been a supporter of telehealth innovations and the benefits they bring to patients and caregivers throughout the continuum of care. To learn more about the FCC's Connected Care Pilot Program, please click here.

Connected Care Is Essential to Telemedicine’s Success

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Reducing internal costs for patient care. I believe that is because historically, telemedicine has been focused exclusively on access to care. Improving care accessibility may fit nicely with an organization’s ideologica. We need to stop talking about “telemedicine” and “telehealth” as if they were ends in themselves, and begin talking about the broader opportunities of collaborative care that the technology brings.

Hospitals Shifting To More Strategic Uses Of Telehealth Technologies

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Well before physicians were prepared to tackle the process, hospital leaders began to offer virtual care options, especially access to options like telestroke care which […].

The Missing Piece in the Connected Health Puzzle

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Two Feet, Two Canoes: Why Connected Health Reimbursement Is Still Off Balance

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Unless providers are reimbursed based on outcomes and quality – and not on services rendered, as is often the case – they’re not going to embrace connected health as a strategy, says Dr. Joe Kvedar.

Digital Transformation: Reordering the Healthcare Landscape

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Digital Transformation analytics cognitive connected care PhilipsDigiHealth17The adoption of technology within the healthcare industry has been rapid.

Digital Transformation: Reordering the Healthcare Landscape

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Digital Transformation analytics cognitive connected care PhilipsDigiHealth17The adoption of technology within the healthcare industry has been rapid.

Industry Voices—During natural disasters, HIEs on the front lines of addressing fragmentation in healthcare


These disasters highlight the role health information exchanges must play in connected care Natural disasters like the fires in California shine a spotlight on the importance and value of being able to access patient records in real time.

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Penn Medicine Opens Up Telehealth Hub

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Philadelphia-based Penn Medicine has opened its Center for Connected Care to centralize the health system’s telemedicine activities

FCC approves telemedicine pilot for veterans, low-income, rural Americans

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Veterans as well as rural and low-income Americans may have more access to telemedicine in the future after the FCC unanimously voted to approve a proposal establishing a “Connected Care Pilot Program” on Aug.

Podcast: Telehealth for Parkinson’s care

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He had a lot of interesting things to say and, unlike so many other physicians, was aware of multiple system atrophy, the disease that killed my dad in 2012, so I decided to have him on for a podcast to describe how he is using off-the-shelf telehealth technology to expand access to care, improve patient satisfaction and reduce costs. We, of course, discussed cross-state licensure holding back wider use of remote care, a subject that is very much in the news right now.

Philips to launch new version of HealthSuite with AI and analytics at HIMSS18

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At HIMSS18, Philips plans to announce several new additions to its line of connected care products. A new management system called FocusPoint will help give hospitals more visibility into the performance of their patient monitoring technology.

FCC's Carr: $100M health pilot to benefit low-income patients, veterans


The FCC will vote at a July 10 meeting on a $100 million Connected Care pilot program to develop new telehealth and virtual care programs for underserved populations, including rural residents and veterans

Senator and FCC commissioner propose telehealth pilot

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The pair are seeking $100 million for the new initiative, called the “Connected Care Pilot Program.” The program is designed to help people who are low-income, veterans, or living in rural areas get telemedicine care.

Telehealth set for big boost with $100M in new funding from FCC

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FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has announced the agency will vote to advance a $100 million Connected Care Pilot Program, enabling telehealth expansion for low-income Americans nationwide.

Rush, Ochsner Health System partner on telemedicine, Epic EHR

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In addition to gaining access to Ochsner’s telemedicine capabilities, Rush’s hospitals and primary care clinics also will be able to tap into Ochsner’s billing practices and other support services.

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FCC's Carr previews $100M pilot program to support telemedicine


WASHINGTON—Commissioner Brendan Carr joined a group of telehealth stakeholders Tuesday to discuss more details about the FCC's $100 million connected care pilot program. Although the program is still in the early days of development, Carr did reveal some details about where that money will go

Telehealth In 2030 – Notes From the Future At #ATA19 with Safavi, Holt, Bathina and Swafford

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Telemedicine used to be about solving access to no care,” Kaveh introduced the conversation. Now, it’s about serving people who already have care through different mechanisms.”. Deepthi from Humana offered three considerations concerning how care will transform.

Telehealth holds appeal for seniors, survey shows

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We reported yesterday that telehealth in the United States is set for big boost, with $100 million in new funding from the Federal Communications Commission through the Connected Care Pilot Program, which would expand telehealth accessibility for rural and low-income Americans nationwide.

What happens when the slow-to-change US Healthcare system embraces the Internet of Things? A potential $30 Billion industry is born

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Goldman Sachs Research's David Roman, senior US Medical Technology equity research analyst, explains where we may see connected care take hold and how it could improve efficiency and outcomes. What happens when the slow-to-change US healthcare system embraces the Internet of Things?

VA efforts to bring tablet-based telehealth to vets see positive results

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The most common home telehealth devices the VA uses are ones that make it possible to connect a veteran patient to a VA hospital using messaging devices that collect information about symptoms and vital signs from the veteran’s own home. Two recent studies indicate a plan by the U.S.

Going Digital for Health Is a New-Normal for Consumers

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But the tagline begs the supply side question: “Can the health care system deliver?” Deloitte defines “virtual health” as enabling continuous, connected care via digital and telecommunication technologies. Using digital health tech is a new normal for U.S.

VA, Verizon to offer new telehealth access for veterans

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The Department of Veterans Affairs and Verizon are teaming up to offer Veterans who are customers of the telecommunications giant unlimited access to department's VA Video Connect telehealth app.

Latin America’s Virtual Care Revolution


Global access to care: that’s our mission and you can see it right there in our name. Creating International Connected Care. But not only did these tools fail to provide evidence-based care, they presented a security risk.

UVA Health System expands telehealth offerings

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“Virtual care delivery models have proven to improve access, care coordination, clinical outcomes and patient engagement,” said Karen Rheuban, director of the UVA Center for Telehealth, in a statement.

Intermountain Healthcare Demonstrates Telehealth ROI

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During an American Well-sponsored webinar hosted by Becker’s Hospital Review , Intermountain Healthcare discussed telehealth ROI for urgent care. In 2016, the health system partnered with American Well to launch its telehealth service, Connect Care, to enhance patient convenience and care access; cut delivery costs; and retain and recruit patients.

The Digital Difference: how the transition to digital will revolutionise health and social care

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We recognised that across the social care and housing sector there is still real need for clarity on what the transition to a digital platform actually means.

Three telehealth success stories

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The partnership allows physicians to maintain existing workflows within Cerner while delivering virtual care. BayCare Health System, a leading not-for-profit health system, utilizes telehealth to provide its patients with convenient access to quality care in the Tampa Bay region.

Intermountain Healthcare Joins the American Well Family

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The new telehealth service, Connect Care, will launch in early 2016. It will provide 24/7 on-demand care to all 750,000 members of Intermountain’s health plan as well as its approximately 34,000 employees, many of whom belong to the plan. In later phases, the service will extend to additional use cases such as chronic care and eventually incorporate specialist care. Read more about Connect Care in Intermountain’s press release.

Five Ways Digital Technologies can Address Cancer

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Connected care: apps: Connected care today includes such technologies as wearables and mobile health apps. Benefits of connected care include triangulating the transmission of information (among clinicians, patients and caregivers), convenience, and timeliness. Pocket Cancer Care Guide. Connected clinical trials. There have been remarkable strides in prevention and treatment of disease in the past 5 decades.

Policymakers: Broadband Funding Key to Bringing Telehealth Access to Rural Areas

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Since taking office, policymakers within the Trump administration have championed the expansion of telehealth access as a means to cut costs and extend care into the nation’s most rural and remote areas. broadband connectivity by 2022 — is offering that assistance.