Penn Medicine creates Center for Connected Care to streamline telemedicine services

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The University of Pennsylvania's Penn Medicine has been an active player in the telehealth game for sometime with multiple telehealth units, but last week it went a step further to announce that it will be centralizing its telemedicine activities into the Penn Medicine Center for Connected Care.

Solving the Disconnections in Connected Care


A patient has presented to the emergency department with a ruptured ovarian cyst; before you operate, you use the surgical suite’s telemedicine platform to consult with the patient’s gynecologist, who provides valuable history. Telemedicine is on the rise.

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FCC moves forward with $100 million Connected Care proposal

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The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday unanimously voted to move forward with plans for a $100 million pilot program to promote telemedicine services. The FCC voted to adopt a notice of proposed rulemaking for a program dubbed the Connected Care Pilot. [link].

Connected Care Is Essential to Telemedicine’s Success

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In an article published in the Journal of the Catholic Health Association of the United States , Dr. Pitt presents the flaws in the common approach to telemedicine and how it must change to address the business objectives, including: Journal of the Catholic Health Association of the United States. Reducing internal costs for patient care. Telemedicine as a brand is flawed. I believe that is because historically, telemedicine has been focused exclusively on access to care.

Hospitals Shifting To More Strategic Uses Of Telehealth Technologies

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Well before physicians were prepared to tackle the process, hospital leaders began to offer virtual care options, especially access to options like telestroke care which […].

Connected Care is Better Care

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Connected care” is gaining more momentum in the health care industry. Health care providers are adopting electronic health records with federal support and standard setting. Patients have more options for accessing care and information, and communicating with care teams.

Two Feet, Two Canoes: Why Connected Health Reimbursement Is Still Off Balance

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Unless providers are reimbursed based on outcomes and quality – and not on services rendered, as is often the case – they’re not going to embrace connected health as a strategy, says Dr. Joe Kvedar.

Telemedicine Reimbursement

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Telemedicine is a hot topic in healthcare, with consumers more willing than ever to see a doctor remotely. The Alliance for Connected Care concludes that a telehealth visit for acute care represents $126 in savings over an in-person visit. The Lay of the Land.

April 2019 Telemedicine News

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A new Swedish-developed mHealth app called Genia is showing promise at the University of Minnesota for fostering communication between juvenile arthritis patients and their care providers. With communication often filtered through parents, young patients can feel left out of care management coordination and plan development. The lawsuit highlights a national battle between ocular telehealth companies and the 11 states where connected care eye exams are banned.

2020 Roadmap: Overcoming Telemedicine Barriers


If you’re active in the telemedicine world (or just paying attention to it), then you know that virtual care’s benefits aren’t always matched by its adoption rates. Finally, it proposes ways to cross reimbursement and regulatory hurdles that are currently slowing telemedicine adoption.

Rush, Ochsner Health System partner on telemedicine, Epic EHR

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Rush Health Systems and Ochsner Health System are partnering to bring innovations in telemedicine to patients. Using telemedicine equipment to determine the best treatment options for stroke patients, Ochsner provides neurovascular care coverage 24 hours a day every day of the year.

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Meet Telemedicine Superstar Gigi Sorenson


While many GlobalMed executives come from the military, technology and international business, Sorenson’s telemedicine background makes her one of the most fascinating and multi-talented leaders at GlobalMed. Sorenson didn’t intend to have a career in telemedicine.

Europe’s Unique Telemedicine Potential


Does telemedicine work the same way all over the world? A large part of virtual care’s value is that it can connect any patient to any provider anywhere across the globe. Other regions need to overcome distrust of new care delivery models.

6 Reasons Telemedicine Isn’t Netflix, Uber Or Amazon Prime


After all, GlobalMed is a telemedicine company and we should be all about expanded options for remote care. Unfortunately, these convenience consults rarely add long-term gain to a patient’s care outcomes or a clinician’s insights. Closing gaps in care. Home health care.

Telehealth In 2030 – Notes From the Future At #ATA19 with Safavi, Holt, Bathina and Swafford

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What will telemedicine look like in 2030? Telemedicine used to be about solving access to no care,” Kaveh introduced the conversation. Now, it’s about serving people who already have care through different mechanisms.”. First, connected care: one in five U.S.

FCC's Carr previews $100M pilot program to support telemedicine


WASHINGTON—Commissioner Brendan Carr joined a group of telehealth stakeholders Tuesday to discuss more details about the FCC's $100 million connected care pilot program. Although the program is still in the early days of development, Carr did reveal some details about where that money will go

Penn Medicine Opens Up Telehealth Hub

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Philadelphia-based Penn Medicine has opened its Center for Connected Care to centralize the health system’s telemedicine activities

Going Digital for Health Is a New-Normal for Consumers

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But the tagline begs the supply side question: “Can the health care system deliver?” Deloitte defines “virtual health” as enabling continuous, connected care via digital and telecommunication technologies. Using digital health tech is a new normal for U.S.

State Telemedicine News: Kansas & Tennessee Look to Expand Access

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“Technology has the potential to improve the quality of health care and to make it accessible to more people. Telehealth may provide opportunities to make health care more efficient , better coordinated and closer to home.”. The method utilized by the facility, Chase County Care and Rehabilitation Center — described as a “small, family-oriented rural nursing home” — is focused on making virtual visits comfortable for seniors.

Senator and FCC commissioner propose telehealth pilot

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Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) and FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr have teamed up to propose a new telemedicine initiative that aims to support people at home and prevent hospital readmission, specifically among low-income individuals.

Telehealth set for big boost with $100M in new funding from FCC

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FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has announced the agency will vote to advance a $100 million Connected Care Pilot Program, enabling telehealth expansion for low-income Americans nationwide.

Three telehealth success stories

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The partnership allows physicians to maintain existing workflows within Cerner while delivering virtual care. BayCare Health System, a leading not-for-profit health system, utilizes telehealth to provide its patients with convenient access to quality care in the Tampa Bay region.

How Good is Your Webside Manner?


Lately we’ve talked a lot about patient enthusiasm for telemedicine. A new Deloitte report supports that finding, with 57 percent of respondents reporting an interest in telemedicine and virtual health tools. Putting the Connection in Connected Care.

Telehealth helps Mayo Clinic neonatologists better treat newborns in emergencies

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Prior to that, Mayo Clinic neonatologists were assisting community hospital care teams via telephone when a newborn required advanced resuscitation or critical care. "Local providers found the wired telemedicine cart to be bulky and less maneuverable."

How top health systems deliver high-quality care through telehealth

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Will Daines, MD, Medical Director, Intermountain Connect Care. We know it’s a process for physicians to move from skepticism to acceptance,” says Dr. Will Daines, medical director of Intermountain Care Connect at Intermountain Healthcare.

8 Key Telehealth Partnerships and What to Expect in 2019

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Explore some of the implications for patients and telemedicine providers and find out what we can expect in 2019. You may be wondering, what does this mean for my patients and my telemedicine practice?

VA efforts to bring tablet-based telehealth to vets see positive results

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The most common home telehealth devices the VA uses are ones that make it possible to connect a veteran patient to a VA hospital using messaging devices that collect information about symptoms and vital signs from the veteran’s own home. Two recent studies indicate a plan by the U.S.

Latin America’s Virtual Care Revolution


Global access to care: that’s our mission and you can see it right there in our name. Erwin Padinger, Meditar Founder and President , called GlobalMed “the right global solution to extend healthcare across Argentina” because of the companies’ shared telemedicine philosophies.

Policymakers: Broadband Funding Key to Bringing Telehealth Access to Rural Areas

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Since taking office, policymakers within the Trump administration have championed the expansion of telehealth access as a means to cut costs and extend care into the nation’s most rural and remote areas. broadband connectivity by 2022 — is offering that assistance.

The CONNECT Act May Ease Telehealth Restrictions — Here’s How

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The CONNECT for Health Act would improve coverage of telehealth and remote patient monitoring as basic benefits in Medicare Advantage. Avizia CEO Mike Baird and the executive director for the Alliance for Connected Care , Krista Drobac, spoke with Becker’s Hospital Review to discuss how the CONNECT for Health Act may ease telehealth restrictions—and provide Medicare beneficiaries access to better care.

Mississippi Telehealth Network Could Be FCC’s Model for RPM Expansion

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Back in 2014 , the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) collaborated with a network of local and national health technology leaders to build the Mississippi Diabetes Telehealth Network, an effort to extend quality care into rural and underserved regions with high rates of chronic illness.

2019: Healthcare IT gains new ground

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Experts from across the health IT field will share insights about everything from AI and cloud computing to telemedicine and population health. Reducing the cost of care requires aligning incentives of providers, payers and patients.

Government Agencies & Industry Groups Push for Telehealth Policy Reform

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Echoing initiatives already taken by many state governments to expand access to digital healthcare services ( particularly in rural areas ), a growing number of federal agencies are also looking to reform existing telehealth policy in an effort to expand access to quality care while also attempting to rein in the costs of the American healthcare system. Contact Care Innovations today to schedule a complimentary, one-on-one consultation with a telehealth expert.

New Illinois Law Highlights Efforts to Expand Rural Telehealth Access

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To this end, the FCC recently announced its Connected Care Initiative, which seeks to develop broadband access throughout these remote areas to better connect residents to primary and specialty care. Telemedicine is one of them.”.