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The dangers of sharing personal health information online: Protecting your privacy and health


While these resources can help provide individuals with a general understanding of their symptoms, there are risks associated with self-diagnosis and relying on online resources Read more… The dangers of sharing personal health information online: Protecting your privacy and health originally appeared in

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Patients: Take back your health information. Here’s how.


Have you ever wondered why your personal health information essentially belongs to your health care provider or institution? I mean: why do they keep your information under lock and key, and you have to sign a release to get it? After all, it’s your blood that they just pulled out and tested, it’s your body […].


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Social Media Platforms: NAM’s advice for credible health information

Digital Health Global

Recognizing the impact these platforms can have on shaping public understanding of health matters, the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has put forth essential principles and attributes in their paper titled “ Identifying Credible Sources of Health Information in Social Media: Principles and Attributes.

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From Paper to Pixels: The Future is Bright for Health Information Management

Healthcare IT Today

The evolution of Health Information Management (HIM) professionals has been remarkable. Jennifer Mueller, President of the American Health Information Management Association ( AHIMA ), sees a bright future for the HIM industry. When I started my career in health information, I worked in the medical records department.

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HIPAA Compliance: Can Your Organization Avoid Costly Government Penalties and Fines?

There are misunderstandings about HIPAA compliance leaving organizations vulnerable by not sufficiently addressing required safeguards for protecting health information issues. Not only are these misconceptions wrong, but they can impact business operations, reputation, and organization credibility.

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Patients Don’t Trust Big Tech with Personal Health Information Much Preferring Healthcare Providers as Data Stewards

Health Populi

Nearly all patients are concerned about their medical records getting leaked or breached, which is The State of Patient Privacy , the title of a consumer study from Health Gorilla with a headline finding that “Patients don’t trust Big Tech with their health data.” Who’s most-trusted? Seven in ten U.S.

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Five Signs A Health Information Technology Career Is Right for You

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Health information technology, or Health IT, is a specific type of health technology that works as a way to intertwine these two concepts. It includes the process, exchange, and storage of health information while using […].