Unique Uses for Telehealth


Most people are familiar with telehealth services offered by their primary care doctor, therapist or other healthcare provider as a convenient alternative to an in-office visit. Telehealth has emerged as a standard, even expected, part of certain healthcare practices. Here are a few examples from Clocktree of less obvious telehealth services that are making a difference in people’s lives and well-being. Client Healthcare Prospect Provider Telehealth

Telehealth and Virtual Care Are Melting Into “Just” Health Care at HIMSS19

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Just as we experienced “e-business” departments blurring into ecommerce and everyday business processes, so is “telehealth” morphing into, simply, health care delivery as one of many channels and platforms. Zero and Roman are also part of telehealth.

2017 A Ground Breaking Year for Telehealth


2017 was a ground breaking year for the world of telehealth. More than 60% of all healthcare institutions in the US have implemented telehealth technology into their care systems. 2017 was a good year for telehealth, and we at Clocktree are excited to see what 2018 will bring.

Telehealth Grant Funding Expands

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Over the past several months, significant changes surrounding telehealth and its role in healthcare have taken place. Changes include, CMS’ new, more generous reimbursement policies and several state laws spurring the progression of telehealth programs to address the opioid crisis.

Georgia state Senate passes two bills improving telehealth access for residents


SB118 is a comprehensive reform of Georgia’s previous telehealth act. The bill updates the law in an effort to increase the prevalence of telehealth for a broader array of services, as well as ensuring parity in insurance reimbursement for telehealth and in-person care. This is great news for residents of Georgia, as well as the telehealth industry in general! Healthcare Prospect Provider Telehealth Telehealth News Telemedicine Uncategorized

Telehealth Technology Summit 2018

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Join us for the inaugural Telehealth Technology Summit 2018! When it comes to telehealth, the right equipment & connectivity can make or break a program. The post Telehealth Technology Summit 2018 appeared first on LearnTelehealth.

Florida Senate Approves Statewide Telehealth Bill


Last Wednesday in Tallahassee, Florida, a senate committee unanimously approved a bill on telehealth , focused on permitting doctors and healthcare providers using telehealth technology to provide healthcare directly to patients. ” This appears to be true for the statewide legislation on telehealth, opening up doors for the up-and-coming healthcare industry. Healthcare Telehealth Telemedicine

Could Telehealth Services Help Stop the Opioid Crisis?


Jamey Lister from US News wrote an article on the possibilities of using telehealth technology to help reach rural areas suffering from the opioid crisis. Access to telehealth services has enabled many patients to have the ability to discuss medication issues etc.

Oncology Telehealth

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How Telehealth is Changing the Field of Oncology Today telemedicine is used throughout the medical field in order to help provide better care to patients. The post Oncology Telehealth appeared first on TBH Institute Blog.

Utilizing Telehealth to Improve Home Dialysis

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i] In a recent speech to kidney disease patients and advocates, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary, Alex Azar, stated that Medicare was making a concerted effort to expand the utilization of At-Home Dialysis, including expanding telehealth services.

Consumers Are Looking For Greater Telehealth Access


However most of these patients do not have access to all the telehealth options they are hoping for. In reality the next step in integrating telehealth into the healthcare sector is persuading physicians to adopt this technology into their own practices. Telehealth saves time for both the patient and doctor, and creates an easier way for physicians to manage, and care for a growing number of patients. Telehealth Telemedicine Healthcare Mental Health

Major telehealth milestone for VA patients


The Business of Federal Technology reports on the June 11 launch date for a telehealth policy change referred to as “anywhere-to-anywhere,” which allows qualified practitioners to log in to Department of Veterans Affairs telehealth system and treat patients regardless of state licensing rules. The proliferation of telehealth allows the VA to reduce the stress on its nationwide system, which has more than 30,000 clinical vacancies.

Study finds 2/3 of healthcare providers aren’t familiar with changes to telehealth reimbursement


According to a recent survey by Reaction Data , 67% of healthcare providers surveyed weren’t aware of major changes to telehealth reimbursements laws in effect as of January 1. Generally, the new rules expand reimbursement for healthcare providers using telehealth platforms (like Clocktree) for virtual care. One of the previous barriers to using telehealth services was the lack of reimbursement to providers, so this should help boost telehealth adoption rate.

Telehealth Usage and Coverage Continues to Increase Throughout the US


Telehealth coverage and usage is continuing to make strides forward. The US Department of Health and Human Services estimates that currently 60% of all healthcare institutions and about 45% of all hospitals are using telehealth in one way or another.

Text Messaging Therapy in Telehealth

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The post Text Messaging Therapy in Telehealth appeared first on TBH Institute Blog. Blog behavioral text messages future of telehealth Text MessagingWhat’s TBHI’s Position about Text Messaging Therapy?

Can you identify 7 qualities of a successful telehealth program?

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Consumer need is driving the development of telehealth programs across the country. Provider access to affordable broadband and delivery methods, such as smart phones, tablets and iPads, are driving telehealth to become a delivery platform that can meet consumer needs.

“Telehealth is a digital distribution channel for health care” – catching up with Roy Schoenberg, President and CEO of American Well

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It’s a potential consumer/patient market that AmWell could serve, but not every person with access to telehealth services takes advantage of that supply side. In telehealth, even with employers covering the service as a workplace benefit, most employees still don’t “benefit from the benefit.”

Telehealth HIPAA

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Telehealth HIPAA Telehealth providers are at the cutting edge of new opportunities for bettering quality of care. The post Telehealth HIPAA appeared first on TBH Institute Blog.


Facility Fees & Telehealth Reimbursement

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Properly identifying facilities that rely upon reimbursable services can also point the way for additional fees that are exclusive to telehealth. The post Facility Fees & Telehealth Reimbursement appeared first on TBH Institute Blog. Blog Center For Medicare And Medicaid Cpt Codes Telehealth ReimbursementFor example, “facility fees” are often reimbursable. They are the U.S. government’s way of supporting the technology infrastructure costs … Read more.

Telehealth Reaches a Tipping Point

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With the major pieces — legislation, technology, and consumer expectations — all starting to fall into place, the time to start thinking about telehealth is now, says Bill Russell. Columns Consumer experience Featured Patient Engagement Telehealth Bill Russell

Telehealth Reimbursement for Home-Based Care

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In the spring of 2018, the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP) published its update of the State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies Report. telehealth reimbursement of all … Read more.

Luján talks telehealth

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Report says EHR giants lag on infection tech — AdvaMed promotes cyber threat info sharing

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Clocktree Telehealth Platform Popup Notification Update


Healthcare Telehealth Telemedicine UncategorizedYou can now receive important Clocktree account notifications via popups! These popup notifications are small messages that appear in a corner of your device’s screen, whether you are logged into Clocktree or not. They will alert you to upcoming appointments or new secure messages.

Telehealth Risk Management Checklist

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For the sake of our own sanity and the well-being of the loved ones who might rely on our earning potential, telehealth risk management needs to be at the forefront of our decisions. The post Telehealth Risk Management Checklist appeared first on TBH Institute Blog.

More funding for rural telehealth programs is on its way


This will allow healthcare providers to offer telehealth programs that rely on strong internet to connect to remote patients and enable practitioners to collaborate and consult with specialists outside of their area. Two years ago healthcare organization and lawmakers began to lobby for an increase to this cap, due to increasing demands particularly to take advantage of newly emerging telehealth technology.

5 Questions About Telehealth, Answered

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Telehealth offers a remote healthcare solution that can reduce the cost of care and lower hospital readmissions for patients, thus enhancing the quality of care.

Telehealth staffing company Enzyme Health raises $1.7M

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The startup employs machine learning to help match qualified professionals with telehealth opportunities.

A Piece in the Puzzle - Telehealth & Autism

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Telehealth can serve as a wonderful resource for the ASD patient and their family as it can be utilized for diagnosis, therapy/treatment, and caregiver education. telehealth telemedicineIn 2018, the CDC determined that one in 59 children is diagnosed with ASD in the United States. Often, children with autism and their families live too far away from care and support or cannot access it due to high costs, limited availability, and other circumstances.

Three telehealth success stories

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1] With wait times rising and healthcare costs increasing, many health systems have turned to telehealth as a means of increasing access to healthcare. Cerner and American Well have partnered to deliver telehealth that is fully embedded within Cerner’s electronic health record portfolio.

Telehealth delivers better remote care, improving outcomes

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Remote Patient Monitoring & Telehealth Reimbursement

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The post Remote Patient Monitoring & Telehealth Reimbursement appeared first on TBH Institute Blog. Blog 99091 cpt code Remote Patient Monitoring Telehealth ReimbursementAs of January 1, 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) unbundled the 99091 CPT code making it possible for some eligible practitioners to be reimbursed “for time spent on collection and interpretation of health data that is generated by a patient … Read more.

Telehealth is Helping Patients Receive Care Faster


Telehealth technology could be an answer to this problem. This is a large hurdle telehealth companies are facing, however as time goes on, more and more states are adopting telehealth coverage into their healthcare systems.

Telehealth In the Rural Healthcare Center

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The article Telehealth In the Rural Healthcare Center appeared first on electronichealthreporter.com. Editorial ADHD Clark Clinic healow TeleVisits app rural healthcare telehealth telemedicineThis content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter.

The Economics of Telehealth

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Telehealth has numerous benefits and clinical applications that can be seen in various medical centers around the country. The usage of telehealth is increasing at a rapid rate, but not just for its innovative approach to patient care.

Telehealth Documentation

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How to Stay Out of Hot Water: Telehealth Documentation! Easy 3-Part TBHI Online Webinar Series) 6 CE Hours Available Have you updated your telehealth documentation to address recent state and association specific requirements?

At Mount Sinai, telehealth reduces ER visits and hospitalizations

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So the center decided to launch a telemedicine program, with the help of MediSprout, a telehealth technology vendor. The Susan and Leonard Feinstein Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinical Center at Mount Sinai Hospital had been relying on traditional office visits to connect with patients.

MACRA & Telehealth Reimbursement

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The post MACRA & Telehealth Reimbursement appeared first on TBH Institute Blog. Blog Telebehavioral Health Telemental Health Webinar Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) handout MACRA Medicaid Medicare Reimbursement Webinar Telehealth ReimbursementMACRA is a new legislation in the United States.

Try Telehealth in TheraNest


We’re excited to announce that Telehealth has officially launched in TheraNest. Telehealth in TheraNest eliminates the need for multiple tools that don’t work together. Our new Telehealth feature is fully integrated with TheraNest and our Client Portal.

Safety-net providers face obstacles to telehealth adoption

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Despite its clear potential to improve access to high-quality care in underserved communities, telehealth is underutilized by safety-net providers due to a range of barriers, according to a new report from the RAND Corporation.

Telehealth: The Tipping Point of Virtual Care Platform Adoption

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While telehealth has been around for years, virtual care technology is emerging as a powerful tool that goes beyond the traditional telehealth model. To become the “next generation” of telehealth, virtual care will need to improve access, […].