Telehealth after COVID-19

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Marianna Imenokhoeva, founder at LinktoMedicine and Future50 International, talks about reopening economies, and how telehealth will be more relevant than ever in the post-COVID world

Trust My Doctor and Fear the Office: The Telehealth Opportunity in and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Why it’s telehealth, of course, which has experienced hockey-stick growth in the U.S. Some one in 4 survey respondents used telehealth in the past 3 months (about the first 90 days of the pandemic), with a vast majority of people satisfied with their virtual healthcare visit.

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Telehealth Reimbursement Gets Really Hard Really Quick

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We wrote previously about how COVID-19 has shifted the Value Equation for Telehealth. Doctors previously didn’t value Telehealth since it was the same work (or slightly more) for possibly less reimbursement.

Research Offers Details On Exploding Telehealth Use

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We all know that telehealth use has been mushrooming as providers struggle to address the demand for coronavirus care. However, the data is starting to come out on how much the use of telehealth has changed. These new studies look at the extent of telehealth use during the pandemic.

Leveraging Automated Telehealth During a Capacity Crisis

As the healthcare system faces unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 crisis, it’s more important than ever to make the most of clinical resources. Automation holds the key to drastically increasing clinical capacity and flattening the curve.

Why Telehealth Is Real Now – The Value Equation

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Everyone sees the obvious when it comes to telehealth. The Stay at Home and Physical Distancing that’s come with COVID-19 has almost required telehealth. Embrace telehealth or die? If we want to really understand what happened to make telehealth go […].

Telehealth in the time of COVID-19

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Marianna Imenokhoeva, founder at LinktoMedicine and Future50 International, writes about telehealth and its practicalities during the coronavirus pandemic

Is This What You Call a Telehealth Cart?

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As the world of telehealth explodes, we’ve seeing all sorts of approaches to solving the teleheath problem. For those waiting for my list of telehealth vendors, I’ve finished evaluating 235 companies and classifying them.

Unique Uses for Telehealth


Most people are familiar with telehealth services offered by their primary care doctor, therapist or other healthcare provider as a convenient alternative to an in-office visit. Telehealth has emerged as a standard, even expected, part of certain healthcare practices. Here are a few examples from Clocktree of less obvious telehealth services that are making a difference in people’s lives and well-being. Client Healthcare Prospect Provider Telehealth

COVID-19: Telehealth Tipping Point

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The act grants limited powers to the Secretary of Health and Human Services to waive several key Medicare telehealth restrictions, allowing … Read more. The post COVID-19: Telehealth Tipping Point appeared first on TBH Institute Blog.

Stop Creating Disloyal Patients

90 percent of patients feel no obligation to stay with a healthcare system that doesn’t offer digital tools. What can you do in the face of such a sobering statistic? Patient-facing telehealth options that allow patients to get virtually instantaneous care privately, securely, and from anywhere can keep your patients from seeking care from the easiest, nearest, and cheapest provider.

COVID-19’s Consumer Health Care Behaviors: Telehealth, Trauma, and Trust, via PwC

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One healthcare flow consumers and clinicians have adopted in the COVID-19 pandemic is telehealth. The circle chart graphs what occasioned consumers’ visits telehealth visits for the first time in the pandemic. In a matter of several weeks, people living in the U.S.

Telehealth Assistance Resource Pages

South Central Telehealth Resource Center

Whether you’re new to telehealth and telemedicine or have been utilizing telehealth for a while, the current COVID19 pandemic has flipped this type of healthcare service delivery on its head much like so many other facets of our professional and personal worlds.

Telehealth and COVID-19 in the U.S.: A Conversation with Ann Mond Johnson, ATA CEO

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Will the coronavirus inspire greater adoption of telehealth in the U.S.? I asked myself, then went to my Oracle of Telehealth: Ann Mond Johnson, CEO of ATA (once named the American Telemedicine Association). Q2 – – Some industry observers have called this, “telehealth’s big moment.”

Is Enterprise Telehealth Heading for Channel Conflicts with Health Systems?

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weeks I’ve been going through a long list of telehealth companies. I’ll be publishing the list shortly in multiple segments, but there are groups of telehealth vendors that are coming together. Over the past 1.5

Community Health Centers: Increase Growth through Care Management + Telehealth

Understand the Growth Potential for Community Health Centers through this Easy-To-Use Care Management Guide. This guide covers Billing, Claims Processing and Payment for CCM, BHI and More!

Telehealth Billing During COVID-19


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Telehealth and Marketing – #HITsm Chat Topic

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This week’s chat will be hosted by Sarah Bennight (@sarahbennight) from Stericycle Communication Solutions on the topic of “Telehealth and Marketing“ While telehealth has been around for a while, it certainly hasn’t been the […].

COVID-19 Telehealth

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COVID-19 Telehealth Primer Introduction Telemedicine is now essential to assure patients receive uninterrupted medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic. To support clinicians during this COVID-19 pandemic, The Telebehavioral Health Institute offers this primer on telehealth.

Pediatric telehealth worries docs

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Mobile telehealth urged for military — Breaches set to hit new record

Telehealth Services

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Telehealth Services Show Tremendous Growth Over the course of the past couple of months, telehealth services have expanded exponentially. A recent study found that in the next five years, it is expected that the telehealth market will grow by 38.2%.

Weekly Telehealth 101/Round-up Webinar Archive

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In light of the ongoing coronavirus/COVID19 pandemic, we are offering our “ Telehealth 101? On the alternate Fridays, we are offering a “ Telehealth Roundup ” webinar at 3PM Central. Telehealth 101: Q&A with Ryan Kelly. Telehealth Round-up with Josh Scales.

Is Epic Building Its Own Telehealth Solution Using Twilio?

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In my previous article on telehealth adoption due to COVID-19, I highlighted a number of telehealth adoption numbers that Epic shared. In the article, I asked the question about which telehealth applications these Epic customers were using.

Secure Telehealth

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New Guidance for Secure Telehealth With the uptick in the use of telehealth, the National Security Agency (NSA) released new guidance for secure telehealth use. The post Secure Telehealth appeared first on TBH Institute Blog.

COVID-19 Telehealth Reimbursement Update

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COVID-19 Telehealth Reimbursement Update* Telehealth reimbursement for services delivered during COVID-19 has reportedly been variable. The post COVID-19 Telehealth Reimbursement Update appeared first on TBH Institute Blog.

Study Says Telehealth Claims Up 624% Over Four Year Period

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The use of telehealth services climbed dramatically over the four years between 2014 and 2018, according to new research based on healthcare claims data. To get a look at telehealth’s impact on healthcare overall, FAIR Health analyzed more than 29 billion healthcare claim records.

Telehealth Group Therapy: Reimbursement & Clinical Issues

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Telehealth Group Therapy: Reimbursement & Clinical Issues As group therapists work to respond during the COVID-19 crisis, online telehealth group therapy sessions are replacing in-person groups. Blog Covid-19 behavioral resources Covid-19 telehealth Telehealth Services

University of Kentucky to offer telehealth graduate certificate program


To address both trends, the University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences is pioneering training in telehealth through a new graduate certificate program. The Graduate Certificate in Telehealth is the first of its kind among health sciences colleges and is the only telehealth certificate available in the state of Kentucky. Healthcare Prospect Provider Telehealth Telehealth News Telemedicine

Telehealth In 2030 – Notes From the Future At #ATA19 with Safavi, Holt, Bathina and Swafford

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Kaveh was brainstorming the future of telehealth a decade from “now,” with three innovators attending #ATA19: Deepthi Bathina of Humana, Matthew Holt of Catalyst Health (and Co-Founder of Health 2.0), and Kim Swafford of Providence St. Joe’s deploys telehealth in eight states.

Integrating Telehealth With EHR Records Poses Looming Challenge

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For quite some time, we’ve given relatively little attention to the problem of integrating telehealth encounter data with more-traditional records generated by EHRs.

EHR 59

Telehealth Platforms and Features – #HITsm Chat Topic

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This week’s chat will be hosted by John Lynn (@techguy) from Healthcare Scene on the topic of “Telehealth Platforms and Features“ We don’t really need to highlight that Telehealth and Telemedicine are seeing massive […].

Florida Telehealth Out-of-State Registration Application Now Available

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Florida Telehealth Out-of-State Registration Florida Telehealth Application Now Available Health care practitioners with an out-of-state license or certification that falls under section 456.47(1)(b),

The Role of Specialty Specific Telehealth – #HITsm Chat Topic

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This week’s chat will be hosted by Melissa Alvares, VP Marketing (@swiftmedical) from Swift Medical on the topic of “The Role of Specialty Specific Telehealth“. Telehealth went almost overnight from being a “nice […].

CDC recommends telehealth in case of coronavirus outbreak


If you need to connect with a new provider who offers telehealth appointments, you can find a wide range of providers at Telehealth Telemedicine Healthcare Prospect Telehealth News Provider ClientThe Centers for Disease Control has released helpful steps for Americans to take to prepare for a possible outbreak of the novel coronavirus. One of these steps is to make sure you have a plan to manage your family’s healthcare online.

Florida Telehealth

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Florida Out-of-State Telehealth Registration The application for Out-of-State Telehealth Registration is now available at [link] You may locate the necessary forms by clicking on the link titled “Documents.” The post Florida Telehealth appeared first on TBH Institute Blog.

The Auto Documentation Telehealth Solution Will Be a Big Winner

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Last week I started a project to create a list of all of the telehealth options out there. Mostly, I wanted to be able to provide my friends and readers answer to the question I’m certain to get over the next year, “Which telehealth solution is best?”

2017 A Ground Breaking Year for Telehealth


2017 was a ground breaking year for the world of telehealth. More than 60% of all healthcare institutions in the US have implemented telehealth technology into their care systems. 2017 was a good year for telehealth, and we at Clocktree are excited to see what 2018 will bring.

Reimbursement for Telephone Telehealth during COVID-19?

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They also haven’t learned the classic telehealth telephone-based models. The post Reimbursement for Telephone Telehealth during COVID-19? COVID-19 Telephone Covid-19 telehealth telephone telehealth

Milwaukee VA telehealth program helping veterans with mental health care


Milwaukee’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center offers telehealth services to veterans, with 90% of its providers participating in the program. So far, only about 400 veterans have received care through this telehealth program, however with the high rate of participation among its providers, that number will grow quickly this year. Client Healthcare Mental Health Prospect Provider Telehealth Telehealth News Telemedicine

COVID Telehealth

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COVID Telehealth Primer Introduction Telemedicine is now essential to assure patients receive uninterrupted medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic. To support clinicians during this COVID-19 pandemic, The Telebehavioral Health Institute offers this primer on telehealth.