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Will robots replace doctors?


Among the many recurring topics, this year has been the impact of machine learning in our lives, especially the implications for our future work life.

The Opportunities And Challenges Of Medical Robots

Duane Boise

The medical field has long been defined by advances that make it easier to save lives every day. Medical robots are one such major advancement in modern medicine. They revolutionize the way that medical procedures are performed by executing tasks with efficiency and without human error.

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Data Privacy and Healthcare Access: Top Issues Shaping Consumers’ Societal ROI

Health Populi

Organizations that address consumers’ data privacy and access to healthcare create greater social brand equity, inspiring people to say nice things about the companies, recommend them as good employers, and be welcomed as businesses operating in peoples’ community.

FDA to Divide Cybersecurity Risk Into Two Tiers

Medical Connectivity

Medical devices that contain software, or are software, are subject to the well-known medical device classifications of I, II, III, listed in increasing level of risk and correspondingly increasing degree of FDA scrutiny before marketing.


AI-powered kidney disease diagnostic Renalytix AI lands $29M

Mobi Health News

This latest funding news coincides with the company's announcement that it will now be publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.


Diabeloop Artifical Pancreas Closer to Release

Insulin Nation

Diabeloop has made rapid progress since its founding in 2015 and has achieved an important milestone with receipt of CE marking in Europe. This positions this closed-loop system for commercial release in 2019.


Time for Artificial Intelligence to Meet Healthcare Costs

Healthcare Informatics

AI promises to process large amounts of data and make meaningful conclusions out of them, but one of the main barriers is cost


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Pear Therapeutics, Novartis announce commercial launch of reSET

Mobi Health News

As the first prescription digital therapeutic approved by the FDA, the treatment will be distributed and supported by a specialist-staffed service center


Governance in Healthcare: Information, Content and Knowledge


The trend of treating information, content, and knowledge as assets means that ultimately these things need to be addressed and accounted for just like all other assets in a business.


CDC IT Leader Details Progress on Developing an EHR Blockchain

Healthcare Informatics

Askari Rizvi, chief of the technical services branch of the CDC’s Division of Health Care Statistics, discusses a CDC-IBM collaboration to develop a proof of concept for an EHR blockchain

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The interoperability 'Golden Spike'

Morning eHealth

Modest Medicare telemedicine increase — Yelp 'beats' CMS at nursing home rating

AI-enabled cancer screening platform Ezra snags $4M in seed funding

Mobi Health News

The New York-based startup also launched a beta version of its prostate cancer screening program.


Setting You on the Road to Success with Telemedicine


When you made the choice to add telemedicine to your practice, what motivated you? Was it your desire to reduce patient wait times? Did you want a new venture to bring in new revenue? Whatever your motivation was, it brought you here

Making Precision Medicine a Reality at Cleveland’s University Hospitals

Healthcare Informatics

University Hospitals is no stranger to precision medicine initiatives and a recent partnership is moving the needle even further


Telehealth in Rural Areas: How Health Systems Deliver Better Access to Care

American Well Blog

Approximately 62 million Americans —or one in five people—live in rural areas, while only nine percent of all physicians practice in these settings. This lack of care in rural communities is creating a huge healthcare access issue, resulting in patients driving long distances for care.

Convincing C-suite to fund cybersecurity

Mobi Health News

Shakira Brown, CEO of SMB Strategic Media, says that to get executive buy-in for cybersecurity funding, you must focus on business value, such as lowering costs, improving productivity, and increasing revenue


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Approved Separate Reimbursements for Non-Traditional Patient Visits


One of the main barriers reported by HCPs for not embracing the powerful tool of telehealth has been the lack of reimbursement. November 1, 2018 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) made a significant step in overcoming this obstacle.

4 Tips For Attracting and Keeping New Patients

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Christine Alfano, senior director of marketing, Vyne. Most practices are looking for ways to keep their chairs full by attracting new as well as continuing treatment with existing patients.


Brookings Institute : Who should profit from the sale of patient data?

Lloyd Price

Patients’ medical data constitute a cornerstone of the big data economy. A multi-billion dollar industry operates by collecting, merging, analyzing and packaging patient data and selling it to the highest bidder.

L'Oréal launches wearable sun exposure monitor through Apple

Mobi Health News

Last week, L'Oréal announced that its La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV—the first battery-free wearable electronic to measure UV exposure is available for sale through and select U.S. Apple Store locations


Still Bullish on Blockchain: Experts Give a Lay of the Land

Healthcare Informatics

Although there are still more questions than answers regarding the impact that blockchain technology will have on healthcare, many health IT experts remain convinced of its promise

Doctors to NRA on gun violence: This is our lane


A social media dust-up highlights changing perspectives about doctors’ role in advocating for policies related to public health

SingHealth : What we can learn from the recent Singapore data breach?

Lloyd Price

Thanks to increased connectivity, data is fuelling our digital economy and creating new opportunities in a huge range of different areas such as agriculture, health and manufacturing to name a few. Data is valuable, which makes it an enticing commodity for legitimate and malicious parties alike.


Proposed framework lessens FDA's regulatory requirements for prescription drug companion apps

Mobi Health News

The agency's proposal would classify the majority of software released by pharmas as "promotional labeling" that would not require premarket review.


One Health Policy Researcher on the Current State of Blockchain in Healthcare, and its Potential Future

Healthcare Informatics

Tim Mackey, an associate professor of global public health at UC San Diego School of Medicine and an academic researcher on blockchain, discusses the complexities of blockchain adoption in healthcare

Living to 100 – will technology matter – and for whom?

Aging in Place Technology Watch

What is the likelihood of living to 100 for older adults? Greater than you think – can you imagine that that by 2050, the number will grow from 72,000 to 1 million in the United States – in Canada, centenarians are the fastest-growing age group. Today there are 450,000 centenarians worldwide – with the longest disability-free life expectancy found in Okinawa, Japan. Is society ready to accommodate double the number of seniors who will be living to 100 and beyond?

The Future of Electronic Health Records : Vision for 2028

Lloyd Price

Ten years ago, one doctor in 10 kept digital records on their patients. The other 90 percent made notes on paper and stored them in manila folders on shelves and in filing cabinets. Paper records had some obvious disadvantages.

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Post-Google, what does the glucose-sensing contact lens landscape look like?

Mobi Health News

Dutch company NovioSense's eyelid sensor shows promise; other efforts are academic


Survey: Healthcare Orgs Ramping up Investment in AI, Confident about ROI

Healthcare Informatics

The majority of health care executives (91 percent) are confident they will see a return on investment (ROI) on artificial intelligence investments, although not immediately, and foresee the greatest impact of AI will be on improving health care, according to an OptumIQ survey


Developing PaaS Using Step Functions and Hashicorp Tools


Introduction: Cloud tools now have the ability to let DevOps deliver cloud infrastructure along-side applications that are deployed on it. Did I just say, build a PaaS solution? Commercial PaaS solutions like OpenShift and Pivotal Cloud Foundry can be expensive and require specialized skills. They do speed up development and keep your enterprise cloud adoption vendor agnostic. However, adopting them calls for a strategic shift in the way your organization does application development.


Healthcare’s big breakthroughs aren’t going to come from Google or Amazon says Tech billionaire Sean Parker

Lloyd Price

Sean Parker, the tech billionaire and cancer research philanthropist, may be a product of a Silicon Valley tech giant — but he’s skeptical about the impact those companies will have as they increasingly make a play in medicine. “I I just don’t think the innovations that are going to drive this revolution in health care and discovery are going to come out of Amazon or Google,” Parker said Tuesday at an event put on by the Washington Post.


Despite potential, mental health app usage remains low, study shows

Mobi Health News

A recent study published by JMIR Mental Health showed only about 10 percent of mental health patients surveyed used apps.

AMA Creates Digital Health Playbook to Guide Providers on Implementations

Healthcare Informatics

The American Medical Association (AMA) has created a new resource that aims to help physicians extend care beyond the exam room with technologies that are changing the way patients interact with healthcare

Are EMRs alleviating preventable medical errors yet?

Healthcare Guys

In the decade-and-a-half since the startling To Err is Human report, its still hard to discern whether billions invested in electronic medical records are improving patient safety.

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Waiting on 2 states, CVS delays Aetna deal closing until after Thanksgiving


CVS expects to close its $69 billion acquisition of Aetna after the Thanksgiving holiday. The announcement comes weeks after executives said the deal would close before the holiday. But the companies are still waiting on approval from two states


Nicklaus Children's deploys image-based clinical collaboration app from WinguMD

Mobi Health News

With integration provided by Dicom Systems, the app will allow nurses and doctors to easily share and upload clinical smartphone images

New Report Examines Healthcare in the “Amazon Era”

Healthcare Informatics

Hospital business leaders are open, and even optimistic, about the benefits of innovation from non-traditional healthcare players, such as Amazon and Apple, according to a new report from Captains of Industry, a marketing consultancy