There Is No Health Without Mental Health – Today Is World Mental Health Day

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There is no health without mental health. Today is October 10th, World Mental Health Day. The link above to World Mental Health Day will take you to the World Health Organization (WHO) website, which serves up this video reminding us that this is All of Us.

COVID-19 Reveals Urgent Need for Universal Mental Health Care

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The economic shock or either losing our jobs, seeing our savings eroding from 401(k) plans, losing our health insurance, or all of the above. and finally, The front line of health care workers — physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, emergency department personnel, et.

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How Consumers Look At Social Determinants of Health for Cancer, Diabetes and Mental Health

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Enlightened health/care industry and public policy stakeholders have begun to embrace and address social determinants of health. But then there are variations in SDoH perceptions by condition: for mental health, social support and economic stability rate most potent.

The Coronavirus Impact on American Life, Part 2 – Our Mental Health

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as most people are “social distancing” or sheltering in place, based on numbers from the early April 2020 Kaiser Family Foundation health tracking poll on the impact of the coronavirus on American life.

As Americans Start to Return-to-Work in the Summer of COVID, Mental Health is a Top Concern Among Employers

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employers worry about workers’ mental health and substance use as employees begin returning to work in the summer of 2020. companies say behavioral health has a negative impact on workforce productivity. Most U.S.

The New Employer Wellness Lens Includes Mental Health, Telehealth and Women’s Health

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Four in five medium, large and jumbo companies expect their spending on health and wellness programs will increase over the next three years. Of key import is the finding that 9 in 10 employers have plans to address mental health stigma in the next year.

Wearable tech to provide insight into mental health in the construction sector

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Pagabo and Moodbeam have collaborated to aid mental health and wellbeing and improve working conditions in the construction sector

Mental Health Problems In College Students On The Rise

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This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Students are often afraid to confess to the possession of a mental health problem. The article Mental Health Problems In College Students On The Rise appeared first on

Latest from Tech Tonics: Tele-behavioral Health: Breaking Down Barriers and Stigmas at a Time of Escalating Need

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For all of modern human history, those with mental health challenges have held back from seeking treatment due to the stigma associated with doing so. For 20 years, advocates of telemedicine have been trying to break through to common usage.

Research reveals people’s mental health is negatively impacted by COVID-19

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New research out of Australia published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research indicates that individuals living during the coronavirus pandemic had significantly worse mental health outcomes than their peers measured before the pandemic.

Despite potential, mental health app usage remains low, study shows

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A recent study published by JMIR Mental Health showed only about 10 percent of mental health patients surveyed used apps.

Ieso Digital Health launches global-focused mental health research project

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The new project will be using the company's accumulated data set to build an autonomous mental health platform.

Milwaukee VA telehealth program helping veterans with mental health care


Client Healthcare Mental Health Prospect Provider Telehealth Telehealth News TelemedicineMilwaukee’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center offers telehealth services to veterans, with 90% of its providers participating in the program. So far, only about 400 veterans have received care through this telehealth program, however with the high rate of participation among its providers, that number will grow quickly this year.

Mental health apps plentiful, but few provide clinical research

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Researchers found that 64 percent of mental health apps claimed efficacy, although only 14 percent included any evidence

How VR, AR could support astronauts' mental health in space

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NASA stakeholders discuss the potential for technologies supporting astronauts' mental health and cognitive functioning during a mission.

Walmart’s Growing Footprint in Healthcare and Public Health, from Guns to Mental Health and Gardens

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Over the past couple of weeks, Walmart is demonstrating its growing commitment to and leadership in healthcare and public health. The store launched, its health-focused ecommerce portal.

Mental health tele-supervision platform secures $2.2M seed funding round

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To streamline accreditation, Atlanta-based Motivo pairs aspiring mental health providers with online clinical supervisors

Addressing The Mental Health Access Gap Through Texting and Virtual Care

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This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Traditionally, mental healthcare providers have only offered […]. The article Addressing The Mental Health Access Gap Through Texting and Virtual Care appeared first on

Treating mental health through telehealth during time of coronavirus

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Primary topic: Telehealth Disable Auto Tagging: Short Headline: Treating mental health through telehealth during time of coronavirus Featured Decision Content: Region Tag: Global Edition Right Now

6 Mental Health Quotes that Will Inspire Your Clients


We’ve gathered six of our favorite mental health quotes here for you to use when the moment is right. “Mental health is not a destination, but a process. The post 6 Mental Health Quotes that Will Inspire Your Clients appeared first on TheraNest.

Study: Majority of mental health patients would consider giving clinicians access to phone behaviors, locations

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A small study published in JMIR Mental Health found that 84 percent of surveyed patients living with mental illness were willing to use apps that would collect and share biomarkers

A Breakthrough, Sobering Report on Teens and Young Adults, Digital Health and Social Media Use: Implications for Mental Health

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There are also hundreds of stories written in both mass media outlets and professional journals on the topic of TYAs and mental health: especially relative to depression and suicidality. Rideout is the go-to expert on media and health, with a special interest in children and media.

Digital mental health platform Healios raises $2.9M

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UK-based digital mental health company Healios has just closed a $2.9 The platform connects patients to mental health professionals for assessments, treatments, and wellbeing check-ins. million (£2.2 million) funding round led by Albion Capital and Spice Capital.

Mental Health Is the Next Pandemic


While many of us are sheltering in place to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, a massive mental health pandemic is also brewing. Fears about COVID-19, the economic meltdown, and prolonged social-isolation are all taking a toll on mental health.

Ginger acquires fellow digital mental health company LiveBetter's tech

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LiveBetter also announced its plans to tranfer into a nonprofit.

Sex, Drugs, Mental Health and COVID Tests ? A DTC Reboot for Health?

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In case you think Hims & Hers are a marginal part of the health/care ecosystem, they began to ally with the Ochsner Health System in December 2019 as a novel digital front-door for the System’s telehealth program… pre-COVID-19 pandemic.

Dutch mental health foundation to work with ORCHA on app signposting platform

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Tens of millions of people in Europe are estimated to be affected by mental health problems every year, according to the OECD

META launches digital mental health platform for college students

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The platform lets students select therapist based on language, gender, faith, therapy style and insurance plans accepted.

Workplace mental health startup Unmind lands £3M

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The company plans to put the new money towards improving its mobile platform and increasing its library of contents.

New features for Facebook users encourage private mental health conversations between friends

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The social media company hopes its new photo filters and stickers will help those struggling with mental health conditions find understanding peers

Happify Health, AHA partner to release heart health-focused digital mental health program

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The collaboration between the digital health company and the cardiovascular health organization aims to reduce stress and encourage healthy habits among employees and plan members

In-Depth: Technology's role in tackling global mental health crisis

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At this week's World Innovation Summit for Health in Doha, Qatar experts from around the world sat down to talk about the opportunities and challenges of employing digital health in the mental health field

Signant Health collaborates with Shanghai Mental Health Centre for neuroscience study

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SMHC is an affiliate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, a leading organisation on mental health prevention planning

Oxford University VR spinout lands $4.1M for mental health product

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Oxford VR, a virtual reality platform to treat mental health issues, has landed $4.1M to commercialize its technology.

The Impact of Front-Line Primary Care In Improving Access For Mental Health Outcomes

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This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Over the past few years, there have been encouraging improvements in the realm of mental health care in the United States. Initiatives to improve mental health outcomes, such as the Affordable Care Act (2010), have been primarily aimed at requiring increased insurance coverage to encompass mental health services […].

Prince William spearheads online toolkit to promote workplace mental health

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The launch of the new site offers employers and employees resources for dealing with mental health in the workplace.

Oxford VR establishes first-of-kind VR-enabled mental health solutions in Asia

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Oxford VR, an Oxford University spinout company, has announced the launch of its leading-edge treatment for common mental health conditions through a unique partnership with AXA HK and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

Digital mental health company Meru snags $8.1M in Series A funds

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The company also published new research on its biofeedback tool.

Mental health chatbot UpLift Health closes $1M seed funding

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The round was led by Washington-based Laidir Foundation

Physician practices face financial challenges integrating mental health services, study finds


Physician practices face financial challenges integrating mental health services, study finds. hlandi. Wed, 06/03/2020 - 16:59