Consider Mental Health Equity on World Mental Health Day

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COVID-19 exacted a toll on health citizens’ mental health, worsening a public health challenge that was already acute before the pandemic. It’s World Mental Health Day , an event marked by global and local stakeholders across the mental health ecosystem.

Virtual Care and Mental Health Top of Mind for Employers’ Workplaces in 2023

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The concept that all companies are “health care companies” takes on greater import in the wake of the pandemic. This is our annual go-to study guiding us on the private sector’s big thinking about health care plans and investments on workers’ behalf.


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CVS (mental)Health – the growth of mental health @ retail

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“CVS wants to be your therapist, too,” the Wall Street Journal reported on 31st August , discussing the plans of retail stores, Big Box and pharmacies, adding mental health services to their growing health/care portfolios.

Clinically Validated Vital Signs for Mental Health

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It’s not a reach to say that healthcare and startup companies are working hard to monitor every piece of your health remotely. This was highlighted clearly to me when I talked with Susan Solinsky, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer at Ellipsis Health.

A CHRO’s Perspective on Substance Use in the Workplace: Supportive Strategies to Help Your Workforce Thrive

Speaker: Smita Das, MD, PhD, MPH, Medical Director, Psychiatry and Naj Wright, MBA, C-Suite HR Executive

Through advances in technology and access to care, managers can be empowered to serve as the front line of defense to help identify employee AUD and SUD concerns before they escalate. Understanding AUD and SUD, and providing tools for your workforce to overcome the challenges that they pose, is key to fostering strong mental health at work. Join us for this important how-to discussion.

Getting Vaccinated Has Mental Health Benefits, Walgreens Finds

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who have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine shot have a welcoming side-effect: peace of mind and mental health, according to a survey conducted by Walgreens in April 2021. More likely to take limited risks during the pandemic compared with other health citizens.

The Importance of Addressing Mental Health Trauma

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This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. In the past mental health has sometimes been ignored and even today it indeed carries something of a stigma in certain walks of life and even different cultures.

Amazon Care to add mental health services

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A live website about the offerings also details a partnership with digital mental health company Ginger

It’s Mental Illness Awareness Week: “What I Wish I Had Known” About Mental Health

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It’s Mental Illness Awareness Week : annually NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness , devotes the first week of October to advocate for people facing managing a mental illness every day and to raise public consciousness on the pervasiveness of mental illness in America.

Mental Health at CES 2022 – The Consumer’s Context for Wellbeing in the New Year

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As we enter COVID-19’s “junior year,” one unifying experience shared by most humans are feelings of pandemic fatigue: anxiety, grief, burnout, which together diminish our mental health. How do people become aware of mental wellness tech?

Telehealth Seems To Have Boosted Uptake of Mental Health Services

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New survey results suggest that the availability of telehealth-based mental health services — and the high level of mental health symptoms Americans experienced during the pandemic — led more consumers to seek mental health care online than ever before during 2021.

SonderMind acquires mental health monitoring, support company Total Brain

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Total Brain's tools include mental health assessments and tracking, screeners for common conditions and self-care programs

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis in Kids: Collaboration and Technology Are Key

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Children in America were increasingly struggling with mental health before COVID-19, but the pandemic compounded an already growing crisis. nearly one in five children experience a mental health disorder. Department of Health and Human Services

How Young People Are Using Digital Tools to Help Deal with Mental Health

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For most young people, the public health crisis has been more about that social distancing from friends, a collective sense of isolation, and mental and behavioral health impacts. sought health information online in 2020, a slight decline from 2018.

Advancing digital therapeutics for mental health

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With the need for mental health support growing, could DTx be the key to making treatment more accessible

Video visits as clinical touchpoints to improve older adult mental health


Mental health has suffered across generations and, as a practicing geriatric psychiatrist, I have had a front-row seat to the unique conditions older adult populations are facing. Tech Health IT Mobile health

Population health company Color Health acquires mental health platform Mood Lifters

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The acquisition will allow Color Health to provide behavioral and mental health treatment at scale

There Is No Health Without Mental Health – Today Is World Mental Health Day

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There is no health without mental health. Today is October 10th, World Mental Health Day. As we go about our lives today and truly every day, we should be mindful that mental health is all about each of us individually, and all of us in our communities and in the world. The link above to World Mental Health Day will take you to the World Health Organization (WHO) website, which serves up this video reminding us that this is All of Us.

Mental Health Parity at a Crossroads

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More than 25 years after the first federal mental health parity (MHP) protections were put in place, adequate coverage for behavioral health (BH) care, including both mental health and substance use conditions, remains elusive for many consumers with health insurance.

America’s Mental Health Crisis Simply Requires Better Mental Care

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This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. It’s no secret that America’s mental health is in crisis, with more than 7.5% The mental health challenges for young […]. The article America’s Mental Health Crisis Simply Requires Better Mental Care appeared first on Editorial Mental Health Dynamics in America Outlook of the US Mental Health Market

Mental Health Risks in Mid-2022 Related More to Global Anxieties and Safety, Not-So-Much COVID

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The survey covered peoples’ perspectives on mental health care, anxiety, COVID-19, children’s mental health, and the workplace. “The pandemic and its mental health effects are very much still with us.”

How Loneliness Impacts Mental Health


According to a 2018 national survey by Cigna , loneliness levels are higher than ever, with nearly half of individuals reporting they sometimes or always feel alone. When it comes to mental health, feelings of loneliness can mean a great deal. Reading Time: 4 Minutes.

Kooth partners with Help for Heroes for mental health support

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Children from armed forces families can now easily access digital mental health support thanks to a partnership between Kooth and Help for Heroes. Digital Patient News askOla GLUU Help for Heroes Kooth Mental health support

COVID-19 Reveals Urgent Need for Universal Mental Health Care

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The economic shock or either losing our jobs, seeing our savings eroding from 401(k) plans, losing our health insurance, or all of the above. and finally, The front line of health care workers — physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, emergency department personnel, et.

A Year Into COVID19, Mental Health Impacts Heavier on Moms Than Dads in America

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felt worry or stress related to the coronavirus that had a negative impact on their mental health. But the mental health impacts of COVID in America aren’t felt evenly or homogeneously across all U.S. health citizens.

Mental health company for seniors launches with $32M seed round

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Rippl's mental health offering aims to provide seniors with 24/7 access to care.

The hazards of digital mental health

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Why are so few digital mental health tools based in evidence? The answer is complicated.

Calm announces clinical mental health offering

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Calm Health, offered through providers, payers and self-insured employers, builds off the company's acquisition of Ripple Health Group

Goal Setting for Mental Health Patients


Goal setting for mental health clients can play a huge role in getting them from point A to point B. What Does Goal Setting for Mental Health Clients Accomplish? The post Goal Setting for Mental Health Patients appeared first on TheraNest.

Mental Health in Workers Compensation

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Editor’s Note: Mental Health in Workers Compensation: Stress, anxiety, and depression are among the most prevalent for injured workers. As experts in mental health claims review, BHM Healthcare Solutions offers objective medical necessity reviews for complex claimss.

How to Use Mental Health Intake Forms


For decades, intake forms have been an integral part of the mental and behavioral health system. The importance of Mental Health Intake: Why does the collection of this data matter? The benefits of digital mental health intake forms are endless.

Q&A: How Headspace Health's acquisitions alter its mental health product

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Leslie Witt, Headspace Health's chief product and design officer, explains how the company's acquisitions are augmenting its mental health offerings and capabilities

AI in Mental Health: Benefits of Technologies for AI Mental Health

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Artificial intelligence (AI) in mental health provides numerous benefits and opportunities for patients and clinicians. Automation in AI Mental Health. Engagement in AI Mental Health. Clinical Decision Support Technologies in AI Mental Health.

Indian mental health app heyy bags pre-seed funding

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It provides preventive mental health care through its network of psychologists

Digital mental-health medication provider Minded scores $25M

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Clients can use the platform to meet with a mental health provider and access behavioral health medications.

The Physiology of Mental Health


Mental health conditions can occur due to various causes, including a patient’s overall physiological state. For example, an injury to the brain or infection can result in a mental illness. Many physiological factors can contribute to developing a mental health condition.

Overcome the Shortage: 5 Tips for Meeting Mental Health Care Demand with Telehealth


As we close out Mental Health Awareness month, we’re very grateful to our guest blogger, Dr. Peter Ganpat , Executive Medical Director at MindCare Solutions. Mental Health Behavioral telehealth

Brave Health Secures $40M in Series C Funding to Expand Access to Mental Health Services for Medicaid Populations

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Brave Health , the largest virtual mental health provider and engagement platform focused on serving Medicaid populations, today announced a $40M Series C funding round led by Town Hall Ventures, with existing investors Union Square Ventures, City Light Capital and others joining as well.

Telehealth Expansion Reportedly Decreased Mental Health Disparities: JAMA Study 2022

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Access to quality mental health care for low-income populations is an ongoing concern. While telehealth expansion efforts during COVID have significantly improved access in many groups ; research associated with access to care for low-income mental health populations has been limited.

Can Hugs Benefit Mental Health?


From instant mood boosts and closer relationships to higher self-esteem and improved mental health and well-being, the science is clear that hugs don’t just feel good—they’re good for us. The post Can Hugs Benefit Mental Health? Reading Time: 3 Minutes.