November, 2018

The Smartphone Is the Consumer’s Personal Health Platform – Implications from Deloitte’s 2018 Survey

Health Populi

American consumers are now viewing their phones an average of 52 times daily, with 39 percent of consumers believing they use their smartphones too much. In fact, 60 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds admit to smartphone overuse, the highest level of any age group.

Slow thinking and machine learning in medicine


Recently, several high-profile institutions have called attention to the issue of inclusion and equity when artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are applied in medicine.

New from Tech Tonics: Stephanie Tilenius: Work, Not Worry

Digital Health

An accomplished investment banker who transitioned to become an accomplished executive at leading tech companies including eBay and Google, Stephanie Tilenius has now set her sights on an even more difficult challenge. As CEO of Vida Health she is focused on improving the health of the chronically ill with evidence-based coaching. Along her remarkable journey, […].

The Opportunities And Challenges Of Medical Robots

Duane Boise

The medical field has long been defined by advances that make it easier to save lives every day. Medical robots are one such major advancement in modern medicine. They revolutionize the way that medical procedures are performed by executing tasks with efficiency and without human error.

eMed 195

AI triage chatbots trekking toward a standard of care despite criticism

Mobi Health News

Savvy hospitals like Boston Children’s and NHS facilities are working with chatbot startups to create new ways to interface with patients seeking care


FDA to Divide Cybersecurity Risk Into Two Tiers

Medical Connectivity

Medical devices that contain software, or are software, are subject to the well-known medical device classifications of I, II, III, listed in increasing level of risk and correspondingly increasing degree of FDA scrutiny before marketing.


Physicians Don’t Talk Enough with Patients About Non-Medical Needs

Health Populi

Most patients wish their doctors would have a conversation with them about non-medical issues. The Doctor-Patient Conversation , a survey conducted for the Samueli Foundation by the Harris Poll, examined how patients feel about their health, healthcare, and relationships with physicians.

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New Client Self-Registration is Now Available


Clocktree is making it easier for your practice to register new telehealth clients! A prospective client can visit your Clocktree practice profile, click “Contact Us” and send you a new client request without first receiving an invitation.

Harnessing Early Adopters in Health IT

Mobile Health Matters

Part of the thrill of working in health IT comes from bringing something more than just a cool widget to market. As a nurse myself, I want to help fellow clinicians with software that solves problems.

Roundup: 12 healthcare algorithms cleared by the FDA

Mobi Health News

As AI cements its role in healthcare, more and more intelligent software offerings are pursuing 510(k) and De Novo approvals.


What You Really Need to Know about Digital Health

Medical Connectivity

You Won't Find This Information in Publications or Vendor Blogs. Just where does one draw the boundaries around "digital health?". This will be a discussion unlike those you see in publications or hear at trade shows.

More People Using Meditation and Yoga as Medicine, Especially Women

Health Populi

While overall adoption of meditation and yoga in the U.S. substantially grew between 2012 and 2017, many more women than men use these holistic medicine approaches. In 2017, 14.3% of American adults 18 and over did yoga, 14.2% meditated, and 10.3% saw a chiropractor.

Join telemedicine’s transformation of the health care delivery model


I came across Dr. Kevin Tolliver’s post, "Beware the Limits of Telemedicine," and found it to gloss over the benefits of telemedicine and the opportunities that increasing telemedicine uptake can afford to the patient and provider.

3 Healthcare Technology Advances Transforming the Industry

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Kristin Savage writes regularly on the Pick Writers blog and occasionally contributes to other educational platforms. Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives.

What does the 2018 Connected Health Conference tell us about the state of the industry?

The cHealth Blog

These days, there are lots of places you can go to learn about trends in the digital health market.

AI-powered kidney disease diagnostic Renalytix AI lands $29M

Mobi Health News

This latest funding news coincides with the company's announcement that it will now be publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.


Diabeloop Artifical Pancreas Closer to Release

Insulin Nation

Diabeloop has made rapid progress since its founding in 2015 and has achieved an important milestone with receipt of CE marking in Europe. This positions this closed-loop system for commercial release in 2019.


The Growing State of Diabetes in America on World Diabetes Day 2018

Health Populi

Diabetes is a family issue, and its prevalence is growing in America. November 14, 2018, is World Diabetes Day , and the International Diabetes Federation reminds us that this condition impacts the whole household — not just the person diagnosed with diabetes. Why the family?

Time for Artificial Intelligence to Meet Healthcare Costs

Healthcare Informatics

AI promises to process large amounts of data and make meaningful conclusions out of them, but one of the main barriers is cost


Revolutionizing Medicine with Artificial Intelligence

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Claire Whittaker, CEO, Artificially Intelligent Claire. In today’s world, we have access to more data than ever before.


Medicaid proposal paves way for telehealth

Morning eHealth

Report: Google Health gets a new boss — Tech titans keep eyes on Washington

5 ways AI is already being used in healthcare today

Mobi Health News

Here’s a look at how organizations are deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning for uses cases ranging from doctors assistants to social media and more


Pay people for their data – yes, or no?

Society for Participatory Medicine

SPM members Casey Quinlan (yes, yours truly) and Jan Oldenburg were part of a trinity of folks debating the idea of paying people for the data they contribute to the digital economy, in healthcare and in all other sectors.

Vote As If Your Health Depended Upon It; Learning from Governor Kasich on Voting Day 2018

Health Populi

…because it does. Citizens scare politicians,” I heard Governor John Kasich say to Nicole Wallace on her show Deadline: White House yesterday, just hours from today’s U.S. 2018 midterm elections.

It takes a Tribe: A new model of type 1 diabetes care in Australia

Insulin Nation

With a focus on building community, peer-led information exchange, creative health programs, and social support, the Family Centre does diabetes differently and represents a new model of care for people with type 1 diabetes. More than a diabetic medical facility.

Startups: Success, Failure and Solving Health System’s Problems

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Some of the biggest problems that investors, entrepreneurs and startup leaders need to solve was the point of a discussion during an opening session of an innovation summit hosted by DreamIt in Tampa in November.

Spotlight on patient safety

Morning eHealth

VA EHR hearing next Wednesday — Supreme Court passes up net neutrality case

EHR 91

How AI and computer vision are reinventing wound care

Mobi Health News

Companies like Swift Medical, Tissue Analytics and replace inaccurate measurements with reliable ones, and that's just the beginning


Five technologies from 2018 Aging 2.0 Optimize

Aging in Place Technology Watch

Interested in innovation in the age-related market? You are based in the west coast or need to be there to do other business? Then you are likely going to attend Aging 2.0’s


“Seeing Is Not Believing:” Consumers Concerned About the Accuracy of Online Health Information

Health Populi

“Seeing is not believing” when it comes to people seeing health information on social networks. Four in five people seeking healthcare information online in social media are concerned about the accuracy of that information served up.

Seven Best Practices for Optimizing EHRs Clinically and Financially

Healthcare Guys

Healthcare facilities struggle with knowing if they are using their EHRs to the full potential. There are ways to alleviate the confusion and optimize your EHR for combined clinical decision making and operational effectiveness

EHR 120

Dyson set to lead the HealthTech market with Wearable Air Purifiers by 2025

Lloyd Price

Dyson has filed a patent for an interesting new wearable gadget and some are predicting it will become the next big trend in health tech.


Telemedicine’s ‘big day’

Morning eHealth

Apple watch heart study tops 400,000 enrollees — A boost for PCORI

Amazon adds to its list of HIPAA-eligible machine learning tools

Mobi Health News

Amazon Translate, Amazon Comprehend and Amazon Transcribe will now be HIPAA eligible.


CDC IT Leader Details Progress on Developing an EHR Blockchain

Healthcare Informatics

Askari Rizvi, chief of the technical services branch of the CDC’s Division of Health Care Statistics, discusses a CDC-IBM collaboration to develop a proof of concept for an EHR blockchain

EHR 105

The Venture Valkyrie’s Next AdVenture

Health Populi

Investor, advisor, operator, podcaster, blogger, speaker, Board member, mentor, mother, wife, volunteer. Take inventory of the many hats of Lisa Suennen, aka the Venture Valkyrie, and you understand why I see her as the Renaissance Woman of Healthcare.

Apple’s walled garden bites the wallet – but is the world of ‘free’ better?

Aging in Place Technology Watch

Check out this startling sampling of Apple user complaints. ZDNet published a list of Apple complaints posted on Reddit (which has an Apple forum of more than 800K members) – the list was eye-opening and filled with rage about (storage, connector, power) limitations.