September, 2020

Health care’s tech renaissance during the pandemic extends to medical training


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in at least 25 million cases worldwide with a continued spread in the United States, causing global disruption in every sector of society and forcing adaptation to a new normal relying increasingly on technology.

Health Citizenship in the America. If Not Now, When?

Health Populi

On February 4 th , 2020, in a hospital in northern California, the first known inpatient diagnosed with COVID-19 died. On March 11 th , the World Health Organization called the growing prevalence of the coronavirus a “pandemic.”.

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Apple, Anthem launch 2-year study of asthma app, connected devices

Mobi Health News

The 900-participant study uses learnings from Apple's Tueo Health acquisition and could inform the development of a digital biomarker for asthma


New from Tech Tonics: Dr. Ken Mandl: Forging Connection Through Technology

Digital Health

Ken Mandl has a gift for listening to other people, whether they’re mentors offering the advice that shaped his career in pediatrics and informatics at Boston’s Children Hospital and Harvard Medical School, or helping physicians and patients learn from each other by making it easier for them to share information. He’s a pioneering leader of […].

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The Top 5 Challenges You’ll Face When Scaling Telehealth Services Nationally

If you’re thinking about expanding your telehealth services to more states, whether it’s five or 50, we’ve outlined the top five obstacles you’ll need to plan for, to ensure you’re delivering an exceptional brand and clinical experience.

Screen Sharing on Clocktree calls


In addition to uploading documents during a Clocktree appointment, clients and providers can also share their entire screen, one browser tab, or an application. Supported Devices and Browsers Screen sharing is supported on desktop and laptop computers, plus Android mobile devices.


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How technology is a weapon in the fight against COVID-19


As the COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the globe, companies are working hard to develop innovative solutions to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Chinese companies such as Alibaba have led the way using artificial intelligence, data science, and technology.


Behavioral Health Side-Effects in the COVID Era

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“This surge of people experiencing acute behavioral health problems…has the potential to further impact the healthcare system for years to come,” a report from McKinsey expects looking at the hidden costs of COVID-19’s impact on U.S. health care.

Fitbit’s ECG app gets regulatory clearance in U.S. and European Union

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The ECG app can detect over 98% of atrial fibrillation cases and was 100% accurate in identifying participants with normal sinus rhythm, according to study results


VA working with Apple to broaden telehealth access for veterans

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says it's collaborating with Apple to boost the availability of telehealth services for veterans across the U.S. WHY IT MATTERS.

Primary Care Is Dead. Long Live Primary Care!

The primary care system is failing patients and providers. Capacity shortages have led to long wait times and physician burnout. To fix the system, we must find innovative ways to boost capacity and meet patient-consumers’ shifting expectations.

The Role of AI Technology in Healthcare and the Changes It Will Bring – #HITsm Chat Topic

Healthcare IT Today

We’re excited to share the topic and questions for this week’s #HITsm chat happening Friday, 9/18 at Noon ET (9 AM PT).


Global Pandemic: Accelerating The Adoption of HIEs

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. By Gary Larson, executive vice president and general manager of HIE solutions, eHealth Technologies.

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An EMR frustration that is still torturing us


I have written, or more accurately ranted, about electronic medical records (EMR) systems throughout this blog. While the systems have clearly improved since their mandatory introduction into the medical universe, they have still not delivered on many of their promises.

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DIY Health Care and Self-Care Accelerating in the Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has spawned many side-effects re-shaping consumers’ everyday lives. Among them, more time at home, DIY life-flows, and financial well-being are driving growth of self-care health care.

Big Idea: Primary Care Automation

Healthcare automation that gives primary care providers more time with their patients—and less on screens—can improve care for patients, increase satisfaction for providers, and deliver positive bottom-line results for system leaders. Download this guide to learn how to optimize automation and keep the patient-provider relationship at the heart of the healthcare experience.

Apple adds SpO2 & V02 Max to Apple Watch Series 6, and launches three new studies

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The new sensor brings Apple up to speed with its competitors, but could lead to bigger announcements down the road


Telehealth working ‘beyond our wildest dreams’ at Chicago’s Rush

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Prior to the pandemic, Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois, had been using Adobe Media Server integrated with its Epic electronic health record for telehealth video visits.


Florida Health System Sets Sights On Being “Amazon Prime Of Healthcare”

Healthcare IT Today

The following is the story of a health system that has embarked on a massive reconstruction of its infrastructure, the aim of which is to become “the Amazon Prime of healthcare in South Florida.”

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Connecting Throughout the Patient Journey

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. By Kelly Conklin, chief clinical officer, PerfectServe.


Virtual Front Door or Brick Wall? Care Pathways in Healthcare

Are you offering your patients a virtual front door or a brick wall? Today, 85% of healthcare visits start online. If your patients don’t have a way to access care virtually, you’re losing them to Dr. Google. Clear care pathways that start online ensure your patients get the best care they need while staying loyal to you.

Five Offerings from the RockHealth Aging in Place Report

Aging in Place Technology Watch

Venture interest in Aging in Place – is it a turning point? RockHealth, the “first venture fund dedicated to digital health”, has declared this year a turning point in the market of offerings for older adults (aka baby boomers, particularly those 65+).

Americans Worry About Medical Bankruptcy, With Prescription Drug Costs Also Playing Into Voters’ Concerns

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One in two people in the U.S. are concerned that a major health event in their family would lead to bankruptcy, up 5 percent points over the past eighteen months.

British startup iAbra launches 20 second saliva-based COVID-19 test

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The Virolens system has undergone a successful trial at London’s Heathrow Airport.


Telehealth is biggest threat to healthcare cybersecurity, says report

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Although a new report suggests that the healthcare industry slightly improved its security posture this year compared to last, it warns that increased provider reliance on telehealth since the COVID-19 pandemic now presents a new slate of risks to patient data.

Convenience Care Is Here, and It's Eating Your Lunch

Patients want high-quality care that is accessible and affordable. If they can’t get it from you, direct-to-consumer healthcare services make it easy for them to get it somewhere else. Give them the ability to consume your services just like they consume everything else in their lives: on their phones or computers, quickly, and where it’s convenient for them.

Allscripts and FollowMyHealth’s Approach to Telehealth – EHR Telehealth Series

Healthcare IT Today

As part of our ongoing series of telehealth interviews with EHR vendors, we’re excited to share our interview with Skyler Wason, Director of Product Management at Allscripts, and Kate Palazzolo, Vice President of Sales at FollowMyHealth.

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Walmart’s Acquisition of CareZone: The Future of Digital Health and Pharma

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. Over the past year, we’ve seen big tech giants and retailers entering into the healthcare market and Walmart is just the latest example.

Insurance & HIPAA Privacy? MITRE-Harris Poll Shows Dark Side of Insurance Privacy Practices

Telebehavioral Health Institute

Insurance & HIPAA Privacy? MITRE-Harris Poll Examines Dark Side of Insurance Privacy Here’s a chilling thought: health insurance companies and employers routinely search through private and public sources for consumer-generated health data related to their spending and streaming habits.


Health Happens at Home: Lessons from the Parks Connected Health Summit

Health Populi

Home is where the health is, we know in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To be sure, many of us who have been preaching that our ZIP codes are more impactful to our health than our genetic codes have known the evidence backing the social and behavioral determinants of health for a long time.

Stop Creating Disloyal Patients

90 percent of patients feel no obligation to stay with a healthcare system that doesn’t offer digital tools. What can you do in the face of such a sobering statistic? Patient-facing telehealth options that allow patients to get virtually instantaneous care privately, securely, and from anywhere can keep your patients from seeking care from the easiest, nearest, and cheapest provider.

An untapped market for digital health innovation exists among seniors hoping to age in place

Mobi Health News

As older adults continue to adopt technology, digital health technologies will play an important role in helping them age in place, a new report from Rock Health predicts. The report notes that although 77% of people over the age of 55 say they want to age in place, only 50% believe they will

Taskforce on Telehealth Policy releases final report on safeguarding virtual care

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

The Taskforce on Telehealth Policy released a final report on Tuesday outlining its findings and recommendations around safeguarding the future of telehealth after the COVID-19 pandemic.


How to Improve Risk Adjustment with NLP

Healthcare IT Today

The following is a guest article by Carey Ketelsen and Andy Kumar from Ciox. NLP, as you probably already know, stands for natural language processing.