The Next Frontier in Health Tech: Improving the Patient Experience

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This week I had the pleasure to give a talk about big data/AI and digital health (buzzword bingo alert) at the Stanford Big Data in Precision Health Conference in Palo Alto.

How Virtual Reality Can Improve the Patient Experience in Healthcare

Duane Boise

As technology in healthcare begins to expand beyond patient interaction and information, more diverse purposes and applications will increase media technologies utilization within hospitals and clinics.

The Fight For A More Mobile-Centric Patient Experience

Duane Boise

It means hours spent waiting in a waiting room, surrounded by other patients. Thanks to research and development advancements made by MMJ Technologies, consumers are realizing that all of these areas may only be temporary – and they are demanding a more mobile-centric experience.

Improve the Patient Experience with a 360-Degree Approach


Owning the patient experience is about managing 360 degrees of healthcare member care delivery. As consumerism continues to grow in other industries, the expectations of experience are upending other sectors such as healthcare. How do we deliver a successful patient experience?

The Right Population Health Analytics to Transform the Patient Experience

Electronic Health Reporter

All considered, imagine a situation where patient-centric care actually involves the patient, and patient engagement is not […]. The article The Right Population Health Analytics to Transform the Patient Experience appeared first on

Cleveland Clinic's path to a better patient experience began with a focus on empathy


At Cleveland Clinic, a positive patient experience starts with a little empathy. The health system forged a path to better patient satisfaction by encouraging its clinicians to put themselves into patients' shoes

Mount Sinai finds improved outcomes, patient experience in 'hospital at home' model 


A "hospital at home" model can improve outcomes while also making for a better patient experience, according to a new study. Mount Sinai Health System is working to expand its program across the country

Best Buy Bets on AgingTech in the Expanding Retail Health Ecosystem

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With the acquisition of GreatCall, a mature player in the aging-tech space, Best Buy is doubling down on consumer health technology@retail. This week at Best Buy. the electronics retailer, it’s out with CDs and in with technology for aging at home.

Intelligent, On- Demand Healthcare Concierge Provides Personalized Patient Experience

Consumer eHealth Engagement

Harriet put the appointment confirmation into Sarah’s patient portal and set up a reminder, including date and time, about the ride to her next treatment. Personalized Patient Experience. ” Patient Experience Journey.

Healthcare’s Profits Will Be Dramatically Redistributed as Care Shifts to Consumers: Accenture

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If this scenario comes to fruition, then the role of the consumer’s customer experience takes on huge significance. On that score (as in “Net Promoter Score”), check out this video from the Temkin Group which explains customer experience so well.

Value Comes to Healthcare: But Whose Value Is It?

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If you look at the places where the system is working, they’ve got it figured out, but that’s not the world the rest of healthcare and patients live in.”. Families USA is “the voice for health care consumers,” so advocates on behalf of patients and caregivers.

Closing the Digital Health Gap Between Consumers and Physicians

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That sharing is limited by doctors’ ability to accept patient-generated data, where only a handful of doctors have implemented technology for remote monitoring or integrating data from wearable technologies.

Health Care for a Typical Working Family of Four in America Will Cost $28,166 in 2018

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The recent announcement of the prescription drug cost regulation blueprint, “American Patients First,” speaks to President Trump’s and Secretary Azar’s focus on regulatory reforms targeting the prices of medicine. What could $28,166 buy you in 2018? A new car?

Consumers care about both clinical and ‘patient experience’ ratings to choose primary care doctors


Patients pay equal attention to online ratings that measure a physician’s clinical ability as well as those that measure the patient experience, according to a new study. Both factors are important to patients when choosing a primary care doctor, according to the study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research

Hospitals Work to Address Customer Experience Gap With Consumers, Kaufman Hall Finds

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Hospital and healthcare providers are getting real about improving patient and health consumer experience, the latest Kaufman Hall research finds. Plans and roll-outs are in progress for facility way finding support, reducing office wait times, and real-time patient feedback loops.

How to Make Healthcare More Intelligent and Trustworthy: Accenture’s Digital Health Tech Vision 2018

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Doing good and abstaining from doing harm can engender trust between patients, providers, and other stakeholders in health. Distance to information and insights , bringing patients’ information to clinicians’ fingertips wherever that clinician is located.

Industry Voices—As hospitals evolve, so must patient experience management


He explains how providers can overcome cultural and other barriers to creating a better experience for senior patients "In the many years I have written for this publication, I have seen significant changes in the industry. But when it comes to the care of older adults and family caregivers, I have not," writes longtime FierceHospitals contributor Anthony Cirillo.

Patients have ambitious health goals, and look to doctors for help

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In my client work and speech-giving, I often point these days to a JAMA article, Value-Based Payments Require Valuing What Matters to Patients. The doctor-patient relationship continues to have goodwill that can feed consumer engagement to help people achieve their personal health ambitions.

Consumer Health and Patient Engagement – Are We There Yet?

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Along with artificial intelligence, patient engagement feels like the new black in health care right now. Remember that health insurers rank very low on consumer experience compared with retailers and grocers. I do see green shoots of engagement among patients in the U.S.,

Healthcare Policies We Can Agree On: Pre-Existing Conditions, Drug Prices, and PillPack – the June 2018 KFF Health Tracking Poll

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for a single Tylenol tablet given to an inpatient) and those for patients wanting to cure Hepatitis C, like the $1,000 single pill of Harvoni. . There are countless chasms in the U.S. this moment in social, political, and economic perspectives.

Nudging Patients to Use EHRs: Moving Toward a Tipping Point for Consumer Health IT

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patients were offered online access to their health records by providers or insurers, and one-half of them accessed the EHR at least once in the last year. So why don’t patients use online health records yet? Half of U.S.

Design, Empathy and Ethics Come to Healthcare: HXD

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Amy, Founder and Chief Experience Office of Mad*Pow, kicked off the conference with context-setting and inspiration. Each of these women is working to marry design thinking into financial wellness for mainstream people/patients.

Consumers Grow to View Food as the Prescription

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Health Populi’s Hot Points: As patients morph into health consumers, seeking food options that make health, they’re also savvy buyers, who clip coupons, shop private labels, and look for value-priced products in their lives.

Good Coffee + Engaging Design + Banking = Financial Wellness

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Are you a Super-Hero when it comes to saving money and having a solid credit rating? The Capital One Café with Peet’s Coffee wants to make us all financial superpowers, I learned when stopping into one of their storefronts in center city Philadelphia earlier today.

Mary Meeker on Healthcare in 2018: Connectivity, Consumerization, and Costs

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Here are three slides from the report that address some of the key issues on which I’m firmly focused in health economics, technology, and patients-as-consumers. Health Populi’s Hot Points: The growing healthcare cost burden borne by patients living in the U.S.

Building Trust and Truth in Patient Social Networks

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Those were the early days of the formation of patient social networks [Patients Like me was founded in 2004, and WEGO Health and Stupid Cancer in 2007]. The biggest impacts, Catalyst members say, will be on patient engagement, quality of care, and provider engagement.

Having Health Insurance Is a Social Determinant of Health: the implications of growing uninsured in the U.S.

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But actually, “it’s the prices, stupid” across the entire healthcare system that plague, ultimately, the patient-as-payor including but not limited to insurance premium costs, hospital and physician bills, and to be sure, prescription drugs.

Majority Rules? The Right to Affordable Health Care is A Right for All Americans

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If we’re playing a game of “majority rules,” then everyone in America would have the right to affordable health care, according to a new poll from The Commonwealth Fund. The report is aptly titled, Americans’ Views on Health Insurance at the End of a Turbulent Year.

In This Eroding Era of Trust, Consumers Look to Doctors Above Banks and Retailers for Trusted Sharing

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Well, how about the end-user consumer/patient/health citizen as the ultimate self-steward of their own data? In this moment post-Cambridge Analytica/Facebook, the launch of the GDPR, and the everyday-ness of data breaches, consumers most trust doctors for sharing personal information.

As Medical Cost Trend Remains Flat, Patients Face Growing Health Consumer Financial Stress

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Simply put: the impact of growing financial risk for healthcare costs will be felt by patients/consumers themselves. Employers are also enlisting the services of third-party health advocate services to help patients, now consumers, navigate the complex and expensive health system.

Add Behavioral Data to Social Determinants For Better Patient Understanding

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These are the social determinants of health, but knowing them even for the N of 1 patient isn’t quite enough to help the healthcare industry move the needle on outcomes and costs.

Re-Imagining Healthcare – a Lesson from Von Clausewitz in the Fog of War

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For your further reading and experience of this wonderful conference, here are links to the previous two posts in this trio on Liberation 2018… Part 1: Liberating Healthcare Through Data Liquidity and Consumer Engagement , published 12 April 2018.

Healthcare Information In-Security Is the New Normal

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Developing a culture of cyber- and health privacy-awareness must be a priority for health providers, who as they look to patients for greater health engagement, must bake their trust into health information systems. Consider this a crucial node in patient and clinician experience.

Food as Medicine Update: Danone Goes B-Corp, Once Upon a Farm Garners Garner, and Livongo Buys Retrofit

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” Dealing with chronic conditions like obesity and overweight truly takes a health village of interdependent organizations driving public benefit in partnership with patients. As the nation battles an obesity epidemic that adds $$ costs to U.S.

Using Design to Liberate Healthcare; Learning from Dr. Andrew Chacko and Tan Le

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I concluded the first of this three-part series with Dr. Don Rucker’s belief that, “Patients are the massive use-case for interoperability.”. This second post focuses on the key role of designing for healthcare – for patients, caregivers, providers, all industry sector workers indeed.

What Would Healthcare Feel Like If It Acted Like Supermarkets – the 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings

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consumers rank supermarkets, fast food chains, retailers, and banks as their top performing industries for experience according to the 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings. Among the 14 health plans Temkin considered, Tricare earned the top place for customer experience in the industry.

Food as Medicine – Philips’ Take On An Apple A Day from the Rijksmuseum

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What if you went to visit a Vermeer still life with fruit, vegetables, and flowers, and the only image you saw in the famous painting was the flower and an urn? That’s exactly what happened to museum-goers visiting Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum.

What the Latest Pew Consumer Data Means for #HIMSS18

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This begs the question, then, how to leverage the important social platform for the betterment of health, healthcare, and patient and caregiver engagement? Social networks are well-used by patients. That can only happen when trust is baked into the experience.

Universal Health Care and Financial Inclusion – Not Mutually Exclusive

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Two weeks in a row, The Economist , the news magazine headquartered in London, included two special reports stapled into the middle of the magazines. Universal health care was covered in a section on 28 April 2018, and coverage on financial inclusion was bundled into the 5th May edition.

Getting Real About Social Determinants of Health

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Assumption 2: Providing transportation to/from health care services will bolster patients’ appointment-making. Patients’ missed-appointment rates were roughly equal between those offered a ride service and those who were not: 36.5%