Health Care and Consumers in 2030: A Profile from KPMG

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A “one layered delivery network through which patients can move seamlessly as they age and their needs evolve” will be the new health care platform to meet patients’ demands by 2030, according to a forecast from KPMG’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Institute.

When Will Self-Service Come to Health Care?

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At least one in three people who have tried out virtual health care have done so because they use technology in all aspects of life and want to do the same with their healthcare. Open up regulatory regimes to enable cross-State border care, “untethered from the in-person context”

Health @ Retail – Prelude to GMDC SelfCare Summit with Updates from Hims & Hers, GoodRx, Sam’s Club and Amazon Care

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“We knew millions of people weren’t getting the care they needed — they were either too embarrassed to seek help or felt stuck in a system that was confusing and intimidating. The organization will be known as GoodRx Care.

Prelude to Health 2.0 2019: Thinking Consumers At the Center of Digital Health Transformation

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Conference kicks off this week, I’m focused on finding digital health innovations that engage people — consumers, caregivers, patients, health citizens all. But will HIPAA protect American patients in this world of AI, Big Data velocity and volume, and persistent social check-ins?

The Persistent Rural/Urban Broadband Gap Is Bad for Health

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The lack of broadband to rural health citizens exacerbates disparities by preventing people from digital engagement in their health and caring for loved ones. In the U.S.,

Telehealth Awareness, Access and Adoption: Updates from J.D. Power, the ATA and FAIR Health

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Power,” your mind probably imagines reviews of automotive performance, retail shopping experiences, or perhaps even health insurance plan customer service. An important value of telehealth is its ability to channel care to people living in remote and health care under-served areas.

Consumers care about both clinical and ‘patient experience’ ratings to choose primary care doctors


Patients pay equal attention to online ratings that measure a physician’s clinical ability as well as those that measure the patient experience, according to a new study. Both factors are important to patients when choosing a primary care doctor, according to the study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research

Kroger Health Thinks Food is Medicine – Nutrition at the Grocery Store Via FMI’s Insights

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Kroger also employees 23,000 health care professionals employed in about 3,000 pharmacies in the chain. This second bar chart is also very important for the evolving health care consumer seeking food-as-medicine and using retail health channels.

On World Food Day 2018, Imagine A Chef Cooking for Patients

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Six in ten patients who are admitted to U.S. This mindset translates into a more integrative medicine approach for patients… with food as a key component to whole-health therapeutics. Today, October 16, is World Food Day.

How Consumers’ Belt-Tightening Could Impact Health/Care – Insights from Deloitte’s Retail Team

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consumer spending for education, food and health care substantially grew, crowding out spending for other categories like transportation and housing. will allocate health care spending into their personal health household economies. Over the ten years between 2007 and 2017, U.S.

“Telehealth is a digital distribution channel for health care” – catching up with Roy Schoenberg, President and CEO of American Well

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They launched their service first in Hawaii, where long distances and remote island living challenged the supply and demand sides of health care providers and patients alike. But once a patient-consumer experiences that virtual visit, most people want to repeat the telehealth encounter.

Retail Tomorrow, Today: A Smart Grocery Cart and Digital Samples For Paleo-Eating Moms

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Caper is enabling the Amazon Go experience without the Amazon go infrastructure, Lindon believes. Services surround this experience: Caper will push real-time recommendations to shoppers, like recipes, or a steak sauce for the beef the consumer has placed in his cart.

Patients have ambitious health goals, and look to doctors for help

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Consumers embrace their food habits as a key self-care determinant of health. The cost of care is a big issue for most consumers: one-half of consumers want doctors to help them understand the cost of their care.

How to Make Healthcare More Intelligent and Trustworthy: Accenture’s Digital Health Tech Vision 2018

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The proliferation and evolution of digital technologies in health care have the potential to do good or harm, depending on their application. Doing good and abstaining from doing harm can engender trust between patients, providers, and other stakeholders in health.

Heart Health at #CES2019 – Food and Tech as Medicine

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Self-care is the new health care as patients, now consumers at greater financial risk for medical spending, are learning. Now, people seek better customer service, enchanting design, streamlined workflows, and more confidence in their medical care.

Self-Care is Healthcare for Everyday People

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Patients are the new healthcare payors, and as such, taking on the role of health consumers. This is also a global community, with products emerging from, for example, Korea with its innovations in skin care. This is self-care, healthcare.

Building Trust and Truth in Patient Social Networks

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Those were the early days of the formation of patient social networks [Patients Like me was founded in 2004, and WEGO Health and Stupid Cancer in 2007]. Social networks are useful in health care delivery, virtually all healthcare stakeholders agreed.

Best Buy Bets on AgingTech in the Expanding Retail Health Ecosystem

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Even with Amazon-everything, and in health/care, too, Best Buy has successfully navigated the rough retail waters to get to this point. With the acquisition of GreatCall, a mature player in the aging-tech space, Best Buy is doubling down on consumer health technology@retail.

CVS + Aetna: Inflection Point in US Healthcare, Merger Approved Update

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Previously in Health Populi, I’ve talked about the value of vertical integration for CVS to bring together the building blocks of retail pharmacy and pharmacist care, retail clinics, the PBM (Caremark), along with Aetna’s health plan member base and business.

Consumers Grow to View Food as the Prescription

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Health Populi’s Hot Points: As patients morph into health consumers, seeking food options that make health, they’re also savvy buyers, who clip coupons, shop private labels, and look for value-priced products in their lives.

What Would Healthcare Feel Like If It Acted Like Supermarkets – the 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings

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consumers rank supermarkets, fast food chains, retailers, and banks as their top performing industries for experience according to the 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings. Among the 14 health plans Temkin considered, Tricare earned the top place for customer experience in the industry.

3 Ways that Telehealth Improves the Patient Experience

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Providers are constantly searching for methods to increase patient engagement and improve the patient experience. When patients are actively engaging with their providers, they are involved in the necessary communication and collaboration it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve health outcomes. Providers who are pursuing high levels of patient satisfaction see their revenue develop rapidly. Care delivery is no hassle with telehealth.

Annual Wellness Visit: Opportunity Lost Times 3?

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Administration Ambulatory C-Suite Leadership Clinical Communication and Patient Experience Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System Annual Wellness Visit CareCognitics Healthcare Scene Featured Primary Care Spencer Kubo

How Albertsons Grocery Stores and Rite Aid Can Help Remake Healthcare

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health/care ecosystem that brings a self-care front-door closer to consumers, patients and caregivers. His remarks provided context and introduction to a panel on “The Power of the Patient” in helping address health care costs in America.

Will People Enrolled in Medicaid Want to Be Amazon Prime’d?

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Amazon is planning to extend Prime subscriptions to people enrolled in Medicaid for the discount price of $5.99 a month instead of the recent price increase to $12.99/month or $99 a year. The $5.99 a month calculates to a 27% break on the annual Prime membership cost.

The surprising way email can make you a better doctor


Doctors, you need to improve the patient experience. Your intentions are there, but patients are starving for more. Office visits offer definitive evidence that patients need to change. Tests results provide real data to make patients aware of health concerns.

Lessons learned: What patients said about their experience in primary care practices


Just ask their patients. Based on a new survey, it's clear that good communication with their physicians, as well as with other clinicians, is key to a positive patient experience What makes a good doctor?

Telehealth and Virtual Care Are Melting Into “Just” Health Care at HIMSS19

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Just as we experienced “e-business” departments blurring into ecommerce and everyday business processes, so is “telehealth” morphing into, simply, health care delivery as one of many channels and platforms.

Medical Costs Are Consuming Americans’ Financial Health

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Spending on medical care costs crowded out other household spending for millions of Americans in 2018, based on The U.S. Americans borrowed $88 billion in 2018 to pay for health care spending, West Health and Gallup estimated.

Time To Travel And Wait In Health Care: The Opportunity For Self-Care At Home

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That would be health care, a report from Altarum notes. People travel further and wait longer for medical services than for veterinary care (second in this line-up), auto repair, banking, and household services.

Why “one app to rule them all” results in a worse patient experience and is not the future of Digital Health

Lloyd Price

In this imagined model, patients flock to one comprehensive user experience for all their healthcare needs, from insurance and scheduling to lab results and disease management. Not only does it ignore the way people use technology, it puts the patient experience second.

Costs, Consumerism, Cyber and Care, Everywhere – The 2019 Health Populi TrendCast

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Here’s our trend-weaving of 4 C’s for 2019: costs, consumerism, cyber and care, everywhere… Health care costs will continue to be a mainstream pocketbook issue for patients and caregivers, with consequences for payors, suppliers and ultimately, policymakers.

A Matter of Trust, Perception, Risk, and Uncertainty – The Big Issues Raised by the Acquisition of PatientsLikeMe and Other Patient Data Transactions

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If you’re in health care and don’t live under a rock, you have probably heard that United Health Group (UHG) has acquired PatientsLikeMe (PLM). They also started DigitalMe , a research program where patients shared actual biologic samples with PLM to make for more comprehensive data sets.

A Smarter Home for Healthy Living at CES 2019….and a nod to Microsoft

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Lyn and Frances tested three assumptions that they believed linked housing and health: that housing contributes to health; that housing is not routinely included in health or social planning;’ and that the potential contribution of primary care is wasted. Health begins at home.

Stanford’s ClickWell: Virtual Model for Primary Care

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In January 2015, Stanford Medicine launched ClickWell Care, a new type of Primary Care clinic which leverages technology to allow patients to virtually connect with their own Stanford primary care clinicians and wellness coaches via video or phone visits.

Digital Health Governance is at a Premium


By contrast, the patient experience of healthcare has actually changed remarkably little intrinsically in 50 years. Yes, it is changing rapidly now, but still in the context of normative consumer perception of the relationship between patient, physician, specialist, and insurer.

How should your organization assess telehealth ROI?

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A new study from Manatt Health Strategies offers perspective, drawn largely from two case studies of different care providers, about how the return on investment should be assessed for nascent telehealth deployments.

HIStalk Interviews Eric McDonald, CEO, DocuTap

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That’s also known as the urgent care space, but it is morphing and changing into more what we call on-demand care. It has been known historically as the urgent care space. The term “urgent care” gives the impression that the patients’ needs are urgent. Historically, people thought of urgent cares as being urgent only and not offering primary care or other services. But now urgent cares are doing that.

The Emerging Trends in Connected Health from 2018

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This will act as a springboard for new care models such as asynchronous, patient-initiated evisits, remote monitoring for chronic illness, and brief online inter-professional consultations between primary care providers and specialists.

5 Trends from the American Telemedicine Association Conference 2019

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Referencing patients as “consumers” has slowly infiltrated the healthcare industry vocabulary over the last decade. 2019 feels like the tipping point where the notion of “patient experience” is being supplanted by the “consumer experience.”