Pope Francis is a Public Health Advocate

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He is, I realized while watching this film and hearing this man of words, a public health advocate. This ruins mental health, spiritual health and physical health. So the health mission was certainly alive with the Pope’s namesake’s modus vivendi.

Tech can address, but not solve, stigmatized public health crises

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At Health 2.0, experts and technologists explored tools for fighting physician suicide, opioid addiction, and eating disorders

What physicians can learn from anthropologists


Since the passing of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act in 2009, it has been said that health tech would dramatically revolutionize health care and the patient experience. Tech Health IT Public Health & Policy

Slow thinking and machine learning in medicine


Tech Public Health & PolicyRecently, several high-profile institutions have called attention to the issue of inclusion and equity when artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are applied in medicine.

Dangerous High – Insulin Pricing is a Public Health Crisis

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— Alex Smith lived just 27 days after he aged out of his parents’ health insurance plan as he could no longer afford to buy the insulin he needed to live and treat his diabetes. Insulins have gotten better over the years, and better insulins have been helpful for diabetic treatment. There is growing concern, however, about the very high cost of insulin, where prices have increased at seven times the rate of the consumer price index over the last 30 years.

A new health care dawn is coming


Tech Health IT Public Health & PolicyAt some point in my career, I had the crazy idea that if I could scale the patient-centric work I was doing in my community at a small rural hospital — then I could make more of an impact.

Consumers Expand Their Definition of Well-Being to Include Food-As-Medicine

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Consumers put food front-and-center when thinking about their health. Viewing food-as-medicine is going mainstream for health consumers, who look beyond the “medicine” in that phrase toward a broader concept of personal well-being. Health care delivery in the U.S.

How Google is quietly influencing medicine


With nearly 80 percent of internet users searching online for health-related information, it’s no wonder the catchphrase “Dr. What’s received little attention from physicians or the public is the company’s quiet metamorphosis into a.Read more. Tech Health IT Public Health & PolicyGoogle” has caught on, to the delight of many searchers and the dismay of many real doctors.

Physician Burnout is a Public Health Crisis

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Editor’s Note: Given the rapidly changing health care environment, it is critical to quantify the economic impact physicians have on society. BHM watches health trends and understands the importance of improving and changing with the industry. Physician burnout is a public health issue that “urgently demands action” from the rest of the healthcare industry, according to a report from Harvard University and Massachusetts trade groups.

National Health Spending Will Reach Nearly 20% of U.S. GDP By 2027

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National health spending in the U.S. This growth rate for health care costs exceeds every period measured since the high of 7.2% The bar chart illustrates the factors contributing to growth in personal health care spending. is expected to grow by 5.7%

Research: Physician Burnout is a Public Health Crisis; Improving EHR Usability is Critical

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Physician burnout is a public health crisis and addressing the problem requires improving electronic health record (EHR) standards with a strong focus on usability and open application programming interfaces (APIs), according to a new report from leading healthcare researchers

What #CES2019 5 Tech Trends to Watch Mean for Health/Care

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As #CES2019 kicks off in Las Vegas with today’s first Media Day, the Consumer Technology Association presented its forecast on the 5 Technology Trends to Watch in 2019 — and they all play into health, wellness, and medical care. Digital Health Tech Empowers Patients.

Healthcare Roundup—Trump signs public health bills; NIH’s Collins under fire over fetal tissue research


President Donald Trump signed into law two bills that would extend public health research programs, plus more healthcare headlines

Slow Food, Slow Medicine: What Italy Can Teach America About Health

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In addition, America’s overweight and obesity epidemic results in lost worker productivity, mental health and sleep challenges, and lower quality of life for millions of Americans. can learn from the food culture, policy and economy of Italy when it comes to health.

Loneliness, Public Policy and AI – Lessons From the UK For the US

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There’s a shortage of medical providers in the United Kingdom, a nation where healthcare is guaranteed to all Britons via the most beloved institution in the nation : The National Health Service. He studies digital health passionately, personally, viscerally.

Five Public Health Needs for Digital Health Technology

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Digital health technology has seen an incredible growth in the last few years, fueled by a combination of consumerization of wearable technologies, ubiquity of mobile devices, proliferation of technology incubators, attention by government health and regulatory agencies and involvement of large companies heretofore not focused on healthcare. The fastest path to widespread adoption of these technologies is the application to the most pressing public health needs.

Patients know what’s wrong with the industry more than we do


Tech Oncology/Hematology Public Health & PolicyAs a system, we don't invest as much time in understanding the broader context of the patient in front of us. The before/after factors that we don’t notice have a far-reaching impact on care.

This is #NPHW National Public Health Week

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National Public Health Week (NPHW). Each day is marked with a specific public health theme: Monday, April 2: Behavioral Health Advocate for and promote well-being Focus on and advocate for improved access to mental and behavioral health services. Use education and training to de-stigmatize mental health diagnoses and encourage people experiencing mental illness to seek treatment. April 2-8 marks ?National

Considering a cross-sector public health project? Know your data laws, experts say


It can be hard to navigate data laws that apply to a public health research project, especially if it involves multiple sectors, attorneys at the Public Health Law Conference said last week

The Ultimate Health Outcome, Mortality, Is Rising in America

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Department of Health and Human Services. Health Populi’s Hot Points: It’s a stark, sad reality that Americans are losing years of life that could be conserved. The post The Ultimate Health Outcome, Mortality, Is Rising in America appeared first on HealthPopuli.com.

Public health law protections at risk with Kavanaugh on Supreme Court


Another anti-regulation justice on the nation's highest court threatens laws that promote health equity, a panel of legal experts said at the Public Health Law Conference.

The Cost of Prescription Drugs, Doctors and Patient Access – A View from HIMSS19

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Mashed with other patients’, prescription drug utilization data can combine with more data to be used for population health, cost-effectiveness, and other constructive research pursuits.

Vote As If Your Health Depended Upon It; Learning from Governor Kasich on Voting Day 2018

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The Governor asserted this in the context of the role of protecting his fellow citizens for health and well-being, for equal rights, civility, and a hope of bringing people together. Think unity, think community, think health. …because it does.

The Growing State of Diabetes in America on World Diabetes Day 2018

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patients have skipped insulin doses or monitoring due to costs, an Upwell Health survey found. ” Thus far, Panera has developed videos on sugar, eggs, and meat quality and provenance for food system sustainability and human health outcomes.

Public health scholars blast ‘bizarre’ logic of Arkansas’ work requirements


Warning of spiraling Medicaid disenrollment, dozens of medical school deans and researchers have called on a court to block work requirements in Arkansas. The scholars claimed that CMS shoehorned "a blatantly political agenda into its demonstration authority

The Importance of Broadband and Net Neutrality for Health, to the Last Person and the Last Mile

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California, home to start-ups, mature tech platform companies (like Apple, Facebook and Google), and countless digital health developers, is in a particularly strategic place to fight the FCC and, now, the Department of Justice.

5 things that confuse me about health care today


And you asked me: Would health care delivery be more complicated in the future? Pointing you to technology trends, I would’ve told you that health care transactions will indeed become more automated, much simpler. Tech Practice Management Public Health & Policy

Digital health’s big diversity problem


This summer, a controversial memo written by a Google employee was leaked to the public. Tech Health IT Public Health & PolicyWithin the memo, the author James Damo, details how the biology of men produces “a higher drive in status.”

On World Food Day 2018, Imagine A Chef Cooking for Patients

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At Health Populi and THINK-Health, we celebrate the birthday of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), allied with the United Nations. All four of these pillars play a role in health, but I’ll focus today on the fourth: the role of food as a major social determinant of health.

Shinola Welcomes Immigrants on the 4th of July: A Love Letter from Detroit to the World Via NYC

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Lady Liberty beckons to welcome the tired, the weary, and the ambitious to America in this Shinola video, made in my hometown Detroit. May this bring you joy and positive vibes on Independence Day 2018.

Multimorbidity In the US – Obesity As A Key Driver of Health Spending

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” The authors recommend that public health leaders and policy makers address the obesity trend when designing “policies and interventions to improve the public’s health.” Because they are public goods, and the U.S. In the U.S.,

Re-Tweeting Sanofi’s Tweet: Inclusion Matters for Health, Wellness, and the Body Politic

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Health Populi’s Hot Points: The uniquely American challenge of health disparities, especially relating to race, is a topic I’ve covered many times since the launch of Health Populi in 2007. Loving one another is the ultimate social determinant of health.

Financial Stress Is An Epidemic In America, Everyday Health Finds

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Stress is a way of American life, based on the findings in The United States of Stress , a survey from Everyday Health. Everyday Health polled 6,700 U.S. adults between 18 and 64 years of age about their perspectives on stress, anxiety, panic, and mental and behavioral health.

Value Comes to Healthcare: But Whose Value Is It?

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Three reports published in the past few weeks give us some useful perspective on that question, woven together in today’s Health Populi blog. Families USA published A Framework for Advancing Health Equity and Value calling out health inequities in the U.S.

The Health of A Nation – Being Healthy In America Depends on Where You Live

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For health and longevity, sorry to see the lowest five ranked states are Washington DC which ranks last, along with Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Alabama. Depression and mental/behavioral health conditions also feature prominently in years lived with disability.

Technology, Aging and Obesity Drive Healthcare Spending, BEA Finds

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High Spending Growth Rates For Key Diseases In 2000-14 Were Driven By Technology And Demographic Factors , a June 2018 Health Affairs article, analyzed this data. The Bureau is working to better understanding health care spending at this detailed level, by condition. health citizen.

A Tale of Two America’s for Health

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Disparities in Americans’ health vary among people living in each of the 50 states. These differences in health status generally fall into two regions: north and south, found in the Commonwealth Fund’s 2018 Scorecard on State Health System Performance.

The United States of Care Launches to Promote Healthcare for All of US

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If you’re reading Health Populi , then you’re keen on health policy, health economics, most of all, patients: now playing starring roles as consumers, caregivers, and payors in their own care. Shall we just say: “it’s about the health care, stupid?”

Healthcare Access and Cost Top Americans’ Concerns in Latest Gallup Poll

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Health Populi’s Hot Points: Today is National Employee Benefits Day , and health benefits continue to rank as the most-valued benefit offered at the American workplace. And keeping a job usually means holding on to health insurance when the employee has been receiving it at work.

A Tale of Two States: Idaho, Limiting Health Plan Benefits; and Oregon, Moving Toward Universal Health Care

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While the centers of these two states only lie 290 miles from each other, they are worlds apart when it comes to their views on their residents as health citizens. Is health care a right? So close, and yet so far, health policy-wise. .