How telemedicine can help patients and solve physician burnout


I have been practicing telemedicine successfully for four years. In 2015, I had to beg doctors to work in telemedicine. Because so many doctors were wary of it, I started to get licensed in multiple states, and now, I have 15 state licenses. Well, what a difference a few years makes.

Telemedicine and access: Leave no patient behind


Telehealth, using video to have an acute medical care visit, puts some of the power of choice back into our patient’s hands.

Beware the limits of telemedicine


I’d be willing to bet most of you have heard of, or previously used, telemedicine in some shape, form or fashion. Stated simply, telemedicine is the process of seeking care from a medical provider using your phone or laptop.

Why It's Time to Embrace Telemedicine


What’s this new thing called Telemedicine? For starters, it’s not new! I t’s more than 40 years old and was developed as a way to use improvements in communication technology to bring quality medical diagnoses and care to individuals in remote parts of the world.

Telemedicine's New Best Friend? IoT!

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Meanwhile, telemedicine involves going to a doctor's appointment remotely — any physician who uses telecommunications to diagnose and treat patients is practicing with telemedicine. The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a massive hub of data found in physical devices.

Telemedicine Is Gaining Popularity In Schools


The use of telemedicine can expand the reach of school nurses and their ability to care for a wider range of illnesses. Having telemedicine access in schools could change the way chronically ill children are educated. Healthcare Telehealth Telemedicine Uncategorized

How telemedicine is increasing diversity in clinical trials


An important part of advancing medical research and drug development is making participation in clinical trials easier and more inclusive.

Join telemedicine’s transformation of the health care delivery model


I came across Dr. Kevin Tolliver’s post, "Beware the Limits of Telemedicine," and found it to gloss over the benefits of telemedicine and the opportunities that increasing telemedicine uptake can afford to the patient and provider.

Experts debate telemedicine merits and myths

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At next week's Connected Health Conference, doctors from Harvard and UPMC will tackle the question of whether telemedicine's costs outweigh its benefits

What has Telemedicine done for You Lately?


You’ve discussed it in strategy meetings, you’ve overheard your competitors talking about it at conferences, and maybe patients have even asked about it: telemedicine.

JAMA study finds telemedicine catching on but still relatively rare

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The study also found that comprehensive parity state mandates and the lack of psychiatrists were factors in telemedicine usage.

7 Telemedicine Concerns and How to Overcome Them

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Telemedicine is growing with a forecasted market increase of? While there are many benefits to telemedicine , they don't all come without valid concerns. Here are seven telemedicine concerns to take into account and effective strategies for overcoming them

Guest Blog: The Importance of Negotiating your Payer Contracts for Reimbursement and Telemedicine Coverage


reimbursement telehealth reimbursement telemedicine reimbursement negotiation

Improving Health outcomes with Telemedicine


In recent years, healthcare providers and medical professionals have turned to increasingly advanced technologies to serve their patients and maintain an advantage in the healthcare marketplace.

Making Telemedicine Affordable for Every Budget


But to fill the care gap, two conditions must be met: To connect remote and underserved populations to the right care , telemedicine must be easily accessible. Entry costs can be a major barrier to universal telemedicine.

Transforming Disaster Recovery with Telemedicine


Recently GlobalMed’s Chief Clinical Officer Gigi Sorenson and Chief Medical Information Officer Dr. Dean Smith presented talks about disaster recovery and telemedicine at the International Conference on Disaster Medicine and Hurricane Resiliency.

March 2019 Telemedicine News

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Quickly scale your telemedicine business using our clinician network - announcing Enzyme On Demand ! Blog Login Sign Up March 2019 Telemedicine News Enzyme Health Team March 31, 2019 Review the latest telemedicine innovations, partnerships, and research making news in March 2019.

Telemedicine Technology is Helping Florida Residents Affected by Hurricane Irma


Healthcare Telehealth TelemedicineDuring a time of such chaos and destruction in Florida, it has been extremely hard to provide healthcare access to those in need. Within the last three days Florida Hospital has incorporated telehealth technology into their system of care.

Telemedicine vendor breaches the data of 2.4 million patients in Mexico

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The personal data of 2,373,764 patients was left exposed online after Hova Health, a telemedicine company based in Mexico, misconfigured a MongoDB database

Healthcare analytics, telemedicine drove VC funding in 2019

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Mercom Capital Group's latest numbers also suggest that upcoming IPOs could cast a long shadow on the direction of digital health investing.

In-Depth: Four major telemedicine trends of 2018

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Telemedicine continues to move from the peripheries of healthcare into the mainstream

Telemedicine Coverage Through Medicare


Featured Post Tips & Techniques cms telemedicine elderly care insurance Medicare and Medicaid telemedicine senior care telehealth for seniorsBeing able to get to and from doctor visits can become challenging the older we get, especially if it’s a specialist visit out of town. This is unfortunate since as we age, we may require visits more often. Thankfully, Medicare has made strides to help seniors get the doctor visits they need, even if.

How Telemedicine Can Improve the Reputation of the Waiting Room

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While new organizational methods and procedural changes can help get the waiting room in great shape, telemedicine has proved it can help healthcare organizations diminish the long waits and frustrations that patients experience.

Telemedicine in the Hospital Setting-More Than You Think!


hospitals use telemedicine in one form or another, and 53% have “ fully implemented at least one form” of telemedicine. How important is the hospital in today’s healthcare environment?

How telemedicine will revolutionize primary care


It has become more and more evident with time that the health care delivery system here in the United States is riddled with issues. One with many disagreements arising from the fact that there is no clear and universally acceptable solution to our problems.

Four Ways Telemedicine is Changing the Healthcare Paradigm


Telemedicine is improving healthcare access for patients, patient interaction and patient outcomes. For healthcare professionals, telemedicine offers convenience, cost savings, and improved communication. are incorporating telemedicine as part of their care continuum.

Telemedicine can increase access to medical abortions


Telemedicine has created an environment where patient convenience paired with reduced costs and increased efficiencies have made a better health care experience for both patients and physicians.

10 Ways Telemedicine Supports Behavioral Health


But now providers are using telemedicine to solve many of the behavioral health field’s toughest challenges. Telemedicine reduces the fear of stigma. But telemedicine lets patients receive services in the privacy of their home. Nearly one in five U.S.

Essential Telemedicine Terms Clinicians Should Know

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Applying for telemedicine jobs and want to stand out? This quick telehealth glossary covers the basic terminology telemedicine clinicians should know. CMS is the federal agency that administers HIPAA standards and develops Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement policies for telemedicine.

Watchdog telemedicine nonprofit accuses WebMD of mislabeling STD tests

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The suit alleges that only three of the nine STD tests sold by WebMD have undergone FDA approval process.

In response to patient demand, physician interest in telemedicine doubles


When it comes to telemedicine, more physicians are getting on board, with interest doubling over a three-year period.

Telemedicine Trends: How Telemedicine Can Help Stroke Victims Faster


The post Telemedicine Trends: How Telemedicine Can Help Stroke Victims Faster appeared first on TeleMed2U. Telemedicine Telemedicine Physician Telemedicine Trends rural healthcare telehealth TeleMed2U Telemedicine and Access to Healthcare telestroke servicesIn developed countries like the United States, stroke is still the third leading cause of death.

Telemedicine Trends to Watch in 2018

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Recent technological advancements have changed the way we see the world, paving the way for the growth of concepts such as telemedicine in the field of medical technology.

April 2019 Telemedicine News

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Visibly, a Chicago-based company that offers direct-to-consumer online eye exams, is taking the state of Indiana to court over the state’s ban of ocular telemedicine. View article in mHealth Intelligence > Telemedicine Fraud Scheme Tarnishes Telemedicine’s Promise. The global scheme has some wondering about the effects on the telemedicine industry at large and patient confidence in telemedicine.

Thailand launches telemedicine programme in rural areas

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Last week, Thailand began development of its telemedicine programme at 32 hospitals located in rural areas in eight provinces, according to an article by the Bangkok post. Mr Takorn added that telemedicine services will be offered by the initial 32 hospitals by the fourth quarter of 2019.

Controlling Prison Healthcare Costs with Telemedicine


When you think of a typical telemedicine visit, you might picture a patient in a rural town communicating with a big-city specialist, or a primary care provider triaging with an emergency room department. Telemedicine can control costs in several ways.

Telemedicine Technology Is Being Used to Educate Doctors Around The World


Lee, a pediatric retina surgeon, is using telemedicine to educate Armenian doctors on surgical procedures for premature infants suffering from retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). In 2017, Lee has been using telemedicine video monitoring to mentor and teach surgeons in the operating room.

Millennials, Urgent Care Clinics & Telemedicine: A Match Made In Heaven


urgent care telehealth savings telemedicine trends health systems health outcomes Telemedicine telehealth millennials primary careThe healthcare landscape is evolving — all the time. Improvements in technology, changes in healthcare legislation, and changes in the makeup of the U.S.

$1.2 Billion International Telemedicine Medicare Fraud Crackdown

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Following the execution of over 80 search warrants in 17 federal districts, the CEOs, COOs and others associated with five telemedicine companies, owners of dozens of durable medical equipment (DME) companies as well as licensed medical professionals were indicted for … Read more.

Three Ways Telemedicine Reduces Costs


Healthcare costs followed the popular trend too: patient cost costs care cost telemedicine saves money telehealth savingsIt seems like everything is getting more expensive. Back in 1970 the average cost of a movie ticket hovered around $1.55 and you would only spend $0.36 /gallon to buy gas.