How telemedicine will revolutionize primary care


It has become more and more evident with time that the health care delivery system here in the United States is riddled with issues. In many ways, the system seems to step on its own feet — as the health care professionals working within it fight to make it work.

Telemedicine and access: Leave no patient behind


Telehealth, using video to have an acute medical care visit, puts some of the power of choice back into our patient’s hands. Tech Mobile health Primary Care

How telemedicine can help patients and solve physician burnout


I have been practicing telemedicine successfully for four years. In 2015, I had to beg doctors to work in telemedicine. Tech Health IT Mobile health Primary Care

Primary Care Practices Utilize the Convenience of Telemedicine

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Fewer individuals choose to see their primary care physician, and more are turning to quick clinics or urgent care offices for […]. The article Primary Care Practices Utilize the Convenience of Telemedicine appeared first on

98point6 launches its chat-based telemedicine platform for primary care

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Seattle-based 98point6 today announced the launch of its on-demand primary care platform. Through the smartphone app, patients in 10 US states can easily receive remote care from a board-certified physician through the AI and machine learning-powered service

Beware the limits of telemedicine


I’d be willing to bet most of you have heard of, or previously used, telemedicine in some shape, form or fashion. Stated simply, telemedicine is the process of seeking care from a medical provider using your phone or laptop. Tech Health IT Mobile health Primary Care

Telehealth In 2030 – Notes From the Future At #ATA19 with Safavi, Holt, Bathina and Swafford

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What will telemedicine look like in 2030? Telemedicine used to be about solving access to no care,” Kaveh introduced the conversation. Now, it’s about serving people who already have care through different mechanisms.”. First, connected care: one in five U.S.

Look to online dating for the future of telemedicine


Tech Health IT Mobile health Primary CareOnline dating is all the rage these days. Statistics suggest that over a third of couples now meet online.

Millennials, Urgent Care Clinics & Telemedicine: A Match Made In Heaven


Research shows this generation prefers not to have a regular primary care provider. They prefer convenience and they want affordable care. While many others still use the emergency room as a primary care office, it is not something Millennials do.

Study charts recent spike in telehealth usage, particularly within primary care


A new study that looks at more than a decade of telemedicine utilization data for one commercial insurer may shed light on a more efficient policy path for driving widespread adoption

Telehealth and Virtual Care Are Melting Into “Just” Health Care at HIMSS19

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Just as we experienced “e-business” departments blurring into ecommerce and everyday business processes, so is “telehealth” morphing into, simply, health care delivery as one of many channels and platforms.

Most U.S. Physicians, Burned Out, Favor A Flavor of Single Payer Health System

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healthcare system and, thus, patient care. Design and health Electronic health records Health engagement Health insurance Health reform Medication adherence Physicians Primary care Social determinants of health Stress Telehealth Telemedicine Value based health Virtual health Wellbeing

“Telehealth is a digital distribution channel for health care” – catching up with Roy Schoenberg, President and CEO of American Well

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Ten years ago, two brothers, physicians both, started up a telemedicine company called American Well. They launched their service first in Hawaii, where long distances and remote island living challenged the supply and demand sides of health care providers and patients alike.

Beyond The Four, Don’t Count Out the ”W’s” for Healthcare Innovation: Walgreens and Walmart

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The complications of healthcare are, today, the opportunities to develop innovations and novel on-ramps for health care. The latest news from Walgreens is their launch of Find Care Now. MedExpress Urgent Care, an Optum company and provider of neighborhood medical care.

Telehealth for Specialists: Moving Beyond Primary Care in 2018

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Much of the conversation surrounding telehealth is centered on primary care and how physicians can utilize telehealth to reach patients and improve their practice. Everything that is being said is absolutely true - telecommunication technology is revolutionizing patient care for doctors. Each one of these benefits shows why telehealth is crucial to primary care physicians. AnywhereCare,TeleHealth,telemedicine

What Would Healthcare Feel Like If It Acted Like Supermarkets – the 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings

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Most of the industry segments that have higher rankings in the Temkin study are already working adjacent to health/care. consumers rank supermarkets, fast food chains, retailers, and banks as their top performing industries for experience according to the 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings.

How Albertsons Grocery Stores and Rite Aid Can Help Remake Healthcare

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health/care ecosystem that brings a self-care front-door closer to consumers, patients and caregivers. His remarks provided context and introduction to a panel on “The Power of the Patient” in helping address health care costs in America.

Stanford’s ClickWell: Virtual Model for Primary Care

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In January 2015, Stanford Medicine launched ClickWell Care, a new type of Primary Care clinic which leverages technology to allow patients to virtually connect with their own Stanford primary care clinicians and wellness coaches via video or phone visits.

Telemedicine Is the Solution Both Patients and Providers Need

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Primary care physicians are at the frontlines of our nation’s health. The average family doctor cares for 2,300 patients with visits varying from acute conditions to chronic diseases. Treating patients with the highest quality of care is a fundamental goal of every physician.

Essential Telemedicine Terms Clinicians Should Know

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Applying for telemedicine jobs and want to stand out? This quick telehealth glossary covers the basic terminology telemedicine clinicians should know. CMS is the federal agency that administers HIPAA standards and develops Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement policies for telemedicine.

March 2019 Telemedicine News

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Quickly scale your telemedicine business using our clinician network - announcing Enzyme On Demand ! Blog Login Sign Up March 2019 Telemedicine News Enzyme Health Team March 31, 2019 Review the latest telemedicine innovations, partnerships, and research making news in March 2019.

Controlling Prison Healthcare Costs with Telemedicine


When you think of a typical telemedicine visit, you might picture a patient in a rural town communicating with a big-city specialist, or a primary care provider triaging with an emergency room department. There are three, actually: safety, cost savings, and improved care.

Doctor On Demand, Humana team up on new virtual care model

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The telemedicine company and insurer have developed a new virtual care model that lets patients access an in-network primary care doctor with no copay.

April 2019 Telemedicine News

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A new Swedish-developed mHealth app called Genia is showing promise at the University of Minnesota for fostering communication between juvenile arthritis patients and their care providers. With communication often filtered through parents, young patients can feel left out of care management coordination and plan development. The lawsuit highlights a national battle between ocular telehealth companies and the 11 states where connected care eye exams are banned.

Telemedicine News and Events


UPCOMING CPCA QUALITY CARE CONFERENCE TO FOCUS ON BEST PRACTICES AND INNOVATIVE PROJECTS The California Primary Care Association (CPCA) will hold its annual Quality Care Conference from March 1-2, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento. The event will focus on best practices and innovative projects in the primary care industry and is expected to draw […]. The post Telemedicine News and Events appeared first on TeleMed2U.

Specialist telemedicine platform saves Vista Community Clinic $1.8 million

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Access to specialty care is tough for these patients for several reasons, including transportation, child care, challenges with missing work and prolonged waiting lists for appointments. Photos to dermatologists and EKGs to cardiologists provide a reassuring oversight of patient care."

Provider Spotlight: How an Urgent Care Telemedicine Nurse Practitioner Balances Family and Career

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We sat down with telemedicine provider Michelle Everhart to learn about why she started in telemedicine, why she may never go back to “brick and mortar”, and why telemedicine makes her a better care provider. From Family Nurse Practitioner to Urgent Care Telemedicine NP.

Telemedicine - Convenience Versus Caution

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Telemedicine is not a new concept. Its proponents say it will reduce costs and improve access to medical care. Let’s review the literature over the past decade and determine where telemedicine has helped and where improvements are still needed.

Retina telemedicine tech helps save vision at Grady Health System

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In its technology search, it discovered that IRIS Telemedicine could do all those things for the center. The telemedicine system is integrated with the center’s Epic EHR and Zeiss Forum PACS. IRIS Telemedicine has helped us bend the curve and save vision.”

Telemedicine platform helps Texas Health Aetna save $398 per ER avoidance

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As the lines between payers and providers blur, payers are increasingly becoming more responsible and aware of what they can do to prevent unnecessary care, extra ER visits and high spend. Acute Care Transitions partnered with CirrusMD in 2017 to create a virtual care offering for patients.

Telemedicine Examples: Building Programs to Meet Specific Goals

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There is a lot that goes into a telemedicine program, from engaging providers to effectively marketing the service to patients and employees. Top health systems and employers across the country have built robust telemedicine programs to meet their organizations’ unique goals.

5 Trends from the American Telemedicine Association Conference 2019

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Last week, the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) held its annual conference in New Orleans. An asynchronous medical assessment is a recent advancement to traditional telemedicine. It is not “good” in person vs “bad” telemedicine.

Bowing to physician pressure, CMS delays visit code changes

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At the top of our list: CMS significantly expanded telemedicine coverage, and will now reimburse for telemedicine and telephone visits for brief check-ins, evaluation of patient-submitted images or remote monitoring data, as well as more comprehensive and preventive care visits.

Simplifying the Telehealth Industry: Types of Telemedicine Companies

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Quickly scale your telemedicine business using our clinician network - announcing Enzyme On Demand ! Example private practice telehealth companies: Spruce Health - a comprehensive communication platform for digital care with lots of useful practice features - a secure and free (!)

5 Niche Telemedicine Specialties That Might Surprise You

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Quickly scale your telemedicine business using our clinician network - announcing Enzyme On Demand ! Blog Login Sign Up 5 Niche Telemedicine Specialties That Might Surprise You Enzyme Health Team March 13, 2019 Telemedicine opportunities extend beyond just primary care and mental health.

Top Six Healthcare Executive Challenges in 2019

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Organizations that are the most successful will focus more on patient care than revenue, and they will see improved outcomes and reduced costs as a result. Primary care. Healthcare consumers are demanding more convenient and more affordable care options. [link].

Implementing Telemedicine

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But before implementing telemedicine into your benefits package, there are some important questions you need to ask yourself. Compared to urgent care and emergency visit options, telehealth costs a fraction of the price; even with primary care visits, telehealth is typically a better value.

Telemedicine Today: October 2016

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Welcome to the October 2016 edition of Avizia’s Telemedicine Today! In 2015, nearly 20 million people received some form of telehealth care. By next year, it is estimated that 75% of large companies will offer telemedicine benefits. physicians, including telemedicine practices.

9 Best Telemedicine Newsletters You Should Be Reading to Keep Up With the Industry

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Quickly scale your telemedicine business using our clinician network - announcing Enzyme On Demand ! Subscribe to these telemedicine newsletters to stay informed on news, policy, and technological changes that can impact your work in telehealth.

Can Nurse Practitioners Use Telehealth?


Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), a subset of healthcare that includes nurse practitioners, has been increasingly called upon over the past few decades to extend healthcare beyond the primary care physician safety net.