Interoperability Generates Excitement at #PCCSUMMIT19

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Interoperability generated the most excitement for the leaders of long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) organizations gathered at the annual PointClickCare user conference – #PCCSUMMIT19.

Electronic medical record interoperability is a total mess


Just the other day, while I was in the middle of seeing a morning schedule full of patients, I opened one patient's chart and was thrilled to see a whole bunch of new icons in Chart Review in the electronic health record that I had never seen before.

5 Actions Hospitals Should Take Now to Prepare for Interoperability

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Focus on interoperability for health data systems has increased recently given multiple proposed Department of Health and Human Service’s regulations addressing how health data is shared. The following is a guest article by Deborah Hsieh, Chief Policy & Strategy Officer at Ciox.

Michigan HIE Group Creates Shared Environment For Modeling Interoperability

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If you’re running an HIE, you’re always hoping to see your participants step up their interoperability game. The thing is, few HIEs go the extra mile to make it happen, in many cases because they just don’t have the resources to tackle the problem.

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Building Your Digital Health Ecosystem

Interoperability challenges slow down machine learning in healthcare

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Current efforts to create interoperability mostly focus on clinical, not research, use cases

U.S. docs lagging on interoperability

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Surprise billing measure tackles health IT — Hahn confirmation expected this week

Corepoint and Rhapsody Merge to Advance Interoperability in Healthcare

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Rhapsody, a global leader in healthcare data interoperability, today announced that the company will merge with Corepoint Health, the supplier of the Best in KLAS® healthcare integration platform.

Healthcare Interoperability Leader ELLKAY Acquires X-Link

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ELLKAY, LLC, a leader in healthcare connectivity and interoperability solutions, announced its acquisition of the assets of Tampa-based Legal Easy, Inc., Health IT Company Healthcare IT ELLKAY Healthcare Interoperability Lior Hod LKArchive MACRA Promoting Interoperability X-Link

How FHIR is driving the new interoperability

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cofounder Indu Subaiya presented their assessment of the drivers of the new interoperability in healthcare. Matthew Holt is co-chair of Health 2.0. At the Dev4Health conference in Cleveland on Monday andTuesday, he and Health 2.0

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Interoperability research shows agita

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New data privacy, AI investment proposals — A shot of SDOH funding

The interoperability 'Golden Spike'

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Modest Medicare telemedicine increase — Yelp 'beats' CMS at nursing home rating

Solving Today’s Interoperability Gaps

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The article Solving Today’s Interoperability Gaps appeared first on Editorial Drew Ivan FHIR interoperability Rhapsody and Corepoint HealthThis article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited.

What the Hell Is Going On with Healthcare Interoperability?

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The article What the Hell Is Going On with Healthcare Interoperability? This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) filed its annual year-end report to Congress at the start of 2019.

Are We Entering An Era of Radical Interoperability? Deloitte Says Yes

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Healthcare Groups Urge Changes To Proposed ONC Interoperability Rule

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Several trade groups focused on healthcare issues have come together to publish a letter urging the ONC to rethink aspects of its proposed interoperability rule tackling health data sharing, privacy and information blocking.

Is that medical device interoperable? Center for Medical Interoperability program will verify it.


Nashville-based nonprofit the Center for Medical Interoperability is launching an industry-wide verification program to confirm medical device interoperability.

Consumers – not providers – will have the power to ensure interoperability

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Bettina Experton, MD, and CEO of Humetrix, talks about the history of CMS’s Blue Button project and how 53 million Americans covered by Medicare will now have access to their data through an API to ensure patient safety and interoperability

Healthcare Interoperability

David Chou

Poll: Can Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft really solve healthcare's interoperability problem? These vendors -- Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Salesforce -- have something that was not available five to 10 years ago: a platform, which was the biggest hurdle to interoperability.

Fixing the interoperability problem with data science

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Blockchain Not a Cure for EHR Interoperability

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Much has been written about the prospect of using blockchain technology as a key component of achieving EHR interoperability. The article Blockchain Not a Cure for EHR Interoperability appeared first on

Infermedica awarded VentureConnect prize for interoperable triage tech

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Primary topic: Patient Engagement Disable Auto Tagging: Short Headline: Infermedica awarded VentureConnect prize for interoperable triage tech Featured Decision Content: Region Tag: Global Edition

FDA grants De Novo clearance to interoperable insulin pump

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The Tandem Diabetes Care t:Slim X2 can work in tandem with other blood sugar management devices, or on its own

Interoperability, cloud, consumerization were hot topics at HIMSS19

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Patient engagement and the consumerization of health also held court this week in Orlando

Microsoft launches Azure API for FHIR to promote cloud, interoperability

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The release builds on an open-source version originally announced in November

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As Interoperability Rule Comment Periods Close, Don Rucker, M.D., to Lead Talk in Boston

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As the end of the public comment period for the proposed interoperability rules draws nearer, Don Rucker, M.D., The post As Interoperability Rule Comment Periods Close, Don Rucker, M.D., Events News don rucker interoperability rule life image onc information blocking

Making Standards Work in Health Care: Interoperability, Open Source, and Other Impacts

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Administration Ambulatory Analytics/Big Data C-Suite Leadership Clinical EMR-EHR Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT LTPAC Regulations Data Sharing FHIR Grahame Grieve Healthcare Interoperability hl7 Kenneth D. Standards are both critical and frustrating.

CMS finalizes hospital quality reporting, interoperability changes

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Interest groups try to make their mark on surprise billing legislation — Almost 32 million patients’ records breached in 2019

Interoperability & Healthcare – the Role of Telehealth

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The pillar of interoperability is the stream of workflows, patient data, and other necessary information through software and data integrations. Interoperability supports the exchange of information across platforms supporting organizational initiatives and centralizing information to promote easy access to health information for both patients and providers. EMR cost savings care continuum interoperability

Lawmakers press Trump administration on interoperability rules

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Incoming for EHR companies — New price transparency rules

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Infermedica awarded VentureConnect prize for interoperable triage tech

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HIMSS19: Interoperability and Improving Patient Outcomes


This year, at HIMSS19 in Orlando, interoperability and the quality of patient data were two themes highlighted over and over again as the best ways to improve patient outcomes and help many healthcare organizations transition to a value-based care system.

HHS extends interoperability comment window

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Will DEA rulemaking delay telemedicine medication-assisted treatment? — CMS proposals on SNFs, post-acute care

AMA and Google join forces to offer $50,000 in interoperability contest

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The American Medical Association and Google have launched the AMA Health Care Interoperability and Innovation Challenge, looking for new ideas about the ways wearable devices and apps can be more effectively monitored and the data shared.

Tipping point in Health Interoperability Maturity

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The topic is about a vision of how things could/should be at the point of care because of successful interoperability. Historically discussions in Health IT have been around very basic interoperability fundamentals. The whole purpose of Interoperability MUST be for some end goal.

What happens when interoperability is solved?


The infrastructure required to make this vision come to life is what I like to call patient-centered interoperability. This is widely regarded as a long-term solution to this interoperability problem. Conference speakers from CMS Administrator, Sema Verma, to UnitedHealth CEO, Steve Nelson, (and yours truly) alluded that this is the world we are moving to – a world of patient-centered interoperability. The post What happens when interoperability is solved?

CMS's 2019 proposal makes broad strides in telehealth, interoperability, documentation

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released its new proposed Physician Fee Schedule and Qualified Payment Program updates for 2019, and the announcement includes some big strides forward in promoting digital health technology, including widened telemedicine coverage, an overhaul of documentation requirements, and a new focus on interoperability

Rhapsody and Corepoint Merge To Advance Interoperability

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The transaction will bring together two companies at the forefront of interoperability and create a dynamic combination of technology, talent, services, and trusted customer relationships to address the most complex healthcare interoperability challenges. The article Rhapsody and Corepoint Merge To Advance Interoperability appeared first on Editorial Corepoint Health Erkan Akyuz interoperability Philippe Houssiau Rhapsody Sean Cassidy

Biden takes issue with Trump administration's interoperability plans

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A new commentary from former Vice President Joe Biden says interoperability roadblocks have been standing for far too long — and that the Trump administration's current plans to fix the problem are insufficient

InterSystems to debut FHIR interoperability sandbox at HIMSS18

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This year at HIMSS18, InterSystems will be launching a new fast healthcare interoperability resource (FHIR) sandbox, which acts as a virtual testing environment.

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