Keeping up with the rapid developments in mobile health technology


Tech Cardiology Health ITI had the opportunity to participate in a day-long meeting sponsored by the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS).

Personalized health platform Mobile Health acquires patient engagement startup Doctorbell

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Singapore-based Mobile Health plans to use Doctorbell's AI capabilities for emergency and tertiary care triage.

Mobile health program improved addiction outcomes despite low clinician engagement

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Integration of a practitioner-developed mobile health system within a primary care setting was well-received by substance use disorder (SUD) patients and generally improved outcomes, according to a study recently published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research

Our Mobile Health and Parkinson’s UK create apps and devices library

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Parkinson’s UK and Our Mobile Health have launched an apps and devices library to help people living with Parkinson’s manage their symptoms in response to increasing demand for trusted digital health tools.

Will robots replace doctors?


Tech Hospital-Based Medicine Mobile health Primary CareAmong the many recurring topics, this year has been the impact of machine learning in our lives, especially the implications for our future work life.

Mobile health app development costs $425,000 on average, likely continuing to rise

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The average cost of development for a mobile health app from conception to launch is approximately $425,000, with nearly half of this expense outsourced to third-party app development agencies or freelancers, according to new research data recently released from a Research2Guidance survey of 2,400 mobile heal

So, you have another mobile health solution. Now what?

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is a doctor of public health with over 10 years of experience in designing, implementing and evaluating transformative public health projects. She is the principal of ERIM Consulting, which uses research evidence and business insights to advance public health impact About the author: Dr. Ebele M?g?

Must-have medical apps for primary care


Earlier this year, we put together a list of what we thought were the best medical apps for health care providers. Tech Mobile health Primary Care

Millennials want convenient care


The Kaiser Health News article, " Spurred By Convenience, Millennials Often Spurn The ‘Family Doctor’ Model ," caught my eye. Tech Mobile health Primary Care

The Apple Watch’s ECG feature could save many lives. But only if it has something else.


Tech Cardiology Mobile health NeurologyRecently the Apple Watch’s latest feature went live – an electrocardiogram (ECG) app that monitors irregular heart rhythms. The internet is overflowing with reports from people didn’t know they had irregular heartbeats until they took their data to their doctors and received diagnoses of atrial fibrillation (AFib), a common cause of stroke. As neurologists who […]. Find jobs at Careers by

Getting to a minimum viable product (MVP) health care app: Partner with physicians


The article is filed under the keywords “AI,” “Watson,” “health,” “health care,” and “Doctor: This product is a piece of s**t.” Tech Mobile health Primary Care

iTriage, an early mobile health success, shuts down as Aetna preps for new flagship app

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Aetna's iTriage, a symptom checker app that was one of the earliest successful exits in the digital health space, has officially disappeared from the app store after being "sunsetted" to make room for a new, upcoming app called Aetna Health, MobiHealthNews has learned.

How a rushed California law will change the privacy and security landscape for mobile health apps

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About the Author: Adam H.


Mobile health app boosts HCAHPS scores, lowers costs at South Shore Health System

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The pregnancy app, developed in-house with some help, allowed the hospital to improve its OB-maternity HCAHPS by 68 percent – and cut printing costs for paper handouts by half

A new digital divide is keeping older adults from accessing digital health


The digital divide used to be about who had internet access and who didn't, with broad implications for every aspect of life — especially health care. But digital health innovation is growing rapidly, with projections showing a $536.6 Tech Geriatrics Health IT Mobile health

Beware the limits of telemedicine


This field is exploding, and I have no doubt popularity will continue to grow as large health systems and pharmacy giants dive in. Tech Health IT Mobile health Primary Care

Why physicians should embrace fitness trackers


Tech Cardiology Mobile healthI mused while staring blankly towards the electronic tracking board, where I foresee reading the triage call "My tracker said, I have AFib." I delved into what is in my armamentarium to handle this crisis of the digital age.

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The Smartphone Is the Consumer’s Personal Health Platform – Implications from Deloitte’s 2018 Survey

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Furthermore, voice technologies are “making noise,” according to Deloitte in A New Era in Mobile Continues, the 2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey : US Edition. I’ve mined the US data of this global survey to divine insights for health/care.

Join telemedicine’s transformation of the health care delivery model


With this post, I aim to show that these opportunities for systemic change to the health care delivery model […]. Tech Mobile health Primary Care

Should the Apple Watch monitor your heart?


Or it could be a massive headache for the health care system. Tech Cardiology Mobile health

Consumers’ and Physicians’ Growing Embrace of Digital Health via PwC

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We’ve reached an inflection point on the demand side among consumers for digital health options, PwC suggests in their report on the New Health Economy coming of age. The report outlines health/care industry issues for 2019, with a strong focus on digital health.

Which Type of Mobile Health Vehicle is Right for My Practice – Gasoline or Diesel?

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There are a lot of things that should be evaluated when a person wants to buy a mobile dental/medical van or trailer which would match his/her expectations. Factors such as exterior design, the interior essential attributes, dental/medical equipment and gasoline versus diesel engine for the mobile health van will require meticulous research by the new buyers which may be the difference between the success and failure. Introduction.

Mobile Health and Data Safety: Convenience vs. Privacy

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Technology may be revolutionizing the healthcare industry but while mobile health applications and cloud-based management are convenient, many think they may be compromising the privacy of healthcare data.

Why more physicians should enter industry


Attend any biotech or health informatics conference and one thing becomes clear: the scarcity of physicians. Certainly, inculcating these dynamic players in the health care space is integral to the successful evolvement. Tech Mobile health Practice Management

Many digital health solutions lack evidence: How physicians can help


Technology makes this an exciting time for health care. Not only are technological advances making health care better, they’re also making it more affordable. Tech Cardiology Mobile health Pulmonology

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Mobile Health Sensors Market is Gaining Momentum with key players Fujitsu, Honeywell International, Acute Technology, OMRON

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Mobile health and fitness sensors market includes the sensors that are utilized as a part of healthcare sector by therapeutic experts and customers for measuring different body parameters, for example, blood glucose level, temperature, weight, and among others.

How to create an app as a physician


Tech Mobile health Practice Management“There’s an app for that.” The phrase became so popular with the advent of smartphones that Apple even trademarked it. There are currently 3.8 million apps available on Android devices and over 2 million available to Apple iPhone users.

How telemedicine will revolutionize primary care


It has become more and more evident with time that the health care delivery system here in the United States is riddled with issues. In many ways, the system seems to step on its own feet — as the health care professionals working within it fight to make it work.

Mobile Health Cloud vs Privacy Regulations

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This problem of mobile-applications and Privacy is not unique to Healthcare. Mobile applications and the cloud are not limited by physical boarders, so they really need to look at the world. There is some strong discussion going on at HL7 around privacy concerns, especially now that HL7 FHIR has enabled easy application writing.

Going Digital for Health Is a New-Normal for Consumers

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Using digital health tech is a new normal for U.S. consumers, including Seniors, found in the 2018 digital health consumer survey from Deloitte. The title of the report, “Consumers are on board with virtual health options,” summarizes the bullish outlook for telehealth.

An old technique to detect atrial fibrillation via smartphone


When I was a cardiology fellow back in the 1980s, I learned about a variety of early tools for evaluating heart health that had been displaced by the modern standards of electrocardiography (ECG, or EKG for the Deutschephiles) and echocardiography. Tech Cardiology Mobile health

A Breakthrough, Sobering Report on Teens and Young Adults, Digital Health and Social Media Use: Implications for Mental Health

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There’s a load of anecdotal data about teens and young adults (TYAs) and their always-on relationship with mobile phones and social networks. The report was co-written by Victoria Rideout and Susannah Fox, two names Health Populi readers should know.

A Hippocratic Oath for technology


Tech Mobile health Primary CareModern technology needs to do better. This is the message delivered by every CEO after every Silicon Valley scandal in recent memory. This time, they should really do it. Medicine can show them how.

The role of telemedicine in monitoring blood pressure


Tech Cardiology Mobile healthHypertension, or high blood pressure, is a leading cause of heart disease and stroke that has escalated to alarming rates in recent years, affecting nearly 1 in 3 adults in the U.S.

Look to online dating for the future of telemedicine


Tech Health IT Mobile health Primary CareOnline dating is all the rage these days. Statistics suggest that over a third of couples now meet online.

Blood Pressure From the Wrist for the First Time – Welcome, Omron HeartGuide

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Furthermore, let’s get real about health care costs, which of course, is a Health Populi /THINK-Health modus vivendi. Lest we forget, this medical device also performs consumer health tracking like activity (steps and distance), calories burned, and sleep monitoring.

Reducing Readmission Rates By Up To 30% With Mobile Health Technology


Mobile Prep and RecoveryImproving outcomes and avoiding costly readmissions is at the top of most healthcare leaders’ agendas. The focus on these topics is of particular importance given the advent of programs such as the Hospital Readmission Reduction program.

The biggest innovation in health is here. And you’re probably using it.


Health care is obsessed with new technology. Yet, one of the best examples of health care technologies is also one of its oldest — instant messaging. Tech Mobile health Primary Care

The Social Determinants of Food for Health, Farms, and the Economy

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on several dimensions: diet and health outcomes, farming as an industry and economic engine, and social determinants, along with seven other categories. The “green” states are those that rank higher for health, and the orange are those that rank low.