Pfizer to Grant Golden Tickets to Biotech Startups

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The post Pfizer to Grant Golden Tickets to Biotech Startups appeared first on MedTech Boston. News biotech startups Boston Biotech labcentral pfizerIt might be your lucky day. Pfizer has issued a call for U.S. startup companies to file proposals to.

MassBio talks what digital health can learn from biotech

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MassBio's Luba Greenwood also discusses her decision to leave Verily in order to pursue teaching the intersection of life science and technology at Harvard.

Benchling gets $14.5M to build collaboration tools for biotechs, pharmas

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Benchling, which offers a software suite for improving collaboration and productivity among life sciences and biotech researchers, has raised $14.5 million in series B funding. Benchmark led the round, with additional participation by F-Prime Capital and returning investor Thrive Capital

China’s Burning Rock Biotech completes Series C financing of RMB 850 million

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Burning Rock Biotech, which was founded in 2014 and focuses on NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) diagnostics solutions for precision medicine in oncology, today announced the closing of the Series C financing totaling RMB 850 million.

New Tech Tonics Episode: Susan Desmond-Hellmann: The Inquisitive Leader

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Her illustrious career has taken her from clinician to biotech executive to university chancellor to CEO of the world’s largest foundation, yet throughout this exceptional journey, Susan Desmond-Hellmann has remained empathetic, inquisitive, and emphatically true to herself.

New Tech Tonics Podcast – Carolyn Magill – May the Fast, Steep Road Rise Up to Meet You!

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Biotech and Genetics David Shaywitz Digital Health Entrepreneurship Healthcare Information Technology Innovation Pharma/Biotech Uncategorized Aetion Carolyn Magill connected social media david shaywitz evolent Lisa Suennen tech tonics podcastCarolyn Magill had planned a life in foreign service or international relations. But it wasn’t until she found herself at the nexus of healthcare and public policy that she realized she found her home.

Biotech billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong steps down from ONC health IT advisory committee


the biotech billionaire and CEO of health technology company NantWorks, on Wednesday said that he is stepping down from the federal Health IT Advisory Committee (HITAC) that provides policy recommendations to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D.,

New Tech Tonics Episode: Imran Haque – Grounded Data Scientist

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Biotech and Genetics Diagnostics and Screening Digital Health Entrepreneurship Healthcare Information Technology Innovation Tech Tonics Podcast computational biologist connected social media Counsyl david shaywitz Freenome Imran Haque Lisa Suennen Tech Tonics tech tonics podcastA computational biologist by training, Imran Haque has managed to achieve the near-impossible: embracing the promise of data science in medicine while retaining his critical faculties.

New Episode of the Tech Tonics Podcast: Zoe Barry: Driving Entrepreneurship from the Fast Lane

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Healthcare Information Technology Innovation Pharma/Biotech Tech Tonics Podcast Uncategorized connected social media david shaywitz Lisa Suennen specialty pharma digital health tech tonics podcast women mentorship ZappRx Zoe Barry

New Tech Tonics Podcast: From Maine to Mainstream: The Noah Craft Story

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Biotech and Genetics Digital Health Entrepreneurship Healthcare Information Technology Pharma/Biotech Tech Tonics Podcast connnected social media david shaywitz Lisa Suennen noah craft Sceince37 Science 37 siteless clinical trial Tech Tonics tech tonics podcst virtual clinical trial

The Race for Optimum Insulin Control – Artificial Intelligence vs. Biotech

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Managing blood glucose is difficult even with the current array of insulin options. Rapid-acting and long-lasting analogues still feature the steep dose-response curve that is the key shortcoming of conventional insulin. That makes for the fine line between an effective dose and one that sends blood glucose levels too low … ‘ said Harry Destecroix, CEO of Ziylo, which was just acquired by Novo Nordisk. Industry leaders are pursuing two paths for achieving better insulin control.

The New Drug Companies Aren’t Drug Companies At All

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” GNS has already been hard at work to build out those deep partnerships with health ecosystem stakeholders including health plans, health care providers, and pharma and biotech companies some of which are shown in the table.

New Tech Tonics Episode: Katherine Chou: How A Quintessential Googler Wraps Her (Deep) Mind Around Healthcare

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Biotech and Genetics David Shaywitz Diagnostics and Screening Digital Health Healthcare Information Technology Innovation Tech Tonics Podcast Uncategorized connected social media david shaywitz dnanexus Google Deep Mind Google Medical Brain Katherine Chou Lisa SuennenKatherine Chou is in many ways the quintessential Googler – super smart, a passion for computer science, an engineer through and through.

Moderna, one of the biggest gambles in Biotech history to be tested on Wall Street with $10Bn IPO

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One of the biggest gambles in biotech history is about to be tested on Wall Street. In its prospectus, Moderna set an initial target of $500 million for the offering, which would make it the largest biotech IPO in history.

Latest Tech Tonics Podcast: From Farm to Negotiating Table – James Dromey of the Murdoch Royal Children’s Institute

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Biotech and Genetics David Shaywitz Digital Health Entrepreneurship Innovation Precision Medicine Tech Tonics Podcast Uncategorized connected social media david shaywitz Dr. James Dromey health system innovation James Dromey Lisa Suennen MCRI Murdoch Children's Research Institute Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne Tech Tonics translational medicineJames Dromey was supposed to be a farmer in County Cork, Ireland and has the milking experience to prove it.

AMA teams up with biotech incubator to connect physicians with startups


The American Medical Association is teaming up with Sling Health to give startup entrepreneurs access to physicians' perspectives on where technology can be applied to fix real-world clinical problems

New Tech Tonics Podcast: Lisa Alderson and her Long and Winding Road to Genomics

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Biotech and Genetics Diagnostics and Screening Digital Health Entrepreneurship Healthcare Information Technology Innovation Precision Medicine Tech Tonics Podcast Uncategorized connected social media david shaywitz GE Ventures genetic testing Genome Medical Genomic Health Invitae Lisa Alderson Lisa Suennen Randy Scott Tech Tonics telemedicine for genetic counseling

In Health Tech, Beware of Getting Exactly What You Want

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Last night, I watched a video about the rise and fall of disgraced biotech startup Theranos, which claimed to have invented technology that would dramatically change clinical blood testing worked.

$100+ Billion spent on myriad of acquisitions across Pharma and Biotech industries in H1 2018

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For many biotech companies, mergers and acquisitions have become a cornerstone in building a robust pipeline that can ensure positive growth for years to come. 2017 was considered to be a lean year for M&A in biotech.

Americans’ Trust in the Healthcare System Low Compared to Rest-of-World’s Health Citizens

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Biotech is roughly tied for second place with consumer health, dropping also by 7 points. In that context, look at chart #4, “Biotech Seen as the Laboratory vs Pharma.” In the U.S.,

Most Americans Across Party ID Favor U.S. Government Negotiation to Lower Rx Drug Costs

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There’s little Americans, by political party, agree upon in 2019. One of the only issues bringing people together in the U.S.

Consumers Consider Cost When They Think About Medical Innovation

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Health Populi’s Hot Points: Americans draw a very big distinction between biotech and pharma when it comes to trust, this year’s Edelman Trust Barometer found.

Personalized Medicine: Consumer Concerns About Coverage, Affordability and Privacy

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Two in 3 Americans haven’t heard the phrases “personalized medicine” or “precision medicine.”

LA BioMed closes $50M bond sale to finance biotech research lab


LA BioMed, a nonprofit scientific research organization on the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Campus, attracted more than twice the offering size of its first bond issue. Here's what they plan to do with it

The Gap Between the Trump Administration’s Promise of Reducing Rx Costs for Consumers and What People Really Want

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This is what happened to pharma stock prices on Friday after President Trump and Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar outlined their new policies focusing on prescription drug prices. The graph is the Nasdaq U.S.

Inanovate Inc. Secures $3.1 Million Investment To Support Breast Cancer Detection Technology

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Joni Johnson Kim Patrick Sanford Health South Dakota Biotech South Dakota Equity PartnersThis article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. Inanovate, Inc.,

Why more physicians should enter industry


Attend any biotech or health informatics conference and one thing becomes clear: the scarcity of physicians.

Israeli government dips into digital health with $33M grant

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Today the Israeli government announced a $33 million grant aimed at furthering the country's foothold in digital health, specifically in biotech and medicine, according to Reuters Israel is continuing to carve out its space as a digital health hub in the Middle East.

Northwestern inks $65M investment partnership to support research


The fund will be geared toward health and biotech discoveries at the Illinois university, officials said this week

Medidata acquires Shyft for $195M, establishes unified trial, commercialization data platform

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Medidata, a New York City-based company that offers cloud storage and data analytics services for clinical trials, announced today that it has acquired Shyft Analytics, maker of a cloud data analytics platform specifically designed for the pharma and biotech industries

Americans’ Trust in U.S. Healthcare Lags Tech — and Women Are Particularly Cynical

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In this study, the healthcare industry is comprised of five segments: hospitals and clinics; pharma; biotech (separate from pharma); consumer health (e.g., Pharmaceuticals garner the lowest score at 57, compared with biotech and life sciences at 64.

What the Pew Data on Americans’ Views on Technology Means for Healthcare

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What was intriguing about that research is that biotech was much more trusted than pharma, with biotech being seen as more innovative. Through a marketing lens, then, the biotech has done a better job at bolstering consumer trust than pharma has done.

Caretech as the new Digital Health

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There’s precedent here with “fintech,” “biotech,” and “insuretech.” When it comes to health and technology, language matters. Chrissy Farr of CNBC during WWDC: ” Quick note that it’s 2 hours in and Apple has not used the term “digital health.” Perhaps only an internal thing? ”.

WeDoctor plans pre-IPO placement, estimates entity value at $10 Billion

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The online healthcare startup is estimated to be valued at around $10 billion by investment banks, Zhang said on the sidelines of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Biotech Summit. Tencent Holdings Ltd.-backed backed We Doctor Holdings Ltd.

Prescription Drug Costs In America Through the Patient Lens, via IQVIA, GoodRx and a New $2 Million Therapy

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Americans consumed 17.6 prescriptions per person in 2018, two in three of which treated chronic conditions. Welcome to Medicine Use and Spending in the U.S. , the annual review of prescription drug supply, demand and Rx pricing dynamics from the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science.

Two-Thirds of Americans Say Healthcare Doesn’t Work Well, in RealClear Politics Poll

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Technology, biotech, hospitals, and life science companies would be the health care improvers, most Americans told RealClear pollsters. Health care is the top issue facing the U.S. today, one in three Americans says, with another one-fourth pointing to the economy.

The Evolution of Self-Care for Consumers – Learning and Sharing at CHPA

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Edelman’s health industry segments for this study are pharma, consumer health, insurance, biotech/life science, and hospitals. Consumer health went opposite, up 7 points, biotech up 3, insurance up 8, pharma up 6. Self-care in health goes back thousands of years.

Venture Capitalists have poured more than $26 Billion into Health Startups in 2018

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And in biotech, genetic engineering startup Synthego also raised $110 million for its Series C from investors Menlo Ventures and billionaire Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang.

GSK Buys Tesaro For $5 Billion In Dramatic Bet On Cancer Genetics

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He believes that genetics predict Zejula will prove more effective in a larger percentage of cancer patients than biotech observers expect. It will also give Glaxo an oncology sales force and a toehold in Boston, which is a biotech hothouse.

Spring 2019: Healthcare Updates to Know

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Sharpless is a proponent of big data and previously founded two biotech companies. A new season has arrived, and it brings new changes within the healthcare industry. To help keep you informed about these issues and how they may affect you, we’ve compiled the most important industry news.