HIMSS18 Connected Health Experience to feature AI, voice assistants, and more

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The Personal Connected Health Alliance’s Digital Health Pavilion at HIMSS18 will once again feature “The Connected Health Experience,” a series of presentations and demonstrations of the latest connected health innovations.

The Next Fountain of Youth? Rethinking Connected Health for Our Aging Population

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We continue to hit our editorial milestones for an end of October launch at the Connected Health Conference , and as I’m reading the manuscript for the final time before sending it to the printer, I’m re-learning some important lessons–and enjoying the content!

Two Feet, Two Canoes: Why Connected Health Reimbursement Is Still Off Balance

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Unless providers are reimbursed based on outcomes and quality – and not on services rendered, as is often the case – they’re not going to embrace connected health as a strategy, says Dr. Joe Kvedar.

Connected Health Initiative Outlines Federal Policy Recommendations

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ACT | The App Association's Connected Health Initiative (CHI) recently submitted a letter to the White House outlining a number of recommendations for telehealth and connected health technologies

My Holiday Wish List for Connected Health

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However, you may not be too surprised to learn that I prefer to take what we’ve learned and look ahead, to anticipate the future and set our sights on the next milestones for connected health.

The Tone of Your Voice Holds the Secret to Moving Connected Health to the Next Level

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With the exception of mental health and neurological applications, video visits have a very limited repertoire. The data is automatically uploaded to give a provider a snapshot of that person’s health.

Recognition, Reimbursement, Results: Why 2017 Was a Win for Connected Health


As we look to the year ahead, this is an important time to reflect on 2017, and the exciting developments that will make 2018 even better for connected health innovation. 2017 was a busy and successful year for the Connected Health Initiative (CHI). This is a huge win for connected health innovators. Not only did CMS agreed to unbundle the code, but they also have assigned a value for the time spent reviewing patient generated health data.

Value-based or Fee-For-Service Connected Health Reimbursement: Which Canoe Should We Put Our Feet In?

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About 10 years ago, I and many others, started talking about how care delivery enabled by connected health should be an ideal strategy in the world of value-based (VB) reimbursement. This clearly reflects the growing mainstream adoption of connected health.

Connected Health Initiative Sees Positive Movement in FDA Guidance


This morning, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released new guidance to provide greater clarity in the regulation and adoption of medical-grade software and digital health innovations. Morgan Reed, executive director of ACT | The App Association’s Connected Health Initiative, released the following statement in response to the FDA’s announcement.

Recognition, Reimbursement, Results: Opportunities Ahead for Remote Monitoring and Connected Health Innovations


On December 4, the Connected Health Initiative and Politico welcomed the American Medical Association's Director of Physician Payment Policy Sherry Smith, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Center for Telehealth Executive Director Michael Adcock, and Podimetrics CEO Jon Bloom, MD to discuss new incentive and reimbursement opportunities for connected health innovations.

Connected Health Conference: Digital Health’s Opportunity to Capture a Positive View of Aging

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Improving health and well-being must be part of our everyday lives – or, as this year’s conference theme put it, part of “the connected life journey.”. Get it right, Yeh said, and aging makes us happier – and happiness has been linked to better health and longevity.

Connected Health Initiative (CHI) Check-In – Halfway Through 2017!


2017 has been a busy year for the Connected Health Initiative (CHI). As we reflect on the first half of the year, we’ve pulled together highlights of what we have done, and what lies ahead in our mission to foster a robust connected health ecosystem. We continue advocating for an environment that will modernize our healthcare system and bring more connected health technologies to more Americans in more places.

Join CHI & Politico to Explore What's Next for Connected Health Innovation


Connected Health Initiative and Politico Present Recognition, Reimbursement, Results: Opportunities Ahead for Remote Monitoring and Connected Health Innovation Monday, December 4, 2017 9:30 a.m. - The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services unveiled new incentives and reimbursement opportunities for remote monitoring and patient-generated health data. How do these changes influence the next connected health innovation?

MACRA: Medicare’s Opportunity to Finally Embrace Connected Health Technology


The $900 billion federal program provides health insurance for Americans over 65 and others who suffer from certain conditions and diseases. Further, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which administers Medicare, has been slow to incorporate advances in advanced health technology in the program. Our Connected Health Initiative , a group of companies from across the medical and tech industries, took this opportunity to provide detailed comments and suggestions.

New Medicare and Medicaid Rules Open Opportunities for Connected Health Tech for Doctors and Patients


CMS Rule Change Adopts Connect Health Initiative Recommendations for Remote Patient Monitoring Today , the Connected Health Initiative (CHI) secured a huge victory for telehealth innovators, connected device makers, pioneering physicians, and patients across America. Until now, connected health technologies have been effectively locked out of the most important part of America’s healthcare system, Medicare and Medicaid.”

Dartmouth- Hitchcock’s ImagineCare Platform Leverages Wearables, Connected Health & Analytics for Personalized Patient Care

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Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H), an innovative New England healthcare system with 1,000+ providers is committed to creating a “sustainable health system”, which proactively engages patients through new care models to achieve the triple aim.

Significant FDA Regulatory Advancements Clear a Path Forward for Connected Health Innovators


More than 60 percent of Americans already use mobile apps to make informed choices about their health. In the year ahead, we expect app-enabled telehealth tools and remotely monitored patient-generated health data (PGHD) to present more promising avenues to improve care quality, reduce hospitalizations, avoid medical complications, and improve patient satisfaction, particularly for the chronically ill.

Nudging Patients to Use EHRs: Moving Toward a Tipping Point for Consumer Health IT

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patients were offered online access to their health records by providers or insurers, and one-half of them accessed the EHR at least once in the last year. So why don’t patients use online health records yet? Half of U.S.

FemTech is Hot, and Fitbit Knows It

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But not when it comes to digital health…at least until 2018, as Fitbit has announced a woman-focused smartwatch called the Versa which is expected to hit the market in April 2018. So here Fitbit also has an argument for financial wellness, along with health and fitness.

Re-Imagining Healthcare – a Lesson from Von Clausewitz in the Fog of War

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Governor Mark Leavitt, who held the post of Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bush, offered this advice at the recent Liberation 2018 conference hosted by Medecision.

Ochsner Leverages Retail, Connected Health Tools & Apple Watch to Engage Consumers

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As an innovative healthcare organization, Ochsner, a large Louisiana- based health network with 12 hospitals, 40 clinicians and an a 1,000+ Physician Group Practice, is committed to helping consumers use mobile and wearable connected health tools for self- management and care collaboration.

Heart-Love – Omron’s Holy Grail of Blood Pressure Tracking on the Wrist

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It’s February 1st, which marks the first of 28 days of American Heart Month – a time to get real, embrace, learn about, and engage with heart health. That hasn’t yet been available to those of us who quantify our steps, weight, sleep, food intake, and other health metrics.

Building Trust and Truth in Patient Social Networks

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We crave actual physical connection to neighbours, colleagues, and fellow townspeople, even if digitally facilitated.” ” Trust and truth underpin health engagement, we learned in the first Edelman Health Engagement Barometer launched ten years ago.

Connected Health Initiative Congratulates the University of Mississippi Medical Center for Recognition as a Telehealth Center of Excellence


Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Telehealth Center of Excellence. Morgan Reed, Executive Director of ACT | The App Association’s Connected Health Initiative shared the following praise for UMMC: “We commend the UMMC Center for Telehealth for this well-deserved recognition. Today, Senator Thad Cochran announced that the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) was awarded the U.S.

Add Behavioral Data to Social Determinants For Better Patient Understanding

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Health agencies will have to become at least as sophisticated as other consumer/retail industries in analyzing a variety of data that helps uncover root causes of human behavior,” Gartner recommended in 2017.

Consumer Trust, Privacy and Healthcare – Considering #HIMSS18 in the Stark Light of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

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We who work in healthcare must pose the questions: going forward, how trusting will patients, consumers and caregivers be sharing their personal health information (PHI)? Cyber-breaches are a new-normal in health care. What a difference a couple of weeks make….

(Focused) Reflections from HIMSS 2018

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Connected Health Experience – HIMSS. Most folks who attend the annual meeting of the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) these days will tell you that to make the most of it, you ‘need a strategy’. Withings products from Nokia Health.

What the Latest Pew Consumer Data Means for #HIMSS18

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Health Populi’s Hot Points : Health is social: isolation is a social determinant for ill health. The obvious pearl is that not all social networks fit all people: when you’re a marketing a health care service or product, know your end-user’s media preferences.

Addressing Patient Health Information In-Security at HIMSS 2018

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And it’s in personal health information: a medical record is valued 8 to 10 times the price of a credit card on the black market. The post Addressing Patient Health Information In-Security at HIMSS 2018 appeared first on HealthPopuli.com.

Think Like a LEGO Builder in Healthcare – Considering PwC’s New Health Economy Vision

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Expect “new combinations” of industry actors and technologies to reorganize and re-imagine healthcare, with an eye on both price and investments in customer experience (CX), PwC envisions in their latest report on The New Health Economy in the Age of Disruption.

Livongo and Cambia Allying to Address Chronic Disease Burden and Scale Solutions to Consumers

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the chronic disease burden takes a massive toll on both public health and mortality, accounting for 7 in 10 deaths in America each year. That personal health toll comes at a high price and proportion of national health expenditures.

From Bathroom to Bedroom: Insights from CES 2018

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CES is always a bit of a phenomena and I, like many others, carefully follow the news and trends in consumer health technology being showcased in Vegas. I am especially interested in how some of the newest technologies might impact our work, and seeing how connected health tools are evolving.

How One Hospital System Baked Love Into Their Health App

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On July 18, 2017, Neil Gomes, Chief Digital Officer at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health in Philadelphia, tweeted this: When I saw this tweet, I was especially struck by Gomes’s phrase, “Designed & developed with heart/love by my @DICEGRP.”

Will People Enrolled in Medicaid Want to Be Amazon Prime’d?

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Health Populi’s Hot Points: I’ve talked and written about this concept in the past couple of years as one way to extend healthy eating and living opportunities to people residing in food and commercial deserts — a way to overcome a key social determinant of health which is healthy food access.

Medicare Reimbursement for Remote Monitoring Should Drive Adoption (What a long, strange trip it’s been….)

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At Partners Connected Health , in collaboration with colleagues in our delivery system, we have shown , more than once , that home monitoring of patients with congestive heart failure leads to lower hospitalization rates and improved mortality.

SEARCH is Headed to the West Coast

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The Society for Education and the Advancement of Research in Connected Health will hold its SEARCH 2018 symposium at the Roth Auditorium at the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine in La Jolla, (San Diego) California, on October 24-25. Connected Health SEARCH 2018 Featured

#Engage4Health: How Patients Are Morphing Into Healthcare Consumers, for #HIMSS18

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This blog appears today as part of a #HIMSS18 primer series for attendees, and the industry at large, to discuss major health IT issues that will help move health and healthcare delivery forward in 2018 – and beyond. Connected Patient Forum | #Engage4Health + #HIMSS18.

Coming Soon… The New Mobile Age

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This is gratifying personally, but also brings in new audience members and broadens the discussion about connected health. Aging Baby Boomers want control of their health and want to grow old on their own terms. I have fallen behind on blogging over the last few months.

10 Challenges Facing Medical Device Cybersecurity


Connected medical devices promise value for patients and physicians, but the devices also present new cybersecurity exposures that could put patients and their information at risk. Devices are becoming multi-connected on a vast network of computers and data warehouses. Connected Health Healthcare connected health Cybersecurity healthcare IT medical devices

4 Reasons to Attend HIMSS18 – First-Time Attendee Perspective


The annual conference is the leading information and technology experience for the field of healthcare bringing together 40,000+ health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world. 5 days of world class education featuring 300+ sessions on a variety of topics across healthcare including connected health, cybersecurity, data analytics, innovation, interoperability, population health, precision medicine and more.