Health Happens at Home: Lessons from the Parks Connected Health Summit

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Home is where the health is, we know in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To be sure, many of us who have been preaching that our ZIP codes are more impactful to our health than our genetic codes have known the evidence backing the social and behavioral determinants of health for a long time.

8 signs the connected health device market is booming


8 signs the connected health device market is booming. hlandi. Thu, 07/15/2021 - 16:39


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As connected health adoption grows, privacy rules like HIPAA are still broadly misunderstood

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At a HIMSS Digital presentation, former ONC Chief Privacy Officer Joy Pritts and Connected Health Initiative Senior Counsel Brian Scarpelli discussed some common misconceptions about the law


How Canada is embracing connected health

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The Missing Piece in the Connected Health Puzzle

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Coding Columns Connected health Featured Telehealth Value-based Care Connected Health Joe Kvedar Joseph Kvedar Partners Connected Care Partners HealthcareReimbursement coding doesn’t quite have ‘buzzword’ status, but without it, adoption of remote monitoring will continue to lag, says Dr. Joseph Kvedar, who breaks down the latest developments.

Patient management tool b.well Connected Health scores $16M

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UnityPoint Health Venture’s Austin Duke and ThedaCare’s Dr. Imran Andrabi will both be joining the board

The Future of Remote Care for Connected Health

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Electronic health records (EHR) had already been increasingly supplanting paper-based systems, and telehealth solutions were gradually gaining traction as an additional way to offer convenience, portability and easy access by patients. The brighter future of connected health is upon us.

Connected Health Initiative asks Senate to pass Telehealth Modernization Act

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The Connected Health Initiative on Monday published an open letter to Sen. expressing support for the Telehealth Modernization Act and stressing the urgency of safeguarding access to virtual care before the public health emergency is set to expire.

b.well Connected Health Secures $32 Million to Accelerate the Digital Transformation of Healthcare

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b.well Connected Health, the digital transformation platform providing consumers a new front end to health care, today announced it has secured $32 million in an over-subscribed Series B financing round.

Connected health tools can play a vital role in the COVID-19 crisis

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Even before the COVID-19 crisis, the healthcare industry faced a number of challenges: physician shortages, clinicians overwhelmed by changes and population health needs.

Valley View invests in connected health and infrastructure for better telehealth

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As a federally qualified health center, Valley View Health Center's patients have several basic barriers to healthcare, like transportation and limited English proficiency. " Heidi Zipperer, Valley View Health Center. Onward to connected health.

Insights Report Delivers Top Stories in Telehealth and Connect Health


This Spring has already provided a lot of exciting and positive happenings in the world of telehealth, and The Virtual Care Blog staff has curated some of the top stories from the past few weeks in this quick read report. Virtual Care Insights

Big changes are coming to Medicare reimbursement for connected health

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At HIMSS19, ACT | The App Association's Brian Scarpelli will lay out the details of what he calls a "sea change" in CMS' policy toward remote patient monitoring

Joe Kvedar, VP of Connected Health, Partners HealthCare, Chapter 1

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From digital cameras to population health, Dr. Joe Kvedar talks about the rise of connected health, and how his organization has evolved to meet the changing needs of patients and providers. Today, Partners HealthCare Connected Health continues to push the envelope by transforming healthcare through tools like remote monitoring and virtual care. Shared vision for Connected Health. Connected Health Fellows Program & Innovators Challenge.

S3 Connected Health deploy COVID-19 track and trace tool in Irish Health Service

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The web-based application supports the triage, monitoring and treatment of COVID-19 patients

The Next Fountain of Youth? Rethinking Connected Health for Our Aging Population

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We continue to hit our editorial milestones for an end of October launch at the Connected Health Conference , and as I’m reading the manuscript for the final time before sending it to the printer, I’m re-learning some important lessons–and enjoying the content! We’ve added 25 years to our lifespan in the last century through various public health innovations, but we haven’t provided tools to help us use those additional years in the most productive, fulfilling way.

Connected Health Initiative Applauds Introduction of CONNECT for Health ACT


(WASHINGTON, DC) April 29, 2021 - Today, the Connected Health Initiative released a statement from executive director Morgan Reed on the introduction of the Creating Opportunities Now for Necessary and Effective Care Technologies (CONNECT) for Health Act: “We are pleased to support the CONNECT for Health Act as a significant step toward removing outdated barriers to Medicare’s coverage of live audio and video healthcare services for vulnerable populations.

S3 Connected Health deploy COVID-19 clinical support tool in Irish Health Service

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The web-based application supports the triage, monitoring and treatment of COVID-19 patients

The Emerging Trends in Connected Health from 2018

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As the year comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on where we are in the connected health adoption journey. Here are some observations: This is the year digital health became a ‘stay-in-business’ application for the majority of providers and payers. Everywhere I go, the dialogue is about implementing digital health in order to remain competitive. Dr. Cynthia Breazeal at the Connected Health Conference 2018 – Photo courtesy of Christopher Huang.

Connected Health Initiative Outlines Federal Policy Recommendations

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ACT | The App Association's Connected Health Initiative (CHI) recently submitted a letter to the White House outlining a number of recommendations for telehealth and connected health technologies

A guide to connected health device and remote patient monitoring vendors

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In an age when nearly everyone is digitally connected in some way – even many senior citizens, who are often characterized as technophobic – it only makes sense that the healthcare industry is seeing a lot of connected health devices and remote patient monitoring (RPM) technologies.

Dispatches from the Frontlines: Connected Health and COVID-19


The Connected Health Initiative (CHI) and our members worked tirelessly with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Congress, and state officials to expand access to connected health solutions during COVID-19 pandemic.

Joe Kvedar, VP of Connected Health, Partners HealthCare, Chapter 2

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Today, Partners HealthCare Connected Health continues to push the envelope by transforming healthcare through tools like remote monitoring and virtual care. The term “Connected Health”. Payers & retail as drivers of mobile health. For us, we thought connectivity was a big part of what made this special. The initial vision was time and place independent, and you had to have connectivity for that.

Partners' Kvedar to tackle physician adoption challenges at next week's Connected Health Conference

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How will the rise of nontraditional healthcare offerings like telemedicine affect the traditional healthcare system

Two Feet, Two Canoes: Why Connected Health Reimbursement Is Still Off Balance

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Unless providers are reimbursed based on outcomes and quality – and not on services rendered, as is often the case – they’re not going to embrace connected health as a strategy, says Dr. Joe Kvedar. Columns Connected health Featured Telemedicine Value-based Care Joe Kvedar Joseph Kvedar Partners Connected Care Partners Healthcare

Digital Health Tools Are Finding Business Models – IQVIA’s 2021 Read on the Health of Digital Health

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In the Age of COVID, over 90,000 new health apps were released, as the supply of digital therapeutics and wearables grew in 2020. Once upon a time in 2015, exercise and fitness comprised nearly one-half of the digital health categories.

HIMSS18 Connected Health Experience to feature AI, voice assistants, and more

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The Personal Connected Health Alliance’s Digital Health Pavilion at HIMSS18 will once again feature “The Connected Health Experience,” a series of presentations and demonstrations of the latest connected health innovations. But this year the range of subjects will be even wider

The Pandemic Accelerated Consumers’ Digital Health Tech Ownership As Big Tech Morphs To Big Health

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The pandemic ushered in millions of peoples’ first digital health experiences, many of which will persist according to the 23rd Annual U.S. 20% of people used online health services, and 20% intent to keep using them.

How Virtual Care is Morphing into “Just” Healthcare – my post in Medecision Liberation

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The pandemic accelerated many Very Big Deals in digital health venture capital investment, mergers and acquisitions, and the re-emergence of SPACs in health care. In the COVID-19 era, clinicians and health systems stood up virtual care across the board as-required.

Elektra Labs launches connected health tech catalogue alongside $2.9M in seed funding

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Called Atlas, the tool helps healthcare and research organizations vet wearables and health monitoring devices by their features, validation, usability, security and more

HIMSS Connected Health Conference to focus on the human element of digital tech

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As more and more hospitals are deploying a range of smart and connected technologies to improve care and efficiency, it's increasingly important to preserve and highlight the human side of care. That's the overarching theme of the upcoming HIMSS Connected Health Conference in Boston: "Balancing Technology and the Human Element

Kvedar: With 'human element' theme, Connected Health Conference responds to AI fears, hype

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CHC Program Chair Dr. Joseph Kvedar says the event will focus on technology coming in the next 18 to 24 months

What does the 2018 Connected Health Conference tell us about the state of the industry?

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These days, there are lots of places you can go to learn about trends in the digital health market. Over the years, the Connected Health Conference has consistently lived up to a reputation of being the place where a balanced, no-hype view of the industry is presented, giving the audience a clear roadmap of what to expect and prepare for over the next 18-24 months. A digital health strategy has become a stay-in-business requirement for both payers and providers.

Let’s Connect! What I’m looking forward to most at the Connected Health Conference in Boston

Digital Health Today

This Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (October 16-18) I will be in Boston covering the Connected Health Conference (a HIMSS event) for Digital Health Today. Above all, I'm looking forward to meeting other members of our Digital Health Today community at the conference! Please click HERE to connect with me if you plan to be there! . The six featured companies were selected by a panel of digital health experts to present their innovations to conference attendees.

Digital Inclusion As Upstream Health Investment

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Without access to connectivity during the pandemic, too many people could not work for their living, attend school and learn, connect with loved ones, or get health care. Connectivity. Health care costs consume nearly one in every five dollars of the American economy.

Trust-Busted: The Decline of Trust in Technology and What It Means for Health

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During the height of the pandemic, there was a predisposition to give up personal health and location tracing data to government to help control the spread of the disease. came to trust digitally-enabled companies for managing health as large retailers and health care providers.

Connected Health Initiative Announces Formation of Value-Based Care Task Force


(WASHINGTON, DC) January 27, 2021 - Today, the Connected Health Initiative (CHI) announced the formation of a new Value-Based Care Task Force within CHI to identify key legislative and regulatory changes needed to advance value-based care by incorporating digital health tools in the American healthcare system. Federal regulatory changes needed for digital health tools to better enable value-based care across today’s key payment systems (e.g.,

Ten Forces Shaping Health Care in 2021: A View from CVS Health

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Expanding omni-channel, data-driven, cost-effective health care in the community, tailoring that care, and attending to mental health paint the picture of health through the lens of CVS Health. The Mental Health Shadow of COVID-19. Health care is omni-channel.

Five Offerings from the Boston Connected Health Conference 2018

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The Connected Health Conference is still a Health IT conference, owned by HIMSS, spruced up by pre-conference Voice Health summit , task forces , and even onstage singing by health tech folk that may wish they were in show business. But many attendees (exhibitors) seem still to be circling the health care universe from the vantage point of the IT buyer -- health IT consulting, tech vendors seeking health IT customers.

My Holiday Wish List for Connected Health

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However, you may not be too surprised to learn that I prefer to take what we’ve learned and look ahead, to anticipate the future and set our sights on the next milestones for connected health. It’s an ambitious list, but based on the progress made in 2017 and the significant milestones already achieved, I am very optimistic for the future of connected health.