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Privacy and the New Health Ciitizen

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Data security breaches, access challenges, and privacy leakages plague the current state of Americans’ personal health information (PHI).

Despite growing availability of APIs for patient health records, uptake remains low

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According to a new study published in JAMA, researchers found that the rate of unique users downloading their health records through an API on a month-over-month basis was flat.


5 ways to lessen the physician burden in the product evaluation process


Keeping tabs on the sheer volume of medical drugs and devices on the market is nearly impossible – the FDA approved a record 105 novel medical devices and 59 new drugs in 2018 alone. At the same, hospitals and physicians face ever-growing pressure to cut costs while improving quality.

Cedars-Sinai study on inpatient VR pain management offers glimpse at real-world outcomes

Mobi Health News

Positive data from the pragmatic study is the clearest evidence yet that in-hospital therapeutic VR could be effective in a live deployment, according to researchers

Building Your Digital Health Ecosystem

With the fragmentation of the pharmacy industry, digitized provider networks can offer a much-needed solution to connectivity, data sharing, collaboration and interoperability between physicians, patients and pharmacies.

Slow start for EHR apps

Morning eHealth

Democrats take on broadband in 2020 race — E&C tech adviser heads to White House

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Large Employers’ Focus on Prescription Drugs: Costs, Coupons and Communication

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Finally the Scanner I Started Looking for a Decade Ago

Healthcare IT Today

It’s nice to think that with an EHR in place, healthcare could finally be paperless. Besides the fact that the EHR is a paper printing machine, the amount of paper that’s brought through the door by patients is astounding.

How voice technology could speed up EHR searches

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Yaa Kumah, assistant professor of biomedical informatics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, discussed the opportunities and hurdles for voice technology in provider organizations last week at Harvard Medical School.

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All of Us tops 270,000 sign-ups

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Lawmakers fight RxCheck — Study: Most providers don't comply with patient info access laws


Telemedicine: Real-Time Trauma and Clinical Care with Global Reach

Today, connecting the patient to the right specialist is largely dependent on the patient’s ability to travel to the physician’s location. The ability to use technology to monitor patients in real-time, share information about their condition and provide treatment remotely, will improve the quality of care and save lives for patients everywhere.

For older adults, consider that transitions are going to take longer

Aging in Place Technology Watch

The baby boomer generation’s later years will be unprecedented. Each time the population aged 65+ is counted, it’s a bigger number. That onslaught, now at 52 million, bears repeating.

Getting More Personal, Virtual and Excellent – the 2020 NBGH Employer Report

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In 2020, large employers will be “doubling down” efforts to control health care costs.

Chronic Care Management – #HITsm Chat Topic

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We’re excited to share the topic and questions for this week’s #HITsm chat happening Friday, 8/16 at Noon ET (9 AM PT).

MedAnswers lands $5M, launches FertilityAnswers tool

Mobi Health News

Special Situations' Life Sciences Innovation (LSI) Fund led the round with participation from Viking Global Investors.

Forrester Names Leader in Virtual Health Care Solutions

Forrester Research identified and evaluated the top players in digital health. Read the report to see who stood out—and who needs to catch up.

Part 2 rule this week?

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Unions split on 'Medicare for All' — Buttigieg: the latest telemed enthusiast

Healthcare costs for families with employer coverage up 67% since 2008: study 


Healthcare costs for families with employer coverage have risen twice as fast as wages and three times the rate of inflation over the past decade, according to a new report.


From Health Consumers to Health Citizens – a U.S. Patient Rights Moonshot?

Health Populi

Issue No. 4 of StartUp Health Magazine is dedicated to 8 Health Moonshot Principles. StartUp Health sees these moonshots taken together as, “a blueprint for achieving the impossible.” ” There’s an aspect of U.S.


Barriers To Consumer Health Adoption Are Falling

Healthcare IT Today

A new survey has concluded that the bulk of Americans are not connected with or using telehealth services, including, notably, those in rural areas for whom telemedical services should be a lifeline.

Community Health Centers: Increase Growth through Care Management + Telehealth

Understand the Growth Potential for Community Health Centers through this Easy-To-Use Care Management Guide. This guide covers Billing, Claims Processing and Payment for CCM, BHI and More!

Privacy beyond HIPAA in voice technology

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Industry players warn that while voice technology has the ability to reach a larger audience, it must be implemented with privacy as a top priority.


Democratic jousting on health tech issues

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Gov tech deals — Euro regulations


Why Social Media in Healthcare is Important

Optimum Healthcare IT

If healthcare organizations are not engaging with the community they serve on social media platform; then they will inevitably fall behind. The post Why Social Media in Healthcare is Important appeared first on Optimum Healthcare IT. Global Healthcare Social Media

HHS proposal to roll back nondiscrimination protection draws 130K comments


A proposed rule that would remove anti-discrimination protections, including those for LGBTQ individuals, generated more than 130,000 comments—many of them urging the Trump administration to drop the plan opponents said is a rollback of health equity


Old and New Technologies Blur at Conference

Healthcare IT Today

Healthcare Scene’s recent Boston conference,, walked the audience through numerous innovations in health IT, especially where analytics give a boost to patient care.

New Hampshire law to expand telemedicine reimbursement

Mobi Health News

The bill will impact patients with Medicaid coverage and private insurance living in the largely rural state.

How Software is Eating Care Delivery in Healthcare

Lloyd Price

We are in the middle of a truly transformative moment in the healthcare market—particularly in care delivery.


Identifying ROI on social determinants of health

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Industry Voices—If you build It, Medicare coverage should come


Countless medical devices and other healthcare technologies are forced to languish when they are authorized for sale by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but not covered by Medicare. Here's how can this vicious cycle be broken

Is It Time For The Federal Government To Create A National HIE?

Healthcare IT Today

Earlier this year, ONC and CMS issued new draft guidelines requiring that all insurers and providers serving the Medicare population make their data available electronically by 2020.

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