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Consumers Changing the Channel on Where They Shop for Health

Health Populi

Consumers who have long purchased over-the-counter medicines, anti-dandruff shampoo, whitening toothpaste, and cosmetics-with-benefits at food, drug and mass merchant retailers are switching to other places to shop for health, new data from AT Kearney and GMDC have found.

inui Health, formerly Scanadu, announces FDA-cleared home urine testing platform

Mobi Health News

The smartphone-connected system can perform five different tests that could help diagnose UTIs, diabetes, and kidney disease


Beware the limits of telemedicine


I’d be willing to bet most of you have heard of, or previously used, telemedicine in some shape, form or fashion. Stated simply, telemedicine is the process of seeking care from a medical provider using your phone or laptop.

Hurricane-affected residents can opt into free telehealth services

Mobi Health News

Virtual telephone or video care will be available at no cost, with some offers lasting for several weeks.

The Promise of Next Generation of Digital Health


By 2022, we predict 25% of healthcare consumer interactions will be digitally executed outside of a traditional care setting; while the remaining 75% will gravitate to digitally coordinate real-time health systems. Digital Health is coming of age, bringing with it new capabilities for healthcare interactions and care delivery for consumers, patients and members, and the ecosystem that supports them.

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Download Our EHR Implementation Guide & Help Make Your Doctors Happy

HitPoint Blog

Barely a week goes by without seeing a new report detailing physicians’ dissatisfaction with their hospitals’ IT systems. EHRs are the #1 target. The good news is that a well-managed EHR implementation improves clinical processes and provides the right clinical data at the right time — and can even result in thumbs-up evaluations by clinical staff.

EHR 100

Is talking to software the next big step in healthcare delivery?

The cHealth Blog

Provider to Patient Ratios by 2020. In my latest book, The New Mobile Age , we spend some time talking about the growing demand for care (we’re getting older and older people need more care) as compared to the flat supply of healthcare providers.

The Health Consumer Seeks Fresh, Free-From and…Turmeric

Health Populi

The impact of health and wellness is on most consumers’ minds, Nielsen’s consumer research has found.

White House seeks telemedicine expansion advice

Morning eHealth

HHS report on interagency data sharing — Hurricane helpers

AliveCor previews next product: A 6-lead smartphone ECG

Mobi Health News

The not-yet-FDA-cleared device uses three electrodes to create a more detailed reading than existing consumer devices


Why 2020 Will Be The M&A Tipping Point

Mobile Health Matters

Over a year ago, we predicted that 2019 would be the era of health IT M&A , with the transition to value-based care as a primary driver. The M&A activity in the first half of 2018 is proof of this momentum – healthcare-related M&A increased 23% compared to the second half of 2017.

Improving Stroke Patient Outcomes with Telestroke Programs

American Well Blog

Strokes are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States, responsible for roughly 130,000 deaths each year. Every minute counts following a stroke because every minute that passes puts stroke patients at a higher risk of suffering long-term or even permanent effects.

EMR 81

Self-Care is Healthcare for Everyday People

Health Populi

Patients are the new healthcare payors, and as such, taking on the role of health consumers. In fact, health and wellness consumers have existed since a person purchased the first toothpaste, aspirin, heating pad, and moisturizing cream at retail.

Apple Watch Series 4: Intelligent Guardian for Your Health

33 Charts

After today’s Apple Watch Series 4 announcement, CNBC reporter Chrissy Farr reported, “ Apple stressed a lot today that this isn’t a physician replacement.”. But Intelligent guardian for your health is pretty damn close. It’s a product that’s smart, always there and it has your back.

VR rehab advancing prosthetic limb technology

Mobi Health News

Albert Chi, medical director of Muscle Integration at Oregon Health & Science University and patient Johnny Matheny demonstrate how nerve reassignment and VR rehab work to advance prosthetic limb technology

What is DeepMind’s AI?

Duane Boise

With every day that passes, more technology enters the market. This helps medical professionals in various ways to get patients the care they deserve. DeepMind’s AI is a new technology that is promising to transform the way that eye professionals assist people who feel they might need treatment as far as their eyesight is concerned. The AI that was created is a technology that can use statistical analysis to look into the eye at the retinal level.

Who should reconcile differences in VA and DOD EHR?

Morning eHealth

Minibus spending bill bumps up HHS budget — Health leaders say Stark Law blocks innovation in Medicare

Consumers Don’t Know What They Don’t Know About Healthcare Costs

Health Populi

The saving rate in the U.S. ranks among the lowest in the world, in a country that rates among the richest nations. So imagine how well Americans save for healthcare?

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Sep 13, 2018 — No. 103

Story of Digital Health

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Sep 13, 2018 — No. My newsletter for Sep 13, 2018 is viewable here and inline text below, without images. Subscribe for free here. JOIN THE 64,000+ MEMBER DIGITAL HEALTH GROUP ON LINKEDIN!

Healthcare's technology isn't behind the times, but its consumer focus is, says Northwell CEO

Mobi Health News

Northwell CEO Michael Dowling says the new drive in healthcare will be consumer-focused technolgoies.

The Apple Watch and Fall Detection – What’s it Mean?

Aging in Place Technology Watch

When Apple speaks, a puzzled market listens. When Apple announces, industries listen. Last week they announced two features of a new watch, ECG monitoring and fall detection. In July, Tim Cook apparently did not want to get into the world of FDA regulation. Well, that was then – or he just wasn’t saying.


Apple’s new ECG sensor gets tongues wagging

Morning eHealth

North Carolina preps for Florence — Opioid bill update


Argus Safety, Oracle Clinical & RDC Release Notes [Sept. 2018]


Perficient’s Life Sciences practice regularly monitors the software release notes for several Oracle Health Sciences applications, including: Argus Saf ety. Oracle Clinical/Remote Data Capture (OC/RDC). Thesaurus Management System (TMS). Generally speaking, we review release notes at the beginning of each month for the previous month. On occasion, there are no new releases and, therefore, nothing to review; however, we post a fresh version monthly to eliminate confusion.

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Update ? Paul Sonnier ? Sep 11, 2018 ? #342

Story of Digital Health

I made this announcement to 64,845 members of the Digital Health group on LinkedIn. If you’re on LinkedIn, please do join the group , which allows you to opt in to receiving these announcements in addition to connecting with thousands of other global stakeholders in digital health.

HIMSS CEO Hal Wolf: Silver Tsunami is driving global health innovation

Mobi Health News

The global aging population may be straining resources, but could also be what pushes digital health innovations

My reportout on ONC Interop Forum panel discussion

Healthcare Exchange Standards

I have not written a blog article on the output of the Panel discussion I lead at the ONC Interop Forum. The discussion I wrote up before the event is a good place to start.


Shulkin to Sanford

Morning eHealth

Cybersecurity in medical devices an FDA focus — Comments season continues


Senate Passes Opioid Response Bill with Substantial Health IT Elements

Healthcare Informatics

The U.S. Senate yesterday passed The Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018, which includes numerous important health IT provisions, by a vote of 99-1

Weekender 9/14/18

HIStalk Weekender

Weekly News Recap. Cigna invests $250 million in a new corporate venture fund that will target companies working in the areas of care delivery and management, digital health and retail, and insights and analytics.

How the FDA is shaping healthcare innovation

Mobi Health News

In the last year the FDA has taken steps to evolve its process for regulating software as a medical device, personal genomics and clinical decision support technology

How the IoT will Impact Healthcare


Let’s be honest, when it comes to our health we all want prompt and personal care. As a patient, we want the cost to be low, and the feeling of empowerment to be prevalent throughout the experience. Our world is becoming increasingly connected through the development of technology. With these extensive levels of connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT) is making a significant impact. Specifically, in the healthcare industry.

Public comment closes on CMS payment proposal

Morning eHealth

Researchers call for specific pediatric EHR certification — Zane Burke to leave Cerner

EHR 70

Hyperlocal social networking – when Nextdoor matters most

Aging in Place Technology Watch

It’s that awful time – the hurricane season. The time when the national hurricane center repeated forecasts, repeated ad nauseum, are destined to frighten everyone, no matter how far from affected regions. The same broadcast can dwell on cones and paths, and almost as an aside, remind those in beach areas that the evacuation instructions are meant for them.


Drug Prices Soar After Shortages

BHM Healthcare Solutions

Editor’s Note: Increasing costs for prescriptions is creating a long-term financial impact on Medicare Part D and its beneficiaries. Can your claims review resources maximize the turn around time needed for complex claims?