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On World Food Day 2018, Imagine A Chef Cooking for Patients

Health Populi

Today, October 16, is World Food Day. At Health Populi and THINK-Health, we celebrate the birthday of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), allied with the United Nations. FAO was founded to address malnutrition and bolster a sustainable, healthy food supply for people.

FDA’s Guidance Plans for Software in FY 2019

Medical Connectivity

The FDA has released its plans for Final and Draft Guidance Documents for fiscal year 2019. There are A and B lists for each category in terms of FDA's priority for action. On the A list there are 11 current drafts scheduled for finalization.

The Single Market for Healthcare in Europe: Learnings for the U.S.

Health Populi

When I asked my longtime colleague and friend Robert Mittman, with whom I collaborated at Institute for the Future for a decade, how he managed international travel and jet lag, he said simply, “The time zone you’re in is the time zone you’re in.”

Parexel announces new wearable, mobile tech for clinical trials

Mobi Health News

The biopharmaceutical serivce will launch a new service on Microsoft's Azure App Services that will be able to send care teams patient data alerting them of saftey issues.


Rethinking the e-trigger

Morning eHealth

Hospitals are botching records release — Self-fitting hearing aids cleared for marketing


Will Digital Healthcare Technology Disrupt Independent Physicians


Why fear change? Change is good and has developed the world into what it is today. Change partners with adaptation, to promote a new way of doing things. However, is change in the healthcare industry putting independent physicians at risk? With the increased usage of digital healthcare technology, will the independent physician still be able to maintain the walk-in base of customers?

Securing legacy medical devices is daunting – but not optional

Mobi Health News

Skipping out on comprehensive device documentation and risk assessment will cripple an organization's cybersecurity program, experts say


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Ten Tips for Launching a Product or Service – October, 2018

Aging in Place Technology Watch

It’s 2018 and in full sprint to the year-end finish. Soon you will launch a boomer/senior, home health tech product or service, or maybe a caregiver advisory service.


Health IT Startup: Relatient

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Relatient is passionate about assisting healthcare organizations with patient-centered engagement.

CVS + Aetna: Inflection Point in US Healthcare, Merger Approved Update

Health Populi

CVS Health’s acquisition of Aetna was approved this week by U.S. Federal regulators after months of scrutinizing the antitrust-size-market control implications of the deal.

Why healthcare data may be more secure with cloud computing

Mobi Health News

But like with most things in healthcare, organizations need to keep following up after choosing the right vendor and signing an airtight contract to best protect data


HHS to require drug price listings

Morning eHealth

ONC challenge for safer EHRs — Google AI tool for breast cancer metastasis detection

EHR 76

What is caregiving technology, anyway?

Aging in Place Technology Watch

A term that means what you want it to mean. Search for the term ‘caregiving technology’. At the top of the retrieved page – an ad for ClearCare to help you ‘improve client and employee management’ – sounds like paid (agency) home care.


NHIT Week: Six Leaders Reflect on the Value of Health IT

Health System CIO

When six industry veterans reflected on their experiences in the provider, vendor, and consulting worlds, several common themes emerged, according to Sue Schade, who reveals what she learned through these interviews.

Open Source Health Care Will Liberate Patients

Health Populi

Information is power in the hands of people. When it’s open in the sunshine, it empowers people — whether doctors, patients, researchers, Presidents, teachers, students, Everyday People.

Wearables support health, build research data to help patients in Saudi Arabia

Mobi Health News

Manal Almalki, PhD, of Jazan University in Saudi Arabia, is empowering patients to monitor their health at home so they can gain insights into their own body using wearables; the tool is also aggregating data during the patient-run experiments


Oscar will push telemedicine for complex conditions

Morning eHealth

Amazon drops a clue on health care venture — Turning up the heat on CMMI

The Practical Value of Active Shooter Training In Emergency Departments

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Leslie Sanchez, clinical educator, Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Active shooter training was initially seen as cumbersome and just “more training” to complete in our emergency department.


UnitedHealth plans to roll out a new EHR offering for consumers and providers by the end of 2019


UnitedHealth CEO David Wichmann told investors during an earnings call on Tuesday that the company is preparing to launch a "fully individualized and fully portable” EHR to 50 million members by the end of next year. But it's not clear how that product would align with existing EHRs

EHR 90

Brazil’s HealthTech sector is new hot spot

Lloyd Price

Solving big problems for many people is the kind of opportunity that both entrepreneurs and investors love. Like recent Brazilian investment booms focused on fintech innovation and new on-demand business models, there’s been a recent explosion in healthtech startups in Brazil.

EMR 78

Walmart, Amazon patents could take biometric monitoring to a new level

Mobi Health News

Recently granted patents show a shopping cart that monitors your heart rate, Alexa listening for coughs


The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Oct 15, 2018 — No. 108

Story of Digital Health

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Oct 15, 2018 — No. EBD Group has partnered with Demy-Colton to produce a new, three-part report providing insights into digital medicine, which is a subset of digital health encompassing products with potential for disease management.

In Need of Repair: Not-for-Profit Hospitals’ Finances

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Ken Perez, VP of healthcare policy, Omnicell, Inc.


Gartner IT Expo: Wave Three of Healthcare Consumer Engagement


Jeff Cribbs, VP Gartner, gave a session on the third wave of healthcare consumer engagement. Harness a new wave of practices and technology to deliver consumer engagement for your healthcare organization: Consumer access and control of health data will fundamentally change the health data economy.

Checking in with Blue Button 2.0

Morning eHealth

Robin Kelly aims to ramp up health IT goals — Trump administration sued for VA correspondence

NASA pilots UpToDate for clinical support tool in outer space

Mobi Health News

NASA will now be piloting the clinical decision support tool UpToDate, which gives users access to thousands of clinical resourcers, on the International Space Station.


The Tech Giants are Coming for Healthcare

Lloyd Price

Some of the biggest and most famous tech companies are making big bets on health care. The blue chips of Silicon Valley have announced they’re interested in disrupting an industry that has bedeviled us with rising costs and inefficiencies for decades.

Health IT Startup: DocuTAP

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. DocuTAP crafts on-demand healthcare software and services that make over a thousand urgent care clinics run efficiently. We design a tablet-based EHR and PM, offer RCM services, and refine patient workflow.

RCM 73

Telehealth company HealthRight charged in $1B fraud scheme


The CEO of the telemedicine company HealthRight was charged alongside several compounding pharmacies for a $1 billion fraud scheme that charged insurers for marked-up pain creams and marketed millions in bogus supplements to patients

Updating the patient identifier

Morning eHealth

Mattis, Wilkie sign interoperability pledge — Mullin winding up for round 2 on privacy measure

Startup connecting seniors to college students for companionship, services lands $2.4M

Mobi Health News

Miami-based Papa's tech-enabled platform lets elders reach out to college students for transportation, household chores and companionship.


The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Oct 10, 2018 — No. 107 (and 105 & 106)

Story of Digital Health

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Oct 10, 2018 — No. Note: Issues #105 and #106 were sent using the Constant Contact mobile newsletter creation app. Those are also listed below. My newsletters for Sep 30, Oct 3, and Oct 10, 2018 are viewable below. Subscribe for free here.

Troubleshoot Issues Impacting Citrix and Epic Users

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Join Electronic Health Reporter partner Goliath Technologies on Tuesday, October 16th at 12:30 p.m. ET/9:30 a.m.


#FHIR and Cancer Patient Empowerment – Mike’s story

Health Intersections

I’m very honoured to make a guest today from Mike Morris, who I met at the HL7 FHIR Applications Round Table in Washington DC a couple of weeks ago. Mike is a cancer patient who is using FHIR improve his own treatment. Cancer Rears Its Ugly Head. October 18, 2014.


Senators wary of pre-cert

Morning eHealth

Walz pressures VA for info on Mar-a-Lago troika — Report: Patients like unique identifiers, hate smart cards


Digital therapeutics are moving toward a supplement-drug dichotomy

Mobi Health News

At the Digital Health Innovation Summit in Boston, experts said early digital therapeutics companies have an opportunity to sculpt the space

The Path to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare


There is a lot of excitement about Artificial Intelligence. The excitement is certainly warranted based on the potential that these solutions can offer. In an industry that has massive amounts of data and is very dependent on the data to both run efficiently and, more importantly, delivery high quality patient care any technology which can lead to significant improvement is anticipated.