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New Tech Tonics Podcast: O-K K-A-R-D-I-A: The Dave Albert Story

Digital Health

Although his dad was a prominent politician who eventually became Speaker of the House, AliveCor Founder Dave Albert always knew he wanted to a career in medicine – it was the passion he discovered for engineering and entrepreneurship that took him, and his career, by surprise. While Dave chose a very different path than his […].

A millennial doctor’s love-hate relationship with EHRs


At the start of the transition to electronic health records (EHRs), I was totally on board as one would expect of a millennial doctor. I, along with my fellow millennials, grew up alongside the internet.


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FemTech is Hot, and Fitbit Knows It

Health Populi

Girls Rule the World, Beyoncé has told us. But not when it comes to digital health…at least until 2018, as Fitbit has announced a woman-focused smartwatch called the Versa which is expected to hit the market in April 2018.

IDC: Smartwatches will make up 1/3 of the wearables market in 2018

Mobi Health News

Smartwatch popularity continues to be on the rise, but traditional fitness trackers aren't going anywhere either, according to new market research from International Data Corporation (IDC). The entire worldwide wearables market is on track for 15.1 percent growth this year, for a total of 132.9


Your Portal Security Checklist

Health Portal Solutions

With continuous stories of hacking and breaches, it’s no wonder that portal security has become a hot topic in healthcare. In fact, according to a survey by the Healthcare Executive Group , cybersecurity is one of health executives’ top challenges for 2018.


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Texas surgeons perform first sinus surgery using AR

Mobi Health News

The uses of augmented reality have moved well beyond just catching Pokémon — now the technology has found its way into the operating room.

Trump pushes death penalty to help stem opioid epidemic; experts prefer more federal funding


President Trump suggested threatening drug dealers with the death penalty as a way to “get tough” on the opioid epidemic. But key members of Congress and industry experts say what they really need is more federal funding for education efforts and access to addiction treatment


The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Update ? Paul Sonnier ? Mar 13, 2018 ? #317

Story of Digital Health

I made this announcement to 61,742 members of the Digital Health group on LinkedIn. If you’re on LinkedIn, please do join the group , which allows you to opt in to receiving these announcements in addition to connecting with thousands of other global stakeholders in digital health.

How We Spend Versus What We Get: America’s Healthcare Spending Makes for Poor Health

Health Populi

The U.S. spent nearly twice as much as other wealthy countries on healthcare, mostly due to higher prices for both labor and products (especially prescription drugs). And, America spends more on administrative costs compared to other high-income countries. What do U.S.

Dental Trailer filling the Gap between Dentists and Australian Remote Communities

KB Dental Consulting

Introduction. According to many searches, the dental health care status among Australian people who live in rural areas is poorer than the people located in bigger the cities.

Fitbit unveils new tracker for kids, new smartwatch for adults

Mobi Health News

Come this spring adults won’t be the only ones with their own line of Fitbit trackers. The company recently announced a new set of products including the Fitbit Ace, which is a tracker designed for children 8 years old and up, as well a much anticipated new smartwatch, the Fitbit Versa.

No slowdown in consolidation trend: Hospitals acquire 5,000 independent practices in 1 year


There’s been no slowdown in the trend toward physician employment, as new data shows that hospitals acquired 5,000 independent physician practices in a 12-month period. Those practices were bought up by hospitals between July 2015 and July 2016, according to data released by the Physicians Advocacy Institute


The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Update ? Paul Sonnier ? Mar 20, 2018 ? #318

Story of Digital Health

I will be making this announcement to 61,000+ members of the Digital Health group on LinkedIn. If you’re on LinkedIn, please do join the group , which allows you to opt in to receiving these announcements in addition to connecting with thousands of other global stakeholders in digital health.

Rx 2018: A New Era of Specialty Drugs, Telehealth, Mobile Apps and Value, IQVIA Reports

Health Populi

In 2018, spending on branded prescription drugs will fall in wealthy countries, while spending on specialty drugs will increase, resulting in flat medicines spending. In the U.S.,

Observations and Reflections on HIMSS 2018


The HIMSS 2018 conference recently wrapped up and as usual, it was educational, informative and exhaustive. Around meetings and other obligations at HIMSS 2018, I walked the exhibit hall to catch up on the general state of the health IT market. The traditional health IT vendors enhanced their existing products and, in many cases, expanded to address areas not previously covered. However, my focus really wasn’t on these vendors.


Google researchers find trained AI detects diabetic retinopathy on par with experts

Mobi Health News

In new study published in Ophthalmology, Google AI researchers found that they could improve their AI disease detecting software by using a small subset of images adjudicated by ophthalmologists that specialize in retinal diseases


Shulkin has GOP Senator’s support

Morning eHealth

Biden attacks Trump administration’s health IT policy — Medicare head to testify on value-based care


Northwell Health wants to combine drones and telehealth to improve emergency care


Northwell Health's next foray into telehealth could come by way of drone. In an interview with FierceHealthcare at the HIMSS conference in Las Vegas, Northwell Health Chief Technology Officer Purna Prasad, Ph.D., explained how the New York health system plans to test the use of drones to supplement emergency response

Survey: Most Docs Optimistic that Digital Tech Will Reduce Provider Burden

Healthcare Informatics

Physicians widely agree that digital technology will contribute to population health, reduced burden on the health care system and lower costs, according to a recent survey


#HIMSS18: Digital, Data and the Patient Experience


#HIMSS18 brought together 45,000+ professionals from around the world for five days of education, innovation and collaboration to help uncover the promise of health information and technology. After arriving on site, I witnessed thousands of healthcare professionals approaching the convention center and slowly trickling into the vendor hall. The convention hall featured 1,300+ companies and booths with professional displays of lights and visuals, taking days to construct on location.

EY: 63 percent of patients comfortable with tech-enabled health tracking

Mobi Health News

When it comes to collecting health and wellness data and sharing with physicians, more than half of patients -- and nearly three quarters of doctors -- are comfortable with the prospect, according to a survey conducted this year by EY and announced at HIMSS.


Trump opioid plan has health IT goodies

Morning eHealth

CMS lays out genetic test reimbursement plan — Health IT safety groups seek government help

Opioid addiction and HIV/AIDS expert Robert R. Redfield, M.D., expected to be named head of CDC


Robert R. Redfield, M.D., appears to be the leading candidate to head the CDC. He would bring expertise in HIV/AIDS and in the treatment of opioid and heroin addiction treatment, anonymous White House sources told two news outlets. Redfield is an advocate for medical-assisted treatment for opioid addiction, an approach favored by HHS Secretary Alex Azar


Enterprise Telemedicine Strategies Gaining Steam, Survey Finds

Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare providers are increasingly leveraging a centrally-managed (enterprise) approach to telemedicine, according to the results of the REACH Health 2018 U.S. Telemedicine Industry Benchmark survey


Google’s New Eye Artificial Intelligence Algorithm


Healthcare breakthroughs are happening on a daily occurrence in 2018. Dominant companies of business are developing new and advanced strategies for optimal patient care and diagnosis. Google has stepped into the light and released a new eye artificial intelligence algorithm, in the early stages of development, which can detect patient health problems. The new state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) developed by Google can specifically detect early signs of cardiovascular risks.

FDA to Opternative: Online eye exams are a Class 2 device

Mobi Health News

Opternative, a Chicago-based purveyor of online and mobile refractive eye exams, received a warning letter from the FDA last fall. The October 30 warning letter was only recently made public by the agency


Shulkin shocker: Rick Perry in?

Morning eHealth

HHS cybersecurity center still unsettled — FCC and broadband matters


Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson urges Trump to keep Shulkin on as VA secretary


While David Shulkin’s future as Veterans Affairs secretary remains uncertain, he has the support of at least one key Republican senator. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee, told President Donald Trump this weekend that he has full confidence in Shulkin’s ability to lead the agency


Telemedicine is bringing our children back

The Arizona Telemedicine Program Blog

Adults with congenital heart disease have one thing in common: loss to follow up. Across the world, children born with congenital heart diagnoses often stop engaging with the medical system when they graduate from high school.

Thoughts on Clinical Decision Support and its Future: Dr Greenes Interview

Medical Connectivity

In two of my last blog posts, I have interviewed people and companies working in the support and implementation of decision support. With this blog post, I have the honor of interviewing Robert A.

IDC report: Apple back on top of wearables market

Mobi Health News

Apple has risen to the top of the competitive global wearables market, according to an IDC report that came out at the beginning of this month. Meanwhile the overall growth of the space has slowed as control of the market consolidates among big players


VA-Cerner numbers skyrocket

Morning eHealth

Medicare, Medicaid Commissions report on telehealth — Jared and Seema forge ahead on health data

Drug pricing lawsuit proceeds against Cigna as lawmaker calls for a closer look at Express Scripts deal


A federal judge in Connecticut ruled this week that a class-action lawsuit alleging Cigna artificially inflated drug prices can move forward to the discovery phase. The ruling comes as one lawmaker calls for a closer look at Cigna's $67 billion acquisition of Express Scripts, which would give the insurer control of the country's largest pharmacy benefits manager


Quest Diagnostics CIO Lidia Fonseca Talks Analytics and Design Thinking – Harlow on Healthcare

Health Blawg

While at HIMSS 2018, I spoke with Lidia Fonseca, SVP and CIO of Quest Diagnostics about a broad range of issues: the evolving role of the CIO; design thinking; big data and analytics; and presenting information in meaningful ways to multiple audiences, including patients, providers and payors. Last year, Fonseca won a Forbes CIO Innovation Award in recognition of the QuestQuanum suite of information and analytics tools. She has previously served as CIO of LabCorp.