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Closing the Digital Health Gap Between Consumers and Physicians

Health Populi

Consumers are more bullish demanding virtual and digital health tools from their physicians than doctors are in providing it, based on the research findings in What can health systems do to encourage physicians to embrace virtual care? from Deloitte.

In-Depth: Advances and challenges in digital dermatology

Mobi Health News

Alexander Börve’s company FirstDerm offers online consultations with board-certified dermatologists and a free product that uses AI to give users ideas about what their skin condition might be. But Börve’s background isn’t in dermatology. In fact he’s an orthopedic surgeon by training.


Amp Up Your Service Desk Agents with Our Customer-Focused Poster

HitPoint Blog

Are your IT Service Desk users literally your “best customers?” ” You bet. Every time they must contact the hospital Service Desk they are paying with their precious time, likely stress, and their patients’ time and access to proper care.

ECRI to stand up AHRQ guideline site replacement

Morning eHealth

New cyber threat: hospital hijacking — R2D4


Check out these SEARCH2018 Featured Presentations

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CMS telemedicine expansion could lead to cuts in Medicare base rate

Morning eHealth

What ONC is up to — HITAC task force on interoperability to get underway

Exciting Announcements from SEARCH2018!

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If Data Is The New Oil in Healthcare, Will It Be Safe to Drink? The Accenture Digital Health Tech Vision 2018

Health Populi

With the vast majority of patients’ medical records now digitized in electronic health records systems, the opportunities to mine, learn from, and act on the findings are promising for U.S. healthcare.

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Update ? Paul Sonnier ? July 20, 2018 ? #335

Story of Digital Health

I made this announcement to 63,919 members of the Digital Health group on LinkedIn. If you’re on LinkedIn, please do join the group , which allows you to opt in to receiving these announcements in addition to connecting with thousands of other global stakeholders in digital health.

Analysis: Mental health apps overdiagnose, steer toward self-help

Mobi Health News

While the use of mental health apps has been on the rise, researchers of a recent analysis published by the Annals of Family Medicine, which is broadly critical of these platforms, worry that these apps could lead to unnecessary diagnoses and misinformation about mental illness.

Ways and Means hearings

Morning eHealth

Cyber attacks onslaught continues — Distracted


The Health Data Life Cycle: 7 Key Stages To Success In Value-Based Care

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Richard A. Royer, chief executive officer, Primaris.

Cynefin Framework: Disorder in Healthcare


During the last several blogs , we talked about the Cynefin framework and its four types of projects: Simple, Complicated, Complex and Chaotic.


HIStalk Interviews Eric McDonald, CEO, DocuTap

HIStalk Interviews

Eric McDonald is founder and CEO of DocuTap of Sioux Falls, SD. Tell me about yourself and the company. My background is computer science and mathematics. I founded the company about 15 years ago. We have created an electronic medical record, practice management system, and strong business analytics solution for the on-demand space. That’s also known as the urgent care space, but it is morphing and changing into more what we call on-demand care.

Health Wizz pilots blockchain and FHIR mobile app for EHRs

Mobi Health News

Health Wizz has updated and is piloting its unusual blockchain- and FHIR-enabled EHR aggregator mobile app, which uses blockchain to tokenize data, enabling patients to securely aggregate, organize, share, donate and/or trade their medical records

EHR 135

VA dustups continue

Morning eHealth

AHRQ still lookin’ — FDA unveils new EHR-in-clinical-trials guidance

EHR 79

Health IT Startup: YourDoctors.Online

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. YourDoctors.Online provides patients direct access to the North American doctors. The company’s general physicians are available online to answer any general inquiry and experienced specialists for second opinions.

Weekender 7/20/18

HIStalk Weekender

Weekly News Recap. A survey finds that both consumers and physicians recognize the benefits of virtual care, but few consumers have experienced it and few doctors offer it. Tenet Healthcare considers selling its Conifer Health Solutions business for up to $2 billion.

The Importance of a Digital Strategy for Women’s Health Services


The strategy for women’s health and well-being has been widely discussed at global and domestic levels for many years. With life expectancy remaining higher for women than it has for men, a shift towards prevention and wellness, the rapid adoption of digital technologies improving accessing to a wealth of healthcare information and services at the touch of a fingertip and much more, women are increasingly participating in decision-making on their health throughout their entire life-course.

Physitrack launches enterprise-focused offerings for its digital physical therapy platform

Mobi Health News

To expand beyond the small- and mid-size employer market, digital physical therapy, telehealth, and patient engagement platform Physitrack has launched two new enterprise-focused offerings for new or current customers

Will study results mean more teleabortion?

Morning eHealth

Wilkie vote coming — Big cyberattacks revealed


Extinguishing Employee Burnout

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Henry Albrecht, founder and CEO, Limeade. Leading CEOs will never say “wellness” is a top priority. Instead, they care about increasing revenue, providing great customer service or disrupting their market.


Dental Benefit Portals

Health Portal Solutions

Dental benefit management is no easy task. Besides engaging members to use their dental benefits, dental administrators must keep costs low and operate efficiently in order to be as profitable as possible.


#FHIR Medication.Request message data structure analysis

Health Intersections

Here’s a contribution from a FHIR Implementer who says: I think this spreadsheet might be a useful HL7 training resource to understand this significant change from HL7v2 to HL7 FHIR timing.repeat message structure. Indeed, I think it’s pretty useful – so I’m posting it here so implementers can found it by search engine. HL7-Medication-Request-Dose-Timing-Frequencies-with-table-structure-20180704. FHIR Implementation


Israeli government dips into digital health with $33M grant

Mobi Health News

Israel is continuing to carve out its space as a digital health hub in the Middle East. Today the Israeli government announced a $33 million grant aimed at furthering the country's foothold in digital health, specifically in biotech and medicine, according to Reuters

A New Era in Ultrasound Diagnostics

New Age Healthcare

M ounting patient population base for chronic and infectious diseases, clinical and technological expansions, and rising demand for minimally invasive diagnostic techniques have boosted the growth of global ultrasound market, which is expected to reach USD 6.86 billion by 2021 at a CAGR of 5.2% ( MarketsandMarkets report, Feb 2017 ). Emerging markets such as China and India, with swelling healthcare expenditure, are providing a huge fillip to the rapidly advancing ultrasound market.

Android App Development – Questions to Ask before Hiring an Agency


If you are looking to hire a mobile app development company for your Android app development, don’t make it a hasty step! With over 8 million apps currently to be found on the Google Play store, you would want your app to stand out in the crowd.


Can Telemedicine Help Solve the Opioid Crisis?

The Arizona Telemedicine Program Blog

Opioid addiction – both prescription and non-prescription – has reached crisis levels in the United States. The U.S. population represents just 5 percent of the global population, yet we consume 80 percent of the world’s opioids.

Active Questionnaires in #FHIR

Health Intersections

FHIR defines a Questionnaire resource that specifies a set of questions for a user, along with a QuestionnaireResponse resource to capture their response. Forms/Questionnaires like this are ubiquitious in healthcare, so this has had a lot of attention. A questionnaire contains a list of questions, with a nested structure, and for each question, a way to specify another question that the visibility of the question depends on.


Consumerism coming to healthcare: Opportunities and obstacles

Mobi Health News

Healthcare organizations aren't making significant strides in adapting to consumerism, even despite increasing demand, competition for patient loyalty and plenty of lip service to the idea.

Timebound XDS queries done right

Healthcare Exchange Standards

As the author of the soon to be published IHE "Document Sharing Metadata Handbook", I have been involved in some very deep and disturbing discussions on how to do timebound queries in XDS/XCA. I say very deep because this discussion included almost a dozen of the best minds on the XDS Metadata and Query models. Disturbing because the discussion showed that the simple concept of timebound queries in XDS/XCA is not understood well. Perplexing because we have figured this out many times.


HIStalk Interviews Mudit Garg, CEO, Qventus

HIStalk Interviews

Mudit Garg, MSEE, MBA is co-founder and CEO of Qventus of Mountain View, CA. Tell me about yourself and the company. Qventus is an AI platform. We work with hospitals and health systems to help them manage their day-to-day operations. I’m one of the founders and CEO of the company. My background for the last 10-11 years has been in healthcare operations, specifically in lean process improvement. I’m proud of that.

Embleema Launches Public Beta of Personal Health Records Blockchain

Lloyd Price

Embleema, a Delaware company, emerged from stealth and launched the public beta of its HIPAA-compliant, personal health records blockchain after one year of research and development, the company said on Tuesday.

Report: Digital Health VC Funding Surges to Record $4.9 Billion in 2018

Healthcare Informatics

Global venture capital funding for digital health companies in the first half of 2018 was 22 percent higher year-over-year (YoY) with a record $4.9 billion raised in 383 deals compared to the $4 billion in 359 deals in the same time period last year, according to Mercom Capital Group’s latest report