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I didn’t become a physician to do data entry


The trouble began when I needed to open the electronic health record (EHR) system for the tenth time that day. EHRs have significantly changed the way we practice medicine.

EHR 246

Best Buy Bets on AgingTech in the Expanding Retail Health Ecosystem

Health Populi

With the acquisition of GreatCall, a mature player in the aging-tech space, Best Buy is doubling down on consumer health technology@retail. This week at Best Buy. the electronics retailer, it’s out with CDs and in with technology for aging at home.

Wealth is Health and Health, Wealth, Fidelity Knows – with Weight a Major Risk Factor

Health Populi

The two top stressors in American life are jobs and finances. “My weight” and my family’s health follow just behind these across the generations.


IoT is Reinvigorating the Engineering Medical Device Market

Duane Boise

The advancements in technology enable consumers to have mobile and wearable devices, which can also monitor and improve health. Smartwatches, pendants and other wearables monitor vital signs, sleeping patterns and activity habits.

Top 4 Digital Solutions For Preventive Healthcare

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Digitalization is inevitable: Technology and healthcare are becoming more inextricably linked as new innovations and discoveries are made.


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Ways and Means previews next moves

Morning eHealth

ACO fallout coming? Research roundup


Blockchain for Patient to sell their data to Clinical Research

Healthcare Exchange Standards

Smart-Contracts are a very important part of blockchain. The openness of blockchain is another. I have presented a possible way to use these features of blockchain to enable a Patient to be able to sell access to their data. I include some features also enabled by blockchain, such as micro-payments and escrow for breach of terms. I think these are critical to Patient selling access to their Data, and the ability to add this is simple given the Bitcoin example of Blockchain.


Evolution of Blockchain in Healthcare : The View From Inside the Industry

Lloyd Price

In what was considered a pivotal moment for blockchain in healthcare, five prominent healthcare groups announced in April that they would be launching a blockchain-based pilot with the aim of improving on healthcare data quality and reduction in administrative costs.

Advanced ‘Real-Time’ Surgical Imaging Systems

New Age Healthcare

hile performing complex surgical procedures, surgeons always aim for precision and high-level of efficiency in delivering the best possible treatment to the patient.


Best Buy acquires aging in place tech company GreatCall for $800M

Mobi Health News

San Diego-based GreatCall — an old guard digital health company which started out making smartphones for seniors in 2006 but now offers a suite of connected safety products and services for aging in place individuals — has been acquired by retail chain Best Buy for $800 million

Today: White House hosts Blue Button 2.0 expo

Morning eHealth

What CMS proposal means for health IT — Why a bad health app could get great reviews

Best Buy Acquires GreatCall – What’s it Mean for Best Buy?

Aging in Place Technology Watch

First take – this links together multiple Best Buy initiatives, starting in 2011. Look at the history of Best Buy.

Making Care Connections Happen: How Intermountain Healthcare is Moving the Needle on Virtual Care

Healthcare Informatics

In March, Intermountain Healthcare announced the launch of one of the nation’s largest virtual hospital services. One of the organization’s senior leaders discusses why the health system went in this direction


University Hospital Zurich Automates Medical Coding with Machine Learning

Lloyd Price

Physicians, administrators and other healthcare professionals at University Hospital Zurich (USZ) will have a new assistant in the future: a machine learning system that helps them assign super-accurate medical codes.


SPR Therapeutics gains FDA clearance for update to its percutaneous, wearable pain relief platform

Mobi Health News

Cleveland, Ohio-based SPR Therapeutics announced today that it has received FDA clearance for a new version of its percutaneous, wearable pain management device

Health IT experts waiting for more on cloud pledge

Morning eHealth

Conflict of interest watch — NYU to offer free med school tuition

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Update ? Paul Sonnier ? Aug 13, 2018 ? #338

Story of Digital Health

I made this announcement to 64,275 members of the Digital Health group on LinkedIn. If you’re on LinkedIn, please do join the group , which allows you to opt in to receiving these announcements in addition to connecting with thousands of other global stakeholders in digital health.

Book Review: Unspoken Truths about Marijuana

Christina's Considerations

One risk to healthy children and families, as I've seen in my own circle of friends, has been marijuana use at a young age. While some don't experience adverse symptoms, others seem to be more prone to troubles and the. Books Healthy Children and Families Hospitals & Health Systems Workplace Health and Wellness


Healthcare Information Integration Challenges and Solutions


Healthcare IT is ever-changing and Perficient is on the forefront of this change, guiding the industry and those we serve toward a brighter future.

EMR 62

Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce pledge to remove interoperability barriers

Mobi Health News

WASHINGTON, DC – A broad coalition of technology giants took the stage in an unscheduled session at the Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference here in the White House.

Senate health funding bill coming

Morning eHealth

Personnel moves at VA, FBI — Tech roundup


25% of Australians to opt out of My Health Record

Lloyd Price

More than a quarter of Australians will opt out of the federal government's controversial electronic health record system, a new survey has found.

HR 6199: A Benefit To Both Patients and Physicians

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Adam Habig, co-founder and president, Freedom Healthworks. Obtaining healthcare today is daunting. For those unhappy with our current system and seeking greater choice, HR 6199 is a step in the right direction.


Weekender 8/17/18

HIStalk Weekender

Weekly News Recap. Best Buy acquires GreatCall, which offers emergency response services and digital health devices for seniors, for $800 million.

Healthcare messaging system Klara lands $11.5M in Series A funding

Mobi Health News

New York-based Klara, a healthcare messaging system, has just landed another $11.5 million in Series A funding in a round led by FirstMark Capital with participation from Lerer Hippeau, Project A Ventures, Atlantic Labs, and other individual investors.


CMS: Data API could cut costs in the long-term

Morning eHealth

Tech titans promise to cooperate on interoperability — DeepMind AI detects eye disease

If Disney Ran Your Hospital : What Healthcare can learn from Mickey Mouse

Lloyd Price

If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently Fred Lee was an American hospital executive who left his senior role in health care and joined Disney.

Healthcare use of Blockchain on FHIR

Healthcare Exchange Standards

I went to the ONC Interop Forum in DC. The security track focused on blockchain all morning. There was nothing new mentioned. This not to say that the audience didn't get any value, just that I didn't hear anything new. This lack of new insight is itself an important point.


Health IT Startup: Verato

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Verato enables organizations to rapidly improve patient matching or customer matching through two cloud-based products that are powered by referential matching.

Apple is developing custom health information tracking chips

Mobi Health News

The custom sensor would measure information from the body beyond heart rate, report says

Healthcare Information Integration Challenges and Solutions


Healthcare IT is ever-changing and Perficient is on the forefront of this change, guiding the industry and those we serve toward a brighter future. We partner with healthcare companies to help people live their lives to their fullest potential today, using best practices and cost saving technologies and processes.

EMR 52

The UK’s biggest NHS trust is poised to spend £400M on an Electronic Patient Record system

Lloyd Price

The NHS’s biggest hospital trust has signalled its intention to spend up to £400m on an electronic patient record system, in one of the biggest tenders of its kind.

How Telemedicine Can Help Solve Our Increasing Physician Shortage

The Arizona Telemedicine Program Blog

An aging and expanding population and a nationwide shortage of practicing physicians is worsening, according to the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC), and other healthcare experts.

Empowering the Next Generation of Potential KP Employees

Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

Interns with the Kaiser Permanente’s Mid-Atlantic States Youth Internship Program recently closed the summer with a celebration at the Center for Total Health. While not all could attend, there were 221 interns in this year’s program.