Avoiding A Malpractice Suit With Medical Technology

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Even though doctors and nurses change and save lives daily, they assume a great deal of liability in the process, causing many medical professionals to worry about potential malpractice suits. This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited.

A Concerning Gap in Cybersecurity for Medical Technology

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Notwithstanding mass adoption of antivirus protection and firewalls among healthcare providers, there remains a security gap for biomedical technologies, according to a report from Zingbox. This concerning finding was confirmed in recent observations from Gartner, which wrote in a market trends report that, “generally, medical devices are not replaced for at least ten years, with many running old software that has not been updated or patched.”


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Medical Technology: Going Beyond The Pill

Duane Boise

Companies are now being forced to go “beyond the pill” and creatively strategize for how to merge the healthcare of the past with the healthcare of the future, which is centered around technology. Eventually, the majority of medications will be paired with an app that will aid in collecting necessary patient information that can be used to measure how the treatment is progressing, as well as any pertinent data that can be used by the physician in future treatment.

Reviewing the Top Medical Technology of 2018

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Technological innovations are helping medical experts advance and improve the healthcare industry. Some of the technologies allow healthcare professionals to diagnose diseases with 100 percent accuracy. Through technology and science, medical researchers are creating innovations that are improving, expanding and transforming the healthcare industry. Technological advancements, […]. This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter.

Australia-based medical technology company Nanosonics launches infection prevention digital product, eyes US rollout

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The product's first application will be in the ultrasound market

5 Gadgets That Contribute To Medical Technology

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The emergence of different cutting-edge medical devices is a positive sign that the medical technology landscape is in excellent state. For many years, medical technology is there to solve health problems and improve our daily lives. So, it’s great to hear that the advancements in technology today promise us much better health and wellness. The article 5 Gadgets That Contribute To Medical Technology appeared first on electronichealthreporter.com.

5 Reasons Medical Technology Appears to Fail

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In medicine there’s an endemic mindset that if medical technology doesn’t work it will never work. The EHR, of course, is the poster child for technology’s failure in health care. But is the idea of a digital space for a patient’s medical information really a failed concept? Reasons for the apparent failure of technology in medicine. Here’s why medical technology may sometimes look like a fail: Design. Technology and physicians shape each other.

The future of medical technology devices in the time of COVID-19

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In this COVID-19 era, the need for health and care systems to become agile and change is very real.

The CES 2022 Tech Trends to Watch Have Everything To Do With Health/Care

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The four top trends to watch for this week at CES 2022 are transportation, space tech, sustainable technology, and digital health, based on Steve Koenig’s annual read-out that kicks off this largest annual conference featuring innovations in consumer electronics.

Withings Acquires Impeto Medical to Strengthen and Grow Its Research and Development of Medical Technologies

Healthcare IT Today

Leader in the tracking of peripheral neuropathies, acquired by pioneers of connected health Withings, the pioneer of the connected health movement, has announced the acquisition of Impeto Medical, a specialist in R&D, manufacturing and distribution of innovative medical devices for physicians.

Why #CES2022 Will Be Keynoted By A Health Care Innovator for the First Time

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In October 2021, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced that Robert Ford, CEO and President of Abbott, would give a keynote speech at CES 2022, the world’s largest annual convention of the technology industry.

IoT and The Rise of the Machines in Healthcare

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In health care, outdated operating systems present some of the greatest risks: 15% of medical devices and 32% of medical imaging tools run on outdated operating systems. In medical facilities, one-half of the cyber-attacks were on medical devices, the circle graph illustrates.

How Public Health Crises Have Advanced Medical Technologies

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Throughout history, medical technology has largely evolved according to demand. As the world continues to respond to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, learn how some public health crises shaped the evolution of medical technology. Advancing the Reaches of Telehealth.

Why CES 2022 Will Be Keynoted by a Health Care Executive

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The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced that Robert Ford, CEO and President of Abbott, will give a keynote speech at CES 2022, the world’s largest annual convention of the technology industry.

Can the U.S. Improve Health System Performance with Digital Health Tools? Pondering A Big Question for #HIMSS21

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we Americans can chant, when it comes to medical spending. for health care spending as a proportion of GDP are Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Canada, and France, all of which allocates between 10 and 12% of GDP to medical costs.

Industry Voices—4 ways medical technology can help prevent the next pandemic, and even help fight this one


The medical technology to help prevent the spread of future infectious agents, and even to fight the one in our midst, exists now The tools for fighting pandemics are right under our noses.

Digital Health Tools Are Finding Business Models – IQVIA’s 2021 Read on the Health of Digital Health

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Today, one-half of the categories speak to more “medical”/clinical areas that are disease specific, addressing women’s health, medication adherence, and healthcare administration workflows.

The Patient Safety Issue of Racial Disparities and the Opportunity for “Health Equity By Design”

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In 2021, racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare are a top patient safety issue, according to ECRI’s annual list of major concerns facing healthcare consumers’ risks to adverse events that can harm them.

How Medical Technology Companies Are Moving Forward

Medicine and Technology

Medical technology is becoming an increasing part of our world. The main reason for this is as we develop better technology, we can save lives and live more safely. Medical Technology The importance of medical technology in the modern world cannot be overstated. The biggest driver behind these medical innovations is the companies building these products and driving this innovation.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Turbocharged Digital Health Investment in 2020

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Four groups made up most of this investment cohort: health care providers, technology companies, biopharma/life science, and health care payers.

Digital Health Gaps in the Pandemic Through the Eyes of Younger Physicians

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Philips conducted 500 interviews with doctors in China, France, Germany, Singapore, and the United States to assess their views on technology and health care in the pandemic. Technology solutions meant for clinicians to use must be designed to be productive, efficient, and even enchanting.

Health Consumers After COVID-19 – A View from the Consumer Technology Association

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The pandemic has accelerated consumer trends already in motion early this year when the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) convened the annual CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The first line is the most dramatic shift, illustrating the use of telehealth or remote medical services used pre-pandemic by 10% of consumers. The post Health Consumers After COVID-19 – A View from the Consumer Technology Association appeared first on HealthPopuli.com.

Medical technology firms gets personal with ‘Digital Twins’

Lloyd Price

The digital heart twin developed by Siemens Healthineers is one example of how medical device makers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to help doctors make more precise diagnoses as medicine enters an increasingly personalized age. A shortage of doctors in countries such as China is also spurring demand for new AI tools to analyze medical images and the race is on to commercialize products that could shake up health care systems around the world.

Managing the Risks of Fast-Growing Digital Health

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Investments in the digital health sector have fast-grown in the past decade, reaching $14bn in 2020 based on Rock Health’s latest read on the market. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the field across many industry segments.

Designing Digital Health for Public Health Preparedness and Equity: the Consumer Tech Association Doubles Down

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At the same time, CTA has published a paper on Advancing Health Equity Through Technology which complements and reinforces the PHTI announcement and objective.

Faster Pace for Corporate Investments and Behavioral Health in COVID-Driven Digital Health Era

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Another company I’ve followed closely over the past few years was for Outset Medical, the connected dialysis system company, raising $125 mm. I’ve written about Outset Medical here in Health Populi : Home is the New and Future Medical Home for Dialysis.

Be Mindful About What Makes Health at HLTH

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The major financial problems people faced in the past few months included making credit card and loan payments (among 1 in 5 people), affording medical care (for 17%), paying utilities, paying mortgage or rent, and affording food, shown in the first graph from the report (“Figure 4”).

The Digital Home: A Platform for Health, via Deloitte and the COVID-19 “Stress Test”

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This analysis was done, as it is every year, by the Deloitte Center for Technology, Media & Telecommunications. Wherever you live in the world touched by the coronavirus pandemic, you felt (and were) stress-tested. Both you were, and your home was as well.

The ROI on Virtual Care – Thinking About Value and Future Prospects With the AMA

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When a new technology or product starts to get used in a market, it follows a diffusion curve whose slope depends on the pace of adoption in that market. ” Health Populi’s Hot Points: I introduced this post talking about the S-curve of the diffusion of new technologies.

Dr. Roboto? Stanford Medicine Foresees Digital Doctors “Maturing”

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Stanford Medicine interviewed 523 physicians and 210 medical students and residents in September and October 2019 to assess clinicians’ perspectives on digital health topics for this study.

COVID-19 Has Accelerated Consumers’ Interest in Healthy Home Tech

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” The vast majority of consumers are concerned about some aspect of their home’s health, like air or water quality, according to Healthy Home Technologies , a report published in October 2020 by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), convener of the annual CES. adults in late July 2020, gauging consumers’ interest in personal health and well-being and home technologies’ potential impacts on mental and physical health. One in two U.S.

Health Is Everywhere at #CES2021 – CTA’s CES 2021 Tech Trends to Watch

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will reach $845 million based on the forecast of the Consumer Technology Association, convening the annual 2021 CES this week in a virtual format. An enabling technology supporting the growth of the connected health data ecosystem is cloud computing.

Addressing Health Equity Must Include Digital Equity Beyond Access To Medical Services and Insurance

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Three physicians from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, part of Harvard Medical School, cite three pillars that underpin digital health inequity in America: Technology access barriers, Digital health literacy, and.

Telehealth and COVID-19 in the U.S.: A Conversation with Ann Mond Johnson, ATA CEO

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Will the coronavirus inspire greater adoption of telehealth in the U.S.? Let’s travel to Shanghai, China where, “the covid-19 epidemic has brought millions of new patients online.

How COVID-19 Is Reshaping Cities and Inspiring Healthcare Innovation

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The first graphic here imagines our work-life balance as we transition from working remotely to life back int he office, leveraging technologies for the various risk-events we would encounter in the experience.

Do-It-Yourself Innovation Comes to Health at Home – Telehealth, Fjord 2021 Trends and #CES2021

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“Historically, people have often been quick to adopt new digital technology and slower to adapt to what it can help them achieve,” Fjord noted.

The Digital Consumer, Increasingly Connected to Health Devices; Parks Associates Kicking Off #CES2021

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Breaches immediately result in poor user experience and eventual consumer apprehension in purchasing connecting technologies. Medical literacy, such as understanding medical instructions following up procedures, lab tests, and inpatient discharges to the home.

Physicians Lean In to Digital Health, Especially Telehealth and Remote Monitoring

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doctors are using digital health tools in patient care, with quickening adoption of telehealth and remote monitoring technology, according to a study from the American Medical Association (AMA). More U.S.

Are Robots Coming to Healthcare? Consumers Say Not-So-Fast

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Think: medication reminders and around-the-house services that a human homecare aid might perform, among other medical support tasks. But visions of Rosie-the-Robot serving up healthcare at home is beyond most consumers’ desires at this moment, according to a new survey published by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Robotics: Current Landscape & Consumer Perceptions. Samsung introduced BotCare , a caring robot, at CES 2019.

Despite Greater Digital Health Engagement, Americans Have Worse Health and Financial Outcomes Than Other Nations’ Health Citizens

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Some of the key behaviors Deloitte gauged to measure health care consumerism were, Increasing use of technology and willingness to share personal health information. Interest in emerging technologies like AI and robotics.