A Concerning Gap in Cybersecurity for Medical Technology

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Notwithstanding mass adoption of antivirus protection and firewalls among healthcare providers, there remains a security gap for biomedical technologies, according to a report from Zingbox. The post A Concerning Gap in Cybersecurity for Medical Technology appeared first on HealthPopuli.com.

Making Health Care Better, from the N of 1 to the Public’s Health – Trend-Weaving Medecision Liberation 2019

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And Deb herself, surviving a tough condition, found that her own medical records were located in four disparate health systems based on the fragmented nature of her care delivered through different provider organizations. Health and our health information are deeply personal.

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The Venture Valkyrie’s Next AdVenture

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Ron Popeil couldn’t incorporate this many features into a contraption – yes, she slices and dices healthcare and technology, places bets on the best of them, and she deploys a whole lot more tools in her Mary Poppins-rich toolbox.

Medical technology firms gets personal with ‘Digital Twins’

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The digital heart twin developed by Siemens Healthineers is one example of how medical device makers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to help doctors make more precise diagnoses as medicine enters an increasingly personalized age. s pharma and medical technology practice in Germany.

Using AI-Fueled Tech to Bring Digital Health Care to Millions

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The report furthers that AI clinical support will strengthen medical image diagnosis processes and use AI solutions for hospital workflows will enhance care delivery. Something that was once an imaginative and far-off idea has now become the forefront of healthcare and life sciences.

Think Like a LEGO Builder in Healthcare – Considering PwC’s New Health Economy Vision

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Expect “new combinations” of industry actors and technologies to reorganize and re-imagine healthcare, with an eye on both price and investments in customer experience (CX), PwC envisions in their latest report on The New Health Economy in the Age of Disruption.

Strengths, Opportunities, Constraints and Barriers to the Commercialisation of Evidence Based Digital Health Technologies in Australia

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Such a complex system slows the uptake of new technologies and innovation and their transfer to the front lines of healthcare. We have experience and capability in doing this as proven by our biopharmaceutical and medical devices industries.

Medicine 2.0 : Implications of Connected Medical Devices & Digital Healthcare

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Empowered by the latest technology, patients today expect to be more actively involved in their own health matters. The medical device sector, in particular, represents a natural fit for Medicine 2.0,

The Biggest Growth Opportunities in Healthcare

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Despite the promise of digital transformation, the potential promise and actual commercial application still remain the poles apart from some of the most touted technologies like AI and blockchain , according to Behera. [link].