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Most Americans, Both Younger and Older, Worry About the Future of Medicare and Social Security

Health Populi

You would assume that most people over 50 would be worried about the financial future of Medicare to cover health care as those middle-aged Americans age. The most cost-secure are people over 65 (read: Medicare-secure, among two-thirds) and younger people 18 to 29 (6 of whom lack confidence to pay for health care as they age).

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Discount drug company Waltz Health moves into Medicare market

Mobi Health News

The company will offer a customizable version of its Marketplace Search Technology to health plans supporting Medicare beneficiaries.

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Court pauses CMS broker compensation rule for Medicare Advantage plans


A recent lawsuit has pushed back against an industry-opposed Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) final rule on broker compensation in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. | A district court in Texas is halting a federal rule that changes broker compensation and overhauls marketing to seniors.

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HHS lowers 64 prescription drug prices under Medicare rebate program


Medicare enrollees will pay less for 64 prescription drugs from July though the end of September because drug companies raised prices faster than the rate of inflation, the Centers for Medicare &am | Medicare enrollees will see lower prices this quarter for certain drugs treating cancer and genetic disorders under action unveiled by CMS.

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Medicare Is Cutting 2022 FFS Payments 9.75% & Raising CCM Reimbursements by 54%

Most healthcare systems & medical practices aren’t prepared for Medicare’s changing priorities. This eBook will teach you how to: Increase patient engagement. Combat provider burnout. Get reimbursed for staff time. Bonus: Get the Free 5-Day CCM Mini-Course!

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Report: Medicare Advantage quality ratings to get new calculations


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) appears poised to rework Medicare Advantage (MA) quality ratings for this year, The Wall Street Journal

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AHIP 2024: Cutting through the 'nostalgia' for traditional Medicare


LAS VEGAS—The eyes of many regulators and lawmakers are on Medicare Advantage (MA), and, amid rising criticism of the program, one industry leader is making the case that "nostalgia" for traditiona | LAS VEGAS—The eyes of many regulators and lawmakers are on Medicare Advantage, and amid rising criticism of the program, one industry leader (..)

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