Bill Would Regulate Handling Of Consumer-Generated Health Data

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A pair of senators have filed a bill which would impose new regulations on how companies manage data generated by consumer technologies such as health apps, wearables and direct-to-consumer genetic tests. The Protecting Personal Health Data Act, which was filed by Sen.

Our Mobile Health Data: Shared, Identifiable, and Privacy-Deprived

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As more mobile app users — consumers, patients, and caregivers — use these handy digital health tools, much of the data we share can be re-identified and monetized by third parties well beyond those we believe we’re sharing with.

LunaDNA offers company shares in exchange for health data

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The company claims it is the first to work with the SEC to figure out how consumers could exchange health data for equity.

Sicker Consumers Are More Willing to Share Health Data

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People dealing with chronic conditions are keener to share personally-generated data than people that don’t have a chronic disease, Deloitte’s 2018 Survey of U.S> > Health Care Consumers learned.

Patients more willing to share mobile mental health data with doctors than family, EHRs

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In a small study published in JMIR, patients were more willing to share health data, such as activity and sleep trackers, than personal data, like call logs and location.

Behavioral Health Data Breach

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Behavioral Health Vendor Data Breach Affects 67,000 A behavioral health practice based out of Springfield, Missouri has notified 67,493 patients of a data breach involving their medical data.

'Community-Owned' Genomic and Health Data Platform Raises $4.6M

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LunaDNA platform plans to take novel approach by rewarding individuals for sharing health data

Measles Epidemic Exposes Performance Gaps In U.S., Global Health Data Analytics

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This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Measles continues to spread in the United States as health officials seek to stem the worst outbreak of the disease in decades. Global Health Data Analytics appeared first on Editorial Condusiv Technologies health data analytics James D’Arezzo Measles EpidemicIllegal copying is prohibited.

New NHS mental health data hub, Babylon Healthcheck and more UK digital health news briefs

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NHS Digital introduces new mental health data hub, Babylon creates new Healthcheck feature, institute launches £3m competition paving the way for a UK-wide infrastructure for health data research and EY releases preliminary findings from survey on digital health attitudes

Open Health launches PatientSphere feature for patients to monetize health data

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The platform will now let users share health records with pharma companies, health systems and insurers for remuneration.

Manage your health data, or trust blindly? Setting the stage for a data disaster, part 2

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That’s pretty much what happened to me ten years ago this month, except it wasn’t my money, it was my health data. That was ten years ago this week, and to understand what’s happening in health data right now, it helps to know how we got here.


All of Us enrollees can now share health data from their Fitbit accounts with researchers

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The Fitbit BYOD program is the first digital health initiative launched within the NIH's project to build a longitudinal database of 1 million Americans

Health data aggregation, centralization platform 1upHealth scores $2.38M in seed funding

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The round was led by Eniac Ventures, Social Leverage and Meridian Street Capital.

Startups Plan the Health Data Gold Rush

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Then they collate and sell this information to pharmaceutical companies and others who rely on such data for research and marketing. Until now, the proceeds from the booming health data–brokering industry have seldom been seen by the people who contribute the information in the first place.

Solving the Riddle of Healthcare Data Liquidity: 3 Challenges To Preventing the Simple Exchange of Health Data

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This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. The American Medical Association (AMA) identifies one of the biggest challenges in healthcare today as the secure sharing and use of trusted health data in real time across the complex U.S.

Accenture publishes final patient-generated health data report for ONC

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In January, Accenture completed its two-year contract with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT to create a white paper to advise the industry about implementing patient-generated health data

The Most Important Trends For Health in Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Report Aren’t About Health Care

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The health care section of Mary Meeker’s 334-page annual report, Internet Trends 2019 , comprises 24 of those pages (270 through 293). For health care, the application of FHIR standards helps mobilize data for better health, turbocharging this trend.

Patients’ Expectations for Health Beyond Care: Think Food, Exercise, Emotions, Sleep and Finance

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People want to make health with their health care providers, and they want more than care from them: most patients are looking for support with healthy eating, exercise, emotional support, sleep, stress management, social relationships, and financial health.

Value of Patient-Generated Health Data

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Click HERE for how BHM develops high level protection for your data, addresses the c-suite cyber-security concerns, and proves it with HITRUST CSF. . Researchers interviewed leaders from health systems, EHR vendors and PGHD solution providers, as well as patients with chronic conditions.

FTC complaint accuses Facebook of exposing sensitive health data in groups


A complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission accuses Facebook of misleading its users regarding the private nature of closed Facebook groups and exposing users’ sensitive health data

Patient-generated health data can be used to improve patients’ health – here’s how

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About the author: Emily Mitchell (PMP) is a senior manager within the Accenture Federal Services Health and Public Service practice

Three Lessons To Learn From the UConn Health Data Breach

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This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. On February 21, UConn Health reported that personally identifiable information (PII) from 326,000 patients was compromised. Editorial cyber security training data breaches Ilia Sotnikov Netwrix UConn Health

Best Practices in Utilizing Patient-Generated Health Data: Opportunities in Preventive Wellness, Population Health, and Remote Care

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#SPM2018 Hot Topic: Can a Market for Health Data also Protect Patients’ Rights to Their Data?

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17 in Boston, attached to the prestigious Connected Health conference. We know that researchers need access to good quality data. As an SPM board member, I have the privilege of introducing Bill, who will speak about the value of aggregated health data from the researcher’s perspective.


API expands health data into risk scores, but are consumers ready for it?

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Matt Park, the general manager of the Swiss-based Dacadoo Americas, explains how the company’s health scoring app works and their bet consumers also want to calculate their real time health risks with a new component of the open API

The Single Market for Healthcare in Europe: Learnings for the U.S.

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When I’m in the UK later this week, I’ll address the challenge for the UK, Brexit and the National Health Service. Two key issues are in my work-radar this trip: digital health cross-border, and health innovation funding.

Can AI Make Healthcare Human Again? Dr. Topol Says “Yes”

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” Dr. Verghese asserts this in his forward to Deep Medicine , Dr. Eric Topol’s latest work which explores the promise of artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and robotics — three legs of the Fourth Industrial Age stool. [If

Group Proposes Ethical Code For Donating Medical Records To Science After Death

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What rules should be in place to guide the donation of patient medical data after that person passes away? One group of ethicists and lawyers may have at least a partial answer to this question.

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New Tech Tonics Podcast Episode: Andy Coravos: Championing Responsible Digital Medicine

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All of Us enrollees can now health data from their Fitbit accounts

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The Fitbit BYOD program is the first digital health initiative launched within the NIH's project to build a longitudinal database of 1 million Americans

Are all patients up to the task of managing their own health data? Some CIOs say no


CMS Administrator Seema Verma has made it clear that “patient data belongs to patients." But, will all patients truly be up to the task of managing their own health data? Some CIOs say no

Health/Care Everywhere – Re-Imagining Healthcare at ATA 2019

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Ann Mond Johnson assumed the helm of CEO of ATA in 2018, and she’s issued a call-to-action across the health/care ecosystem for a delivery system upgrade. Hint: it will have a lot to do with data and analytics, and Dr. Cosgrove can speak to that as he’s joined Google Health as an advisor.

Dr. Alexa Will See You Now: Can We Trust Digital Assistants With Our Health Data?

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It’s hard to imagine a field where data is more valuable than in healthcare. Monitoring and interpreting crucial health indices can make the difference between an early diagnosis and a late one—and that, in turn, can be the difference between life and death for some people.


What #CES2019 5 Tech Trends to Watch Mean for Health/Care

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As #CES2019 kicks off in Las Vegas with today’s first Media Day, the Consumer Technology Association presented its forecast on the 5 Technology Trends to Watch in 2019 — and they all play into health, wellness, and medical care. Digital Health Tech Empowers Patients.

Isn’t It Eyeconic? Vision Care in the Evolving Health Care Ecosystem

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The vision/optical industry is one piece of the health/care ecosystem, but the segment has not been as directly impacted by patients’ new consumer muscles until just about now. There’s a new data continuum with a shift in the relationship between the deliverers of services and their buyers.

Google, Fitbit collaboration aims to deliver comprehensive health data to care teams

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Fitbit and Google have entered a partnership focused on better leveraging wearables and cloud-based technologies for digital health, the companies announced this morning. The effort will be largely focused on refining EHRs to give medical practitioners a comprehensive look into a patient’s health during treatment, according to a statement from Fitbit

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Calling Out Health Equity on Martin Luther King Day 2019

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” As I meditate on MLK, I think about health equity. Underneath that statistic is a shameful state of health affairs: that people of color and the LGBTQ communities in the U.S. under 50 have poorer health outcomes than our cohorts in other developed countries.

Aetna launching new Apple Watch app to gather health data, reward healthy behavior


Insurance giant Aetna, a CVS Health company, and Apple have collaborated on the design of a new app for the Apple Watch that will integrate wearers’ health history data and track their daily activity levels to provide personalized fitness and wellness goals

Apple’s new health data download feature: nice start, but little use for sick people

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The health IT sphere is abuzz with Apple’s groundbreaking announcement yesterday of the new ability, in the beta version of iOS 11.3, And based on current info, the data set is tiny and helpful only to those with minimal needs.

Health IT Roundup—University of Michigan launches health data study using Apple Watch


The University of Michigan has launched a three-year health data study including data from Apple Watches; Cleveland Clinic opens a new center to advance the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare; plus more health IT headlines