Bill Would Regulate Handling Of Consumer-Generated Health Data

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A pair of senators have filed a bill which would impose new regulations on how companies manage data generated by consumer technologies such as health apps, wearables and direct-to-consumer genetic tests. The Protecting Personal Health Data Act, which was filed by Sen.

Our Mobile Health Data: Shared, Identifiable, and Privacy-Deprived

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As more mobile app users — consumers, patients, and caregivers — use these handy digital health tools, much of the data we share can be re-identified and monetized by third parties well beyond those we believe we’re sharing with.

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LunaDNA offers company shares in exchange for health data

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The company claims it is the first to work with the SEC to figure out how consumers could exchange health data for equity.

Consumers Like Generating Health Data, But Are Careful of How They Share It

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New research suggests that while consumers are continuing to expand their use of digital health technologies, they’re still careful about with whom they share their health data. The survey, which was backed by Rock Health and […].

Health data platform Ribbon Health scores $10.25M

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As part of deal, a16z's Julie Yoo will be joining the company's board.

HIPAA Enforcement Discretion for HIPAA Business Associates to Share Health Data with Public Health Organizations

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Sicker Consumers Are More Willing to Share Health Data

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People dealing with chronic conditions are keener to share personally-generated data than people that don’t have a chronic disease, Deloitte’s 2018 Survey of U.S> > Health Care Consumers learned.

Physicians Increasingly Interested In Use of Patient-Generated Health Data

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A new report from Stanford Medicine suggests that after years of holding it at arms’ length, physicians are becoming more comfortable with the use of patient-generated health data.

Can Facebook Place Itself At The Center of Health Data Collection?

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This is the tale of a quiet effort by Facebook to take over (more of) our lives, in this case by sliding laterally into the healthcare business and collecting data on our medical habits.

Innovaccer's health data platform brings in $70M more

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The company's latest raise brings its total funding to $120 million

The Perils of Making Your Health Data Available Online

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This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. It’s easier than ever to put health data on the Internet. Fitness trackers, health apps and other connected devices can give people a lot of insight into their health. Unfortunately, that’s not the only way that their health data ends up getting used. Health insurance companies are particularly interested in getting their hands on all […].

'Community-Owned' Genomic and Health Data Platform Raises $4.6M

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LunaDNA platform plans to take novel approach by rewarding individuals for sharing health data

In Survey, Many Healthcare Execs Unfamiliar With New Health Data Access And Sharing Rules

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A new survey concludes that many health IT executives are not too familiar with new federal regulations which, among other things, require that patients have more access to their health records and forbid providers from hampering health data sharing across networks.

Patients more willing to share mobile mental health data with doctors than family, EHRs

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In a small study published in JMIR, patients were more willing to share health data, such as activity and sleep trackers, than personal data, like call logs and location.

UnitedHealthcare Offers Health Data Support For Medicare Advantage ACO

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UnitedHealthcare has struck a deal with national physician group Privia Health under which it will offer more and better data on patients enrolled in the payer’s Medicare Advantage plans.

New NHS mental health data hub, Babylon Healthcheck and more UK digital health news briefs

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NHS Digital introduces new mental health data hub, Babylon creates new Healthcheck feature, institute launches £3m competition paving the way for a UK-wide infrastructure for health data research and EY releases preliminary findings from survey on digital health attitudes

True or False: Your Patients’ Health Data Is Protected by Privacy Rights?

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When most of your patients hear “health data rights,” they likely think of HIPAA, or the long forms they rarely read in their doctors’ offices. What they may take for granted is the protections for health data that covered […].

Group To Offer Health Data Access To Android Phone Users

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In recent times, Apple has been making a number of public moves focused on getting its customers to pull their health data onto their iPhone. Using Apple’s Health app, consumers can have their health data downloaded automatically from any institution with which it has partnered.

Behavioral Health Data Breach

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Behavioral Health Vendor Data Breach Affects 67,000 A behavioral health practice based out of Springfield, Missouri has notified 67,493 patients of a data breach involving their medical data.

Patients still facing big obstacles getting their own health data

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Despite HIPAA's right of access rule, and CMS and ONC prioritizing consumer access in their forthcoming 21st Century Cures regs, a new scorecard shows that providers have work to do


The promises of consumer health data dominated CES 2019

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From on-stage demos to expo floor chit chat, attendees couldn't resist discussing what data collection and analysis could bring to consumer healthcare technology

How Health Data Analytics Can Promote Payer-Provider Partnership

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As healthcare makes the transition to value-based care, use of data analytics has become an essential tool for both payers and providers. This article explores progress so far and opportunities for payer and provider partnership on data-driven care initiatives.

What the Iran situation means for health data

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Security snag in Germany's health data digitization plan — Illuminia nixes merger proposal

Anthem Testing Blockchain Tech As Backbone Of Patient Health Data Access Controls

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However, efforts underway at health insurance giant Anthem seem likely to bear fruit. According to an item in FierceHealthcare, the giant health insurer has big plans for blockchain, […].

Measles Epidemic Exposes Performance Gaps In U.S., Global Health Data Analytics

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This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Measles continues to spread in the United States as health officials seek to stem the worst outbreak of the disease in decades. Global Health Data Analytics appeared first on Editorial Condusiv Technologies health data analytics James D’Arezzo Measles EpidemicIllegal copying is prohibited.

HIEs Must Shift From Health Data Sharing To Curating And Analyzing Data

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The thing is, the job they’ve learned to do – serving as an exchange point for any and all data coming their way – may already be outmoded, according to Claudia […].

HIE 67

Alphabet’s Buyout of Fitbit Sets It Up To Rule The Consumer Health Data Business

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The agreement positions it to become the top vendor in the maturing market for patient-generated health data. In early November, news broke that Google parent Alphabet had agreed to acquire wearables maker Fitbit for about $2.1 billion in cash.

Accenture publishes final patient-generated health data report for ONC

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In January, Accenture completed its two-year contract with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT to create a white paper to advise the industry about implementing patient-generated health data

Stanford Medicine: Physicians, medical students are interested in digital health, data-driven care

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More often than not, survey respondents said that patient data collected using apps, wearables or other consumer-friendly sources are clinically valuable

Solving the Riddle of Healthcare Data Liquidity: 3 Challenges To Preventing the Simple Exchange of Health Data

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This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. The American Medical Association (AMA) identifies one of the biggest challenges in healthcare today as the secure sharing and use of trusted health data in real time across the complex U.S.

Protecting Health Data Outside of HIPAA: Will the Protecting Personal Health Data Act Tame the Wild West ?


In the previous post of our series we described the “ Wild West of Unprotected Health Data.”. Will the cavalry arrive to protect the vast quantities of your personal health data that are broadly unprotected from sharing and use by third parties?


All of Us enrollees can now share health data from their Fitbit accounts with researchers

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The Fitbit BYOD program is the first digital health initiative launched within the NIH's project to build a longitudinal database of 1 million Americans

Health data aggregation, centralization platform 1upHealth scores $2.38M in seed funding

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The round was led by Eniac Ventures, Social Leverage and Meridian Street Capital.

HHS' final interoperability rules standardize APIs for patient health data access through apps

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CMS-regulated payers will begin supporting HL7 FHIR APIs next year, allowing third-party developers to include claims data and other patient health information in their apps

FHIR 142

Open Health launches PatientSphere feature for patients to monetize health data

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The platform will now let users share health records with pharma companies, health systems and insurers for remuneration.

Three Lessons To Learn From the UConn Health Data Breach

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This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. On February 21, UConn Health reported that personally identifiable information (PII) from 326,000 patients was compromised. Editorial cyber security training data breaches Ilia Sotnikov Netwrix UConn Health

A call to upgrade public health data

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The latest on CMS’ AI challenge — Study finds about one in 10 Instagram posts advertising drug sales

Manage your health data, or trust blindly? Setting the stage for a data disaster, part 2

Society for Participatory Medicine

That’s pretty much what happened to me ten years ago this month, except it wasn’t my money, it was my health data. That was ten years ago this week, and to understand what’s happening in health data right now, it helps to know how we got here.


Startups Plan the Health Data Gold Rush

Lloyd Price

Then they collate and sell this information to pharmaceutical companies and others who rely on such data for research and marketing. Until now, the proceeds from the booming health data–brokering industry have seldom been seen by the people who contribute the information in the first place.

Value of Patient-Generated Health Data

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Click HERE for how BHM develops high level protection for your data, addresses the c-suite cyber-security concerns, and proves it with HITRUST CSF. . Researchers interviewed leaders from health systems, EHR vendors and PGHD solution providers, as well as patients with chronic conditions.