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Survey: Privacy protections boost consumers' willingness to share health data

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adults reveals consent, data transparency, data deletion and oversight may strengthen consumer trust and support socially valuable uses of digital health data. A survey of more than 3,500 U.S.

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ATA takes a national stance on how states treat consumer health data

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Following conversations in Washington and state capitals, the American Telemedicine Association published its new Health Data Privacy Principles this week. ATA, which represents the full range of providers that deliver telehealth, has intervened with some states as they grapple with health data privacy legislation, he said.


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NHS to seek public’s opinion on health data usage


A series of large events is planned for next year which aims to gather the public's opinion on health data and its use within the NHS.

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Singaporean health data analytics firm Holmusk gets Veradigm's backing

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Veradigm is also keen on bringing its behavioural health data to Holmusk's rapidly growing database.

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CyncHealth Optimizes Health Data Sharing to Enhance the Patient Experience

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As health data sharing continues to evolve, the mere collection of patient data is no longer sufficient; it’s imperative that the data collected have tangible value for overburdened clinicians increasingly being requested to gather more data.

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Modern Health Data Management Requires a Proven Patient Identity Solution

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The article Modern Health Data Management Requires a Proven Patient Identity Solution appeared first on

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Americans Grew Digital Health-Data Muscles in the Pandemic – New Insights from the Pew Charitable Trusts

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“Most Americans clearly recognize the potential benefits that improved health IT can offer, and they want this transformation of the health care system to continue,” the Pew Charitable Trusts research concludes in Most Americans Want to Share and Access More Digital Health Data. As with other aspects of U.S.