Accenture publishes final patient-generated health data report for ONC

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In January, Accenture completed its two-year contract with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT to create a white paper to advise the industry about implementing patient-generated health data

Patient-generated health data can be used to improve patients’ health – here’s how

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About the author: Emily Mitchell (PMP) is a senior manager within the Accenture Federal Services Health and Public Service practice

The Health Data Life Cycle: 7 Key Stages To Success In Value-Based Care

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Hacking humans: Jane Metcalfe talks neobiology, consumers' role in health data

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Humans have hacked all sorts of computer systems, but now we are starting to hack ourselves — specifically, our health and biology. “We We [are at] the dawn of what I call the neobiological revolution, which I define as the accelerating movement of ways to use technology and biology to alter the human race,” Jane Metcalfe, founder of Wired and editor and chief of NEO.LIFE. told MobiHealthNews. “It It is also the next stage of the digital revolution

Google, Fitbit collaboration aims to deliver comprehensive health data to care teams

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Fitbit and Google have entered a partnership focused on better leveraging wearables and cloud-based technologies for digital health, the companies announced this morning. The effort will be largely focused on refining EHRs to give medical practitioners a comprehensive look into a patient’s health during treatment, according to a statement from Fitbit

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Think Like a LEGO Builder in Healthcare – Considering PwC’s New Health Economy Vision

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Expect “new combinations” of industry actors and technologies to reorganize and re-imagine healthcare, with an eye on both price and investments in customer experience (CX), PwC envisions in their latest report on The New Health Economy in the Age of Disruption.

Why CU Anschutz Medical Campus Migrated to Google Cloud


Our healthcare team has been working with the University of Colorado over the past couple of years to overcome critical data challenges in healthcare… and the results are exciting. On-premises data warehouse was costly and non-scalable. Integrating vast amounts of clinical data.


Health IT Roundup—Amazon gets health data with PillPack purchase; HIPAA criminal charges on the rise


Beyond an online pharmacy, Amazon's acquisition of PillPack offers up a trove of new data, which comes with new compliance concerns. Plus, HIPAA criminal prosecutions are on the rise and Cerner settles another lawsuit tied to overtime pay


CMS launches new initiatives to expand patient access to health data, plans ‘complete overhaul’ of Meaningful Use


Seema Verma announced two new initiatives from CMS aimed at giving patients access to their health data by opening up claims data to app developers. The agency also plans to overhaul the Meaningful Use program to place more emphasis on interoperability

Health Data Privacy Shouldn’t Mean “Stuff your health information in your mattress” [Quote]

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Our focus has been to figure out how to accommodate the 5% of patients that get their peace of mind knowing that they have absolute control of every piece of their data. Our focus really should be on the 95% that get their peace of mind knowing that when they show up in the ER, all of their data will be there. The post Health Data Privacy Shouldn’t Mean “Stuff your health information in your mattress” [Quote] appeared first on e-CareManagement blog.

The FDA launches #openFDA to give access to public health data

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Yesterday, the FDA announced a new initiative called openFDA to give developers, health care researchers, clinicians, and the public access to important public health data. OpenFDA utilizes a search-based Application Program Interface (API) to collect large amounts of existing publicly available data, offering developers the ability to search through text within that data, ranking results much like a search using Google would do.

Health IT Roundup—Google, Fitbit launch health data partnership; VA-Cerner deal stymied by Florida doctor and more


Google and Fitbit are launching a new partnership to feed wearable data into EHRs; telehealth companies including American Well announced several new acquisitions; the VA-Cerner deal is being held up by a mysterious physician who has the ear of President Trump; plus more news of note from the health IT industry

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Coming Soon… The New Mobile Age

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This is gratifying personally, but also brings in new audience members and broadens the discussion about connected health. Given the warm reception The Internet of Healthy Things received, I have also been working on a new book which we’ll release this fall at the Connected Health Conference.

The Path to Scale for Digital Therapeutics

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There are now many examples of how a digital intervention can have the same or better clinical outcome as a chemical therapeutic, demonstrating the power of connected health, particularly in the realm of lifestyle-related chronic illness.

Virtua Navigates Orthopedic Patients Pre- & Post-Surgery with Improved Patient Engagement and Care Coordination

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Virtua Health’s Orthopedic Patient Care Journey. Working closely with Wellbe, Virtua customized their CarePath with their own health history and sleep apnea surveys, scheduling and care plan content (delivered via “CareCards”).

VA-Cerner numbers skyrocket

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Medicare, Medicaid Commissions report on telehealth — Jared and Seema forge ahead on health data

Three Big Questions for Stage 3 & Patient Engagement

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In a few short weeks, the Health IT Policy Committee (HITPC) is set to deliver an official recommendation on the topic of Stage 3’s patient engagement requirements to the ONC. care partners or those who assist them) to help address a health concern.”.

#PGHD: Buzzword to Business

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This week, I read an article from February that provided an overview of the health IT infrastructure required for population health management (PHM). Is there more that goes into “a 360 degree view” of our health? Device Generated Data.

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Cleveland Clinic puts EHR data onto iPhone with Apple Health Records

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Cleveland Clinic announced Monday that its patients can now access their personal health data on their iPhones with the Health Records feature.

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Carolinas HealthCare’s Diabetes Patients Collaborate with Coaches Using Data from Smartphones and Devices

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“We wanted to go beyond supporting patients when they needed care to becoming part of our patients’ every day health.” While conducting marketing research, Carolinas HealthCare learned about consumers use of different wearables and tools to track activity, fitness, nutrition, sleep and health issues and heard about their frustrations having information housed into various apps. All that data is being stored in separate apps.

Intelligent, On- Demand Healthcare Concierge Provides Personalized Patient Experience

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It all started with a simple question one day, and grew into a trusted health relationship a few short months later. She first learned from her employer about the Accolade platform and health advisor service last summer.

Dartmouth- Hitchcock’s ImagineCare Platform Leverages Wearables, Connected Health & Analytics for Personalized Patient Care

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Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H), an innovative New England healthcare system with 1,000+ providers is committed to creating a “sustainable health system”, which proactively engages patients through new care models to achieve the triple aim.

Carolinas HealthCare System Pilots Prevent PreDiabetes Program via Virtual Group Coaching

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OMADA HEALTH CONSUMER VIEW. Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS) was approached by Omada Health with a solution. Prevent Program includes: Short online health assessment to determine if you are a candidate.

Ochsner Leverages Retail, Connected Health Tools & Apple Watch to Engage Consumers

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As an innovative healthcare organization, Ochsner, a large Louisiana- based health network with 12 hospitals, 40 clinicians and an a 1,000+ Physician Group Practice, is committed to helping consumers use mobile and wearable connected health tools for self- management and care collaboration.

Presentation: A high-level look at API security

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Andrew Crabtree, Google Cloud Customer Engineer, gives a detailed presentation on the API threat landscape, security practices, and fresh tips on how to secure your API application to keep vulnerable health data secure

Evidation Health brings in $30M, launches new data analytics platform

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San Mateo, California-based health data analytics company Evidation Health announced today that it has raised $30 million in Series C funding.

Brigham and Women’s Primary Practice Pilots New Mobile App to Drive Patient Engagement & Collaborative Care

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Twine Health Mobile App Engages Patients with Chronic Conditions The story about the health decline of our citizens is being told everywhere. In the December 2014 PwC Health Research Institute (HRI) Report, two relevant health directions are described.

Google’s Masterplan for Healthcare

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My Apple health chatbot referred me to the Amazon hospital where I got Google drugs. While my self-driving car is taking me to a digital health symposium, I’m working on my keynote speech. Suddenly I receive a notification from my Apple health chatbot, Miri.

Cleveland Clinic puts EHR data onto iPhone with Apple Health Records

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”Our goal is to make that access as easy, convenient and useful as possible, placing patients firmly in the center of their own health data.”Synced In combination with the Epic MyChart app, patients can now access lab results, meds, vitals and more.

CMS Administrator Seema Verma presses for remote monitoring of patients

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is promoting the idea of paying home health agencies for monitoring patients remotely.

Industry Organizations Praise Senate Passage of VA Mission Act

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Senate on Wednesday passed, by a vote of 92-5, a major Veterans Affairs (VA) reform bill that includes health IT-related provisions to improve health data exchange between VA healthcare providers and community care providers The U.S.

Health Wizz pilots blockchain and FHIR mobile app for EHRs

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The startup is working in conjunction with Cape Fear Valley Health pilot test to add social features for Medicare beneficiaries with congestive heart failure.

The Swedish Speed Camera Lottery And Healthy Living

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While it is difficult to measure health and disease in numbers, as they affect the given person as well as the entire community, there are powerful statistics estimating material costs to healthcare systems caused by consequences of unhealthy living. Advice on taking charge of your health.

The Top 12 Health Chatbots

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The Medical Futurist believes they will ease the burden on doctors in primary care and help patients learn to take care of their health responsibly. Check out the following health chatbots! 3) Babylon Health. 6) Ada Health. 8) Buoy Health.

By solving healthcare's data problem, AI, APIs will improve care delivery

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As more healthcare systems look to embrace big data and the benefits analytics-driven care strategies could bring, the need to build EHRs that can communicate patients’ health data without hassle is growing with each day. But despite growing awareness and billions in expenses, the issue of inadequate interoperability remains the albatross around healthcare IT’s neck, and one that is having a substantial impact on those working the front lines of care

Healthcare Data Ownership: Turning Patients into Proactive Consumers

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The healthcare data explosion has prompted thorny debates over data ownership and access. Obviously, patients have a vested interest in having access to their own personal health history, but the data holds value for other stakeholders as well.

Healthcare Information In-Security Is the New Normal

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Three-fourths of healthcare providers experienced a data breach in 2017, according to the HIMSS 2018 Cybersecurity Survey. Health data insecurity is the new normal. I explain th e current state of cybersecurity and health data insecurity in a new HIMSS blog linked here.

Apple’s Health Records App: A Ripple or a Roar?

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Apple’s Health Records App. They have enlisted two of the largest medical records companies, Epic Systems and Cerner, as well as Athenahealth, and a number of respected healthcare institutions, including Johns Hopkins Medicine, Cedars-Sinai, Penn Medicine and UC San Diego Health.

Nebula Genomics, Longenesis team up to create life data ecosystem, data sharing platforms

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DNA, health records, and blood test results are not only intimately personal, they are also a valuable asset to researchers. Recently a smattering of companies have been working to create a market for people to share and sell their personal data to researchers and healthcare players. Those efforts are going one step further, as two growing names in the health data and blockchain industry are teaming up.

Cleveland Clinic Patients Have New Way to Access Personal Health Records

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Cleveland Clinic patients now have a new way to access their personal health data, using the Health Records on iPhone feature.This is another way Cleveland Clinic is putting medical records directly into patients hands. a neurosurgeon and Medical Director of Digital Health at Cleveland Clinic. Patients receive notifications when their data is updated