Doc Tom Awardees Announced at SPM2018 Conference

Society for Participatory Medicine

Doc Tom was Medical Editor for Millennium Whole Earth Catalog and Health Online: How To Find Health Information, Support Groups, And Self Help Communities In Cyberspace. His spirt and work led to the creation of the Society , though his peers & followers, ePatient Scholars. ” Her blog TheLizArmy is her personal journal and health care soap box, receiving over 30,000 visits each year. On October 17th, the Society enjoyed their 2nd conference in Boston.

Thinking About Isaiah, User-Centered Design, and Healthcare – Heard at Health 2.0

Health Populi

Turning 13, “we’re an unruly teenager on our hands now,” Matthew Holt invoked the start of the annual Health 2.0 Started with Co-Founder Indu Subaiya, Health 2.0 In the yin-and-yang riffing style that is the brand of this duo, Matthew continued in that vein of “breaking things,” invoking a metaphor of storming the castle walls or getting through a moat, those barriers that have prevented truly transforming health care. Do you make more money when health improves?”.

Give Me My DaM Data::The Revolution

Society for Participatory Medicine

SPM advocates vociferously for patient ownership of their own data. Physicians and other licensed clinicians express increased frustration – no, outrage – that the electronic health records support billing, not clinical care. Could we be approaching a harmonic convergence to take data control for patients and trusted clinicians? Could a Give Me My DaM Data revolution be upon us? For me, Give Me my DaM Data means. Data that matters to me.