A Concerning Gap in Cybersecurity for Medical Technology

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Notwithstanding mass adoption of antivirus protection and firewalls among healthcare providers, there remains a security gap for biomedical technologies, according to a report from Zingbox. Department of Health and Human Services launched the Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center.

The Growth of Emerging Consumer Electronics Categories Adds to Digital Health Platforms

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Of the $401 billion that will flow through retailers for consumer technology products, many of the fastest-emerging categories will play a role as platforms for health and medical care at home and in wearable tech.

Closing the Digital Health Gap Between Consumers and Physicians

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Consumers are more bullish demanding virtual and digital health tools from their physicians than doctors are in providing it, based on the research findings in What can health systems do to encourage physicians to embrace virtual care?

5 Reasons Medical Technology Appears to Fail

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In medicine there’s an endemic mindset that if medical technology doesn’t work it will never work. The EHR, of course, is the poster child for technology’s failure in health care. Reasons for the apparent failure of technology in medicine. Technology is not static.

Are Robots Coming to Healthcare? Consumers Say Not-So-Fast

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BotCare is part of the company’s Bixby, an AI platform that supports Samsung’s robotic offerings for environmental health (air), retail, and healthcare. adults would be open to personally using a health care robot, CTA found, with one-third opposed to the concept.

Healthcare Just Got SMAC’ed – Accenture’s Post-Digital Era for Health

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Social, mobile, analytics and the cloud now underpin the health care industry. We’ve been SMAC’ed, and Accenture’s Digital Health Tech Vision 2019 believes we’re in a post-digital era ripe with opportunity.

If Data Is The New Oil in Healthcare, Will It Be Safe to Drink? The Accenture Digital Health Tech Vision 2018

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With the vast majority of patients’ medical records now digitized in electronic health records systems, the opportunities to mine, learn from, and act on the findings are promising for U.S. But can we nudge stakeholders in health and healthcare to “do no harm?”.

A Health Future with Lyft and Uber as Patient Data Stewards: Rock Health’s 2019 Consumer Survey

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Patients searching online for health information and health care provider reviews is mainstream in 2019. Digital health tracking is now adopted by 4 in 10 U.S. Online health information is re-shaping the relationship between patients and clinicians.

Great Expectations for Health Care: Patients Look for Consumer Experience and Trust in Salesforce’s Latest Research

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health care economics, patients are now payors as health consumers with more financial skin in paying medical bills. This is a global study, conducted among health citizens from North America, Latin America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. On the demand side of U.S.

Making Health Care Better, from the N of 1 to the Public’s Health – Trend-Weaving Medecision Liberation 2019

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Health and our health information are deeply personal. Changing health care and inspiring positive health behaviors is hard to do. The inspiration started within minutes as Deb shared several personal stories involving the health care system and its flaws.

Shelly Palmer De-Hypes CES 2019 & Has Lessons for Health/Care

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That resonates big for health/care, doesn’t it? When he used the word “interoperability,” I nearly fell out of my chair because that’s such a hot button in health care IT right now. Ultimately, though, trust is a critical currency, and especially in health care.

Heart Health at #CES2019 – Food and Tech as Medicine

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Self-care is the new health care as patients, now consumers at greater financial risk for medical spending, are learning. Using food and tech as medicine can help people avoid going on medications like statins and others for heart health.

The Venture Valkyrie’s Next AdVenture

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Ron Popeil couldn’t incorporate this many features into a contraption – yes, she slices and dices healthcare and technology, places bets on the best of them, and she deploys a whole lot more tools in her Mary Poppins-rich toolbox.

Disruption Is Healthcare’s New Normal

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asked by François de Brantes, Executive Director of the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute. health care industry wonks (including me) have used the “d” word in conversation, presentation, and prognostication.

A Smarter Home for Healthy Living at CES 2019….and a nod to Microsoft

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Health begins at home. Lyn and Frances tested three assumptions that they believed linked housing and health: that housing contributes to health; that housing is not routinely included in health or social planning;’ and that the potential contribution of primary care is wasted.

Heart-Love – Omron’s Holy Grail of Blood Pressure Tracking on the Wrist

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It’s February 1st, which marks the first of 28 days of American Heart Month – a time to get real, embrace, learn about, and engage with heart health. That hasn’t yet been available to those of us who quantify our steps, weight, sleep, food intake, and other health metrics.

How Apps Are Making Healthcare Accessible For Low-Income Individuals

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Health care’s quality has leapt so far, so quickly; advances in medical technology unthinkable only decades past have rendered the diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses an exercise in simplicity.

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Re-Imagining Healthcare – a Lesson from Von Clausewitz in the Fog of War

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Governor Mark Leavitt, who held the post of Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bush, offered this advice at the recent Liberation 2018 conference hosted by Medecision.

The Fight For A More Mobile-Centric Patient Experience

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It means expensive bills, depending on your quality of health insurance. Thanks to research and development advancements made by MMJ Technologies, consumers are realizing that all of these areas may only be temporary – and they are demanding a more mobile-centric experience.

New Battery Technology and Medical Innovations

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Battery technology is always advancing, constantly on the brink of a revolutionary development. In a recent publication of Medical Design and Outsourcing, “ three experts from Integer, a global leader in medical device outsourcing ,” weighed in on these advancements.

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How Med Tech CMOs Are Recruiting Influencers And Helping Patients Through Online Groups

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Today, medical tech CMOs are now recruiting influencers to help patients in new and innovative ways using the internet. With access to millions of patients worldwide, med techs are now able to collect valuable information and medical history from specific groups of individuals at any time.

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What the Pew Data on Americans’ Views on Technology Means for Healthcare

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Most Americans say that pharmaceutical manufacturers, banks, advertisers, energy firms, and tech companies have too much power and influence in today’s American economy, according to Public Attitudes Toward Technology Companies , a research report from the Pew Research Center.

How Virtual Reality Can Improve the Patient Experience in Healthcare

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When learning that the first heart rate monitor was invented in 1977, it is surprising to look at how far medical technologies have advanced– and those advances are just the beginning. billion dollars, primarily driven by recent advancements in healthcare information technology.

Think Like a LEGO Builder in Healthcare – Considering PwC’s New Health Economy Vision

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Expect “new combinations” of industry actors and technologies to reorganize and re-imagine healthcare, with an eye on both price and investments in customer experience (CX), PwC envisions in their latest report on The New Health Economy in the Age of Disruption.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Invent New Medical Tests

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Using machines to invent new medical tests and provide diagnosis for patients will forever change the future of healthcare. All of this data obtained from medical experts can be utilized much easier through Artificial Intelligence.

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Why do Digital Health startups keep failing?

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Instead, digital health startups should try need-driven innovation. A decade ago, a wave of companies promised to transform people’s health by allowing them to track data about their eating, sleep, exercise, and other habits.

UCLA Awarded Federal Grant to Pursue Digital Health Innovation

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UCLA Health has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration to create a regional hub for the development of medical technology and digital health tools.Officials attest that the launch of the

Overcoming Reimbursement Hurdles for Digital Health Startups and Technologies

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During this year’s MedCityInvest Digital Health conference, Demi Radeva, one of Digital Health Today’s global ambassadors, had the chance to sit down one-on-one with Marcus Schabacker M.D, Q3: The NHS recently published new evidence guidelines for digital health startups.

Digital Health | How emerging technologies are driving a revolution in healthcare


History of emerging tech in health. Today, it’s emerging technologies that are the powerhouse driving healthcare’s advancements and patient-centered care, supporting ease of access and affordability, and vastly improving the quality of life in ways previously only dreamed of.

From Yorkshire Lad to Global Design for Health: A Profile of Sean Carney of Philips

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It’s well-known that Philips has been firmly focused on health and health care, covering both clinical/professional healthcare as well as personal health for self-care.

Strengths, Opportunities, Constraints and Barriers to the Commercialisation of Evidence Based Digital Health Technologies in Australia

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DIGITAL HEALTH: CREATING A NEW GROWTH INDUSTRY FOR AUSTRALIAREPORT The rapid changes driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution(Industry 4.0)1 Such a complex system slows the uptake of new technologies and innovation and their transfer to the front lines of healthcare.

Health IT Or Digital Health? The Gary-Rule Helps!

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We strongly believe that only digital health can bring healthcare into the 21st century and make patients the point-of-care. When its difficult to draw a line between health IT and digital health, the Gary-rule as a general rule of thumb could help. It means that any tech-related issue in a healthcare setting that Gary, the IT guy can solve belongs to health IT.

3 Points on Potential Uses of Digital Adherence Monitoring

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In this week’s New England Journal of Medicine Dr. Lisa Rosenbaum uses digital adherence monitoring to offer an overview of the complexities surrounding medication adherence. A few thoughts: Digital adherence monitoring must be considered in the context of care.

The Future Of Digital Healthcare Is Being Shaped By These Trends

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For some, the future of technology is a thrilling glimpse into endless possibilities that were once thought to be impossible. For others, the future of technology can be alarming, filled with unpredictability and immeasurable side effects.

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New Tech Tonics Podcast: Microsoft Global Chief Medical Officer Simon Kos: Using Technology to Light the Future of Medicine

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Medical technology thought leader by day, computer gamer by night, Dr. Simon Kos, Global Chief Medical Officer of Microsoft, is a physician, business strategist and technologist who by his own admission is drawn to “bright shiny objects.” But a commitment to make medicine safer and better through technology has been his career guiding light.

How emerging technologies are driving a revolution in healthcare


History of emerging tech in health. Today, it’s emerging technologies that are the powerhouse driving healthcare’s advancements and patient-centred care, supporting ease of access and affordability, and vastly improving the quality of life in ways previously only dreamed of.

The Biggest Growth Opportunities in Healthcare

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Healthcare growth opportunities for 2019 should pivot around the three big themes: digital transformation, value-based care, and patient-centricity, according to a new report. Current technology is often perceived to increase the barriers between patient and providers,” he says. “In

Healthcare Privacy and Ethics In The Age Of Technology

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This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Advancements in medical technology grant modern patients access to better care than ever before, but they also come with serious privacy concerns.

Patient monitoring is evolving with artificial intelligence, sensors, smart technology, more

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The ability of such analytics to both assess patients in the moment and point toward their potential future condition had health systems investing more than $566 million in the technology during 2018, the report notes.

Brentwood Bay tech company teams up with Silicon Valley


Updated: Medical diagnostic gear from 19 Labs ready to connect remote patients with doctors Original Article Imagine being able to call up a medical professional on a screen and have them assess your health while you are hooked up to what looks like a computer console.