How Telemedicine Psychiatry Addresses Mental Health Access Issues

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Telemedicine psychiatry, also called telepsychiatry, is helping patients across the country gain access to mental healthcare services. Children’s Omaha is now seeking to scale up their telehealth partnership with American Well due to the success of its telemedicine psychiatry program.

Verily researchers, former FDA commissioner call for device sensors, data analytics adoption in psychiatry

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Psychiatry has long stood as one of the more subjective areas of care, but new technologies and large-scale data generation and analysis may offer a more quantifiable approach to mental health treatment.

Is your smartphone leading to burnout?


Tech Health IT PsychiatryBurnout and dealing with its symptoms has become a hot topic in the last decade. It’s a problem that has multiple contributing factors. Some of those factors are thrust upon us and are beyond our control, such as government regulations.

3 ways tech innovation can fight physician burnout


Tech Primary Care PsychiatryAccording to published reports, over 50 percent of doctors are burned out. The reason? They are overwhelmed by payment and quality rules as well as poor information technology. It’s no secret that physicians spend long hours seeing patients.

A psychiatrist’s perspective on the digital pill


Tech Medications PsychiatryOne of my readers, Natalie, wondered about my thoughts about the digital pill. My initial reactions were similar to several of those who were interviewed for the article.

Why It's Time to Embrace Telemedicine


What’s this new thing called Telemedicine? For starters, it’s not new! I t’s more than 40 years old and was developed as a way to use improvements in communication technology to bring quality medical diagnoses and care to individuals in remote parts of the world.

Study: online therapy program reduces MS patients' fatigue

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A study recently published in the BMJ’s Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry found that a digital interactive therapy tool designed for multiple sclerosis patients, Gaia’s Elevida, was effective in reducing MS-related fatigue

Study: Immersive VR therapy reduces individuals' fear of heights

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An investigation published yesterday in The Lancet Psychiatry found that automated cognitive intervention delivered via sessions with a consumer-grade virtual reality headset effectively reduced individuals’ fear of heights, and was generally well received by those participating in the study

Small study links behavioral, neural changes in ADHD boys receiving video game intervention

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A recent small study published in Nature’s Translational Psychiatry journal observed a change in the brain networking and behavior of boys receiving a video game-based treatment for ADHD.

How our 'digital footprints' are changing mental healthcare

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Every patient experiences mental illness differently, but as technology becomes more ingrained in people’s lives, it’s easier to track behavior and how that correlates to mental health, John Torous, MD, co-director of digital psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center said today at Mad*Pow's Health Experience Design (HXD) Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ransomware Mental Health

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The Minnesota-based Associates in Psychiatry and Psychology announced that it was targeted by a strain of … Read more.

Exciting Announcements from SEARCH2018!

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Dr. Yellowlees is Vice Chair for Faculty Development and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California Davis. Dr. Yellowlees is an experienced speaker, media commentator, and author who has written and produced over 180 video editorials on Psychiatry for Medscape.

Psychiatrists, internal medicine doctors see biggest jumps in compensation packages


Physicians in two in-demand specialties—psychiatry and internal medicine—saw the biggest jumps in compensation packages offered in 2017. Psychiatrists, the ninth most frequently placed provider by The Medicus Firm, showed the greatest jump in total average compensation package offers accepted by physicians placed last year, according to the national healthcare recruiting company

October 2018 DSM-5 Update


The American Psychiatry Association (APA) has released a short list of codes that impact the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). DSM-5 Codes Changes in 2018.

Lead article in influential journal proposes weaving participatory medicine into clinician education

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It’s the lead article of an annual special issue of International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine (IJPM). The Society for Participatory Medicine advocates for transforming the culture of care, so we watch for signs that the culture is changing.

Telemental Health Gets Its Moment

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A study published in February 2015 by the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry noted that depression is the leading cause of disability for U.S. Telehealth for behavioral health is sometimes referred to tele-mental health, tele-psychiatry, tele-behavioral health or tele-therapy.

Managing Satisfaction: What Patients Think of Telemedicine in 2019

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Patients across specialties from psychiatry and obstetrics to rare disease management are rating telemedicine as equal to - or in some cases better than - traditional in-person consultations. Notably, the Massachusetts General study revealed similar patient satisfaction scores across primary care and four specialty care services: psychiatry, neurology, cardiology, and oncology.

Pediatric Telehealth Success: Children’s Health, Children’s Omaha, Pediatric Associates

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“When we started thinking about telehealth about three years ago, our new CEO, who was an advocate for telehealth, guided us toward recruiting Dr. Jennifer McWilliams to lead as our physician champion for psychiatry,” said Michael Vance, PhD, director of behavioral health services at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center of Omaha.

Kaiser Permanente Researchers Develop New Models for Predicting Suicide Risk

Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

Mental Health Awareness Month: Telehealth Addresses Escalating Needs

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A study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that tele-psychiatry is just as effective as in-room psychotherapy regimes. Mental Health Awareness Month has a nearly 70-year history of informing the public about one of the biggest medical issues affecting the country.

American Well Receives NCQA Certification with a Score of 100%

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Under Dr. Antall’s leadership, Online Care Group will expand to new specialties this year, including pediatrics, dermatology, and psychiatry. By Sarah Natoli.

Telehealth in Rural Areas: How Health Systems Deliver Better Access to Care

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To address this issue, Children’s Omaha implemented pediatric psychiatry telehealth in rural areas across the state. Approximately 62 million Americans —or one in five people—live in rural areas, while only nine percent of all physicians practice in these settings.

Telemedicine Battles Opioid Epidemic

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Because many residents in the rural southeast don’t have easy access to psychiatry services, many providers are looking to telemedicine. Offer remote psychiatry at local clinics. Editor’s Note: The opioid epidemic is a real concern for health plans and providers. BHM understands the importance of how data management can be key to helping prevent opioid addiction. Click here to learn how we can help you.

Three telehealth success stories

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Site-to-site consults for remote psychiatry rounding. The average wait time for patients to see a provider is 24 days, up from 18.5 days in 2014. [1]

Telemedicine Follow-Up Care Helps Reduce No-Show Rates

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Telemedicine Follow-up Care for Psychiatry. Follow-up care often includes multiple visits to distant and specialized facilities — with expensive travel considerations — even for something as simple as a visual check up.

Guide to Telemedicine Prescribing for Providers

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The new federal law should notably improve telemedicine opportunities in specialties such as psychiatry. One of the biggest pain points for telemedicine providers has been navigating the confusing world of state and federal prescribing laws. Recent congressional acts are changing the landscape for the better. Find out what this means for you as a telemedicine provider and review the existing and upcoming rules on prescribing in telemedicine.

FDA approves digital pill that tracks when patients take it

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“Being able to track ingestion of medications prescribed for mental illness may be useful for some patients,” said Dr. Mitchell Mathis, director of the Division of Psychiatry Products in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

Guide to Telemedicine Prescribing for Providers

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The new federal law should notably improve telemedicine opportunities in specialties such as psychiatry. One of the biggest pain points for telemedicine providers has been navigating the confusing world of state and federal prescribing laws. Recent congressional acts are changing the landscape for the better. Find out what this means for you as a telemedicine provider and review the existing and upcoming rules on prescribing in telemedicine.

4 Ways Top Telemedicine Health Plans Are Maximizing Success

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There is a national mental health provider shortage, especially for psychiatry services. Telemedicine enables health plans to deliver convenient, affordable, high-quality care to members. But to maximize its impact, health plans need to take full advantage of telehealth’s capabilities.

U.S. Telemedicine Industry Benchmark Survey

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Psychiatry and dermatology are among the specialties showing the strongest growth since 2015. Editor’s Note: Payers and providers have shed fears about the deployment of services.

What happens when an Algorithm labels you as mentally ill?

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To start, the tools themselves might be crude or rudimentary, designed by people untrained in psychiatry or psychology and thus, unmoored from their usefulness in a clinical setting for determining whether a patient is depressed or not.

Five Medical Use Cases for Telemedicine

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Specialty #4: Psychiatry. Psychiatry departments often find telemedicine can be more effective than in-person care. Telehealth often helps patients with urgent or acute care.

11th Annual Healthcare Unbound Conference, San Diego, December 3-4

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David Luxton, PhD, Research Health Scientist, Naval Health Research Center & Affiliate Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington School of Medicine. December 3-4, 2014 . San Diego, CA.

Healthcare Data Breaches Spike Significantly in Seven Years

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MD, an orthopedic surgeon, and Roy Perlis, MD, a professor of psychiatry, analyzed all breaches posted to HHS’ Office for Civil Rights breach portal between Jan. Editor’s Note: 2018 was a significant year for ransomware attacks. In the coming year, cyberattacker activity will branch out into new territories. Payers and Healthcare networks must stay ahead of trends to protect against cybersecurity threats.

FDA approves first digital pill, a drug that comes with ingestible sensor

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This allows patients to track their meds on their smartphone; it also enables caregivers and physicians to access adherence data through a web-based portal, when given permission by the patient. Also Read: Google powers up AI, machine learning accelerator for healthcare.

How top health systems deliver high-quality care through telehealth

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Today, Cleveland Clinic offers more than 55 different telehealth clinical services, including psychiatry, oncology, and home health.

5 Health Plan Telemedicine Cases: Better Care, Increased Access

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Editor’s Note: Telehealth services extends networks beyond urban hubs and expands payers’ member enrollments. These 5 Health Plan Telemedicine Cases demonstrate how to improve benefits and access.