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What Is Psychiatry?

Electronic Health Reporter

While it may seem an ignorant question, understanding psychiatry is more complicated than one might think. The article What Is Psychiatry? Yes, it’s the practice of helping individuals define, understand, and categorize mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Still, these same […].

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What Is Biological Psychiatry?

Electronic Health Reporter

Biological psychiatry is a type of psychiatric that analyzes mental disorders from chemical, neurological, and physical viewpoints and in which psychiatrists prescribe treatment protocols accordingly. Biological psychiatry brings […]. The article What Is Biological Psychiatry? Illegal copying is prohibited.


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Elements of an Effective EMR for Psychiatry


Finding the best EMR for psychiatry is not as difficult as providers might think. The key to finding the perfect EMR for psychiatry is to find one with features that boost productivity, streamline workflows, minimize burden, and improve client satisfaction. The following features all promote a thriving psychiatry practice.

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Tele-psychiatry helps small provider expand services, treat during pandemic

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

As is the case nationally, psychiatry is in limited supply in the area of River Valley Health and Dental Center in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. No question existed in the minds of staff about the value of adding psychiatry to their continuum of care. Using telehealth for psychiatry was an obvious solution, King stated.

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Virtual psychiatry company Iris Telehealth scores $40M

Mobi Health News

Iris works with providers like health systems and community health centers to offer telepsychiatry services and triage their patients to the right level of care.

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Talkiatry expands child, adolescent psychiatry services to 5 new states


Talkiatry, a national telepsychiatry provider, has expanded its child and adolescent psychiatry services to five new states. | The provider is now live in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon, Alabama and Louisiana, bringing its reach to a total 31 states and 58 million minors across the country.

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How to Jumpstart Your Child Psychiatry Career

Iris Telehealth

While you’re still early in your child psychiatry career, it’s okay to not have it all figured out yet. The post How to Jumpstart Your Child Psychiatry Career appeared first on Iris Telehealth. You might even have a good idea of your preference as early as your residency or medical school rotations. Finding a good organizational fit.