Telemedicine Technology is Helping Florida Residents Affected by Hurricane Irma


Florida Hospital has been using eCare to reach so many affected by hurricane Irma. Healthcare Telehealth TelemedicineDuring a time of such chaos and destruction in Florida, it has been extremely hard to provide healthcare access to those in need. Within the last three days Florida Hospital has incorporated telehealth technology into their system of care.

Telemedicine saves the day for Avera Health in the COVID-19 era

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Its internationally recognized eCARE model helped to protect clinicians and staff in the emergency department, even when they were performing high-risk procedures. "This physician can either be on site using an iPad, or one of the physicians off site at the Avera eCARE telemedicine hub.

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How telemedicine can help close the maternal health gap

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"The only way to improve access is to use telemedicine." "No time in my lifetime more than today do we have an opportunity to use telemedicine to close that gap," Sable said.

Two major telehealth orgs team up to expand virtual care training

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The American Telemedicine Association and the American Board of Telehealth announced Tuesday that they were partnering to expand access to training and education for virtual care.

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A new COVID-19 wave is coming – how can health systems prepare?

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Keep telemedicine tools easy to use. At the ATA2020 virtual conference held this week, Avera eCARE Quality and Innovation Officer Mandy Bell said one lesson the telemedicine vendor had taken from the first wave of the coronavirus crisis was to "keep the telemedicine tools easy to use."

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Ed Grogan, VP & CIO, Calvert Health System, Chapter 2

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Maryland eCare “We’re the mouse that roars” In the current health system landscape, where organizations just keep growing, Calvert Health System is considered to be quite small. In this interview, he talks about the Maryland eCare initiative and partnerships that have expanded Calvert’s reach and helped improve care for patients across the state. Maryland eCare. * “We’re the mouse that roars”.

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Anne Lara, CIO, Union Hospital of Cecil County, Chapter 2

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ICD-10 taskforce eCare with University of Maryland Partnering with AT&T for remote monitoring ROI & patient outcomes — “You have to look at things differently.” In this interview, she talks about what it takes to create true partnerships, the fine line CIOs must walk to secure devices without hampering users, her plans to expand telemedicine programs at UHCC, and how she’s working to foster innovation and keep her staff motivated. eCare with University of Maryland.

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With the Silver Tsunami on its way, telehealth is ready for its moment

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Browse the education sessions scheduled for the American Telemedicine Association's annual conference and expo in New Orleans next month, and you'll notice that many of them are geared toward elderly patients, home-based care and aging in place. Chamberlain points to Avera Health's longstanding and well-respected Avera eCARE service , which "has built a real unique bunker in which they are navigating ICU, telepharmacy, telestroke," he said.

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