News from the Consumer Technology Association and Withings Further Demonstrates Private Sector’s Role in the Pandemic and Public Health

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This week, announcements from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and Withings further bolster the case for the private sector bolstering public health in this pandemic…and future ones to come beyond the Age of the Coronavirus.

HHS expands COVID-19 public health emergency until April, preserving key telehealth flexibilities


HHS expands COVID-19 public health emergency until April, preserving key telehealth flexibilities. rking. Fri, 01/08/2021 - 16:05


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Telehealth Platforms: Building Blocks for Omnichannel, Networked Healthcare

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the use of telehealth services tripled in the past year, as healthcare providers limited patients from in-person visits for care and patients sought to avoid exposure to the coronavirus in medical settings. In the U.S.,

Billing Medicare and Private Payers for Telehealth Visits: What to Expect Post-Public Health Emergency

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” While the AMA and many others are advocating for continued support of telehealth post-pandemic, healthcare providers and practice leaders should anticipate and prepare for a return to more standardized regulation after the public health emergency (PHE).

One-Third of People with Chronic Conditions Delayed or Forgone Care During the Pandemic

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physicians grew concerned that patients who were avoiding visits to doctor’s offices were missing care for chronic conditions, discussed in in Delayed and Forgone Health Care for N onelderly Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic from the Urban Institute. By the autumn of 2020, U.S.

Georgia Department of Public Health: Keeping Doctors and Patients Connected


Follow along with our new blog series #HealthcareNow and #PublicSectorNow , where we’ll addresses healthcare innovation around the world and how to maintain business continuity in today’s health climate. .

Telehealth Is Just Healthcare Now – One Post-COVID Certainty, Three Reports

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As we wrestle with just “what” health care will look like “after COVID,” there’s one certainty that we can embrace in our health planning and forecasting efforts: that’s the persistence of telehealth and virtual care into health care work- and life-flows, for clinicians and consumers alike and aligned. consumers would be interested in using telehealth going forward, McKinsey’s consumer survey from May 20, 2020, found.

CMS will reimburse for 11 new telehealth services during the public health emergency

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Ten In Ten: Manatt’s Healthcare Priorities to 2031

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health care system, especially laying bare inequities and inertia in American health care, explained in The Progress We Need: Ten Health Care Imperatives for the Decade Ahead from Manatt Health. Achieve health equity. Address social determinants of health.

Depression and Anxiety are Toxic Side Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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treated more patients in the first six months of the coronavirus pandemic, shifting their practices to telehealth platforms. This year, APA has published four reports on consumers’ mental health in the pandemic. Stress in America series here in Health Populi earlier this year.

Telehealth: Get ready for big changes in health care


The year 2020 might bear witness to a significant shift in control of health care from the providers, insurers, and the government to actual health care consumers. First, it was the politicians, then the tech conferences and promises of 5G, and now global pandemic scares are all signaling the demand for remote health care. Tech Public Health & Policy

The Coronavirus Pandemic Turbocharged Digital Health Investment in 2020

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2020 will be remembered for disruption and dislocation on many fronts; among the major blips in the year will be it remembered as the largest funding year for digital health recorded, according to Rock Health’s report on the 3Q2020 digital health funding.

Health Consumers After COVID-19 – A View from the Consumer Technology Association

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I covered the event here in Health Populi, as I have for most of the past decade, highlighting the growth of digital health and, this year, the expanding Internet of Healthy Things called-out by Dr. Joseph Kvedar in 2015. What a difference a public health crisis makes, accelerating digital health beyond fitness geeks, Quantified Self adherents, and smartwatch adopters. Telehealth, too, is embraced by 3 in 5 people for both physical and mental health services.

Addressing Lives and Livelihoods with a Whole-of-Government Approach – The First Wave of Biden Health Policy

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I cover this first wave of Biden health policy in my latest post for the Medecision Liberation blog titled, “ Top Priorities for President Biden: COVID-19, Then Everything Else.” Health equity and equal opportunity are baked into President Biden’s plans.

The Pandemic Has Been a Shock to Our System – Learning from Known

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The research has uncovered differences in peoples’ resilience and response to the public health crisis and its economic, social, clinical, and emotional impacts. I am grateful to the Known team for sharing details of these findings with me to now share with Health Populi readers.

The Health Care Cost Curve is Bending Down – A New View from Deloitte

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Over the next 20 years, health care spending in the U.S. health economics in the year 2040 from Deloitte. Current spending on health care in America is roughly $4 trillion (with a “t”) dollars, approaching 20% of the nation’s economy.

Rebuilding Resilience, Trust, and Health – Deloitte’s Latest on Health Care and Sustainability

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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated health care providers’ and plans’ investment in digital technologies while reducing capital spending on new physical assets, we learn in Building resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond from the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions.

Our Home Is Our Health Hub: CTA and CHI Align to Address Digital and Health Equity

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This week, two organizations mission-driven by these “C” words aligned to bolster digital health care transformation for all people — not just those of us advantaged by a bountiful local, accessible portfolio of social determinants of health (SDoH).

The Latest Health Technology Vision and Consumer Behavior Insights From Accenture

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The COVID-19 pandemic hastened digital transformation for both the health care industry and for individuals — as health consumers, patients, caregivers, and health citizens.

How COVID-19 Is Reshaping Cities and Inspiring Healthcare Innovation

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” This was one pillar for the public health prescription we were given to help mitigate the spread of a very tricky, contagious virus. This is a rich report covering key vertical markets: public safety, transportation, education, transformative tech, smart cities, and health care.

Can Telemedicine Increase Health Equity? A Conversation with Antoinette Thomas, Dave Ryan, and Me with the ATA

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“We” was a trio including Antoinette Thomas (@NurseTechExec1), Chief Patient Experience Officer with Microsoft, David Ryan (@DavidPRyan), former long-time Global Head of Intel’s Health/Life Science business; and, me. But connectivity became a Super Determinant of health.

The Future of Health Is “Now,” Deloitte Says; But Are Consumers Living and Loving It?

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The pandemic has become a sort of forcing function on all aspects of daily living, include health care. Deloitte’s latest wave of health care consumer market research updates the COVID-19 impacts on the U.S. Health Consumers, Deloitte polled 4,522 U.S.

Insurers need flexibility in benefit design to continue telehealth past the public health emergency

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Our Homes Are Health Delivery Platforms – The New Home Health/Care at CES 2021

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But for those of us working with and innovating solutions for health and health care, #CES2021 was baked with health goodness , in and beyond “digital health” categories. Heart health at home. The increasingly smart bathroom for health.

Telehealth surge among dentists


A recent survey of 2,767 dentists in 20 states found that 34% of providers are currently using some form of telehealth to treat patients or plan to in the near future. The study, conducted by DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement, also found that: 75% of providers who use telehealth services expect their telehealth volume to increase or stay the same during the next 12 months Public health providers are more likely (44%) to use telehealth than all other practice types (21%).

Health Citizenship in the America. If Not Now, When?

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On March 11 th , the World Health Organization called the growing prevalence of the coronavirus a “pandemic.”. My new book, Health Citizenship: How a virus opened hearts and minds , launched this week. This is the call for Health Citizenship for people in America.

The Digital Consumer, Increasingly Connected to Health Devices; Parks Associates Kicking Off #CES2021

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But the coronavirus era also saw broadband households spending more on connecting health devices, with 42% of U.S. consumers owning digital health tech compared with 33% in 2015, according to research discussed in Supporting Today’s Connected Consumer from Parks Associates.

How Public Health Crises Have Advanced Medical Technologies

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Advancing the Reaches of Telehealth. Several major health crises forced the industry to reconsider the status quo, leading to sweeping changes throughout the United States’ health system. Once the worst of the pandemic was over, several countries changed their approach to healthcare, essentially reorganizing every aspect of public health. Local governments also started investing in detailed health statistics, so they could track the spread of the disease.

Behavioral Health Side-Effects in the COVID Era

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“This surge of people experiencing acute behavioral health problems…has the potential to further impact the healthcare system for years to come,” a report from McKinsey expects looking at the hidden costs of COVID-19’s impact on U.S. health care.

The Unbearable Heaviness of Healthcare in America – the Change Healthcare/Harris Poll

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The phrase, “burden of health care,” has two usual meanings: one, to do with the massive chronic care burden, and the other, involving costs. That’s not just self-rationing health care due to costs, but due to overall consumer experience with and beyond the cost of care.

Telehealth Use Among Older Americans: Growing Interest, Remaining Concerns

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This drove health consumers to virtual care platforms in the first months of the public health crisis — including lots of older people who had never used telemedicine or even a mobile health app.

Health Consumers Value Sharing and Downloading Health Data, But Privacy Concerns Remain

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are growing their health IT muscles and literacy, accelerated in the coronavirus pandemic. Pew collaborated with Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research to conduct a survey in June and July 2020 among 1,213 U.S. consumers’ adoption of digital health technology stalled.

Five Public Health Needs for Digital Health Technology

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Digital health technology has seen an incredible growth in the last few years, fueled by a combination of consumerization of wearable technologies, ubiquity of mobile devices, proliferation of technology incubators, attention by government health and regulatory agencies and involvement of large companies heretofore not focused on healthcare. The fastest path to widespread adoption of these technologies is the application to the most pressing public health needs.

In the Pandemic, We’re All About Food

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In addition to the pure physiological need of food for survival, “Consumers have a greater focus on health and immunity. consumers’ food habits in the organization’s annual 2020 Food & Health Survey , the fifteenth year of the study. The pandemic era has also been about “health,” which may be an obvious top-line finding. But this health ethos has reshaped how consumers are shopping for food. Health Populi’s Hot Points: U.S.

What Will Healthcare Costs Be After COVID? PwC Looks Behind the 2021 Numbers

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“Medical trend” is the expected increase in a health plan’s per capita health care costs. The second table from the PwC report details patients delaying care by consumer segment, health, and insurance status. PwC’s Health Research Institute found that one-fifth of people with employer-sponsored health insurance delayed over 70% of the care they should have received beginning in March until at least early May.

Addressing Health Equity Must Include Digital Equity Beyond Access To Medical Services and Insurance

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The 21st Century Cures Act emphasizes patients’ control of personal health information. ONC rules issues in March 2020 called for more patient-facing health tools and apps to bolster health consumer engagement and empowerment. revealed many weakness in the American health care system, one of which has been health inequities faced by millions of people — especially black Americans, who have sustained higher rates morbidity and mortality for COVID-19.

The Coronavirus Impact on American Life, Part 2 – Our Mental Health

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as most people are “social distancing” or sheltering in place, based on numbers from the early April 2020 Kaiser Family Foundation health tracking poll on the impact of the coronavirus on American life. Surgeon General, the fact is that a growing number of Americans are feeling negative mental health impacts…and it’s only early April in what will be a many-month new-normal of physical distancing.

The Hair Economy in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Control, Wellness, and Self-Care

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The barbershop and beauty salon are important community touch points for health, wellness, and social connection in so many peoples’ lives. In my book, HealthConsuming: From Health Consumer to Health Citizen , I feature the black barbershop to introduce a chapter on “The New Retail Health.” But this first-wave impact of the pandemic and #StayHome mandates have exacted a price on financial and mental health.

Estimates of COVID-19 Medical Costs in the US: $20K for inpatient stay, $1300 OOP costs

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In the midst of growing inpatient admissions and test results for COVID-19, Congress is working as I write this post to finalize a round of legislation to help Americans with the costs-of-living and (hopefully) health care in a national, mandated, clarifying way. The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) and Peterson Center on Healthcare collaborate on strategic health issues. hospitals using 2018 data, for an active working population covered by large employers’ health plans.

What #CES2019 5 Tech Trends to Watch Mean for Health/Care

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As #CES2019 kicks off in Las Vegas with today’s first Media Day, the Consumer Technology Association presented its forecast on the 5 Technology Trends to Watch in 2019 — and they all play into health, wellness, and medical care. Digital Health Tech Empowers Patients. Here are how these five mega-trends can bolster our health and healthcare products and services over the next decade. ” #SDOH is the hashtag for “Social Determinants of Health.”