One-Size Fits Few: How Personalized Healthcare Improves Medication Adherence

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Studies unanimously show the negative effects medication non-adherence has on clinical outcomes and healthcare costs. The article One-Size Fits Few: How Personalized Healthcare Improves Medication Adherence appeared first on This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. By Kim Huynh and Esther Ketelaars, health and life sciences experts, PA Consulting.

The Transportation Effect In Healthcare: Improving Population Health Through Better Access To Care

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The buzz around social determinants of health (SDoH) is making waves across the healthcare industry. The article The Transportation Effect In Healthcare: Improving Population Health Through Better Access To Care appeared first on This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. By Hants Williams, director of clinical operations, VirtualHealth.

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How can healthcare improve care for high-need, high-risk patients? Just ask them


They asked the patients themselves how doctors and healthcare systems can best meet their needs and, in the process, cut costs

QCapture – ONC Prize Winner Debuts at 2019 IHI Forum

Healthcare IT Today

EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT IT Easy EHR Issue Reporting Challenge EHR Issues EHR Safety EHR Safety Issues IHIForum Institute for Healthcare Improvement patient safety QCapture

EHR 83

Institute for Healthcare Improvement: 5 considerations for making home healthcare safer


As more healthcare shifts into patients' homes, it's crucial to address the unique safety risks posed in that setting, and a new report from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement offers several solutions to address those concerns

The Conversation Project

Medicine and Technology

Have you heard of the Conversation Project that involves a collaboration with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)? IHI Institute for Healthcare ImprovementThe Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.

Digital Healthcare: A New Approach to Care Coordination

Healthcare Guys

Digital transformation in healthcare improves patient outcomes, makes healthcare as much about prevention as curative treatments, and reduces the overall cost of medical treatment

Boston Children’s Hospital partners with Premier to improve supply chain


Boston Children’s Hospital announced a new partnership with healthcare improvement company Premier as a step in streamlining management of its supply chain

IHI 2018: Former CMS administrator Don Berwick on why healthcare can't afford to accept inequality anymore


Addressing the social determinants of health will require providers to consider some uncomfortable personal questions, according to Institute for Healthcare Improvement founder and former CMS administrator Don Berwick

Major players begin meeting today in effort to make healthcare safer for patients


The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has convened some of healthcare's heavy hitters to accelerate improvements to patient safety, including taking on medical errors, the co-chairs tell FierceHealthcare

Healthcare Trend Watch — In Healthcare, We Need More Joy in Work


The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is embracing the issue of burnout and calling on the industry to aim for a higher goal—not just the absence of burnout but actually the presence of joy in the workplace

ZDoggMD: It's time for healthcare to look to version 3.0


Healthcare has had its problems and it’s time to evolve again, according to Zubin Damania, M.D., Damania was one of several keynote speakers at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s National Forum this week better known as ZDoggMD on social media.

The Value of Deploying a Social Determinants Screening Tool in EHR

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Rush University is one of eight institutions participating in “Pursuing Equity,” a national collaborative with Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

The IT Staffing Shortage Is a Problem Morphing Into a Crisis: What to Do

Phoenix Health Systems

Staffing shortages have plagued the healthcare industry for years, and this year hospital IT departments are feeling more pain than ever. The shortfall in physicians and nurses understandably gets the most press attention, but two phenomenons are pushing scarcity of specialized IT workers into the stratosphere: computer and IT jobs across all industries are projected to grow 12% from 2018 to 2028, and healthcare is projected to add 3.5 Healthcare sector jobs are increasing at 1.6


Best Telehealth Podcasts for Healthcare Professionals

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Blog Login Sign Up Best Telehealth Podcasts for Healthcare Professionals Enzyme Health Team February 13, 2019 Want to add some telemedicine content to your podcast queue? Best Telehealth Podcast Series Conversations on Healthcare [link] Conversations on Healthcare is a show from WESU 88.1

Time for Artificial Intelligence to Meet Healthcare Costs

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Technology has improved the entire face of the healthcare industry. The changes envisioned include, lowered cost of healthcare, improved access to information, shorter service times and fewer errors due to misinformation or data mishandling. A mathematical model collects the surveillance data from healthcare workers and creates an outbreaks trajectory within the community.

Gail Phillips: My journey to the Society for Participatory Medicine

Society for Participatory Medicine

The theme of the conference Democratizing Healthcare! Presently, as a Healthcare Advocate, I am very much interested in the concept of empowerment. According to John Hopkins Medicine, the complexity of the healthcare system has given rise to a new professional: the patient advocate.

The Death of Old-School Telehealth


Let’s just say it: Telemedicine is booming in today’s healthcare landscape. At the other end, Generation Z and Millennials are looking for the same speed and convenience from healthcare that they get from Uber, Amazon, and Lyft.

Former Cleveland Clinic CEO becomes Vice President of Healthcare for Google Cloud

Lloyd Price

In healthcare circles, there’s been a lot of talk over the years about the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim, a framework with three broad goals: improving the patient experience of care; improving the health of populations; and reducing the per capita cost of health care.

Patient Engagement: More Bark than Bite? Let’s Get to Work!

Society for Participatory Medicine

Despite all the encouraging signs of this movement’s progress, I assert that in the area of healthcare where patient engagement is most vital – the real-time relationship between a patient and their clinicians, now – progress has been spotty.

Join the IHI #InnovationRelay Twitter chat on Wed

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This summer, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is holding an IHI Innovation Relay and you can join the Twitter chat on Wed 7/30 at 1 pm ET to learn more about how to pioneer answers to persistent problems in health care. Let’s design an approach of a hospital/health care system to interact with the community to improve the social determinants of health. •1:30–2

Care Delivery Beyond the Walls of the Doctor’s Office — Celebrated at This Year’s IHI Summit

Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

For the past three days, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement held its 15 th Annual International Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice and the Community here in Washington, DC.

Report: Telehealth Adoption ‘May Help Drive Transition’ to Value-Based Care

care innovations

A new report from URAC, a self-described independent, nonprofit, third-party healthcare quality validator based in Washington, D.C., describes the growth of telehealth adoption in the United States as potentially helping to drive the transition to value-based healthcare — an idea that’s long been expressed by experts in digital care delivery. Specifically, they note, the telehealth adoption has been shown to: Expand access to healthcare.

Data Integration and Analytics Solutions at HIMSS18


Healthcare organizations that want to make more informed and better clinical and business decisions need to not only integrate their data but be able to turn that data into insights. Our healthcare leadership team will once again be in attendance at this year’s HIMSS conference and we are excited to discuss real-world data integration and analytics solutions. Improving Transitions of Care for High-Risk Patients . Cloud-Based Data Solution Improves Patient Care.

Bluetooth in healthcare provides improved connectivity

Serona Health

However, this is only the tip of the healthcare iceberg. The next, vital steps to success in this market segment are reducing the cost and improving the interoperability of mobile devices. These steps will change the scale of the healthcare market by multiple orders of magnitude.

Patient Safety Improvement with a National Health Record


Patient Safety is the result of practices and policies that healthcare organizations employ to protect patients from preventable harm. All of this would contribute to improved treatment and reduced complication caused by the current localized electronic collection of data.

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Meaningful Measures – Meaningful Change or Meaningless Hype?


I embrace the fact that it forces and challenges me to adapt which allows personal and professional growth, but I hate the disruption it causes to my “known,” especially when that “known” took me forever to figure out…such as healthcare quality measures!