Envisioning the delivery of true primary care telehealth


Almost overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted how we deliver primary care to patients. Before the pandemic, telehealth seemed to be a way to deliver urgent care for acute issues to a select group of tech-savvy patients.

What’s Causing Fewer Primary Care Visits in the US?

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Americans who have commercial health insurance (say, through an employer or union) are rarely thought to face barriers to receiving health care — in particular, primary care, that front line provider and on-ramp to the health care system.


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Primary Care 2.0 – How Crossover Health is “Re-Bundling” Health Care

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bn , much of which went into niche applications like lab testing, medication adherence, and on-demand triage for urgent care. These companies targeting primary care components represent the “unbundling of the family doctor,” as CB Insights recently coined the market trend.

Why Telehealth is a Lifeline for Primary Care Physicians


Primary care physicians are the frontline of healthcare. The Association of American Medical Colleges predicts a primary care provider shortfall , with numbers landing between 21,000 to 55,000 by 2023. Future-Proofing Primary Care. More Telehealth Topics.

What Pieces of Primary Care Work Virtually in a Post-COVID World? – #HITsm Chat Topic

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This week’s chat will be hosted by Matt Sakumoto (@MattSakumoto) on the topic “What Pieces of Primary Care Work Virtually in a Post-COVID World?“ “ Matt Sakumoto is a primary care physician and product manager […].

Using telehealth to enhance patient-primary care provider interactions

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Primary topic: Telehealth Disable Auto Tagging: Short Headline: Using telehealth to enhance patient-primary care provider interactions Featured Decision Content: Region Tag: Global Edition Right Now

Will virtual primary care become a new model of healthcare delivery?

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans received care from their primary care physicians via telemedicine. Telehealth technology and services company Amwell now is promoting the concept of "virtual primary care."

Telehealth Use Among Older Americans: Growing Interest, Remaining Concerns

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In the Fear of Going Out Era spawned by the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients were loath to go to the doctor’s office for medical care, and even less keen on entering a hospital clinic’s doors. The study identified several key concerns about telehealth visits, shown in the graphic.

Here's what primary care clinicians say they need to effectively implement telehealth

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Primary care providers in New York City, one of the U.S. With patients afraid to seek care in person and social distancing necessitating as little face-to-face contact as possible, many clinicians pivoted to telehealth – some with more success than others.

'Game on': Competition in telehealth, primary care spaces heats up as Amazon Care expands, analysts say


Game on': Competition in telehealth, primary care spaces heats up as Amazon Care expands, analysts say. hlandi. Fri, 03/19/2021 - 16:12

Despite COVID-19 Challenges, Primary Care Practice Improves Patient Health Using Digital Tools

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With COVID-19 transmission risks remaining high, many medical practices have been forced to change their business model from one built on face-to-face appointments to delivering patient care via telehealth visits virtually overnight.

Telehealth is the future but it is obscured by a dismal present


In so far as our current public health emergency is concerned, telehealth has obvious, indisputable benefits. Tech Mobile health Primary Care

Millennials demand telehealth in a move away from traditional primary care model

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It is no secret that millennials are a driving force in society today, and a new survey shows that their demands and behaviors differ from baby boomer and Gen Xers, and could reshape the healthcare industry especially when it comes to primary care and telehealth

How Virtual Care is Morphing into “Just” Healthcare – my post in Medecision Liberation

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The pandemic accelerated many Very Big Deals in digital health venture capital investment, mergers and acquisitions, and the re-emergence of SPACs in health care. This graphic comes out of my current thinking about telehealth across the continuum of care.

Finding Success in 2020 and Beyond with RPM and Primary Care

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COVID-19 has forced healthcare providers to innovate and adapt to maintain the standard levels of care expected by patients across the country. Simply innovating to provide a telehealth platform for patients has shown to not fully bridge the gap caused by the pandemic.

Telehealth Platforms: Building Blocks for Omnichannel, Networked Healthcare

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the use of telehealth services tripled in the past year, as healthcare providers limited patients from in-person visits for care and patients sought to avoid exposure to the coronavirus in medical settings. In the U.S.,

The successes – and pitfalls – of using telehealth for home-based primary care

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Home-based primary care allows individuals with chronic conditions – especially older people – to stay in their homes longer, reducing hospitalization rates and improving quality of life.

HIMSSCast: Primary care docs are adopting new tools, but maintaining the human core

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We talk about why primary care is important and how technology can only go so far in what is fundamentally a very human field. Further reading: Telehealth seems here to stay – so how can it be improved? America’s Looming Primary-Care Crisis (from the New Yorker

Telehealth Is Just Healthcare Now – One Post-COVID Certainty, Three Reports

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consumers would be interested in using telehealth going forward, McKinsey’s consumer survey from May 20, 2020, found. Most providers also reported they were more comfortable using telehealth post-COVID. health care system.

The Post-COVID 19 Health Consumer: Ready for DIY Health Care and More Open to Telehealth

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The COVID-19 pandemic has re-shaped consumers for work, school, fitness, cooking, and certainly for health care. A chronic care visit, likely for 78% of consumers. Younger Americans prefer retail health settings for vaccines: retail clinics, urgent care sites, or retail pharmacies.

1 in 5 primary care practices predicts closure in a month, but telehealth could help

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As many as 20% of primary care practices predict they could close within four weeks because of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a survey conducted between April 10 and April 13 by the non-profit Primary Care Collaborative. Telehealth saves a clinic.

Post-Pandemic, U.S. Healthcare is Entering a “Provide More Care For Less” Era – Pondering PwC’s 2022 Forecast

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In the COVID-19 pandemic, health care spending in the U.S. Looking around the future corner, the inflators are expected to be: A COVID-19 “hangover,” leading to increased health care services utilization. Health systems finding ways to provide more care using less resources.

Ten Forces Shaping Health Care in 2021: A View from CVS Health

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Expanding omni-channel, data-driven, cost-effective health care in the community, tailoring that care, and attending to mental health paint the picture of health through the lens of CVS Health. The Next Step Forward in Cardiac Care. Tailor Care to the Older Patient.

Primary care practices struggle with inconsistent payment for telehealth, still lack testing, PPE


Changes in telehealth reimbursement and federal relief funding might not be enough to bolster many primary care practices during the COVID pandemic.

Virtual Health Tech Enables the Continuum of Health from Hospital to Home

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In the COVID-19 pandemic, as peoples’ daily lives shifted closer and closer to home, and for some weeks and months home-all-the-time, health care, too, moved beyond brick-and-mortar hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Telehealth education: What do we actually need for our clinical practice?


In telehealth, which also requires training my colleagues, is it necessary? Tech Mobile health Primary CareAs we go through our careers, we are given the responsibility of educating the next generation of students and residents to become proficient and competent in medicine. If so, what should be part of it? Part of the equivocation with this question of creating […]. Find jobs at Careers by KevinMD.com. Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now.

A Forward Look: Providing Comprehensive, Physician-Led Primary Care to Patients In Remote Locations

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In an ideal world, individuals would be able to access health care services in a quick and convenient manner — regardless of where they […]. The article A Forward Look: Providing Comprehensive, Physician-Led Primary Care to Patients In Remote Locations appeared first on electronichealthreporter.com. Editorial Proactive MD rural healthcare telehealth Troy Corley Virtual CareThis article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter.

The Digital Home: A Platform for Health, via Deloitte and the COVID-19 “Stress Test”

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both patients-consumers and the health system pivoted to virtual health care encounters in the early phase of the pandemic. 13% both adopted smartphones for fitness and managing health care, growing from a base of 28% (fitness) and 25% (health care) pre-pandemic.

Do-It-Yourself Innovation Comes to Health at Home – Telehealth, Fjord 2021 Trends and #CES2021

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This has been particularly true for health care, inspiring virtual appointments and medical tests administered at home, as growing virtual care platforms support peoples’ self-care for health care.

How non-video telehealth can be a cure for overprescribing antibiotics


Tech Health IT Infectious Disease Primary CareWhen Dr. Fleming found penicillin mold in his Petri dishes in 1928, he had no idea of the impact he — and it — would have on global health. Penicillin and the antibiotic revolution that it triggered have saved countless lives and change world history. Less than a century later, though, antibiotics occupy a space […]. Find jobs at Careers by KevinMD.com. Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.

Telehealth and COVID-19 in the U.S.: A Conversation with Ann Mond Johnson, ATA CEO

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Will the coronavirus inspire greater adoption of telehealth in the U.S.? I asked myself, then went to my Oracle of Telehealth: Ann Mond Johnson, CEO of ATA (once named the American Telemedicine Association). Q2 – – Some industry observers have called this, “telehealth’s big moment.”

The Digital Transformation of Patients – Update from Rock Health and Stanford

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The coronavirus pandemic accelerated digital transformation of organizations, including health care providers. adults from early September to early October 2020 to gauge peoples’ interest in and utilization of digital health tools and telehealth.

One-Third of People with Chronic Conditions Delayed or Forgone Care During the Pandemic

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physicians grew concerned that patients who were avoiding visits to doctor’s offices were missing care for chronic conditions, discussed in in Delayed and Forgone Health Care for N onelderly Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic from the Urban Institute. By the autumn of 2020, U.S.

Telehealth In 2030 – Notes From the Future At #ATA19 with Safavi, Holt, Bathina and Swafford

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Kaveh was brainstorming the future of telehealth a decade from “now,” with three innovators attending #ATA19: Deepthi Bathina of Humana, Matthew Holt of Catalyst Health (and Co-Founder of Health 2.0), and Kim Swafford of Providence St. This week convened the ATA annual conference where healthcare industry stakeholders met up to deal with the current telehealth environment and imagine what the future prospects would/could be. First, connected care: one in five U.S.

How Grocery and Retail Companies Are Delivering Health and Healthcare

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Kroger is the fourth-largest pharmacy operator by script count,” the Journal noted, adding details about Walmart, CVS Health, and Walgreens all fast-expanding their respective health care footprints. “Self-care is a pandemic priority,” NCS intuited from their data.

eConsult Platform Use In Community Primary Care Settings Reduces Uncompensated Care Provided By Hospitals

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Rural hospitals are facing severe challenges in maintaining operating margin, with uncompensated care being a major factor. Telehealth eConsult platform use in local primary care settings to improve “right time, right place, right provider care” have been shown to decrease the number of patients […]. Editorial AristaMD Chris Jaeger Medicaid expansion telehealth Uncompensated Care

The Digital Transformation of Home for Health – Brainstorming with Karsten Russell-Wood of Philips

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At the start of CES 2021, I had the opportunity to catch up with Karsten Russell-Wood, Portfolio Marketing Leader, Post Acute & Home, Connected Care at Philips. She is George’s caregiver, and also has to care for her own challenging respiratory condition.

Telemedicine and access: Leave no patient behind


Telehealth, using video to have an acute medical care visit, puts some of the power of choice back into our patient’s hands. To best frame telehealth and its use cases, the National Quality Forum published a report in 2017, outlining the following four buckets which I find especially useful with evaluating programs and interventions: access […]. Tech Mobile health Primary Care

Humana, Doctor on Demand launch virtual primary care health plan


Humana is teaming up with telehealth company Doctor on Demand to launch a virtual primary care health plan, called On Hand, that gives patients access to preventive care, urgent care, and behavioral health through video visits with lower monthly premiums

Physicians Lean In to Digital Health, Especially Telehealth and Remote Monitoring

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doctors are using digital health tools in patient care, with quickening adoption of telehealth and remote monitoring technology, according to a study from the American Medical Association (AMA). The largest positive change in adoption was seen in telehealth and remote monitoring, and.