Hospitals Switching IT Plans Rapidly As COVID-19 Impact Grows

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As the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies, hospitals are struggling valiantly to keep up with the influx of infected patients. Hospital IT departments, meanwhile, are undergoing stresses of their own as they work to support the rapidly escalating needs of clinicians. One look at these efforts comes courtesy of FierceHealthcare, which spoke with health IT leaders at […].

A hospital without patients

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Louis, nestled among locust, elm and sweetgum trees, the Mercy Virtual Care Center has a lot in common with other hospitals. It has nurses and doctors and a cafeteria, and the staff spend their days looking after the very sick?checking Mercy Virtual is arguably the world’s most advanced example of something gaining momentum in the health care world: A virtual hospital, where specialists remotely care for patients at a distance. It’s a very strong future business model.”.


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It’s also an easy way to say something – or imply something – that you didn’t quite mean, or didn’t get to explain deeply enough. I experimented (beginning in 1999) with the medium and found that it was a good way for me to communicate with people, provoke thought, and offer insight into the work I was doing. One day I posted an essay about EHR usability that (I thought) nobody read. Hospitals are NOT the problem.

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HIStalk Interviews Erine Gray, CEO, Aunt Bertha

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It was confusing to navigate. The concept of social determinants of health is suddenly popular, but for hospitals, it often just means having a place to record the patient’s self-reported information. It used to be called poverty and poverty alleviation. The hospital system can do some things in many cases, but in a lot of them, they don’t have much control. We have 175 customers, of which a good chunk are hospital systems. It is a challenge.

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A guide to connected health device and remote patient monitoring vendors

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It is being updated regularly with more vendors. In an age when nearly everyone is digitally connected in some way – even many senior citizens, who are often characterized as technophobic – it only makes sense that the healthcare industry is seeing a lot of connected health devices and remote patient monitoring (RPM) technologies. They also keep patients with less severe cases out of hospitals, so preserving precious bed space for patients with severe cases.

Are you ready to become the hospital of the future?

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Not surprisingly, the hospital of the future will require technology solutions like telehealth to meet growing patient demands for remote access to health information and providers. While technology will ultimately help provide better care, it will undoubtedly change the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of IT teams, executives, and clinicians. Hospital IT: Driving change. They will not only drive innovation, but help put it into practice. .

Sheri Rawlings, CIO, San Juan Regional Medical Center, Chapter 2

Health System CIO

IT as consultants, not owners Lack of ROI in HIEs Patient engagement obstacles “We never intended to chase the dollar.” Thoughts on MU – “I don’t think it achieved near what they thought it would.” When Sheri Rawlings started as CIO at San Juan Regional more than 4 years ago, the EHR picture in the physician community was dire. And so IT stood on the sideline and offered support instead of running the show, and it paid off. IT as consultants, not owners.

'Telehealth titans' discuss cost-savings of virtual care, describe the hospital of the future

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

It's a term that means different things to different people, after all, whether it's a rural patient chatting over an iPad with a doctor in the nearest urban setting, or AI-powered remote monitoring of chronic conditions through connected IoT technology. As Schoenberg sees it, healthcare is an industry that, "for many, many decades has been perceived as something that is brick and mortar based – you have to go to the healthcare when you need it."

Weekender 5/3/19

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Cerner filings indicate that activist investor Starboard Value made its run on the company’s board two days after Brent Shafer announced his new “operating model”. A new KLAS report on hospital market share finds that Epic beat Cerner handily in new hospital gains excluding Cerner’s one-time VA deal, with Cerner losing 65 Millennium hospitals vs. Epic losing one. The trend is going to be ASC/outpatient wherever possible and more micro-hospitals/hospital-at-home.

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7 ways Google Glass is revolutionising healthcare

Lloyd Price

Data Access What could be simpler than walking into a hospital room to find that important, up to date data about the patient inside is automatically displayed in the corner of your eye? Kyle Samani, CEO of Pristine But the ability to access patient data from an EHR (electronic health record) is useful for any healthcare professional, not just surgeons who need to sustain a high level of concentration.

150 top places to work in healthcare

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Becker’s Healthcare is pleased to release the “150 Top Places to Work in Healthcare | 2018” list, which highlights hospitals, health systems and healthcare companies that promote diversity within the workforce, employee engagement and professional growth. This list is not an endorsement of any hospital, health system or company mentioned. Hospitals, Health Systems and Medical Groups. Anna Jaques Hospital (Newburyport, Mass.). Regional Hospital.