Americans Lost Future Life-Years in 2020: How Much Life Was Lost Depends on the Color of One’s Skin

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years, according to data shared by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For insights into that trend of growing male mortality, search for my posts on the Deaths of Despair here on Health Populi).

Black Health Should Matter More in America: The Undefeated Survey on Race and Health

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More than twice as many Black men believe that in 2020 compared with 2006. More than four times as many Black women believe that it’s a bad time to be Black in America in 2020 versus 2011, we learn from The Undefeated Survey on Race and Health from Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF).


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Most Americans Want the Federal Government to Ensure Healthcare for All

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This sentiment has been relatively stable since 2000 except for two big outlying years: a spike of 69% in 2006, and a low-point in 2003 of 42%. In 2006, Medicare Part D launched, which may have boosted consumers’ faith in Federal healthcare programs. But while there’s majority support for universal health care, we should think broadly about this concept at this moment. This asked people whether they would prefer a government-run health system.

Doc Tom Awardees Announced at SPM2018 Conference

Society for Participatory Medicine

“Doc Tom” Ferguson (1943 – 2006) was a Family Medicine physician, a visionary and pioneer who sought to empower patients to use online resources, embraced patient contribution, and aimed for professionals to be equal partners with patients. Doc Tom was Medical Editor for Millennium Whole Earth Catalog and Health Online: How To Find Health Information, Support Groups, And Self Help Communities In Cyberspace.



I say this with some confidence, as Jack Dorsey posted the first tweet in March, 2006. My first tweet was four months later in July 2006. It described a conversation I was having with an employee of a hospital who saw the work that our organization does to improve health in our communities (and reduce hospital volume) as deliberately “harming hospitals.” Uncategorized Health Policy VBPI have been an occasional Twitter user for a long time.

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Parsing eCW’s $155M payment to the government


UPDATE: Here are the public records for the case. However, it was the filthy conditions, described in nauseating detail—and the threat they posed to meat consumers—that caused a public furor. In this case, the government moved to protect the public because a subset of meat packers was putting profit above public health. public outcry caused the government to step in and regulate the industry. Before Health IT Certification.

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