Is Cybersecurity An Issue When Using The ACV? The TIGTA Weighs In

ACA Times

This is a growing problem especially for employers who are oftentimes unaware that probable penalties loom overhead due to either negligence from the advance notice of the Federal Healthcare Exchange or simply lack information. Given the IRS’s recent move to physical letters announcing an audit over traditional introductory phone calls, the federal government has now become more aware of possible scams that can seep into both the tax reporting and filing processes.

Study: Researchers Look at the Policy Implications of Healthcare Systems’ Advances Around IT-Facilitated Patient Engagement

hea!thcare innovation - Clinical IT

A team of researchers looks at the advances in IT-facilitated patient engagement being made at four leading patient care organizations—and the implications of those advances, for federal healthcare policy going forward


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Few patients downloading EHRs to their smartphones at early-adopter health systems, study finds


Federal healthcare policymakers are pushing to give patients easier access to their electronic health data via smartphone apps. But are patients using these apps to get their health records? Uptake has been modest, according to researchers

HIMSS19: Loud and clear message from feds on patient data: It belongs to patients


Federal healthcare officials put industry stakeholders on notice this week that patient data belongs to patients, and efforts to block patients' access to their data will not be tolerated

ResMed to pay more than $37.5M to settle kickback allegations made in five whistleblower lawsuits


million to resolve allegations brought by the Department of Justice that it paid kickbacks to durable medical equipment suppliers, sleep labs and other healthcare providers. Medical equipment maker ResMed Corp will pay $37.5

CHIME urges CMS, ONC to give providers 3 years to comply with interoperability rules


Industry group CHIME is urging federal healthcare policy officials to go slow with dual interoperability and information blocking rules by first publishing interim final rules rather than final rules. Once the rules are published, CHIME also wants healthcare providers to have three years to implement them

CMS’ Proposed PI Rule Changes Is A Good Start, But Does It Address Enough?

Electronic Health Reporter

Federal healthcare organizations, such as CMS, have spent billions of dollars over the years trying to bridge the gap between medical data and quality patient care with interoperability requirements and data integration, the mesh used to try and bridge the gap. This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Thanh Tran, CEO, Zoeticx.

Considerations and Benefits of Successful Healthcare Data Management

Healthcare IT Today

Recent government initiatives and legislation, such as the Omnibus Bill and Executive Order on Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery include provisions intended to bolster federal healthcare IT programs.

What the future holds for HHS-OIG health IT enforcement

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Department of Health and Human Services aims to protect the integrity of federal healthcare programs, in addition to the health of beneficiaries. " VanLandingham explained that the healthcare fraud space gets "tens of thousands of complaints."

A Texas lawsuit being heard this week could mean life or death for the ACA


In a Texas courtroom, a group of Republican attorneys general, led by Texas’ Ken Paxton, is set to face off against a group of Democratic attorneys general, led by California’s Xavier Becerra, in a lawsuit aimed at striking down the federal healthcare law

Florida provider group to pay $24.5M after False Claims Act allegations

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

"Billing federal healthcare programs for services that providers know are unnecessary or unreasonable undermines the quality of care that patients receive and increases the costs of these taxpayer-funded programs," said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brian M.

How The Raise the Wage Act Could Impact ACA Compliance

ACA Times

The report , officially titled “The Budgetary Effects of The Raise the Wage Act of 2021” outlines specific changes to employment rates and the federal poverty line for individuals and household incomes.

Arizona telehealth company owners plead guilty in $64M scheme

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

The owners of a national telehealth company pleaded guilty this week to charges of conspiracy to violate the federal Anti-Kickback Statute and to commit healthcare fraud. Kat Jercich is senior editor of Healthcare IT News. Healthcare IT News is a HIMSS Media publication.

Dozens charged in sprawling $1.2B telehealth and genetics fraud crackdown

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Meanwhile, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Center for Program Integrity also announced that it has taken administrative actions against more than 50 healthcare providers alleged to be involved in similar schemes. healthcare system at the expense of patients."

DOJ charges dozens in $1.1B telehealth fraud crackdown

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Department of Justice announced this past week that it was bringing criminal charges against 138 total defendants for their alleged participation in various healthcare fraud schemes, resulting in about $1.4 Kat Jercich is senior editor of Healthcare IT News. The U.S.

Healthcare Interoperability with Perficient and Red Hat [Webinar]


Payers that deal with federal healthcare plans have to do the following: Patient Access API: Provide a FHIR-based API that lets patients access claims and information via third-party applications.

New Stimulus Plan Expands PTC Eligibility, Employer Penalties

ACA Times

3 minute read: President Joe Biden recently signed into law the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and it includes provisions that make ACA healthcare coverage more accessible to Americans. Also, Americans who earn higher incomes, 400% or above, can now qualify for subsidized healthcare.

Florida man pleads guilty in scheme exploiting amended telehealth restrictions

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

"It’s clear fraudsters see the COVID-19 pandemic as a money-making opportunity – creating fraudulent schemes to victimize beneficiaries and steal from federal healthcare programs,” said Deputy Inspector General for Investigations Gary L. The U.S.

New Individual Mandate Regulations: What You Need to Know

ACA Times

This bill aimed, in part, to fill in the hole left in federal healthcare legislation by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which reduced the federal Individual Shared Responsibility Penalty under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) Individual Mandate to $0.

Most Americans Want the Federal Government to Ensure Healthcare for All

Health Populi

believe that the Federal government should ensure that their fellow Americans, a new Gallup Poll found. In 2006, Medicare Part D launched, which may have boosted consumers’ faith in Federal healthcare programs. Most Democrats believe that the government should both ensure universal healthcare and run it. Healthcare costs are part of a family’s budget in 2018, and that is a sure thing for 2019 as well. Most people in the U.S.

1 in 4 Latinos Not Covered by ACA

ACA Times

The Spanish-language version the federal healthcare website, , was not online until December last year, and was poorly translated, according to The Washington Post. A quarter all Hispanics in the United States lack, the highest rate for any minority in the nation, according to data released by the Census Bureau. About 2.6 million an estimated 10.2 million eligible Latinos did not enroll during the first year the Act’s operation.

OIG looking closely at telehealth as it weighs future enforcement

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Department of Health and Human Services works to ensure the integrity of federal healthcare programs and to safeguard the health and welfare of those programs' beneficiaries. How will this impact their expenditures for healthcare programs?

$6B fraud bust includes numerous telehealth schemes

Henry Kotula

Dive Brief: Federal agencies have charged 345 people across the country, including more than 100 providers and four telehealth executives, with submitting more than $6 billion in fraudulent claims to payers. [link].

San Francisco sues Trump administration over new 'conscience' rule


San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera today announced he had filed suit against HHS to invalidate a new federal rule that he said the city can't comply with, which puts nearly $1 billion in federal healthcare funding at risk

Why Therapists Should Use HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth Platforms During COVID-19


The lifting of penalties for non-HIPAA compliant telehealth platforms currently only apply to telehealth sessions covered by Medicare and other federal healthcare programs overseen by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


That Spike In Premium Rates Probably Won’t Affect Your Marketplace Plan

ACA Times

As those looking to renew their health plans from the Federal Healthcare Insurance Marketplace Exchange (Federal Exchange) under the Affordable Care Act for 2017 face increases in premiums, a question of how much is posed, especially from state-to-state, as insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare and Aetna have withdrawn from many the Federal Exchange in certain areas, with many other spiking premiums in other areas to make up for losses they incurred through ACA mandates.

The Imperative for the Biden-Harris Administration to Improve and Modernize the American Healthcare System

Connected Health Initiative

CHI believes that this drastic action must include improving and modernizing the American healthcare system and sent a memo of recommendations to the incoming administration. As part of this negotiated effort, Congress should provide permanent policy changes that will enable connected healthcare tools to defeat the current pandemic and, once it is over, modernize American healthcare laws to reflect the value of these tools to assure Americans support of these tools will continue.

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Driving Demand for Telehealth Services

InTouch Health

Healthcare Facilities Are Using Telemedicine to Remotely Connect with Patients During the Outbreak. Patients of all ages can use telehealth to connect with a local healthcare provider without risking their health by leaving their homes and coming into a nearby facility.

How Our CTO Shannon Murphy is Changing Healthcare


As the world leader in evidence-based telemedicine solutions, GlobalMed’s mission is to transform healthcare across the planet. You likely know her for her groundbreaking 23 years with Microsoft, where she was Director of Federal Health Solutions and Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft’s Federal Health and Benefits Team. But several factors in Murphy’s career have positioned her as the ideal leader to transform healthcare through technology.

DOJ breaks up alleged genetic testing fraud scheme estimated at $2.1 billion

Henry Kotula

billion in what it said is one of the largest healthcare fraud schemes in history. The 35 alleged offenders were charged in five separate federal districts, and were linked to dozens of telemedicine firms and laboratories focused on genetic testing for cancer. We will continue working with our law enforcement partners to investigate those who steal from federal healthcare programs and protect the millions of Americans who rely on them.” [link].

The Imperative for the Biden-Harris Administration to Improve and Modernize the American Healthcare System


CHI believes that this drastic action must include improving and modernizing the American healthcare system and sent a memo of recommendations to the incoming administration. As part of this negotiated effort, Congress should provide permanent policy changes that will enable connected healthcare tools to defeat the current pandemic and, once it is over, modernize American healthcare laws to reflect the value of these tools to assure Americans support of these tools will continue.

Updated Better Care Reconciliation Act Released

ACA Times

The initial and updated versions of the Better Care Reconciliation Act call for elimination of financial penalties under IRS Section 4980H for companies with 50 or more employees – referred to as Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) — that fail to offer 95% of their full-time employees minimum essential healthcare coverage that is affordable and that provides minimum value, as required by the ACA. The U.S.

Advances in Caring for At-Risk Veterans Using New Information Technology Tools


On September 13, LifeWIRE, the Connected Health Initiative, and Health Tech Strategies convened an expert panel to discuss how new information technologies can be used to address and reduce suicide in the United States’ active duty and veteran populations. Panelists included U.S.

California Individual Mandate Penalties Will be Issued in 2021

ACA Times

Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont have also introduced their own legislation as a result of the Trump administration zeroing out the federal mandate at the beginning of 2019.

Proposed California Bill Puts the State in Charge of Healthcare Costs

ACA Times

2 minute read: As the current White House and Congressional Republicans continue to snipe at the Affordable Care Act, some states are taking action to shore up the federal healthcare law through a variety of approaches. California state legislators may have offered the most daring approach to healthcare in recent months. If successful the bill could close the gap in medical expenditures between covered individuals and major healthcare providers.

ACA Compliance Still Confusing to Employers

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5 minute read: Employers are still confused with how to comply with the Affordable Care Act, and continue to hide their heads in the sand about the real risk of receiving costly ACA penalties from the IRS for non-compliance with the federal healthcare law. The federal agency has been issuing Letter 226J penalty notices to employers identified as having failed to comply with the ACA’s Employer Mandate for the 2016 tax year, and will continue to do so for subsequent tax years.

Temporary Shutdowns of Termed ACA Sabotage

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That executive order authorized the federal government to take actions to minimize the impacts of the ACA on states, individuals, families, healthcare providers, health insurers, patients, recipients of healthcare services, purchasers of health insurance or makers of medical devices, products, or medications to the maximum extent permitted by law. CMS will also shut down the federal exchange overnight on the first day of open enrollment, November 1.

Trump administration expands Medicare telehealth benefits for COVID-19 fight

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

As promised , the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has expanded its Medicare telehealth coverage during the coronavirus crisis, enabling more patients to get virtual care services from their doctors without having to travel to a healthcare facility.