Best Buy acquires aging in place tech company GreatCall for $800M

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San Diego-based GreatCall — an old guard digital health company which started out making smartphones for seniors in 2006 but now offers a suite of connected safety products and services for aging in place individuals — has been acquired by retail chain Best Buy for $800 million

70% of Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Part D: KFF


The number of people enrolled in Medicare Part D has doubled since 2006, now totaling 45 million people, a new study shows

Benefits of Application Modernization: Get Insights from Data


Cloud computing (as it was called in 2006) was considered an emerging technology, and yet it spawned a revolution. A little over a decade ago, one of the world’s largest online retail brands launched a technology to support its business operations.


Most Americans Want the Federal Government to Ensure Healthcare for All

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This sentiment has been relatively stable since 2000 except for two big outlying years: a spike of 69% in 2006, and a low-point in 2003 of 42%. In 2006, Medicare Part D launched, which may have boosted consumers’ faith in Federal healthcare programs. Most people in the U.S.

Health IT Startup: Greenlight Guru

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Founders’ story The seeds for Greenlight Guru were planted back in 2006 by Jon Speer, a medical device engineer turned consultant as a result of a simple […]. This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter.

Rationing Care in America: Cost Implications Getting to Universal Health Coverage

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That percentage of people who delay medical cost based on the expense has remained stable since 2006: between 29 and 31 percent of Americans have self-rationed care due to cost for over a decade. It would not be surprising to know that when the Great Recession hit the U.S.

Healthcare Costs Inspire Employer Activism and Employee Dissatisfaction – What PwC Found Behind the Numbers

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each year between 2006 and 2016, employees’ healthcare cost sharing grew 4.5%. In the U.S. In that decade, Americans’ median wages rose 1.8% a year, PwC notes in their annual report, Medical cost trend: Behind the numbers 2020 from the firm’s Health Research Institute.

A million views in 44 days! ClearHealthCosts price transparency TED Talk goes viral

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Good thing, too – there’s a famous 2006 health policy article called The Pricing of US Hospital Services: Chaos Behind a Veil of Secrecy. SPM member Jeanne Pinder has spent years crusading for price transparency with her startup ClearHealthCosts.

How Walmart Could Bolster Healthcare in the Community

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The company that defined Big Box stores in their infancy grew in healthcare, health and wellness over the past two decades, pioneering the $4 generic prescription back in 2006. Walmart has been a health/care destination for many years.

Considerations for Building Cloud-Native Applications


AWS launched in 2006 with three services and has over 165 services today. This is the next installment in a series of blogs on the subject of cloud transformation and building cloud-native applications.


Care Gets Personal at Philips for Parents and Babies

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Note that Philips acquired Avent in 2006, well before the company committed to an all-health portfolio. Our homes should nurture our health.

T1D Delay/Prevention in at-risk Children

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In 2006 it became the first live genetically modified bacterium to be used in clinical trials to deliver a human therapeutic protein for the treatment of human disease, by Pieter Rottiers Ph.D., The predecessor company to ActoBio was established in 2006.

Prescription Drugs: From Costs and Bad Reputation to Civica Rx and Amazon to the Rescue

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Over the ten years 2006 to 2016, deductibles increased an average of 176% and coinsurance, 67%. The prices of medicines prescribed in outpatient settings rose, on average. 10.3% in 2018.

Dr. Patti Brennan – #SPM2018 speaker preview “Supporting the Care Between the Care: The Role of the National Library of Medicine”

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At the time (2006) it was mind-blowing – and I can tell you first-hand, there are still a lot of people (patients and doctors) who think doctors should know everything and patients should stay offline and out of the way.

Consumers Don’t Know What They Don’t Know About Healthcare Costs

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” We’ve known about the compelling triple-tax advantage of a health savings account since President Bush promoted them in 2006. The saving rate in the U.S. ranks among the lowest in the world, in a country that rates among the richest nations.

Doc Tom Awardees Announced at SPM2018 Conference

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“Doc Tom” Ferguson (1943 – 2006) was a Family Medicine physician, a visionary and pioneer who sought to empower patients to use online resources, embraced patient contribution, and aimed for professionals to be equal partners with patients.

Controlling Prison Healthcare Costs with Telemedicine


CCHCS was also able to expand specialist access from 30 specialists in 4 locations in 2006 to 200 specialists in 22 locations by 2018.

Announcing SPM’s new Doc Tom Awards. Nominations are open!

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Awards need criteria, and as members of the award team talked about it, we realized we really want two awards, for Tom’s work during his life and for what we’ve done with it since he passed in 2006. It’s here: our Society’s new Doc Tom Awards are open for nominations!


The who, what, when, where, and why of Cochrane

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Cochrane Collaboration logo – it’s a forest plot!

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Disrupting Nurse Call

Medical Connectivity

Ascom Wireless released the first component of what has become their Healthcare Platform, back in 2006. Nurse call is changing. After decades of slow incremental change, the pace of change is quickening.

The more technology changes, the more some categories will remain

Aging in Place Technology Watch

The Jitterbug phone was available beginning in 2006 , but there were no tablets on the market, and it would be several years before GreatCall (and others) offered a smartphone for seniors in 2012.


Dr. Frederick Banting in Film

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Above and Beyond (2006). While many researchers have toiled to discover breakthroughs in Type 1 diabetes care, none are more celebrated than Dr. Frederick Banting, the man credited with discovering insulin.


Why to Plan Pregnancy with Your Diabetes Health Team

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The study took place from 2006 to 2014 and monitored the medical outcomes of 414 pregnancies of women with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, according to a Healio report.


How much does mental illness reduce life expectancy?

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One of the studies referenced in the article is a 2006 paper on causes of death, mortality rates and years of potential life lost by Craig Colton and Ronald Manderscheid.

Nurse Pleads Guilty to Murdering Eight with Insulin

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According to a Toronto Star report , a 2006 study documenting 90 prosecutions of mass murders by healthcare professionals since 1970 found that injectable drugs, including insulin, were the weapon of choice by many of these killers.

Diva Diabetics: a T1D Mentoring & Support Group for Women

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In 2006, the practice folded with very little notice and I continued to see many of our patients in my private practice. History of Group. The Diva Diabetics Mentoring/Support group started in 2008 with 6-7 of my former patients.

Metformin Users Risk Vitamin Deficiency

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In 2006, for example, a Netherlands-based study tracked 390 Type 2 patients who were taking 850 mg of metformin or a placebo three times daily for an average of 4.3 A new report suggests that prolonged use of metformin could lead to a vitamin B12 deficiency.


Parsing eCW’s $155M payment to the government


I was on the developer side of this work from ~2006 – 2010 during the when CCHIT was the only certification path, and then for ONC’s first iteration of certification (2010 – 2011). UPDATE: Here are the public records for the case.

EHR 82

Low-Income Kids on Pumps Face Higher Risk of Complications

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They analyzed data from the Ontario Pediatric Diabetes Network based on a 2012 survey of patient data for the time period between 2006 and 2013; they then divided children studied into five categories based on socioeconomic status.


Joe Kvedar, VP of Connected Health, Partners HealthCare, Chapter 2

Health System CIO

We coined the term ‘connected health’ in 2006 because we needed a new way of talking about what we were doing, and so that became another term that’s now well adopted in the industry. When it comes to transitioning from face-to-face to video visits, clinicians still have trepidation, and the onus is on leaders to assuage those fears by addressing the reimbursement and integration questions, says Joe Kvedar.

How Sanofi Plans to Sell Us Inhalable Insulin

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billion with its inhalable insulin product, Exubera, in 2006. Stefan Schwarz has been given a marketing challenge: to help us embrace a novel way that insulin can be delivered.


Third Time the Charm for Inhalable Insulin?

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The FDA has approved an inhalable insulin product once before with Pfizer’s Exubera in 2006. Mannkind Corporation once again has submitted a New Drug Application (NDA) for FDA approval of its inhalable insulin product, Afrezza.

Sanofi Walks Away From Afrezza

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The move could mean that Afrezza will be the second inhalable insulin system to fail in the 21st century, joining Exubera, which Pfizer pulled the plug on within a year of its launch in 2006.

Medicare Hospice Program Vulnerable According to Inspector General Report

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CMS data showed Medicare spending for hospice care rose 81 percent between 2006 and 2016, from $9.2. Editor’s Note: The growth of Medicare Advantage as a program (it accounts for a third of Medicare enrollees and spending), and the 9.3%

Afrezza Has Lift-Off with FDA Approval

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The 2006 FDA approval notice for Exubera also warned that people who smoke or with some pulmonary issues shouldn’t use the product, and it also noted that Exubera was going to undertake follow-up testing for long-term safety and the possibilities of lung disease.


Getting Started with Telehealth


“Outcomes of 98,609 US Department of Veterans Affairs patients enrolled in telemental health services, 2006–2010.” 2006). The Complete Telehealth Guide for Therapists. Have you thought about offering telehealth sessions at your private practice?

Sanofi Walks Away From Afrezza

Insulin Nation

The move could mean that Afrezza will be the second inhalable insulin system to fail in the 21st century, joining Exubera, which Pfizer pulled the plug on within a year of its launch in 2006.

Sanofi Walks Away From Afrezza

Insulin Nation

The move could mean that Afrezza will be the second inhalable insulin system to fail in the 21st century, joining Exubera, which Pfizer pulled the plug on within a year of its launch in 2006.

The digital revolution of biobanks: what role is precision medicine playing?

Lloyd Price

2006) Creation and Governance of Human Genetic Research Databases. Precision medicine is forcing modern biobanks to shift their focus from sample-driven to data-driven strategies, the IARC’s Zisis Kozlakidis tells Health Europa.


Did Novo Illegally Use Diabetes Educators to Boost Drug Sales?

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Sometime between 2006 and 2007, Novo Nordisk entered into an agreement with HealthStar Communications and Practice Therapeutics (a HealthStar entity) to run a program called “Changing Life with Diabetes”.