Video Visits: How to Improve the Patient Experience

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Providing quality care during a telemedicine encounter is about much more than just the technical aspects, says CT Lin, MD, who offers advice on how to more effectively communicate and build relationships with patients virtually.

Intermountain Healthcare: Optimizing the Patient Experience Through Telehealth Interoperability

American Well

Intermountain Healthcare, a not-for-profit integrated health system headquartered in Utah, has built a robust virtual health program that includes Connect Care , its direct-to-consumer telehealth service and Connect Care Pro , its acute care program.

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Value-based care and rethinking the patient experience

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According to Dr. Soh, what value-based care means to him is the idea of how to expand value over time and space because value is delivered today in a very episodic manner and he believes the future will be a more relationship-based model. The role of telehealth.

How to Make Healthcare More Intelligent and Trustworthy: Accenture’s Digital Health Tech Vision 2018

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The origins of that three-word objective probably came out of Hippocrates’ Corpus , which included a few additional words: “to do good or to do no harm.”. Doing good and abstaining from doing harm can engender trust between patients, providers, and other stakeholders in health.

Telehealth and COVID-19 in the U.S.: A Conversation with Ann Mond Johnson, ATA CEO

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Will the coronavirus inspire greater adoption of telehealth in the U.S.? Let’s travel to Shanghai, China where, “the covid-19 epidemic has brought millions of new patients online. Q2 – – Some industry observers have called this, “telehealth’s big moment.”

How Philips Has Pivoted In the COVID-19 Pandemic: Connected Care From Hospital to Home

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I was scheduled to meet with Roy Jakobs, Chief Business Leader of Connected Care at Philips, at HIMSS in Orlando on 9th March 2020. HIMSS cancelled the conference just days before it was to commence… due to the great disruption of COVID-19. There’s a lot to take care of.”.

Addressing Health Equity Must Include Digital Equity Beyond Access To Medical Services and Insurance

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The 21st Century Cures Act emphasizes patients’ control of personal health information. ONC rules issues in March 2020 called for more patient-facing health tools and apps to bolster health consumer engagement and empowerment. How to deal?

The Pace of Tech-Adoption Grows Among Older Americans, AARP Finds – But Privacy Concerns May Limit Adoption

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For this research, AARP worked with Ipsos to survey (online) 2,607 people ages 50 and over in June and July 2019. Across all of the tech categories AARP studies, younger-elders between 50 and 59 tend to demonstrate higher levels of device adoption than people 70 and older.

Health Care and Consumers in 2030: A Profile from KPMG

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A “one layered delivery network through which patients can move seamlessly as they age and their needs evolve” will be the new health care platform to meet patients’ demands by 2030, according to a forecast from KPMG’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Institute.

What If Marie Kondo Reorganized Health Care in the U.S.?

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As a fan of Kondo-ing and Marie’s message of “sparking joy” with the items you live with, it leads me to ask: what lessons can KonMari have for U.S. When is the right time to “jump the curve?” How to KonMari your way to a happier digital life , PC Mag.

Living in Digital Healthcare Times – Kicking off #DigitalHealthCES & #CES2020

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For several years, I’ve convened with journalists and industry analysts from around the world for these two days before the “official” opening of CES to hear the latest news from some of the largest tech-focused companies on Earth.

HIPAA and Telehealth FAQ from HHS

Healthcare IT Today

We wrote previously about HIPAA enforcement being suspended for telehealth during COVID-19 and more details on how to implement it. Plus, we shared the expansion of Medicare coverage and payment for telehealth. The good news is that HHS released a HIPAA and Telehealth FAQ that addresses some of those […]. However, there were still many questions.


Why Humana Joined CTA – The Pivot from “Health Insurance” to Behaving as a Health-Tech Start-Up

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This ethos underpins Humana’s decision to join CTA, the Consumer Technology Association which hosts CES every January in Las Vegas. as a “health insurance company” evolving to its vision as technology-informed health care.

Oncology Patients experience a personalized journey with interventions and education for better care

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According to Deloitte’s report in Evidence Based Oncology ( The American Journal of Managed Care publication), many organizations are exploring ways to control costs and enhance care quality for oncology patients (e.g. Patient Centered Medical Homes, CMS’ Oncology Care Model). With many different types of cancer and treatment options, each patient embarks on a personal care journey. Oncology patients often experience a long journey.

Koen Kas, the Gardener of Health Tech Delights

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Healthcare must go beyond traditional user-centered design, Koen’s experience has shown, and aspire toward design-to-delight. The concept of “delight” in healthcare, such as we experience in hospitality, grocery stores, and entertainment, is elusive.

Sue Murphy, Chief Experience Officer, UChicago Medicine, Chapter 2

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The way not to teach care providers how to show empathy and incorporate it into their workflow? No one wants to be audited — especially nurses, who already face a tremendous burden being the front line of patient care. A more open, honest dialogue with patients.

Senate HELP Committee weighs the future of telehealth

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, federal policymakers have enacted 31 changes to enable greater access to telehealth. "Today we have the opportunity to consider how we can deploy telehealth to expand access to healthcare for everyone," said Sen.

Neonatal Telehealth: How It Has Improved and Transformed Neonatal Health

InTouch Health

How Neonatal Telehealth Can Reduce Costs and Benefit Mother and Child. Giving birth can be extremely stressful for some mothers, especially when they lack access to neonatal care. Many birthing facilities do not have access to on-site neonatal care.

UPMC-backed telehealth startup Abridge helps patients capture details of virtual visits

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UPMC has been working with Pittsburgh-based Abridge, a telehealth-focused startup that uses natural language processing to create after-visit summaries – enabling patients to revisit their physicians' instructions after remote consults.

Providence Health’s Bot Grace engages and guides patients to the digital front door for care

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According to the 2019 Accenture Digital Health Consumer Survey , patient’s expectations are increasing for providers to offer digital capabilities. Eventually Grace was enhanced to also address frequently asked questions by patients.

Providence Health’s Bot Grace engages and guides patients to the digital front door for care

Consumer eHealth Engagement

According to the 2019 Accenture Digital Health Consumer Survey , patient’s expectations are increasing for providers to offer digital capabilities. Eventually Grace was enhanced to also address frequently asked questions by patients.

Scaling Virtual Consultations


Follow along with our new blog series #HealthcareNow and #PublicSectorNow , where we’ll addresses healthcare innovation around the world and how to maintain business continuity in today’s health climate. . Telehealth today. Telehealth isn’t new for Cisco.


Boston Children’s, Brigham and Women’s & Northwell Health leverage virtual assistants for a better patient care experience

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During the World Congress Patient Experience & Engagement Summit in Boston, I led a panel with these innovative health systems, discussing how they are using virtual health assistants (e.g. AI Chatbots, Voice) to increase efficiency in care delivery and enhance the patient experience. Consumers are demanding convenience and want to interact with companies any time anywhere. reminders to refill medication, follow up doctor’s appointments).

Northwell Health’s Patients engage with AI ChatBot for guidance & support through their care journey

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Throughout the recent Connected Health Conference, the key theme was the need to balance technology with the human element. Think about a patient’s journey today. Pamela, a 78 year old Medicare patient has just been discharged from a Northwell Hospital for a heart failure episode.

How Patient Engagement with Experience can Increase Patient Satisfaction

iSALUS Healthcare

Patient engagement is a buzzword constantly circulating the medical field. Making sure patients are playing an active role in their personal care is crucial to ensuring they live their healthiest life. Patients engaged in their health increases positive health outcomes, the likelihood that symptoms are addressed to the provider and overall betters the patient-provider relationship. One other tools to include is e-prescriptions.

Health IT implementation best practices

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HIT Best Practices Series This 20-part series examines in-depth what it takes to deploy today's most necessary technology and tools, with expert advice from IT pros who are leading the charge. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are set to transform healthcare.

How Virtual Reality Is Changing the Future of Healthcare Delivery

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With its power to curb healthcare expenses by streamlining delivery and cutting down on wasteful spending , virtual care is increasingly seen as not just a smart addition to the suite of services offered by America’s healthcare providers, but a necessary one, as well.

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There Was Something For Everyone At HIMSS 2019


With more than 45,000 in attendance this year, #HIMSS19 dared to enlighten us on what’s on the horizon in healthcare. There were topics for everyone, including AI, wearables, telehealth, patient engagement, genomics, interoperability, and data & analytics, and Women in Health IT.

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How Population Health Analytics Helps Providers Achieve Value-Based Care

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There’s no doubt that the healthcare industry is shifting inexorably from its traditional fee-for-service foundations to a more value-based model — a move that experts say will proceed regardless of the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act.

'My Patients Won’t Use That Technology!'

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That was true 20 years ago when I first started developing telehealth technology designed for the chronically ill elderly. Fast forward twenty years to today: My-89-year old parents both use an iPhone, an iPad, a Mac computer, and a smart TV.

Using Cloud to Solve Healthcare Pain Points


To read the first post, click here. With the healthcare industry having to quickly jump on the cloud bandwagon with telehealth recently, it is becoming apparent that a new norm is (in my millennial opinion, finally) emerging.


Report: Return on Investment Prospects Improving for Remote Patient Monitoring

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As it’s implemented in more and more facilities , new evidence is accumulating that reveals just what kind of return on investment (ROI) hospitals are experiencing from implementing remote patient monitoring (RPM) to help manage patients with chronic conditions.

A guide to connected health device and remote patient monitoring vendors

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In an age when nearly everyone is digitally connected in some way – even many senior citizens, who are often characterized as technophobic – it only makes sense that the healthcare industry is seeing a lot of connected health devices and remote patient monitoring (RPM) technologies.

Stanford’s ClickWell: Virtual Model for Primary Care

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In January 2015, Stanford Medicine launched ClickWell Care, a new type of Primary Care clinic which leverages technology to allow patients to virtually connect with their own Stanford primary care clinicians and wellness coaches via video or phone visits.

2018 Year in Review: The Year’s Biggest Remote Care News & Developments

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2018 was a historic year for telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM), as a series of developments played out that helped extend these important care delivery services to more patients than ever before. As government agencies like the CMS and VA expanded access to telehealth towards the goal of extending care into rural areas, industry leaders like Care Innovations® announced a series of breakthroughs with exciting implications for the years to come.

Brigham and Women’s Primary Practice Pilots New Mobile App to Drive Patient Engagement & Collaborative Care

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Twine Health Mobile App Engages Patients with Chronic Conditions The story about the health decline of our citizens is being told everywhere. According to the CDC website, “as of 2012, about half of all adults—117 million people—have one or more chronic health conditions.

Patient-Based Simulation Education for Heart Failure Patients

Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

with over a million hospitalizations, skyrocketing costs, and pressures to improve care. While many treatment options exist, heart failure is complex and we know that treating patients with medications, devices, and surgeries is simply not enough.

Five Healthcare Industry Changes to Watch in 2020

Henry Kotula

Industry experts expect significant changes to shake up the healthcare landscape in the next few years, which will affect both health insurers and providers. A shift in healthcare delivery from hospital to ambulatory settings. More healthcare entities will continue to merge together.