The Fight For A More Mobile-Centric Patient Experience

Duane Boise

It means hours spent waiting in a waiting room, surrounded by other patients. Thanks to research and development advancements made by MMJ Technologies, consumers are realizing that all of these areas may only be temporary – and they are demanding a more mobile-centric experience.

3 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience in Mental Health


False beliefs or stigmas about mental illness can sometimes make people reluctant to seek help or treatment. Adding to the challenge, there is a reported shortage of mental health professionals across the U.S. that has become more dire with the growing opioid addiction epidemic , especially in rural areas

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Improving the Patient Experience With Content


Patient experience is a key measure of overall healthcare quality. It commands equal attention alongside clinical outcomes, patient safety, and efficiency and cost reduction measures. Patient education is a significant component of the patient experience.

The surprising way email can make you a better doctor


Doctors, you need to improve the patient experience. Your intentions are there, but patients are starving for more. Office visits offer definitive evidence that patients need to change. Tests results provide real data to make patients aware of health concerns.

The Hook That Can Save Telemedicine

Health System CIO

Columns Featured Patient Experience Telemedicine David BensemaThe harsh truth is that telemedicine has fallen far short of expectations, says David Bensema. But if it’s marketed more effectively and key changes are implemented, it can still serve a key purpose.

Jake Dorst, CIO, Tahoe Forest District Hospital, Chapter 2

Health System CIO

And although he learned quite a bit from the experience, he’s happy to be back in the CIO shoes that seem to fit him so well. Chief information & innovation officer role. * “If you put the patient first, you’re going to do okay.”.

Healthcare Messaging Conference – Special Limited Time Pricing

Medical Connectivity

Director of Research, Experience Innovation Network. Improving the Patient Experience Through Messaging and Analytics. How to Use Machine Learning in Healthcare Chatbots and Messaging to Increase Staff Productivity and Improve Patient Satisfaction.

EMR 195

The Patient As Payor: Workers Covered by Employer Health Insurance Spend 11.5% of Household Incomes on Premiums and Deductibles

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The topline of this study is that average annual growth in employer premiums rose faster between 2016 and 2017, by about 5% for both single and family plans. Financial health for patients-as-payors is part of the overall health/care experience.

Oncology Patients experience a personalized journey with interventions and education for better care

Consumer eHealth Engagement

The National Cancer Institute reports 2017 U.S. According to Deloitte’s report in Evidence Based Oncology ( The American Journal of Managed Care publication), many organizations are exploring ways to control costs and enhance care quality for oncology patients (e.g. Patient Centered Medical Homes, CMS’ Oncology Care Model). With many different types of cancer and treatment options, each patient embarks on a personal care journey.

Digital Transformation: Reordering the Healthcare Landscape

New Age Healthcare

This is reflective by the improving patient experience, enhanced health outcomes, increased efficiency in providing quality healthcare, and also by the ocean of successful start-ups that have evolved in the health-tech space.

In the U.S., Patients Consider Costs and Insurance Essential to Their Overall Health Experience

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Patients in the U.S. Patients-as-health-consumers are highly influenced by health care costs when assessing their ability or interest in seeking health care, the second chart from the VisitPay survey report illustrates.

Telehealth on Amwell: The Patient‘s Perspective

American Well

As you get up and running with your telehealth practice, you may be wondering: what exactly do my patients see? Download Amwell, set up your own patient account and explore. But until then, here are some answers to common questions we get from doctors about the patient experience: 1.

Can AI Make Healthcare Human Again? Dr. Topol Says “Yes”

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This book picks up where The Patient Will See You Now and The Creative Destruction of Medicine leave off…on the future of medicine, versus what’s led up to where we are now. ” AI can help us restore the humanity between physicians and patients.

A Front Row Seat for the Future of Technology-Enabled Health and Wellness

The cHealth Blog

The 2017 Connected Health Conference (CHC) is right around the corner, after months of planning, organizing and confirming a terrific lineup of speakers and events. Our goal is to bring people together for an experience that gives them a clear view of where the industry is headed.

Telehealth Awareness, Access and Adoption: Updates from J.D. Power, the ATA and FAIR Health

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Power,” your mind probably imagines reviews of automotive performance, retail shopping experiences, or perhaps even health insurance plan customer service. ” All 50 state Medicaid agencies have adopted some coverage for telehealth, with 10 states not advancing coverage since 2017.

Health @ Retail – Prelude to GMDC SelfCare Summit with Updates from Hims & Hers, GoodRx, Sam’s Club and Amazon Care

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Digital health has the potential to radically change the way people approach their wellness and, since launching in 2017, we’ve outpaced even our own expectations, delivering more than 1 million Hims & Hers products to our customers.

Open Table for Health: Patients Are Online For Health Search and Physician Reviews

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Rock Health analysts expect that wearable tech use will continue to grow with more use cases for remote health monitoring coupled with consumers and patients being incentivized to continue their use. Telehealth adoption also grew from 2017 to 2018.

Most Consumers Are Interested in Using a Voice Assistant for Some Type of Health Care

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For more on the connected car as a third-space for health care, see my post from CES 2017, Your car as a mobile health platform. The use cases for health care must wrestle with HIPAA and other privacy laws that may be relevant for a particular medical situation or patient population.

A Matter of Trust, Perception, Risk, and Uncertainty – The Big Issues Raised by the Acquisition of PatientsLikeMe and Other Patient Data Transactions

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They also started DigitalMe , a research program where patients shared actual biologic samples with PLM to make for more comprehensive data sets. Patients knew this – PLM was emphatic about transparency in its community and the company never hid what they were doing with people’s data.

JWT’s Future 100 Tells Us Tomorrow Is All About Health

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From culture to travel, food and drink to retail and beauty, health will be baked into consumer goods and experiences in 2019. I’ve mined this report in previous years – you can review my findings from the 2017 report here in the Health Populi post, Health is Everywhere in 2016.

It’s Not All About Pink for Women’s Tech at CES 2019

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Ava was founded in Switzerland in 2014 and received the Best of Baby Tech Award at CES 2017. Mom-generated data flows to a HIPAA-compliant platform which informs OB/GYNs about their patients’ progress. This is not a watch. Well, not just a watch. It can track heart rate.

Consumer Health and Patient Engagement – Are We There Yet?

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Along with artificial intelligence, patient engagement feels like the new black in health care right now. Remember that health insurers rank very low on consumer experience compared with retailers and grocers. The CarePayment poll was conducted in November-December 2017.

Consumers Changing the Channel on Where They Shop for Health

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Overall, 2017 to 2018 year-on-year, HBW sales were flat-to-no growth, notwithstanding the consumer and influencer buzz around the categories. GMDC and AT Kearney had a meeting in June 2017.

Digital Transformation: Reordering the Healthcare Landscape

New Age Healthcare

This is reflective by the improving patient experience, enhanced health outcomes, increased efficiency in providing quality healthcare, and also by the ocean of successful start-ups that have evolved in the health-tech space.

Retail Health Ends 2018 With Big Plans for 2019

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This works via a Walgreens mobile app where patients can opt-in to text alerts and be notified when their scrip is ready for pick-up. Patients enrolled in text alerts will receive text notification when qualifying prescriptions are ready.

How MedModular Fits Into the New Lower-Cost, High-Quality, Consumer-Enchanted Healthcare World

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On the demand side, we’ve done a poor job trying to nudge patients and consumers toward rational economic decision making, lacking transparency, information symmetry, and basic health literacy. Many of us who choose to work in the health/care ecosystem do so based on a personal experience.

The Top Pain Point in the Healthcare Consumer Experience is Money

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Beyond the physical and emotional pain that people experience when they become a patient, in the U.S. In the course of Experian’s consumer research for this study, people identified 137 jobs in their patient experience.

Digital Transformation Is The New Mantra But Can’t Happen Without Access To Connectivity

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” The OECD broadly defined the phrase in their 2017 paper on the topic as follows: Mobility, cloud computing, the Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics are among the most important technologies in the digital economy today.

How Consumers’ Belt-Tightening Could Impact Health/Care – Insights from Deloitte’s Retail Team

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Over the ten years between 2007 and 2017, U.S. consumer spending for education, food and health care substantially grew, crowding out spending for other categories like transportation and housing.

Hospitals Work to Address Customer Experience Gap With Consumers, Kaufman Hall Finds

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Hospital and healthcare providers are getting real about improving patient and health consumer experience, the latest Kaufman Hall research finds. Plans and roll-outs are in progress for facility way finding support, reducing office wait times, and real-time patient feedback loops.

Care Coordination, The Holy Grail of Good Medicine

Society for Participatory Medicine

Appropriate patient care revolves around a team of individuals that includes the patient, a variety of clinicians and other providers, caretakers and patient advocates. The members of this team must collaborate to ensure that the best possible decisions are made on the patient’s behalf. My recent experience at MGH represents care coordination at its best. All patients want health care experiences like this. e-patient stories

Health Care for a Typical Working Family of Four in America Will Cost $28,166 in 2018

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The recent announcement of the prescription drug cost regulation blueprint, “American Patients First,” speaks to President Trump’s and Secretary Azar’s focus on regulatory reforms targeting the prices of medicine. What could $28,166 buy you in 2018? A new car?

Care Gets Personal at Philips for Parents and Babies

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Philips engaged software engineers from the gaming industry to develop a user experience that’s very engaging and visually enchanting. The team is working on making the Baby+ experience with a similar feel to Pregnancy+. Our homes should nurture our health.

Patients have ambitious health goals, and look to doctors for help

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Aetna worked with Market Measurement to conduct 1,000 interviews among people 18 years of age and older in December 2017. In my client work and speech-giving, I often point these days to a JAMA article, Value-Based Payments Require Valuing What Matters to Patients.

Consumers Want Help With Health: Can Healthcare Providers Supply That Demand?

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That 1-in-10 consumer use statistic hasn’t budged for over a year since the company looked at the question in May 2017. These are natural patient work-flows that are well-understood and time-tested.

Having Health Insurance Is a Social Determinant of Health: the implications of growing uninsured in the U.S.

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by the fourth quarter of 2017, up 1.3 2017 reversed advancements in health insurance coverage increases since the advent of the Affordable Care Act, and for the first time since 2014 no states’ uninsured rates fell.

Majority Rules? The Right to Affordable Health Care is A Right for All Americans

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adults, age 19 to 64, by phone in November and December 2017. If we’re playing a game of “majority rules,” then everyone in America would have the right to affordable health care, according to a new poll from The Commonwealth Fund.

Add Behavioral Data to Social Determinants For Better Patient Understanding

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“Health agencies will have to become at least as sophisticated as other consumer/retail industries in analyzing a variety of data that helps uncover root causes of human behavior,” Gartner recommended in 2017.

CVS + Aetna: Inflection Point in US Healthcare, Merger Approved Update

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I wrote this post on the deal as an inflection point in American healthcare on 3rd December 2017 when CVS and Aetna announced their marriage intentions. The Academy convened a team with experience and gravitas to inform this report.

Healthcare Information In-Security Is the New Normal

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Three-fourths of healthcare providers experienced a data breach in 2017, according to the HIMSS 2018 Cybersecurity Survey. Consider this a crucial node in patient and clinician experience.