My ABCovid-19 Journal – Day 3 of 5, Letters “K” through “O”

Health Populi

This week, I’m sharing all the letters of the alphabet with you which reminded me keywords and themes emerging as we were learning about this dastardly public health threat beginning early in 2020. N is for New York and Nurse.

“The virus is the boss” — U.S. lives and livelihoods at the beginning of 2021

Health Populi

As Uwe Reinhardt, health economist guru , is whispering in my ear from his heavenly perch, “It’s the virus, stupid.” There are some important differences between men and women regarding health and wealth in 2021.


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Nurses: The Force for Change

Mobile Health Matters

This week marks National Nurses Week in the U.S., both a celebration of the profession and an opportunity to educate the public about the role nurses play in healthcare and their communities. This year’s theme of “Nurses: Inspire, Innovate, Influence” highlights three concepts that overlap and reflect the innate role nurses play in patient care, as well as drawing attention to the personality types often drawn to nursing. Nurses Driving Change.

How the Coronavirus is Reshaping Consumer Trust – The Edelman Trust Barometer Lens and Health Impacts

Health Populi

These findings have special implications for health and health care. 66% say hearing from brands they use about their response to the coronavirus pandemic is comforting and reassuring, and 83% say issuing public statements showing empathy and support for people most affected by the pandemic bolsters consumer trust. Health Populi’s Hot Points: 4 in 5 U.S. ACA Coronavirus COVID-19 Doctors Health citizenship Health Consumers Nurses Public health Trust

The She-Cession – a Financially Toxic Side-Effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Health Populi

Along with the life-threatening impact of the coronavirus on physical health, and the accompanying mental health distress activated by self-distancing comes a third unintended consequence with the pandemic: a hard hit on women’s personal economies.

My ABCovid-19 Journal, Day 2 – Letters “F” through “J”

Health Populi

If you hadn’t tuned into the Health Populi blog yesterday, 10th August 2020 , you missed the first five letters of my Age of Corona alphabet, curated in my art journal created in the early weeks of the pandemic. health citizens into hygiene shoppers.

Patients know what’s wrong with the industry more than we do


Recently, I shadowed a patient through a day procedure at an endoscopy center from the time that the nurse checked her weight to the time that she was discharged. Tech Oncology/Hematology Public Health & PolicyAs a system, we don't invest as much time in understanding the broader context of the patient in front of us. The before/after factors that we don’t notice have a far-reaching impact on care.

What We Know We Know About ZIP Codes, Food, and Deaths of Despair – HealthConsuming Explains, Part 3

Health Populi

” That’s the first sentence of Chapter 7 in my book, HealthConsuming: From Health Consumer to Health Citizen. Today, the Brookings Institution convened a meeting on the funding for social determinants of health to address disparities, costs, and quality of healthcare in America. Chapter 7 of my book, HealthConsuming: From Health Consumer to Health Citizen , is titled, “ZIP Codes, Genetic Codes, Food and Health.”

How Genomics Can Battle Killer Bacterial Infections in the Hospital – Talking With Philips at HIMSS19

Health Populi

Healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) are a worldwide challenge of epidemic, public health proportions. The World Health Organization recognizes that HAIs are a problem in both wealthy and developing countries. ” Dr. Frassica, a pediatric intensivist by training, put this cost-effectiveness into a public health cost-benefit context. When you think “genomics,” your mind probably pictures a human DNA strand.

Consumers Expand Their Definition of Well-Being to Include Food-As-Medicine

Health Populi

Consumers put food front-and-center when thinking about their health. Viewing food-as-medicine is going mainstream for health consumers, who look beyond the “medicine” in that phrase toward a broader concept of personal well-being. This is the theme of a new report from the FMI Foundation called The Power of Health and Well-Being in Food Retail. The consumer-as-medical-bill-payor is now looking at foods with health benefits, first and foremost for heart health.

Income Inequality is Fostering Mis-Trust, the Edelman 2020 Trust Barometer Observes

Health Populi

Last year, it was the employer who was the most-trusted touch-point in citizens’ lives the world over, I discussed in Health Populi one year ago. Together, these three factors erode workers’ confidence in jobs and their personal household economies and financial health. In health care, these would be our honest-and-ethical front-line workers — nurses, physicians, and pharmacists, the latest Gallup Poll on the question learned (described here in Health Populi).

Slow Food, Slow Medicine: What Italy Can Teach America About Health

Health Populi

In addition, America’s overweight and obesity epidemic results in lost worker productivity, mental health and sleep challenges, and lower quality of life for millions of Americans. Food — healthy, accessible, fairly-priced — is a key social determinant of individual health, wellness, and a public’s ability to pursue happiness. can learn from the food culture, policy and economy of Italy when it comes to health.

Financial Insecurity Among U.S. Workers Will Worsen in the Pandemic ? Especially for Women

Health Populi

Health Populi’s Hot Points: As the pandemic continues to exact tragic physical losses of close to 100,000 deaths in America as of 26th May 2020, the softening fiscal scenario in the U.S. looks like a “She-Cession,” impacting women’s financial health more than men’s in the U.S. Ironically, one of the fast-growing job categories during the long growth period of the American economy has been health care.

Vote As If Your Health Depended Upon It; Learning from Governor Kasich on Voting Day 2018

Health Populi

The Governor asserted this in the context of the role of protecting his fellow citizens for health and well-being, for equal rights, civility, and a hope of bringing people together. “Kasich used his first week as governor to issue an executive order: All aspects of publicly funded health care would be controlled by the new Office of Health Transformation. It would streamline services, vaporize redundancies and confront the costly nursing-home industry.

Voting for Health in 2020

Health Populi

voters were driven to polls with health care on their minds. The key issues for health care voters were costs (for care and prescription drugs) and access (read: protecting pre-existing conditions and expanding Medicaid). Health is translating across all definitions for U.S.

The Health of A Nation – Being Healthy In America Depends on Where You Live

Health Populi

For health and longevity, sorry to see the lowest five ranked states are Washington DC which ranks last, along with Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Alabama. This sober geography-is-health-destiny update was published this week in JAMA, The State of US Health, 1990-2016: Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Among US States. In this chart, green is good for health, signifying lower rates of years of life lost to the disease compared to the mean US rate.

Back Into the Lion’s Den: COVID-19 and Post-Acute Care

Henry Kotula

the state is trying to ensure that nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities aren’t quickly overwhelmed by patients still suffering from the disease. “We recognize that that would be something that would be very problematic, to have COVID-positive nursing home residents be put back into a facility where you couldn’t have proper isolation, ” Florida Gov. This approach will introduce the highly contagious virus into more nursing homes. [link].

The 2021 Shkreli Awards: Lown Institute Counts Down the Top 10 Healthcare Industry Abuses in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Health Populi

health care system, revealing weak links and opportunities for bad behavior. health care. health care that happened in the past year — 2020, the year the coronavirus changed our lives and livelihoods. health care system. health care system. health care.

Thinking About Health Care One Year From the 2020 Presidential Election

Health Populi

Health care will be a key issue driving people to their local polling places, so it’s an opportune moment to take the temperature on U.S. This post looks at three current polls to gauge how Americans are feeling about health care reform 365 days before the 2020 election, and one day before tomorrow’s 2019 municipal and state elections. For this group, it’s more local control and influence that’s valued versus a national assurance of health care.

Massachusetts School Diabetes Care is Very Nurse-Centered

Insulin Nation

Metropolitan Boston is home to institutions housing world-class diabetes care clinics and research facilities, yet Massachusetts is one holdout where school glucose testing, administration of insulin, and even emergency glucagon injections must be performed by or directly supervised by a school nurse. That means that technically an insulin shot, an infusion site change, resetting a pump, or pricking a finger shouldn’t take place if a nurse isn’t available.

COVID-19: Time to Evaluate the Status Quo

New Age Healthcare

However, India does recognize the imminent need of having more trained doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals (HCP) to boost the existing healthcare system. Niti Ayog (India’s think tank) have come up with ingenious strategies such as expanding district hospitals to become medical colleges, implementing PPP (public-private partnership) models and making existing and new medical colleges to adopt community and primary health centres.

6 months in: What will the new normal look like for hospitals?

Henry Kotula

Flu season usually begins to ramp up in October, and if the strains in wide circulation this year are severe, that will further stress the health system. Doctors, nurses and other front-line employees are in incredibly stressful work environments. [link].

In the US COVID-19 Pandemic, A Tension Between the Fiscal and the Physical

Health Populi

curve adds new American patients testing positive for the coronavirus, the book and essay illustrate the tension between health consumer versus the health citizen in the U.S. . has the complication that so many Americans play the role of health consumer — the patient as the payor. are concerned about their potential out-of-pocket costs which could run $1,300 or more, based on a Peterson Center/Kaiser Family Foundation study I discussed here in Health Populi.

The Future of Hospitals in Post-COVID America (Part 1): The Market Response

Henry Kotula

The second article , which will publish next month, examines gaps in care delivery and the related public policy challenges of providing appropriate, accessible. Arguably, the nation’s public health defenses should anticipate global pandemics and apply resources. Instead, COVID-19 hit the public healthcare infrastructure suddenly and hard. Increasingly, patients are also delaying care because of affordability concerns and/or the loss of health insurance.

Doctors Without Patients: ‘Our Waiting Rooms Are Like Ghost Towns’

Henry Kotula

The group’s four doctors and two nurse practitioners quickly adapted to the coronavirus pandemic, sharply cutting back clinic hours and switching to virtual visits to keep patients and staff safe. When Kelli, 54, and her husband, Travis, 56, developed symptoms of Covid-19, the couple drove to the group’s office and spoke to the nurse practitioner over the phone. The faltering doctors’ groups reflect part of a broader decline in health care alongside the nation’s economic downturn.

Study finds vast majority of violent incidents treated in the ED are never reported to police


As hospitals increasingly approach violence as a public health issue, a new study suggests doctors and nurses occupy a unique position to capture unreported incidents and aid in a communal approach toward violence prevention

Massachusetts governor signs law safeguarding telehealth coverage

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Charlie Baker signed into law a wide-ranging bill that includes expanding access to telehealth after the COVID-19 public health emergency abates. Healthcare IT News is a HIMSS Media publication Massachusetts Gov.

Standardizing Healthcare Terms: Challenges, Benefits, and Future


As a registered nurse (RN), I’m in the field of medical and nursing terminologies within electronic health records (EHRs). I understand all too well the impact and benefits that standard healthcare terms contribute in leveraging interoperability and providing healthcare with big data for research and population health, and why it’s a lot easier said than done. What about Standardizing Nursing Terminologies? CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 29 (1), 52-58.

AMA & other med groups express 'dismay' at prospect of waivers made permanent

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

"However, we urge CMS to sunset the waivers involving scope of practice and licensure when the public health emergency concludes. "By contrast, nurse practitioners must complete only two to three years of graduate level education and 500-720 hours of clinical training.

Older People Are Digital Migrants, and Best Buy Health Is Paving the Road for the Journey

Health Populi

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed the importance of connectivity, WiFi, broadband, as a social determinant of health and living. Digital connectivity can ameliorate social isolation and anxiety, bolster mental health, and access needed medical care via telehealth channels.

Here's what primary care clinicians say they need to effectively implement telehealth

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Shelley, a professor in the Department of Policy and Public Health Management at the New York University School of Global Public Health. "My health insurance may have coverage for telemedicine, and yours may not."

As coronavirus spreads, so do reports of companies mistreating workers

Henry Kotula

From nurses to retail salespeople, workers are walking off the job and facing retribution for speaking out. And so Laura Moreno, a nurse in Oklahoma City, wanted to protect them — as well as herself and her 12-year-old daughter, who has asthma and a thyroid condition. The complaints come as the virus’s toll mounts and health officials warned that extreme measures, such as lockdowns, would continue. [link].

NYC elder care provider using FCC funds for telehealth, protecting seniors from COVID-19

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

"The FCC COVID-19 Telehealth Program will enable Parker to reduce patient face-to-face encounters in the nursing home and the possible impact of COVID-19, reduce PPE, and minimize staff burden." " Lorraine Breuer, Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation.

California Hospitals Face Surge With Proven Fixes And Some Hail Marys

Henry Kotula

Kaiser Health News, which produces California Healthline, is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.). As California enters the most critical period in the state’s battle against COVID-19, the state’s 416 hospitals — big and small, public and private — are scrambling to build the capacity needed for an onslaught of critically ill patients. A large public hospital in Los Angeles is turning to 3D printing to manufacture ventilator parts.

Is 65 the new 85 -- Covid-19 cultivates elements of ageism

Aging in Place Technology Watch

Hysterical publicity about nursing homes can surprise even the governor of New York. Only 18% came from nursing homes. Because the endless repetition of news about deaths in nursing homes can overshadow all other information. and beyond, even inspiring Columbia public health researchers to categorize its various manifestations – “hostile, neglectful and benevolent.” Is sixty-five is the new eighty-five – and is ageism trendy?

Amazon expands app-based telehealth services for Wash. employees

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

According to the Amazon Care website, with a user's approval, "the clinician will send a Mobile Care nurse to [their] home, a designated room on the Amazon campus, or other private location within our service area. "Virtual care is the health care of today and tomorrow.

OCR will ease restrictions on telehealth tech during COVID-19

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Even though some of those technologies may not fully comply with HIPAA requirements, OCR says it "will not impose penalties for noncompliance with the regulatory requirements under the HIPAA Rules against covered health care providers in connection with the good faith provision of telehealth during the COVID-19 nationwide public health emergency." Healthcare IT News is a publication of HIMSS Media


Top 10 Healthcare IT News stories of 2020

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

At few times in recent memory has the resolve of hospitals and health systems across the U.S. An all-hands-on-deck push from heroic physicians and nurses to save the lives of as many COVID-19 inpatients as possible. Healthcare IT News is a HIMSS publication

Healthcare Costs, Access to Data, and Partnering With Providers: Patients’ Top User Experience Factors

Health Populi

This report is a must-read for people involved with patient and consumer health engagement in the U.S. Regarding the most important health care issues U.S. Health Populi’s Hot Points: Both health care providers (hospitals, clinicians, allied professionals, et.

Florence Nightingale, the Lady with the Lamp

Digital Health Today

In this article, we give tribute to Florence Nightingale, known as the founder of modern nursing. Florence Nightingale 12 May 1820 – 13 August 1910 Profession: Nurse. Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), known as the “Lady with the Lamp,” was a British nurse most famous for her work during the Crimean war, including her establishment of standards of care for patients and advocacy of improved sanitation.