The Future of Health Is “Now,” Deloitte Says; But Are Consumers Living and Loving It?

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The pandemic has become a sort of forcing function on all aspects of daily living, include health care. Deloitte’s latest wave of health care consumer market research updates the COVID-19 impacts on the U.S. Health Consumers, Deloitte polled 4,522 U.S.

The Future of Healthcare: Telehealth. Here’s Why You Need to Consider Telemedicine in 2019

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Telehealth and Telemedicine Definition. We often hear telehealth and telemedicine used interchangeably, so let’s set the record straight – telehealth is the umbrella term that refers to medical services that healthcare practitioners provide to patients from a distance. Nurses, physicians, counselors or dentists can all provide telehealth services. The biggest change is evident in rural communities, where access to health services is often severely incompetent.


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Back Into the Lion’s Den: COVID-19 and Post-Acute Care

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the state is trying to ensure that nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities aren’t quickly overwhelmed by patients still suffering from the disease. “We recognize that that would be something that would be very problematic, to have COVID-positive nursing home residents be put back into a facility where you couldn’t have proper isolation, ” Florida Gov. This approach will introduce the highly contagious virus into more nursing homes. [link].

Transforming Disaster Recovery with Telemedicine


Recently GlobalMed’s Chief Clinical Officer Gigi Sorenson and Chief Medical Information Officer Dr. Dean Smith presented talks about disaster recovery and telemedicine at the International Conference on Disaster Medicine and Hurricane Resiliency. Maartens conference focused on public health challenges after hurricanes. Chemical spills and contaminated water, food, air and soil can cause environmental health issues.”. 4 Tips for Using Telemedicine in Disaster Recovery.

2020 Roadmap: Overcoming Telemedicine Barriers


If you’re active in the telemedicine world (or just paying attention to it), then you know that virtual care’s benefits aren’t always matched by its adoption rates. The potential to transform healthcare globally is there – but somehow the actual telemedicine deployments aren’t always happening where they can do the most good. They’ve recently released a report produced by the Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (IAC) focused on identifying and resolving barriers to telemedicine.

Essential Telemedicine Terms Clinicians Should Know

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Applying for telemedicine jobs and want to stand out? This quick telehealth glossary covers the basic terminology telemedicine clinicians should know. Asynchronous telemedicine: Asynchronous telemedicine, sometimes known as store and forward, refers to telemedicine that is delivered at a later time from when the patient or another healthcare provider requests it. Home health care : Home health care refers to healthcare that is delivered in the patient’s home.

COVID-19: Time to Evaluate the Status Quo

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However, India does recognize the imminent need of having more trained doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals (HCP) to boost the existing healthcare system. Niti Ayog (India’s think tank) have come up with ingenious strategies such as expanding district hospitals to become medical colleges, implementing PPP (public-private partnership) models and making existing and new medical colleges to adopt community and primary health centres. Telemedicine can create 1.5

The Future of Hospitals in Post-COVID America (Part 1): The Market Response

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The second article , which will publish next month, examines gaps in care delivery and the related public policy challenges of providing appropriate, accessible. Arguably, the nation’s public health defenses should anticipate global pandemics and apply resources. Instead, COVID-19 hit the public healthcare infrastructure suddenly and hard. Increasingly, patients are also delaying care because of affordability concerns and/or the loss of health insurance.

Older People Are Digital Migrants, and Best Buy Health Is Paving the Road for the Journey

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The coronavirus pandemic has revealed the importance of connectivity, WiFi, broadband, as a social determinant of health and living. Digital connectivity can ameliorate social isolation and anxiety, bolster mental health, and access needed medical care via telehealth channels.

Stay Calm In Your Head(space) – An Update on Meditation-As-Medicine

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” Calm is but one of a growing portfolio of tools that health citizens can use to manage anxiety and stress, get to sleep (and stay sleeping), and bolster mental well-being. The future of immune health. This is a fast-growing category for health-tech investing. On U.S.

Op-Ed: As a doctor, I use telemedicine. With the coronavirus threat, it could revolutionize healthcare

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Here’s one thing I hope will come out of the crisis: an increased reliance on telemedicine, something that should have happened long ago. On the verge of bankruptcy, the hospital was unable to attract many specialists to join its ranks, and in desperation, had turned to telemedicine to cover many services. Instead, a neurologist would assess the patient on a mobile screen from far away, with local nursing staff and doctors aiding him or her. [link].

Telemedicine service “MyDocNow” launches in Philippines

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The team at MyDocNow is pleased to announce their easy to use telemedicine platform is now available in the Philippines. The new service offers virtual medical services that connect medical professionals and patients seamlessly using a telemedicine portal that has been successful in the United States. The company will offer its services to doctors, the general public (via apps in Google Play and Apple Stores) and insurance companies.

Doctors Without Patients: ‘Our Waiting Rooms Are Like Ghost Towns’

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The group’s four doctors and two nurse practitioners quickly adapted to the coronavirus pandemic, sharply cutting back clinic hours and switching to virtual visits to keep patients and staff safe. When Kelli, 54, and her husband, Travis, 56, developed symptoms of Covid-19, the couple drove to the group’s office and spoke to the nurse practitioner over the phone. The faltering doctors’ groups reflect part of a broader decline in health care alongside the nation’s economic downturn.

Telemedicine service “MyDocNow” launches in Philippines

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The team at MyDocNow is pleased to announce their easy to use telemedicine platform is now available in the Philippines. The new service offers virtual medical services that connect medical professionals and patients seamlessly using a telemedicine portal that has been successful in the United States. The MyDocNow platform is ideally suited to support a large scale deployment for public health purposes in rural deployment in the Philippines for the people” ….

What You Didn’t Know About The History of Telemedicine


Much in the same way you use technology for personal matters, your doctor is looking at using the technology to improve your health. While telemedicine has become a buzzword lately, you might be surprised to learn that telemedicine has been around since early in the 20th Century. Some point to the early days of radio as the start of telemedicine, as people started to imagine a day when the doctor would visit you through your radio. Early Telemedicine.

Guide to Telemedicine Prescribing for Providers

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Close For Clinicians For Employers Telehealth Jobs Family Medicine General Practice Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioners Family Nurse Practitioners Physician Assistants Psychiatry / Mental Health Hospitalist Dont see your specialty? Quickly scale your telemedicine business using our clinician network - announcing Enzyme On Demand ! To better understand the current state of prescribing in telemedicine, it’s important to know where we’ve been.

Telehealth: Removing Roadblocks to Care


At GlobalMed we know telemedicine can bring care to remote areas , but even with advancements in technology, people in rural and remote locations continue to face limitations in accessing healthcare. Four Ways Telemedicine is Improving Access to Care. Africa is facing a dramatic public health crisis - with high communicable and chronic disease rates, maternal mortality, neonatal deaths and a shocking number of HIV/AIDS cases.

California Hospitals Face Surge With Proven Fixes And Some Hail Marys

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Kaiser Health News, which produces California Healthline, is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.). As California enters the most critical period in the state’s battle against COVID-19, the state’s 416 hospitals — big and small, public and private — are scrambling to build the capacity needed for an onslaught of critically ill patients. Make greater use of telemedicine to limit face-to-face contact. UCSF Health had 15 inpatients with COVID-19 Tuesday.

Here's what primary care clinicians say they need to effectively implement telehealth

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Shelley, a professor in the Department of Policy and Public Health Management at the New York University School of Global Public Health. At the same time, the researchers noted, several hurdles remain for primary care providers when it comes to integrating telemedicine.

Epic EHR-linked telehealth skyrockets at Children’s Colorado

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Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora developed an active and growing telemedicine program over the past eight years. Before COVID-19, almost all specialties were using telemedicine in some aspect of their practice. Patient satisfaction with care provided via telemedicine.

EHR 169

NYC elder care provider using FCC funds for telehealth, protecting seniors from COVID-19

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Parker is using the Healow application by eClinicalWorks for its telemedicine program. "The FCC COVID-19 Telehealth Program will enable Parker to reduce patient face-to-face encounters in the nursing home and the possible impact of COVID-19, reduce PPE, and minimize staff burden."

Temple uses $1M of FCC telehealth funding for virtual care platform, tablets and more

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More than 40% of total inpatient cases include a behavioral health diagnosis. Temple also is a critical access point for vital public health services. ” This opportunity allowed Temple to be flexible in the modality of telemedicine visits in multiple settings.

Top 10 Healthcare IT News stories of 2020

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

At few times in recent memory has the resolve of hospitals and health systems across the U.S. An all-hands-on-deck push from heroic physicians and nurses to save the lives of as many COVID-19 inpatients as possible. Healthcare IT News is a HIMSS publication

As coronavirus spreads, so do reports of companies mistreating workers

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From nurses to retail salespeople, workers are walking off the job and facing retribution for speaking out. And so Laura Moreno, a nurse in Oklahoma City, wanted to protect them — as well as herself and her 12-year-old daughter, who has asthma and a thyroid condition. The complaints come as the virus’s toll mounts and health officials warned that extreme measures, such as lockdowns, would continue. [link].

Waking Up a Health Consumer in the COVID-19 Era

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First, foremost, Americans are concerned about the impact of a disease outbreak on their health, personal finances and the U.S. 20% are avoiding public spaces with large crowds, 15% avoiding public transit, a nd 12% staying home from work if they feel sick. Compounding Americans personal finances is the COVID-19 era is the fact that the nation lacks universal health insurance coverage.

Podcast Interview with CIO Aaron Miri, Part 2: “You Have to Make Sure Your Team Is on Their Game.”

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The biggest mistake healthcare organizations can make with telemedicine? ” on - is the sole online-only publication dedicated to exclusively and comprehensively serving the information needs of healthcare CIOs. It wasn’t a “magic pill” that helped flatten the curve in Austin, Texas area; but rather, a “comprehensive” response by health systems and the local public health authority. *

Seattle Coronavirus Care: Short in Staff, Supplies and Space

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That same day, health officials announced King County’s — and the nation’s — first death from the coronavirus. Health care workers are being asked to work extra shifts as their peers self-isolate. If you start doing that math in your head, based on every person who was infected infecting two other people, you can see every week you have a doubling in the number of new cases,” state health oficer Dr. Kathy Lofy said. The health care system has become overwhelmed,” Lofy said.

What it takes to successfully deliver HIV care remotely

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For years, staff at the Petersen HIV clinic in Tucson, Arizona, had been working on implementing a telemedicine protocol for their patients in the region. For injections, the current procedure is to set up nursing visits within the brick-and-mortar clinic.

Mayo Clinic uses $1M in FCC funds for connected devices to expand telehealth

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In addition to providing specialty and primary care at destination medical campuses in Rochester, Minnesota; Jacksonville, Florida; and Phoenix, Arizona, the Mayo Clinic Health System services more than 50 communities in the Midwest. Healthcare IT News is a HIMSS Media publication

South Central Legislative/Regulatory Update – February 2018

South Central Telehealth Resource Center

The following is a list of legislative activities compiled by the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP) for telehealth and telemedicine within the South Central region (AR, MS, and TN). Allows telemedicine providers to provide substance use disorder treatment. 1/11/18: Introduced and referred to Public Health and Human Services Committee. 1/22/18: Referred to Senate Committee on Public Health and Welfare. in s/c Health Subcommittee.

The Next Fountain of Youth? Rethinking Connected Health for Our Aging Population

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We continue to hit our editorial milestones for an end of October launch at the Connected Health Conference , and as I’m reading the manuscript for the final time before sending it to the printer, I’m re-learning some important lessons–and enjoying the content! We’ve added 25 years to our lifespan in the last century through various public health innovations, but we haven’t provided tools to help us use those additional years in the most productive, fulfilling way.

CMS rolls back more Medicare, telehealth regs for providers working through pandemic

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Accountable care organizations also scored a major win in the Thursday rule drop, with CMS pledging they wouldn’t be dinged financially for lower-than-expected health outcomes in their patient populations from COVID-19.?. Dive Insight: The new rules come out of the recent public health emergency declaration, building on others announced in late March and early April. In the past, only doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and certain others could do so.

Driving Transformation through Academic Medical Centers


Academic medical centers also train future physicians on new and advanced ways to care for patients – so it’s not surprising that they’re leading the charge on telemedicine adoption. Because they are fueled partly by innovation, many academic medical centers strive to build telemedicine fluency in the next generation of providers. Virtual health provides a useful portal for graduate medical programs designed to build skills in treating a broad range of conditions.

Hundreds of industry groups call on Congress to advance permanent telehealth reform

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"Much of this transformation is dependent on temporary flexibilities extended to health systems and providers that are limited to the duration of the COVID-19 public health emergency declaration," the letter read. Signers pointed out that the authorities granted to the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are restricted to the public health emergency period triggered by COVID-19.

Trust Is a Key Social Currency for COVID-Embattled Consumers

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Combine these new life-flows with conflicting information about the nature, severity, and life-span of COVID-19: From three levels of government leaders: The President and the Executive Branch at the Federal Level, Governors of States, and Mayors of cities; Public health agencies, especially the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization; Mass media; and, Social media. How do health care providers build trust? Health citizens in the U.S.

Senate HELP Committee weighs the future of telehealth

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In a hearing this week, members of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions asked how many of those changes should be made permanent – and how to make sure the most vulnerable won't get left behind. Smith called attention to the nationwide calls for action sparked by the police killing of her constituent, George Floyd, and urged her colleagues to consider how telehealth can be a vehicle for health equity.

7 Telehealth Terms You Need to Know

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According to the HRSA , telehealth “is the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long-distance clinical health care , patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration.”. Telemedicine. Very similar to telehealth, telemedicine is “the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status.

A Look at Augusta University Health’s COVID-19 Telehealth Response Plan

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Augusta University Health (AU Health), along with the entire healthcare industry, had to act quickly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. AU Health had already partnered with Amwell on a direct-to-consumer urgent care program, AU Health Express Care, which it planned to roll out to its employees on April 1, 2020. Within two days of setting the plan in motion, AU Health had trained and onboarded more than 100 providers on its telehealth platform.

A guide to telehealth vendors in the age of COVID-19

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Telehealth always has been a key pillar of technology-enabled care delivery that helps hospitals, health systems and group practices deliver quality care at a distance – and often also gain efficiencies, improve patient and provider satisfaction and save costs. But as 2020 unfolds, with the COVID-19 pandemic severely testing health-system capacity, telehealth is stepping up. Equality Health. First Stop Health. InTouch Health. Teladoc Health.

IT preparedness is key to managing outbreak of COVID-19, says CIO of SNUBH

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South Korea has been lauded as a role model in its containment and flattening the curve of COVID-19 infections through a combination of rapid intervention, extensive testing for the virus, contact tracing/surveillance and enlisting the public’s health, according to a report by The New York Times. Mild patients were admitted to the community recovery center and treated through telemedicine, and only patients with moderate levels or higher were treated in the hospital. (2)