59 health tech companies share their 2017 revenues to land on Inc 5000 list

Mobi Health News

Magazine's Inc 5,000 list of fastest growing companies in America, calling out the digital health and health tech companies that made the list. It's become an annual tradition for MobiHealthNews to parse Inc.

Pay people for their data – yes, or no?

Society for Participatory Medicine

image credit: CIO Magazine]. SPM members Casey Quinlan (yes, yours truly) and Jan Oldenburg were part of a trinity of folks debating the idea of paying people for the data they contribute to the digital economy, in healthcare and in all other sectors.

The Growing State of Diabetes in America on World Diabetes Day 2018

Health Populi

Hearkening back to the IDF’s 2018 theme of the role of the family, it’s important to realize that families who eat together are healthier, as this TIME magazine article spelled out based on research evidence. Diabetes is a family issue, and its prevalence is growing in America.

Universal Health Care and Financial Inclusion – Not Mutually Exclusive

Health Populi

Two weeks in a row, The Economist , the news magazine headquartered in London, included two special reports stapled into the middle of the magazines.

Enhancing Student Wellness through School-Based Telemedicine

Telehealth Blog

SBHCs chosen for the initial grant program include Magazine, Lamar, Jasper, and Malvern. During the 2017-18 school year, STAR rolled out the obesity reduction and prevention component, HealthyNOW, in the Magazine school district.

When Buying a Pair of Jeans Competes With Filling a Prescription at CVS in Target

Health Populi

InStyle magazine featured Macy’s news, saying that the line, “is unique because it includes easy-to-wear items like tops, pants, cardigans, and dresses that are aimed at both Muslim and non-Muslim women.”

Having Health Insurance Is a Social Determinant of Health: the implications of growing uninsured in the U.S.

Health Populi

President Trump campaigned on this issue and was quoted in his TIME magazine “Person of the Year” profile saying, “we have to…create new bidding procedures for the drug industry, because they’re getting away with murder, pharma.

Rx 2018: A New Era of Specialty Drugs, Telehealth, Mobile Apps and Value, IQVIA Reports

Health Populi

President Trump made clear on the campaign trail and in his interview with TIME magazine as Person of the Year that pharmaceutical companies’ pricing needed to be reined in using government pressure.

From Phishing to Smishing -- a scam for all seasons

Aging in Place Technology Watch

As mentioned in TIME Magazine! Scammers are creative – each cell phone number is 'smishing' opportunity. How about a text message with a picture of the sender, someone you know, pitching a fund-raising and time-limited opportunity – in a category the recipient knows well.


Prescription Drugs: From Costs and Bad Reputation to Civica Rx and Amazon to the Rescue

Health Populi

The prices of medicines prescribed in outpatient settings rose, on average. 10.3% in 2018. Wages increased about 2.6%, and consumer prices, 1.3%, based on the 2019 Segal Health Plan Cost Trend Survey. Segal forecasts that medical cost trends will moderate for 2019, lower than 2018 rates.

Self-Care is Healthcare for Everyday People

Health Populi

I caught up with some magazine reading, noting a Prudential ad marketing financial wellness. Patients are the new healthcare payors, and as such, taking on the role of health consumers.

Is talking to software the next big step in healthcare delivery?

The cHealth Blog

In February, he wrote another intriguing article for the magazine, about Amazon’s Alexa prize , which offered a significant sum of money to create a bot that could carry on a conversation for 20 minutes. Provider to Patient Ratios by 2020.

Dr. Patti Brennan – #SPM2018 speaker preview “Supporting the Care Between the Care: The Role of the National Library of Medicine”

Society for Participatory Medicine

He published books and magazines on the subject, and in 1994 was medical editor of the Millennium Edition Whole Earth Catalog (the year browsers arrive), and just 18 months later published the book Health Online.

Design, Empathy and Ethics Come to Healthcare: HXD

Health Populi

Amy wrote an important column in MM&M magazine called “ the Rise of the Health-Tech Ethicist ,” which I highly recommend you read. Design-thinking has come to health/care, finally, and Amy Cueva has been beating this drum for a very long time.

Tom Brady’s Business Partner’s False Diabetes Claims

Insulin Nation

According to a report in Boston Magazine , Brady, Guerrero and another business partner have established a fitness and nutrition business called TB12.


The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Update ? Paul Sonnier ? July 4, 2018 ? #333

Story of Digital Health

Topics include a review in High Times magazine of apps that help people find the right strains and compositions of marijuana and cannabis products used for both therapeutic and recreational purposes.

Weekender 11/2/18

HIStalk Weekender

Weekly News Recap. A ProPublica investigative article questions the VA’s selection of Cerner, its management of the implementation, its choice of questionably experienced project leadership, and the gap between the original lofty goals and the reality of what Cerner is delivering.

Blockchain: Its Future in Healthcare is Happening Now

HitPoint Blog

Wired magazine notes that while blockchain is known for powering bitcoin, “It’s really a generic tool to keep secure data in a distributed, encrypted ledger—and control who has access to that ledger. Interoperability. Blockchain.

SleepTech is booming – but it's getting weirder and dodgier

Lloyd Price

Lloyd Price interviewed by Wired Magazine to discuss Apple, Software, Apps and the emerging market of Sleep Technology. Who counts sheep these days?

The Future of Electronic Health Records : Vision for 2028

Lloyd Price

A clinician will make roughly 4,000 keyboard clicks during a busy 10-hour emergency-room shift,” writes Abraham Verghese, Professor for the Theory and Practice of Medicine at Stanford Medicine, in the New York Times Magazine.

EHR 60

Weekender 5/18/18

HIStalk Weekender

I subscribed to Texture even before Apple bought the “Netflix for magazines” company a few weeks back. Weekly News Recap. The VA signs a 10-year, $10 billion contract with Cerner for its new EHR.

EMR 52

#PatientsIncluded statement for SPM’s Second Annual Conference: #SPM2018

Society for Participatory Medicine

He writes for WebMD, Psych Central, Bipolar magazine, and other publications. Here’s the latest in a series of posts about the Society for Participatory Medicine’s second annual conference on Oct. 17 in Boston, attached to the prestigious Connected Health conference. Register here.

Should NHS Doctors charge for patient appointments?

Lloyd Price

A survey conducted by online general practice magazine, Pulse found that over 50% of GPs would welcome appointment fees as a way to make their workload more manageable.

How the IoT will Impact Healthcare


HFM Magazine. Let’s be honest, when it comes to our health we all want prompt and personal care. As a patient, we want the cost to be low, and the feeling of empowerment to be prevalent throughout the experience. Our world is becoming increasingly connected through the development of technology. With these extensive levels of connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT) is making a significant impact. Specifically, in the healthcare industry.

WeDoctor founder Jerry Liao reflects on his journey to $400M investment and 27M monthly active users

Lloyd Price

Asian Scientist Magazine spoke with Liao to learn more about his motivations and plans for WeDoctor in the coming years.

Insulin Injection-Free for a Decade

Insulin Nation

Then in a doctor’s office she opened up a magazine to an advertisement calling for clinical participants to take part in a islet cell transplant trial. Chris Schuh, 64, considers herself lucky to be alive.


ADHD: What exactly is it?

Medicine and Technology

The following is a guest post: Everyone has heard the term, whether it was on a TV commercial, in a magazine headline or the topic of a local news health update. Some people might even use the term to describe themselves in moments of frustration of not remembering a phone number or being unable to concentrate on a friend’s meandering story telling. But just because someone might have occasional moments of forgetfulness or inattention, doesn’t mean he or she is clinically ADHD.


Painting for a Cure

Insulin Nation

Leslie Hall came across a magazine article about the Gallery while sitting in a doctor’s waiting room. “There’s always room for art~ it’s what I do…” These words belong to Amber Hall, a Florida teen with Type 1 diabetes who has found a novel way to raise money for diabetes research.


Spare a Rose, Save a Child Campaign Kicks Off

Insulin Nation

Last year’s efforts also generated a magazine article, two television interviews, 50 blog posts, and tweets enough to tally more than 8.7

My T1D Journey as a Systems Engineer

Insulin Nation

“CCWS: A Computer-Based, Multimedia Information System,” IEEE COMPUTER magazine (October 1985). Systems Education. I was always technically inclined, and majored in physics in college, then did graduate work in Cybernetic Systems. Cybernetics has come to mean computer and internet related technology, but when it was first used in the 1940s it referred to communication and engineering control systems.


How will Oculus Rift affect our Health?

Lloyd Price

In an interview with online tech magazine, The Verge, Rizzo has said that virtual reality therapy or VRT through Oculus Rift could revolutionise the way we approach mental health problems.

Weekender 7/27/18

HIStalk Weekender

The New York Times magazine snarkily rips the fake science, elitist aspirational pretensions, and massive but questionably earned profits of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop. Weekly News Recap.

NHS privatisation: how much of the health service has Virgin Care taken over?

Lloyd Price

The number of contracts Virgin has taken over from the NHS has been widely reported since then and the £2bn figure has been pointed out in recent months by campaigners such as NHS for Sale, Keep Our NHS Public and Chartist Magazine.

Insulin Injection-Free for a Decade

Insulin Nation

Then in a doctor’s office she opened up a magazine to an advertisement calling for clinical participants to take part in a islet cell transplant trial. Chris Schuh, 64, considers herself lucky to be alive.


The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Update by Paul Sonnier ? Jan 8, 2018 ? #308

Story of Digital Health

” Germany’s hate speech law has resulted in Twitter blocking German satire magazine Titanic’s account. The magazine tweeted a parody mocking anti-Muslim comments by Beatrix von Storch, a member of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. I made this announcement to 60,357 members of the Digital Health group on LinkedIn.

150 top places to work in healthcare

Henry Kotula

Fortune magazine named Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta among the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2017 for the 12th consecutive year; the year before, Working Mother magazine ranked the health system among the 100 best companies for working mothers. [link].

The Digital Health Update by Paul Sonnier ? Dec 18, 2017 ? #305

Story of Digital Health

The Nation magazine’s national-affairs correspondent John Nichols suggested that the result of the FCC’s vote would be that the Elites Will Rule the Internet — and the Future. Nutritionist Laura Thomas posted an edited cover of Women’s Health magazine on Instagram that was overlaid with body-positive and inclusive messages. I made this announcement to 60,060 members of the Digital Health group on LinkedIn.

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Update ? Paul Sonnier ? Mar 27, 2018 ? #319

Story of Digital Health

Surprisingly, this story is not new, but was first reported in Germany’s ‘Das Magazin’ in December 2016. I made this announcement to 62,038 members of the Digital Health group on LinkedIn.

We Have No Idea What Donald Trump is Going to Do About Insulin Prices

Insulin Nation

In the midst of Time Magazine’s 6,000-word “Person of the Year” profile of Donald Trump, the president-elect said, “I’m going to bring down drug prices…I don’t like what has happened with drug prices.”. Commentary.

Telemedicine Today (#tday): July 2015

American Well Blog

Telemedicine Magazine. In an interview with Kristi Henderson, Chief Telehealth & Innovation Officer at UMMC, Telemedicine Magazine takes a close look at the success of their program and why it is being called “the best statewide telemedicine system in the country.” We’re excited to bring you the second edition of Avizia’s Telemedicine Today newsletter! SO much has happened this month in the Telemedicine industry and here at Avizia.