Dental Trailer filling the Gap between Dentists and Australian Remote Communities

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According to many searches, the dental health care status among Australian people who live in rural areas is poorer than the people located in bigger the cities. People who live in remote regions often avoid certain foods because of their poor dental health. Introduction.

Mobile Dental Clinic is a way to Overcome Dental Care Issues for African immigrant families of Preschoolers

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Delivering dental health care facilities and extend their usage is one of the most important things of the human development. All this can be accomplished by the use of mobile dental clinics. Mobile dental clinics bring dental care to preschoolers. Introduction.

Tech and insurance go hand in hand when it comes to dental innovation

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When it comes to dental health, companies seem to more and more see consumer technology and insurance as natural partners. Beam Dental, which started out in the smart toothbrush space but expanded a few years ago into dental insurance, raised $22.5 million today

Artificial Intelligence and Dentistry

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This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Dental health has always been an important aspect of your overall well-being. Editorial 3D printing artificial intelligence dental tech

Can Mobile Dental Care Transform the Face of Health Service Delivery to South Africa in 21st Century?

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People from past generations have worked on complex issues to arrive at complex solutions and universal dental health care is also achievable with the use of just and non- partisan political influence. It is the same for the dental health in the South African region.

Enhancing Student Wellness through School-Based Telemedicine

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The School Telemedicine in Arkansas (STAR) program is collecting data that supports the feasibility and success of offering real-time telehealth services in rural School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs). Year 3 – Oral Health. Year 1: Behavioral Health. Year 3: Oral Health.

Mobile Dental Van for Fixing Drought-Stricken Farmers’ Teeth in Australia

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Many dental professionals travel around Australia in order to provide basic dental services to vastly sparse rural and farm communities in drought-stricken regions. One of the first warning signs of dehydration is dry mouth which in turn is not producing saliva and becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria putting oral health at risk. Extreme temperatures in Australia in the summer months may compound the oral health issues.

Are Mobile Dental Vehicles the Future of Traditional Dentistry in the USA?

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The future dental professionals will be more inclined to use digitalized systems and tools for improving their everyday workflow. As technology is progressing rapidly, the dental fields are also going through a very big transition. Introduction.

Should NHS Doctors charge for patient appointments?

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If the motion is passed, GPs will lobby the Department of Health to introduce the charges. Faced with an ageing population and increased demand from diabetic and asthmatic patients, many GPs fear the current NHS system is unsustainable.

Why A Dentist Should Buy a Mobile Dental Van or Trailer with a CBCT

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Mobile dental vans are a good alternative for delivering fast dental health care to all areas where it is hard to reach a dental professional. Because of this, the main persons should think about a fully equipped mobile dental trailer. What is a dental CBCT?

The advantage of Mobile Dental Van with One Operatory and Digital Panoramic X-Ray Option

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Mobile dental vans are a suitable global solution where dental care is not available. They are a logical solution to those parts of the countries where people can’t access dental emergency treatments. Mobile dental vans are designed according to the needs of the community.