mHealth Guide to HIMSS19

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Next week (11-15 February 2019) in Orlando (USA) 45,000 delegates will attend the world’s biggest Healthcare IT Conference and Exhibition and we’ll be there for meetings and to learn about and share mHealth innovations with readers of the mHealth Insight blog.

Who will regulate mHealth? Patient Engagement at Crossroads; New Alliance Takes On Interoperability

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As we’ve reported in a previous post , HIMSS13 afforded enormous buzz and less enlightenment regarding the state of health IT, particularly the four key areas we see as essential to this industry making a true difference in patient care. This could herald a new age of credibility for mHealth.

The The Five Biggest Areas of Opportunity for Digital Health

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Digital health is unquestionably becoming part of healthcare lexicon and fabric. The entrepreneurial enthusiasm for the healthcare space is evident by the volume of digital health incubators , medical school innovation centers, and angel investors. Though there has been significant sector investment, the road to success of adoption in the healthcare enterprise has been challenging. This should not however translate to “take my word for it” is all you need. Bring it!

mhealth: Pushing digital transformation in the healthcare industry


Healthcare industry has been one of the early and passionate adopters of mobile technology. While some believe that in an effort to improve efficiency, its doctors and hospitals who helped in driving the conservative industry change. Let’s take a look on a few mHealth trends-.

Five Digital Health Imperatives for Patient Safety

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The most discussed issues in healthcare today are cost savings and access to care. Something which has received more attention in the past but has been surpassed by the aforementioned topics in both lay and healthcare policy press has been patient safety. Simply put, it is “…the prevention of errors and adverse effects to patients associated with health care.” healthcare worker hand washing ) and regulatory clinical requirements (ex. IT security.

Healthcare Consolidation: Opportunities for Digital Health Technology

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Healthcare consolidation in the form of mergers and acquisitions has been taking place for a number of years. It is seen on both the provider and payer sides. In his testimony on healthcare market’s consolidation effects on quality, cost and access, Paul Ginsberg, Director of Public Policy at the USC Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics cites some key drivers of consolidation. Healthcare IT can play a major role in M & A for providers.

Five Ways a Good Digital Health Registry Addresses Healthcare System Needs

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It might be a universal issue which is discovered only after a prolonged period of exposure. It is also essential to all true value-based reimbursement models being discussed or implemented in health care. As one can see, registries performed with quality technologies can have profound effects on healthcare from many standpoints. Investment in digital tools which make Big Data come alive and transform it into relevant data can be helpful to all healthcare stakeholders.

Five Reasons why the FDA got it Right with Digital Health

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The FDA recently announced its Digital Health Innovation Action Plan. Digital health differs significantly from drugs and traditional medical devices around which the FDA has developed its structure and policies over decades. The Action Plan is a major step in the right direction because it recognizes digital health’s unique attributes which span both IT and clinical arenas. This plan was both important and necessary.

Digital Health Technologies for Alzheimer’s Disease

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It is the sixth leading cause of death. While it might seem incongruous on the surface to discuss digital technology and a population with significant cognitive challenges, I will illustrate how it can be beneficial at different stages of the disease’s course. It is worthy of noting that patients with larger baseline ‘cognitive reserve’ do better to a point then characteristically have a rapidly progressive course.

7 Telehealth Terms You Need to Know

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If you read our blog post 5 Top Telemeds Trend of 2015 , you know that telehealth is slowly revolutionizing the healthcare world for the better. What does it actually mean? And often considered an important part of health IT initiatives and clinical care services. mHealth.

Finally, Some Concrete Use Cases for Telehealth

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A recent report has gone great lengths to explain how and to what extent telehealth can improve outcomes, and it is well worth a read if your healthcare organization (HCO) plans to explore investments in telehealth services now or in the future.

A tale of two tech titans hoping to help healthcare

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It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. But we can’t access data when and where we need it. Apple recently announced its foray into the personal health record market. Amazon, together with Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase, just announced the establishment of a new joint venture said to focus on technological solutions to lower healthcare costs for their employees. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

9 Best Telemedicine Newsletters You Should Be Reading to Keep Up With the Industry

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Blog Login Sign Up 9 Best Telemedicine Newsletters You Should Be Reading to Keep Up With the Industry Enzyme Health Team March 27, 2019 In an industry that can feel isolating, it’s important to keep connected. Healthcare Innovation Group Healthcare Innovation’s mission is right in its name.

Patient monitoring is evolving with artificial intelligence, sensors, smart technology, more

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A new study from Frost & Sullivan takes stock of some of the rapid-fire developments in the world of patient monitoring, which is expanding its capabilities by leaps and bounds with the maturation of sensors, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. WHY IT MATTERS.

March 2019 Telemedicine News

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View complete story in mHealth Intelligence > Prescription Dispensing Telemedicine Kiosks Launch Imagine you are traveling cross-country and battling a nasty cold.

“Apple announces effortless solution bringing health records to iPhone”

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mHealth Insights. I think Apple will quickly appreciate that they need to do more than just hope: Many Clinicians find it completely foreign and very challenging to share Health Records with Patients/Carers.

The future of digital healthcare


What is digital healthcare? Digital healthcare represents the convergence of technology and life sciences. Digital healthcare is having a seismic impact on the deployment of new medicines and transforming markets all over the world. New technological advancements enable digital healthcare providers to process information and data relative to thousands (and often millions) of patients. Today we’re exploring the future of digital healthcare.

The new Digital Health model : Disruption, Engagement, Integration and Trust

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Traditional digital health models Most developed countries have moved away from paper-based healthcare solutions and have adopted or are in the process of adopting ‘traditional’ digital healthcare models (see Figure 4). It is looking to move health information to the cloud.

FHIR Oauth Scope

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They do need more participation from healthcare, it is hard to give everyone that needs attention the full attention they need. So the question really is in what ways would it be appropriate to cut away rights that a user might hold. It is made up of a set of strings that represent a few FHIR resources. It is not a complete list of FHIR resource types. Note that the word "Normal" is relative to all healthcare information, not a label relative to all information.


Edward Martinez, SVP/CIO, Miami Children’s Hospital, Chapter 3

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Focus on telehealth — “How do we get these sub-specialists in front of the kids who can’t walk in here” Improving access to care while cutting costs The importance of a clear organizational vision Earlier this year, Ed Martinez received the 2012 Innovator of the Year Award from CHIME for his efforts in leading the mHealth program that is transforming the way care is practiced at Miami Children’s Hospital. The cost alone is in the billions of dollars, but it’s changing healthcare.

Mobile Health Cloud vs Privacy Regulations

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The discussion started with an article " Warning mHealth security fears are opening doors to app and device innovation " summarizing a study done by Ketchum. There is concern that applications are being written by people that might not be as mature in the knowledge of how important Privacy is in healthcare. There are recommendations that broader healthcare regulations are needed. This problem of mobile-applications and Privacy is not unique to Healthcare.

Seven Market Trends


Shifting away from reimbursement and from CMS decision-making It’s been the Holy Grail for telemedicine in America. With such shifts the focus of decision-making is gradually turning to local and regional healthcare decision makers. Teleradiology is now so common that many hospitals don’t use the term – outsourcing radiology, at least for after-hours, is just the way things are now done in healthcare. The telemedicine market is expansive, multifaceted and growing.

Telemedicine Today: November 2016

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As more health systems embrace telemedicine, it is increasingly important for virtual care services to be deeply integrated into EHRs. Through strategic integration partnerships with companies like Redox Healthcare, Kno2, LifeIMAGE and Ambra Health, Avizia is redefining how systems talk to each other, reducing the time to implementation from months to weeks, and in some cases to days. Healthcare IT News. What is driving this growth, and will it continue?