February, 2019

The secret to making AI work for physicians


If you are a physician or know a physician or have ever visited one, chances are you have probably heard them complain about technology in health care.

Is Healthcare Ready for Remote Patient Monitoring?

Health System CIO

Although remote monitoring has been shown to improve outcomes, it remains a tough sell to many providers, says John Halamka, who breaks down some recent findings on this complex issue.

PKvitality CGM K’Watch is Exciting

Insulin Nation

We spoke with PKvitality leaders Minh Lê, General Manager, and Tom Bishop, CTO Medical. They shared their investor slide deck and we have included selected images in this article. CGM Reimagined. The PKvitality team wants to disrupt the existing CGM market.

The Expectation Gap Between What Patients Want Vs What They Get

Health Populi

Talk to me, patients are demanding in unison.

Building Your Digital Health Ecosystem

With the fragmentation of the pharmacy industry, digitized provider networks can offer a much-needed solution to connectivity, data sharing, collaboration and interoperability between physicians, patients and pharmacies.

New Tech Tonics Episode: Jerry Harrison & Brian Smith – Making Beautiful Music Together with Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Digital Health

An unlikely pair, Brian Smith and Jerry Harrison came together over their shared passion for music and science and helping entrepreneurs succeed. Together they are helping healthcare startups find their rhythm and chart a path to success through a new expert crowdfunding platform called RedCrow.

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Will artificial intelligence be able to have this conversation?


Transformation of health care is underway: The landscape is filled with innovation, and the horizon is dotted with technological possibilities of “Star Trek” ilk.


ONC Finds Possible Merit in FDA Pre-Cert

Medical Connectivity

We have addressed the FDA Pre-Cert program for SaMD (Software as Medical Device) on several occasions.

EHR 195

Whatever Happened to Tech-Enabled Home Care?

Aging in Place Technology Watch

So much VC money, so little resulting change. Past venture capital investment in home care technology boggles the mind. It seems only yesterday that Tech-Enabled Home Care was published – with that wonderful Forbes graphic “Why VCs Care More About Home Care”.

Consumers Expand Their Definition of Well-Being to Include Food-As-Medicine

Health Populi

Consumers put food front-and-center when thinking about their health. Viewing food-as-medicine is going mainstream for health consumers, who look beyond the “medicine” in that phrase toward a broader concept of personal well-being.

Telemedicine: Real-Time Trauma and Clinical Care with Global Reach

Today, connecting the patient to the right specialist is largely dependent on the patient’s ability to travel to the physician’s location. The ability to use technology to monitor patients in real-time, share information about their condition and provide treatment remotely, will improve the quality of care and save lives for patients everywhere.

UA’s Rural Health Professions Program: Teaching Students How to Practice Medicine Outside the Big Cities

Arizona Telemedicine Program

After four challenging years as a medical student – while maintaining her roles as a wife and mother of five daughters – Mary Alyson Smith will graduate from the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson, in May.


Dexcom G6 users can ask Siri to read their glucose level

Mobi Health News

Dexcom announced a slew of announcements this morning including an integration with Google Fit, a feature that lets users share their readings with 10 people and a technical inquiries feature.


@HIMSS, physicians don’t want hype. They just want sensible EMR solutions.


A few years ago, I wrote a KevinMD blog post about how cumbersome it was to complete notes in the electronic medical record (EMR). I proposed a solution in our residency clinic but encountered resistance in the adoption process that eventually led to its abandonment.

EMR 249

Georgia state Senate passes two bills improving telehealth access for residents


The Georgia state Senate passed two bills today (SB115 and SB118) as part of their comprehensive healthcare reform aimed at reducing costs, increasing access, and enhancing quality care for Georgia residents. SB 115 allows for physicians outside of Georgia to be licensed as a telemedicine provider by the Georgia Composite Medical Board. This should improve access to Georgia residents in underserved communities by increasing the pool of available providers.

Community Health Centers: Increase Growth through Care Management + Telehealth

Understand the Growth Potential for Community Health Centers through this Easy-To-Use Care Management Guide. This guide covers Billing, Claims Processing and Payment for CCM, BHI and More!

BCG Vaccine Shows Promising Signals of T1D Efficacy

Insulin Nation

We spoke with Denise Faustman, MD, Ph.D., Director of Immunobiology Massachusetts General Hospital, and Associate Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School. The following is a summary of the research that she and her team are working on. Early Islet Trials.

Cost and Convenience Underpin Patient Demands As Health Consumers

Health Populi

Across generations, from younger to older patients, cost, transparency and convenience drive consumer satisfaction, Accenture’s latest health consumer survey found.

Telemedicine Workflow: Six Questions You Have to Answer to Succeed

Arizona Telemedicine Program

When implementing a telemedicine program, you should create a new workflow. It’s easier to adapt a current workflow into the technology than to create a new productivity model. Your daily processes will need some changes but not entirely, and this can be to your advantage.

The consumerization of healthcare: the good, the bad, the baffling

Mobi Health News

As consumers start to drive their healthcare experince, concerns about healthcare spending savvy and information overload come to light.


Forrester Names Leader in Virtual Health Care Solutions

Forrester Research identified and evaluated the top players in digital health. Read the report to see who stood out—and who needs to catch up.

Medicare for All and more

Morning eHealth

RUSH Act back — Usability migraines continue

Your Mobile Device is a Security Risk! Discover Simple, Surprising Fixes.

Phoenix Health Systems

At least 80 percent of Americans use smartphones and/or tablets, creating a digital frontier that is rife with cybercriminal activity. Worse, healthcare workers are subject to special risks of HIPAA violation if they use their devices to store or transmit protected health information of patients or access their hospitals’ networks, EHRs, and other computer systems.


JDRF Open Protocol — Path to Better Future

Insulin Nation

In 2018, JDRF celebrated the first anniversary of its Open Protocol initiative to support the development of automated insulin delivery systems, including artificial pancreas (AP) algorithms, continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and insulin pumps.

Time To Travel And Wait In Health Care: The Opportunity For Self-Care At Home

Health Populi

What industry compels its “consumers” to wait longer and travel further for services more than any other in a person’s daily life? That would be health care, a report from Altarum notes.

Rethinking approaches to remote health and telehealth in Australia

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Speaking during a panel session at the recent AFR Healthcare Summit , Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) President Dr Harry Nespolon said the way remote healthcare and telehealth is offered has changed little since the 1960s.

Interoperability, cloud, consumerization were hot topics at HIMSS19

Mobi Health News

Patient engagement and the consumerization of health also held court this week in Orlando

Guide to Practicing Telemedicine While Living Abroad

Enzyme Health

Close For Clinicians For Employers Telehealth Jobs Family Medicine General Practice Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioners Family Nurse Practitioners Physician Assistants Psychiatry / Mental Health Hospitalist Dont see your specialty? Only 20% are listed here.

Meet us at HIMSS19! Ranked #1, Phoenix staff will fix your broken IT support.

Phoenix Health Systems

The annual HIMSS conference is highly anticipated to offer intriguing glimpses of transformative technologies and IT approaches that will shape the future of healthcare. This year’s gathering in Orlando promises to do the same. But without innovative corrections of IT-related adversities currently troubling your hospital, advances can be difficult. .

EHR 150

Participating in T1D Trials; The Value of Knowing and Helping

Insulin Nation

We spoke with Tavia Vital, BSN, BA, RN, CDE, who was diagnosed with T1D at age 2½ and is an Outpatient Certified Diabetes Educator, about the experience of her two sons participating in TrialNet, TEDDY, and the Oral Insulin Trial. Each son tested positive for high-risk genes for T1D.

Deep Human Interactions: The Antidote To More AI In Health Care – Learning From Philips’ CEO At HIMSS19

Health Populi

“The promise of AI is undeniable…could AI help clinicians deliver better and more humanistic care?” ” This question is asked and answered in a JAMA viewpoint published January 1/8 2019 titled, Humanizing Artificial Intelligence.

Trump administration talks tech and transparency

Morning eHealth

EHR safety campaign pressures Congress on gag clauses — New life for Massachusetts telehealth parity

EHR 93

Looking to startups for the future of health

Mobi Health News

From at-home STD testing kits to behavioral health platforms, this year’s HIMSS Pitch Competition came from a variety of fields


Retina telemedicine tech helps save vision at Grady Health System

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Grady Eye Center had a backlog of 14,000 patients to see, and most of these were diabetic screenings. THE PROBLEM. The center did some research and realized it had more than 20,000 diabetics in Grady Health System and only 20 to 25 percent were being adequately screened for retinopathy.