A New Health Literacy Pillar: Personal Data Stewardship

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The growing use of APIs in health information technology innovation for patient care has been a boon to speeding development placed in the hands of providers and patients. mHealth companies should implement a “zero-trust” approach to securing apps and APIs.

A New Era of Virtual Care Has Begun, Accenture Finds

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Topline, consumers “faced difficult choices,” Accenture notes in the report, choosing whether and how to continue their personal health care seeking to limit their risks of exposure to COVID-19.


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The COVID-19 Era Has Grown Health Consumer Demand for Virtual Care

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What a difference a pandemic can make in accelerating patients’ adoption of digital health tools. health consumers’ growing digital health “muscles” in the form of demand and confidence in using virtual care.

Consumers’ Embrace of Digital Health Tech Stalls, and Privacy Concerns Prevail – Accenture’s 2020 Research

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Millions of dollars and developers’ time have been invested in conceiving and making digital health tools. Yet with that bullish supply side of digital health, there was a marked decline in peoples’ use of them in the past two years, found by Accenture in their latest health consumer survey, Digital is Transforming Health, So Why is Consumer Adoption Stalling? Use of mobile apps to track personal health activity fell from nearly 1 in 2 consumers to 1 in 3.

Dr. Roboto? Stanford Medicine Foresees Digital Doctors “Maturing”

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Physicians are evolving as digital doctors, embracing the growing role of data generated in electronic health records as well as through their patients using wearable technologies and mobile health apps downloaded in ubiquitous smartphones, described in The Rise of the Data-Driven Physician , a 2020 Health Trends Report from Stanford Medicine. The vast majority of doctors are using electronic health records, and four in ten have adopted telemedicine in their workflow.

Consumers Focus on Basic Needs in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Is Self-Care a New Normal?

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Personal health, food and medicine, safety and financial security are consumers’ top priorities as of April 2020, learned in consumer research analyzed in How COVID-19 will permanently change consumer behavior from Accenture. Both health and economic concerns plague consumers around the world as people “strive to adapt to a new normal,” Accenture reports. They are less socially connected and less likely to approve governments’ actions.

Going Digital for Health Is a New-Normal for Consumers

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Using digital health tech is a new normal for U.S. consumers, including Seniors, found in the 2018 digital health consumer survey from Deloitte. The title of the report, “Consumers are on board with virtual health options,” summarizes the bullish outlook for telehealth. But the tagline begs the supply side question: “Can the health care system deliver?”

Achieve Business and Clinical Resiliency in Times of Change


Follow along with our blog series #HealthcareNow and #PublicSectorNow , where we’ll address healthcare innovation around the world and how to maintain business continuity in today’s health climate. .

The Digital Health Consumer According to Rock Health

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Looking for health information online is just part of being a normal, mainstream health consumer, according to the third Rock Health Digital Health Consumer Adoption Survey published this week. adults were online health information hunters. Six in 10 Americans looked for reviews of healthcare providers online, another new-normal consumer digital health activity. These findings are based on Rock Health’s survey of some 4,000 U.S.

Essential Telemedicine Terms Clinicians Should Know

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Applying for telemedicine jobs and want to stand out? This quick telehealth glossary covers the basic terminology telemedicine clinicians should know. Asynchronous telemedicine: Asynchronous telemedicine, sometimes known as store and forward, refers to telemedicine that is delivered at a later time from when the patient or another healthcare provider requests it. HD video requires faster internet connection speeds for proper image transmission.

Finally, Some Concrete Use Cases for Telehealth

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No, I’m not talking about The Wall Street Journal declaration that telemedicine is transforming healthcare. The top-fold placement of the story was indeed nice, as was the accompanying interview suggesting that technology in general can improve population health , but the article wasn’t exactly news to the healthcare industry. Not to sound like a hipster, but I wrote my “ telemedicine is changing healthcare IT ” article back in 2012, before it was cool.).

Two Forms of Telemedicine: Synchronous vs. Asynchronous

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What is Synchronous Telemedicine? The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) defines synchronous telemedicine as "live video-conferencing," which is a "two-way audiovisual link between a patient and a care provider." " The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) defines synchronous telemedicine as follows: "Interactive video connections that transmit information in both directions during the same time period."

Providers and Telehealth: Ready For One Another?

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While this shift was on full display at the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) conference earlier this month, it is also evident that both sides are at an early stage of readiness. While providers have shown some receptivity for telemedicine over the last decade, (e.g. From a business vantage point, developing a tech-savvy brand will become a selling point – check out United Health’s latest commercial.

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Can Apple Keep the Doctor Away?

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More detail is available elsewhere , but the basics are that this fall, Apple will release an app called “Health” to track and store multiple health data, mostly from devices, of around 60 parameters upon release with iOS 8. to help fill the healthcare void when patients are away from a health facility. But they are also, finally, addressing a problem that has plagued health apps for years: an inability to aggregate data into one spot for a more complete view of one’s health.


SEARCH is Headed to the West Coast

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The Society for Education and the Advancement of Research in Connected Health will hold its SEARCH 2018 symposium at the Roth Auditorium at the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine in La Jolla, (San Diego) California, on October 24-25. Focus Areas include: Evidence-based research, which proves the benefits of connected health systems. telemedicine, telehealth, eHealth, mHealth, etc.). Connected Health SEARCH 2018 Featured

9 Best Telemedicine Newsletters You Should Be Reading to Keep Up With the Industry

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Close For Clinicians For Employers Telehealth Jobs Family Medicine General Practice Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioners Family Nurse Practitioners Physician Assistants Psychiatry / Mental Health Hospitalist Dont see your specialty? Quickly scale your telemedicine business using our clinician network - announcing Enzyme On Demand ! Working in telemedicine can leave you feeling disconnected from others. For Broad Digital Health and Telehealth News 3.

mHealth13: Lots Going On, But Few New Developments

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Another year, another mHealth Summit. However, despite some early hints of maturity, the mHealth Summit revealed the mobile healthcare market’s overall identity confusion. Beyond the hype and the bold claims set forth by the usual suspects, mHealth’s central challenge is one of adoption: Neither consumers nor health care organizations are picking up mobile for healthcare at the pace and scale that vendors are claiming and hoping they will.

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HIMSS or Bust

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Not only has this lessened my own meeting burden (last I counted, this year I only have 24 meetings in 3 days vs last year’s 35), it also gives us a great opportunity to interact with a far broader range of stakeholders in the HIT market with analysts focused on analytics, patient engagement, HIE, EHR and the biggest buzzword from last year, population health management (PHM).

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3 Real-World Reasons the Scripps Study Failed

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Figure from Chilmark’s Connected Health Report). The results of a six-month study on the impact of connected devices on chronically ill patients are in – and they’re not good. The Scripps Translational Science Institute found that in a randomized control trial (RCT) comparing chronic care using connected devices against standard disease management models, the devices had no discernible impact on healthcare utilization, and little impact on health self-management.

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The Biggest Growth Opportunities in Healthcare

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Now the new vision for healthcare is not just about access, quality, and affordability but also about predictive, preventive, and outcomes-based care models promoting social and financial inclusion,” says Kamaljit Behera, transformational health industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan, and author of the report. This makes digital transformation and realization of long-pending policies reform a key growth priority for healthcare executives and major health systems during 2019 globally.”.

Keynote Speakers at ATA 2013

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Don't miss ATA 2013 for the latest updates on telemedicine. Mercy, a 31 hospital healthcare system serving hundreds of communities in the Midwest, is transforming the patient experience through comprehensive telemedicine and HIT services. Mercy gives patients online access to doctors and medical records, utilizing telemedicine for a wide array of clinical services, include pediatrics and rural healthcare. Reed Tuckson, MD, Managing Director, Tuckson Health Connections.

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