Wright Center codevelops a telehealth-EHR combo to expand care options

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Oftentimes when people think about telemedicine, they envision a patient in a clinic with a technological setup they address, with physicians on the other end at another clinic far away doing the same. "But that model does not work in 2020, because where would staff set it up?"

Congress waives telehealth restrictions for coronavirus screening

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

As was requested by several leading healthcare technology organizations this past week, Congress has included a provision that waives some restrictions for Medicare telehealth coverage as part of its new COVID-19 supplemental funding package. ATA, HIMSS and the other groups had asked the legislators to consider the CONNECT for Health Act, which lifts restrictions on Medicare telehealth coverage during emergencies , as they drew up the supplemental spending.

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Telehealth seems here to stay – so how can it be improved?

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

It's also clear, despite a dip in the initial numbers, that it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Those who spoke with Healthcare IT News for this story made it clear that the benefits of telehealth outweigh the challenges. "It's too novel for them.

150 top places to work in healthcare

Henry Kotula

Becker’s Healthcare is pleased to release the “150 Top Places to Work in Healthcare | 2018” list, which highlights hospitals, health systems and healthcare companies that promote diversity within the workforce, employee engagement and professional growth. Becker’s Healthcare developed this list based on nominations and editorial research. Agnesian HealthCare (Fond du Lac, Wis.). Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. [link].