2019: Healthcare IT gains new ground

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2019: Year in Review It's been an eventful year for health IT. Of course, that's been the case every year over the past decade since the first meaningful use checks were mailed out, kickstarting the digital healthcare age as we know it.

UnitedHealthcare Offers Health Data Support For Medicare Advantage ACO

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UnitedHealthcare has struck a deal with national physician group Privia Health under which it will offer more and better data on patients enrolled in the payer’s Medicare Advantage plans.

Medicare ACOs Improving Care Coordination With Health IT, But Still Have Work To Do

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A recent study by the HHS Office of Inspector General suggests that Medicare ACOs coordinate care more effectively when they have the right health IT tools in place, particularly when ACO members share one EHR platform and have access to a robust HIE.

CMS To Run Pilot Giving Providers Access To Medicare Claims Data

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In another step in fleshing out its interoperability efforts, CMS has announced plans to launch a pilot program giving clinicians access to claims data. Ambulatory Analytics/Big Data Clinical EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT IT Blue Button 2.0

MIPS Audits: Lessons Learned from Meaningful Use

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Just as the Meaningful Use (MU) EHR Incentive program brought potential audits to providers, so it will be with the MIPS program. The following is a guest blog post by Jim Tate, Founder of EMR Advocate & MIPS Consulting.

Health Insurer Growth Plans Held Back By Tech And Infrastructure Limitations

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Health plans are eager to grow their Medicare business but may not be able to meet their goals unless they build out their tech and administrative infrastructure further, according to results from a survey backed by health plan technology vendor HealthEdge.

Blockchain in Healthcare: A Vehicle Towards Digital Health 2.0?

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My goal is to continue writing as it is something I truly love to do. It is “an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way” [8] . The transparency, accuracy and efficiency of blockchain technology have made it attractive for its adoption by Wall Street. now that it has entered the digital world (albeit tepidly) via EHRs and IT support.

E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances Still Underused

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Ambulatory Clinical EMR-EHR Healthcare IT IT Andrew Gettinger Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances EPCS Medicare Part D ONC Substance Use-Disorder Prevent that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment for Patients and Communities Act Thomas Mason

How Does Health IT Enable Accountable Care? – #HITsm Chat Topic

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This week’s chat will be hosted by Travis Broome (@Travis_Broome) on the topic “How Does Health IT Enable Accountable Care?” ” Half of Medicare beneficiaries who could be in an ACO are now in an ACO. […].

The The Five Biggest Areas of Opportunity for Digital Health

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Digital health is unquestionably becoming part of healthcare lexicon and fabric. The entrepreneurial enthusiasm for the healthcare space is evident by the volume of digital health incubators , medical school innovation centers, and angel investors. Though there has been significant sector investment, the road to success of adoption in the healthcare enterprise has been challenging. This should not however translate to “take my word for it” is all you need. Bring it!

Five Ways a Good Digital Health Registry Addresses Healthcare System Needs

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The Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) has been used since 2015 as a metric to determine negative Medicare payment adjustments to providers who do not meet quality standards. It might be a universal issue which is discovered only after a prolonged period of exposure. It is also essential to all true value-based reimbursement models being discussed or implemented in health care. One must see this as an ROI for cost savings at its finest.

Is It Time For The Federal Government To Create A National HIE?

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Earlier this year, ONC and CMS issued new draft guidelines requiring that all insurers and providers serving the Medicare population make their data available electronically by 2020.

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Privacy Issues with Patient Portals

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It can be difficult to effectively document sensitive health information of pediatric patients and older adults whose family members have access to their patient portals without violating the patient’s privacy, according to a viewpoint article in AAP News and Journals. Often when sensitive data is entered into the EHR, it can automatically appear in the patient portal, be printed in a care summary report or get transmitted to other providers or payers.

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Security Holes in Medicaid Security Program Risks Patient Data

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Maryland did not adequately follow federal requirements to secure its Medicaid data and information systems, according to an HHS Office of Inspector General report. Although Maryland had adopted a Medicaid security program for its MMIS, numerous significant system vulnerabilities existed. The OIG conducted its report as part of an ongoing review of the computer systems that states use to administer HHS-funded programs, such as Medicaid.

Did Republicans just say they were fine with ‘death panels’ themselves?

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That idiocy came from language in the ACA that authorized Medicare to pay for voluntary end-of-life counseling. It was falsely projected as a “mandatory” activity every five years. Some of the hysteria also stemmed from a specific clause in the ACA that said: Establishes an Independent Payment Advisory Board to develop and submit detailed proposals to reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending to the President for Congress to consider.

Meaningful Measures – Meaningful Change or Meaningless Hype?


I embrace the fact that it forces and challenges me to adapt which allows personal and professional growth, but I hate the disruption it causes to my “known,” especially when that “known” took me forever to figure out…such as healthcare quality measures!

Top Healthcare & Life Sciences Resources for Technology Workers


Today’s healthcare organizations face mountains of data, escalating regulations, and heightened patient expectations. Top Healthcare & Life Sciences Resources for Technology Workers. Healthcare IT News . Fierce Health IT . Healthcare Innovations .

3 Big Healthcare Trends To Watch in 2015

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If you read our post “ Healthcare Top 5 Trends ,” you know know that healthcare trends from specialty pharmacy to accreditation have been gaining traction this year. From ICD-10 to telehealth, let’s explore these important trends and what they mean for healthcare!


2015 Trends for Rural Hospitals and Rural Healthcare

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From difficulties implanting new HER systems to the re-evaluation of Medicare reimbursements, rural hospitals are looking for new ways to stay afloat. For this reason, as federal regulations regarding sharing patient and healthcare data digitally change, rural hospitals start to fall behind.

The NCQA Welcomes 2 Important Vendors to the eMeasure Certification Program

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According to the NCQA press release, this means Health Plans will now be able to obtain certified data from these two health IT vendors. The NCQA hopes that this certification will help measure performance and improve the quality of healthcare data.

Podcast: Telehealth for Parkinson’s care

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2:00 Shocking numbers about Medicare beneficiaries with Parkinson’s who don’t have a regular neurologist. 2:45 Lack of reimbursement for telehealth even though it costs substantially less than in-person visits. Related posts: Health Wonk Review: money talks, but IT helps. Two months ago, I interviewed neurologist Ray Dorsey, M.D.,

A new focus: How to become empowered patients

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After years of doing this blog in fits and starts — particularly the two-year gap while I was essentially prohibited by a full-time employer from writing about health IT here or anywhere else but that company’s site — I have decided to refocus on healthcare consumers rather than industry insiders. But it started to fall apart in Stage 2 (2014-16), which required participants to share data with other healthcare organizations. Attention, kind readers.

Stanford Health Care taps Lumeris for help with value-based senior care

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Stanford Health Care is partnering with Lumeris, which develops technology to help health systems manage the demands of value-based reimbursement, for a long-term deal to help it build out its Medicare Advantage plan in Northern California. WHY IT MATTERS.

FBI, DOJ bust 24 people in $1.2 billion telemedicine fraud scheme

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Hundreds of thousands patients were lured into worldwide criminal healthcare fraud schemes involving telemedicine and durable medical equipment (DME) executives, according to the FBI and Department of Justice. WHY IT MATTERS. Healthcare IT News is a HIMSS Media publication.

Presidential candidate sees telemedicine as key to rural health

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is located away from metro areas, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bennet has unveiled his healthcare plan for rural America – and it relies heavily on big investments in telemedicine. WHY IT MATTERS. " But it isn't available to everyone.

Patient monitoring is evolving with artificial intelligence, sensors, smart technology, more

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A new study from Frost & Sullivan takes stock of some of the rapid-fire developments in the world of patient monitoring, which is expanding its capabilities by leaps and bounds with the maturation of sensors, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. WHY IT MATTERS.

Part One: A Look Back on Health IT in 2017

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2017 was a roller-coaster ride for healthcare, marked by exciting innovation, damaging cyberattacks, periods of lulls and disruptive change. However, the biggest issue in the market right now is that every hospital in the country is trying to break-even on Medicare reimbursement.

Rethinking approaches to remote health and telehealth in Australia

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Speaking during a panel session at the recent AFR Healthcare Summit , Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) President Dr Harry Nespolon said the way remote healthcare and telehealth is offered has changed little since the 1960s.

Telehealth and Underserved, Vulnerable Populations: Prisons, Schools, Military, Seniors

Enzyme Health

Learn the tremendous impact telemedicine is having on access to healthcare in correctional facilities, in schools, for the military, and for seniors. Barriers to inmate healthcare. It’s a myth that prisoners receive free medical care.

Value-based or Fee-For-Service Connected Health Reimbursement: Which Canoe Should We Put Our Feet In?

The cHealth Blog

Unfortunately, there are few other examples of organizations that have invested heavily in connected health and state publicly that it represents a strategy for success in a value-based world. Image courtesy of Healthcare IT News. It is the only way to insure provider adoption.

Finally, Some Concrete Use Cases for Telehealth

Chilmark Research

A recent report has gone great lengths to explain how and to what extent telehealth can improve outcomes, and it is well worth a read if your healthcare organization (HCO) plans to explore investments in telehealth services now or in the future.

HIStalk Interviews Eric Widen, CEO, HBI Solutions

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I have a long background in healthcare, over 25 years now. I’ve worked and focused on solving problems in healthcare, typically using data. We started HBI Solutions with a more sophisticated bent on using data and data science techniques to solve problems in healthcare. It’s typically an acute team or a post-discharge transition and care team that is focused on things like readmissions, and inside the hospital, sepsis and mortality. It’s a mix.

The 2019 Invasion of Disruptors in Healthcare (Part 1) — Amazon and Apple

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What have those upstart megaliths like Amazon, Apple, Google, Walmart, Lyft and Uber been toying with lately to disrupt our traditional healthcare models? From all appearances, they’re not wasting time; instead, several recent aggressive moves are making many traditional healthcare providers and payers nervous. What disruptors in healthcare are keeping these healthcare executives up at night? Apple is also moving into direct provision of healthcare.

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The 2019 Invasion of Disruptors in Healthcare (Part 1) — Amazon and Apple

Phoenix Health Systems

What have those upstart megaliths like Amazon, Apple, Google, Walmart, Lyft and Uber been toying with lately to disrupt our traditional healthcare models? From all appearances, they’re not wasting time; instead, several recent aggressive moves are making many traditional healthcare providers and payers nervous. What disruptors in healthcare are keeping these healthcare executives up at night? Apple is also moving into direct provision of healthcare.

With the Silver Tsunami on its way, telehealth is ready for its moment

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Whether deployed as an affordable means of after-hours medical coverage at skilled nursing facilities, or as intuitive voice activated home tools to help with remote monitoring and distance-based consults, telehealth is reaching maturation at just the moment it's needed most.

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Telemedicine Trends: Awareness & Support for Digital Care on the Rise

care innovations

Charting telemedicine trends has become a cottage industry: Once considered a fringe aspect of healthcare, the development of telehealth services like remote patient management (RPM) is now closely watched by groups like Xtelligent Healthcare Media , which fills the (digital) pages of an entire suite of online publications like mHealthIntelligence , HealthITAnalytics , and many others. The ongoing rural healthcare crisis is a major factor.

How far away is Healthcare from a platform-dominated Digital business model?

Lloyd Price

So, how far away is healthcare from a platform-dominated digital business model? Over the past few years, several healthcare focused cloud-based digital platforms – or health clouds - have been announced by big tech firms such as Salesforce, Microsoft, and Google.

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Weekender 8/2/19

HIStalk Weekender

The VA opens director and deputy director positions to oversee its Cerner implementation. The country’s biggest technology companies reaffirm their commitment to healthcare interoperability. Meditech celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding this week. Weekly News Recap.

Virtual Reality Applications in Workers’ Compensation Reviews

Advanced Medical Reviews

Until very recently, only the video game industry saw much success with commercial VR products, but advancements in the accessibility of this technology have spurred innovative applications of VR in the healthcare industry. Now that suitable supporting infrastructure is more readily available, VR is rapidly taking root in other sectors, including healthcare. VR’s possible applications in healthcare, particularly in WC, extend well beyond these improved visuals.

Weekender 1/25/19

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Researchers note that Medicare patient readmissions within 30 days dropped sharply after CMS started penalizing hospitals financially, but the death rate appears to have increased during the same period. Health:Furthur cancels its annual Nashville health festivals after two years.