Sicker Consumers Are More Willing to Share Health Data

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People dealing with chronic conditions are keener to share personally-generated data than people that don’t have a chronic disease, Deloitte’s 2018 Survey of U.S> > Health Care Consumers learned.

What #CES2019 5 Tech Trends to Watch Mean for Health/Care

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As #CES2019 kicks off in Las Vegas with today’s first Media Day, the Consumer Technology Association presented its forecast on the 5 Technology Trends to Watch in 2019 — and they all play into health, wellness, and medical care. Digital Health Tech Empowers Patients.

The Single Market for Healthcare in Europe: Learnings for the U.S.

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When I’m in the UK later this week, I’ll address the challenge for the UK, Brexit and the National Health Service. Two key issues are in my work-radar this trip: digital health cross-border, and health innovation funding.

Nudging Patients to Use EHRs: Moving Toward a Tipping Point for Consumer Health IT

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patients were offered online access to their health records by providers or insurers, and one-half of them accessed the EHR at least once in the last year. So why don’t patients use online health records yet? Half of U.S.

Loneliness, Public Policy and AI – Lessons From the UK For the US

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There’s a shortage of medical providers in the United Kingdom, a nation where healthcare is guaranteed to all Britons via the most beloved institution in the nation : The National Health Service. The NHS celebrated its 70th anniversary in July this year.

Accenture publishes final patient-generated health data report for ONC

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In January, Accenture completed its two-year contract with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT to create a white paper to advise the industry about implementing patient-generated health data

Apple’s new health data download feature: nice start, but little use for sick people

Society for Participatory Medicine

The health IT sphere is abuzz with Apple’s groundbreaking announcement yesterday of the new ability, in the beta version of iOS 11.3, You can read Apple’s announcement or search for it on Google.

Health IT Roundup—Amazon gets health data with PillPack purchase; HIPAA criminal charges on the rise


Beyond an online pharmacy, Amazon's acquisition of PillPack offers up a trove of new data, which comes with new compliance concerns. Plus, HIPAA criminal prosecutions are on the rise and Cerner settles another lawsuit tied to overtime pay


Disruption Is Healthcare’s New Normal

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asked by François de Brantes, Executive Director of the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute. health care industry wonks (including me) have used the “d” word in conversation, presentation, and prognostication. Reaction Data asked.

Health IT Roundup—Google, Fitbit launch health data partnership; VA-Cerner deal stymied by Florida doctor and more


Google and Fitbit are launching a new partnership to feed wearable data into EHRs; telehealth companies including American Well announced several new acquisitions; the VA-Cerner deal is being held up by a mysterious physician who has the ear of President Trump; plus more news of note from the health IT industry

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How Digital Health Can Stimulate Economic Development

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It’s National Health IT Week in the US, so I’m kicking off the week with this post focused on how digital health can bolster economic development. The policy’s acronym fully spelled-out was the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009.

The Digital Health Consumer According to Rock Health

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Looking for health information online is just part of being a normal, mainstream health consumer, according to the third Rock Health Digital Health Consumer Adoption Survey published this week. adults were online health information hunters.

Health IT Instrumental in Revitalizing Mental Health, Preventive Care for New Mexico Hospital

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Health IT Instrumental in Revitalizing Mental Health, Preventive Care for New Mexico Hospital. Posted By Mary Butler on Aug 23, 2018.

What the Pew Data on Americans’ Views on Technology Means for Healthcare

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This data point is part of a larger consumer survey on Americans’ attitudes about the growing role of technology in society, particularly with respect to political and social impacts. Trust underpins health engagement.

CMS Doubling Down on Health IT; Patients

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CMS Doubling Down on Health IT; Patients. GDP, making it more difficult with each passing year for CMS to ensure healthcare to not only its beneficiaries of today, but generations of beneficiaries in the future. It is the system that has become the centerpiece of policy debates, and it is the system that has become more about sustaining itself than serving patients. We are evaluating the data we have and how best to apply it to our mission.

Don't miss the 2013 Consumer Health IT Summit

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Register for the 2013 Consumer Health IT Summit : Accelerating the Blue Button Movement The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) invites you to join us in Washington D.C. on September 16 to learn about and be part of public and private sector led advancements to equip and empower patients to better manage their health in a digital era. The 2013 Consumer Health IT Summit will bring together Federal leaders including: Todd Park, U.S.

Health IT Roundup—Another Nuance attack involves 45,000 records; Can’t-miss sessions at HIMSS18


Plus, news about another cyberattack against Nuance, UCSF's partnership with Samsung and why big pharma wants your health data HIMSS18 is finally here and we've got a rundown of eight sessions you don't want to miss, plus a review of the four keynote speakers.

Biomedical Knowledge Must Be Mobilized to Save Lives, Not Privatized in the “Last Mile”

Society for Participatory Medicine

Three years ago, our nation’s first National Coordinator for Health IT foresaw an impending “gold rush” for valuable personal health data. Billion to Amass More Health Data” proved him right and fueled this national dialogue.

#PGHD: Buzzword to Business

Chilmark Research

This week, I read an article from February that provided an overview of the health IT infrastructure required for population health management (PHM). As Cora recently reported, progress remains fuzzy in this market, and it seems like little has changed.

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Three Big Questions for Stage 3 & Patient Engagement

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But that doesn’t mean there’s a year to put off thinking about it. In a few short weeks, the Health IT Policy Committee (HITPC) is set to deliver an official recommendation on the topic of Stage 3’s patient engagement requirements to the ONC.

Follow #HDpalooza on Twitter from the Health Datapalooza

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This Mon and Tues (June 3 and 4), you can expect a lot of tweets using the hashtag #HDpalooza from the Health Datapalooza. Health Datapalooza IV (HDP IV) is the fourth annual national conference born from government efforts to liberate health data. The conference is a forum that features the newest and most innovative and effective uses of health data by companies, startups, academics, government agencies and individuals.

Brigham and Women’s Primary Practice Pilots New Mobile App to Drive Patient Engagement & Collaborative Care

Consumer eHealth Engagement

Twine Health Mobile App Engages Patients with Chronic Conditions The story about the health decline of our citizens is being told everywhere. In the December 2014 PwC Health Research Institute (HRI) Report, two relevant health directions are described.

Industry Organizations Praise Senate Passage of VA Mission Act

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Senate on Wednesday passed, by a vote of 92-5, a major Veterans Affairs (VA) reform bill that includes health IT-related provisions to improve health data exchange between VA healthcare providers and community care providers The U.S.

ONC officials are all-in on giving patients their data


Senior officials at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT offered full-throated support for new CMS initiatives geared towards getting patients their health data. Officials said the notion that health data is too complex is "nonsense" and represented a "paternalistic" attitude by providers

Apple’s Health Records App: A Ripple or a Roar?

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To quote Yogi Berra, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” ” Or so it seems. Apple’s Health Records App. I dare say, no one does it better. In 2012, Google shut down Google Health after just three years due to “lack of widespread adoption.”

Why Wearable Technology Is Great For Patient Involvement

Duane Boise

Not only is the process itself more rewarding, but you form more of an attachment to a situation if you are held responsible for it. Your health works in the same way. This year, it is estimated that the number of wearable devices sold will reach over 64 million units.

Why is Apple interested in the Argonaut Project? Is an Apple electronic health record coming in 2018?

Lloyd Price

I believe Apple is interested in the Argonaut Project because it has a 2 year vision to make the iPhone a 'One-Stop Shop' for medical information, records and data. expect to see an Apple electronic health record in 2018 or 2019.


Five Offerings from the Boston Connected Health Conference 2018

Aging in Place Technology Watch

The Connected Health Conference is still a Health IT conference, owned by HIMSS, spruced up by pre-conference Voice Health summit , task forces , and even onstage singing by health tech folk that may wish they were in show business. Learn more at Coral Health.

Adrian Gropper and the HIE of One – Harlow on Healthcare

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Adrian Gropper MD has been a medical device and medical software entrepreneur and advocates for patient control of health data. Adrian has also devised a mechanism to enable patient control of health data, which he calls The HIE of One Trustee.

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Adrian Gropper and the HIE of One – Harlow on Healthcare

Health Blawg

Adrian Gropper MD has been a medical device and medical software entrepreneur and advocates for patient control of health data. Adrian has also devised a mechanism to enable patient control of health data, which he calls The HIE of One Trustee.

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What the Latest Pew Consumer Data Means for #HIMSS18

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But in the past year, the percentage of people using Facebook and its corporate sister YouTube has flattened, based on the survey report, Social Media Use in 2018 from the Pew Research Center. Health Populi’s Hot Points : Health is social: isolation is a social determinant for ill health.

Beyond The Four, Don’t Count Out the ”W’s” for Healthcare Innovation: Walgreens and Walmart

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These four tech-behemoths each have their particular designs on healthcare innovation, or disruption in the eyes of, say, Epic and Cerner working on health IT systems, or GE and IBM if you’ve been pioneers in health data or big-iron information technology. SSM Health, St.

Submission to the Senate inquiry on My Health Record

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This is the submission I made to the Australian Senate with regard to it’s inquiry into the My Health Record. . the expected benefits of the My Health Record system; f. This would allow for the implementation of the National Digital Health Strategy, and stimulate innovation to improve health, and leverage international standards and programs. The design of the system and the standards it is based on were state of the art in 2007.


Digital Health and Technological Promise: A Sociological Inquiry

Lloyd Price

What is ‘digital health’? And, what are its implications for medicine and healthcare, and for individual citizens and society? Digital health’ is of growing interest to policymakers, clinicians, and businesses.

Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce issue joint statement for healthcare interoperability

Lloyd Price

Interoperability is an overlapping set of technical and policy challenges, from data access to common data models to information exchange to workflow integration – and these challenges often pose a barrier to healthcare innovation. It all worked, but it was a nightmare to maintain.


Unwinding from HIMSS16

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My personal highlight was participating in two Dell Healthcare Tweetups with @MandiBPro and @drnic1 as we chatted about some of the evolving trends in health care. I'm finally unwinding after having a great time at HIMSS 2016 (#HIMSS16).

4 Reasons to Attend HIMSS18 – First-Time Attendee Perspective


The annual conference is the leading information and technology experience for the field of healthcare bringing together 40,000+ health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world. 5 days of world class education featuring 300+ sessions on a variety of topics across healthcare including connected health, cybersecurity, data analytics, innovation, interoperability, population health, precision medicine and more.

MACRA: Medicare’s Opportunity to Finally Embrace Connected Health Technology


The $900 billion federal program provides health insurance for Americans over 65 and others who suffer from certain conditions and diseases. Further, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which administers Medicare, has been slow to incorporate advances in advanced health technology in the program. In 2014, the agency allocated barely 2 percent of its nearly $1 billion Medicare budget to support telehealth.

Health Datapalooza IV

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These days in health care, everyone is talking about big data. Don't miss the upcoming Health Datapalooza IV. Explore the "Practical Application of Health Data Usage." big data Datapalooza

Weekender 9/7/18

HIStalk Weekender

Theranos tells shareholders it will dissolve and will work to pay off its creditors with remaining cash on hand. Atul Gawande, MD taps former Comcast digital health GM Jack Stoddard to be COO of the still unnamed joint healthcare venture of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan.