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The innovative startups improving clinical trial recruitment, enrollment, retention, and design

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A look at the clinical trial space and its many inefficiencies in need of disruption


How to Know If Your Software is HIPAA Compliant

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Abbas Dhilawala, CTO, Galen Data. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, known as HIPAA, was enacted in the United States in 1996.


DeepMind’s big betrayal? Patient data must be protected at all costs

Lloyd Price

Data-driven healthcare in the digital age is only possible with the consent and therefore trust of its patients. As service providers transform to incorporate new and innovative technologies, we will see tensions surface as they evolve.

The Ultimate Health Outcome, Mortality, Is Rising in America

Health Populi

How long can people living in the U.S. expect to live? years of age, if you were born in 2017. That’s a decline of 0.1 year from 2016. This decline especially impacted baby boys: their life expectancy fell to 76.1 years, while baby girls’ life expectancy stayed even at 81.1 years.

JAMA study finds telemedicine catching on but still relatively rare

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The study also found that comprehensive parity state mandates and the lack of psychiatrists were factors in telemedicine usage.

That time of year -- considering technology gifts for older adults

Aging in Place Technology Watch

Warning -- this is not a blog post about what to give to seniors. There are plenty of click-bait websites topping the search list, like Holiday Tech Gift Ideas or the lengthy Amazon tech gift list or even a list described as The 7 Best Tech Gifts to Buy for Seniors -- really?


Yes, you should share your CGM & Pump data with Tidepool

Insulin Nation

“ Making diabetes data more accessible, meaningful, and actionable ” is the Tidepool mission. . This not-for-profit organization began with a father’s effort to get data from his daughter’s CGM and Pump.


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Noninvasive vagus nerve stimulator receives FDA clearance for cluster headache prevention

Mobi Health News

According to manufacturer Electrocore, it is the first treatment of any kind to receive the indication


Health IT Influencers: Former CIO Craig Richardville, Chapter 3

Health System CIO

If healthcare is to move forward, leaders need to accept that what has been historically built is no longer what’s going to serve consumers, says Craig Richardville.

Leveraging Customer Feedback to Drive Successful HIT Partnerships

Mobile Health Matters

Customer feedback is a critical piece of any commercial relationship, and its impact in health IT can be particularly valuable – but timing is everything. For other industries, customer feedback surveys and Likert scales at the end of a project may be effective means of measuring satisfaction.

CGM Sensors are good and getting even better

Insulin Nation

MediSense, a UK/US company acquired by Abbott in 1996, was the first to offer a biosensor for BG monitoring. Thirty years later, the Abbott FreeStyle Libre system is the current product of that team’s ongoing efforts. We spoke with John Willis, Ph.D., CEO of Ultradian Diagnostics LLC ( bio ) who worked at MediSense to get his thoughts on the evolution of CGMs based his 30-year career in BG monitoring and medical devices. Here are quotes from Dr. Willis.

Open Health launches PatientSphere feature for patients to monetize health data

Mobi Health News

The platform will now let users share health records with pharma companies, health systems and insurers for remuneration.

ONC rule still at OMB

Morning eHealth

FDA readies 510(k) changes — Chinese scientist creates CRISPR babies


Eight Advancements That Have Changed the Face of Healthcare In the Last 10 Years

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Freddie Tubbs, communication manager, Academized. So much has changed in terms of healthcare over the last decade. Technology has advanced and improved processes – what used to take hours can now take seconds.


The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Nov 30, 2018 — No. 114

Story of Digital Health

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Nov 30, 2018 — No. My newsletter for Nov 30, 2018 is viewable here and inline text below, without images. Sign up for free, here. JOIN THE 65,000+ MEMBER DIGITAL HEALTH GROUP ON LINKEDIN!

Samsung demos AI applications for diagnostic imaging devices

Mobi Health News

The assorted software offerings are designed to run on existing ultrasound, digital radiography, CT and MRI hardware


Today: ONC’s annual meeting continues

Morning eHealth

Amazon scopes out medical supply sales — Renewing the EHR gag clause battle

EHR 70

Interoperability: The Key To Enhanced Care and Becoming A Preferred Provider

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By B.J. Boyle, vice president of product management, PointClickCare.

Leveraging T2D Drugs to improve T1D Therapy

Insulin Nation

Paresh Dandona, MD, Ph.D. ( bio ) has been passionate about blood sugar control since he became a Fellow in London in 1975. He joined the faculty of the University of Buffalo School of Medicine in 1995 and has a remarkable track record of diabetes treatment success in Western New York State. Research & studies. In his studies, Type 1 diabetic patients have significantly benefited when their daily insulin regimen is supplemented with drugs developed to treat Type 2 diabetes.

Hospitals should engage their employees to uncover new innovations

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At the World Innovation Summit for Healthcare in Doha, Qatar, design specialists discussed the importance of bringing the hospital staff into the design process.


DOJ indicts Iranian health care hackers

Morning eHealth

Some skepticism for Amazon rollout — HHS’ burden-reduction strategy


From Pharmaceuticals to Medical Devices: What to Watch in China's Healthcare Sector

Lloyd Price

The Chinese government estimates that spending in its healthcare sector will reach $2.3 trillion by 2030, driven by the scale of China's population growth and shift to a consumption-driven economy.

Study charts recent spike in telehealth usage, particularly within primary care


Recent coverage expansions have increased the use of telehealth tools, but the technology remains relatively uncommon.

Ping An Good Doctor showcases AI-powered, unstaffed clinics

Mobi Health News

The system would also include a smart medicine cabinet that could dispense more than 100 medications.


Here comes Amazon

Morning eHealth

CMS dropping interop hints — DOD/VA update


4 Ways Top Telemedicine Health Plans Are Maximizing Success

American Well Blog

Telemedicine enables health plans to deliver convenient, affordable, high-quality care to members. But to maximize its impact, health plans need to take full advantage of telehealth’s capabilities.

Doctors add voices to fears climate change is posing health risks around the globe


In the wake of a new study released Wednesday that warned of escalating health risks from climate change, a major physician group is backing the report’s call for action


Anthem Blue Cross of California adds free telemedicine for its Medicaid members

Mobi Health News

Video visits will be available at no cost for urgent care and behavioral health services

Health IT Easter egg in Part D rule

Morning eHealth

Watchdog to dig on VA’s Mar-a-Lago influencers — Will the App Store see a price hike

Generation Z want Digital solutions to Revolutionise the NHS

Lloyd Price

An overwhelming majority of 16 to 24 year olds – 82% – want to see digital solutions to revolutionise the NHS. Generation Z expect a ‘technology revolution’ in order to better manage their health and improve care, according to research released by Roche Products Ltd.


Millions of Atrium Health patient records breached by hackers


The breach of one of Atrium's vendors involved a database of at least 2.65 million records with at least 700,000 social security numbers. Atrium said forensics analysis indicated hackers were able to access, but not actually download or remove the files


Startups talk the if, when and how of AI-augmented dashboards

Mobi Health News

Here’s a look at how artificial intelligence can enhance dashboards to help users separate bold claims from reality


The Political Plausibility of Medicare for All

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Ken Perez, vice president of healthcare policy, Omnicell, Inc. As widely reported, based on exit polls, healthcare—not the economy—was the top issue on voters’ minds in the 2018 midterm elections.

Jewellery & Wearable Tech : The Future of Women's Health?

Lloyd Price

Health tracking equipment is advancing at a significant rate with many items available that are designed to easily and efficiently fit into our busy lifestyles. Bellabeat have now introduced the ‘LEAF’ taking health-tracking design to a whole new level.


NYC Health + Hospitals expands eConsult program after cutting down wait times for specialty care 


NYC Health + Hospitals has expanded its eConsult system—a tool that eases communication between primary care providers and specialists—to 81 primary clinics, the health system announced.

AI-health startups account for 7 of 10 IBM Watson AI XPrize finalists

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The health startups use AI to tackle a range of problems including malaria, addiction and diabetes.


High Costs in Healthcare Today

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Karim Babay, CEO, HealthSapiens.