12 Ways Telehealth is Saving Small Hospitals


But consider that they’re also asked to: Provide an exceptional patient experience. According to a University of North Carolina study, 113 have shuttered since 2010. Yet many still face financial struggles and provider burnout , which can also impact patient care.

2019: Healthcare IT gains new ground

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

But at the tail end of the 'teens, we see a flowering of innovation that could only have been dreamed of in 2010. Enhancing the patient experience with technology. This month, our coverage will continue a special focus on the patient experience.

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Telemedicine Trends: Awareness & Support for Digital Care on the Rise

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Charting telemedicine trends has become a cottage industry: Once considered a fringe aspect of healthcare, the development of telehealth services like remote patient management (RPM) is now closely watched by groups like Xtelligent Healthcare Media , which fills the (digital) pages of an entire suite of online publications like mHealthIntelligence , HealthITAnalytics , and many others.

Brigham and Women’s Primary Practice Pilots New Mobile App to Drive Patient Engagement & Collaborative Care

Consumer eHealth Engagement

Twine Health Mobile App Engages Patients with Chronic Conditions The story about the health decline of our citizens is being told everywhere. The real opportunity is at the intersection of the two, where patients use Do- It Yourself (i.e. Care Collaboration for Hypertensive Patients.